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 World War I Draft Registrations

1917 -1918





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Note: The Draft Registration Sites are Static, I do not have time to do any transcribing, if you wish to volunteer to do those that have not already been transcribed, please send along a note:Martha

Profuse Thanks to Constance Diamond for her diligent efforts.


Key to Draft Registration Card:

Name Given name and Surname of individual
AG. Age at time of registration
RESIDENCE Address at time of registration
HEIG: Height
NEAREST RELATIVE/LOCATION: Name & address of dependant and or nearest living relative
OCCUP. Occupation

Name of employer and the location of the work place

REG. DATE Date of registration for the draft


Miscellaneous information on the registration card


















Reg. Date

BLAND, Thomas Jefferson  33 Signal, Arizona 17 Feb 1895 None Listed Medium Medium Grey Dark Brown Mrs. Elsie L. Bland, wife Farmer, Stock Grower Signal, Arizona 12 Sept 1918
BRUZOS, Manuel Mera 32 Oatman, Arizona Nov 1886 Spain Medium Medium Brown Black Manuel Carnallo, Oatman, Arizona Miner Tom reed Gold Mine, Oatman, Arizona 17 Sept 1918
BRYSON, Walter Steele 38 Kingman, Arizona 22 Sept 1881 None Listed Medium Meddium Hazel Black Wife, 2439 Western Ave N, Vancouver, B.C. Machinist Wallace Ship Yards, Vancouver, B.C. 9 Oct 1918
BUNDY, James 29 Grand Gulch, St. Thomas, Arizona 13 Oct 1887 Wallace, Nebraska Short Medium Brown Dark Brown Wife & five Children Farming

Self/Trumble, Mohave Co.


5 Jun 1917
BULANTE, Marvin 30 Chloride, Arizona 11 Sept 1897 Italy Short Medium Blue Brown None listed Miner Chloride, Arizona 5 Jun 1917
BUCHANAN, Tobe B. 44 Kingman, Arizona 5 Feb 1874 None Listed Tall Slender Grey Dark Brown Minnie Buchanan/ Trout Creek, Kingman, Arizona Farming Self Employed 12 Sept 1918
BUCHANAN, Andrew 22 Kingman, Arizona 15 Feb 1894 Dublin, Texas Medium Medium Grey Dark Brown None Listed Stock Raising Judeseth Sheep Co., Tungsten Mining Precinct 5 Jun 1917
BUBB, George Henry 37 Oatman, Arizona 1 Oct 1880 None Listed Tall Slender Light Blue Light Brown Mrs. R. H. Thomas, Tonapah, Ney, Nevada Miner Unemployed 16 Sept 1918
BURGESS, John West 42 Oatman, Arizona 30 May 1876 None Listed Medium Medium Brown Brown Florence H. Burgess, Oatman, Arizona General Supt. United Eastern Mine, Oatman, Arizona 12 Sept 1918
BURHAUS, Lea 29 Prescott, Arizona 21 Mat 1888 Denver, Colorado Medium Medium Blue Darke None Listed Carpenter Unemployed 5 Jun 1917
BURKE, Joseph Clark 27 Kingman, Arizona 22 Dec 1889 Loveland, Colorado Tall Stout Blue Light Brown None Listed Carpenter Unemployed 1 Jun 1917
BURKE, Lonnie W. 29 Oatman, Arizona 30 Mar 1888 San Andras, California Medium Stout Light Brown Dark Brown Wife Miner United Eastern Mine Co., Oatman, Arizona 5 Jun 1917
BURKE, Simone Rood 30 Kingman, Arizona 15 Apr 1887 Loveland, Colorado Tall Slender Blue Dark Wife & two children Salesman Unemployed 5 Jun 1917
BURKE, T. Alvin 28 Mineral Park, Arizona 20 May 1889 Springville, Arizona Medium None Listed Brown Brown None listed Miner Washington Arizona Copper Co., Mineral Park, Arizona 5 Jun 1917
BURKHART, George Lake 36 Chloride, Arizona 9 Jan 1882 None Listed Medium Medium Blue Brown Mrs. Julia Burkhart, Chloride, Arizona Blacksmith Tuckahoe Mining Co., Chloride, Arizona 12 Sept 1915
BURMISTER, Clarinen Amaydus 21 Star Rt., Needles, California 7 Apr 1896 Prescott, Arizona Tall Medium Blue Brown None Listed Farmer Self employed 5 Jun 1917

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