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Listing of family history books held in the Northern Gila County Genealogical Society
      Subject Surname  
Title: Author: Vol/Year/Years Code: Initials: Book Type:
The Allen Genealogy Seaver, J. Montgomery   929.2 ALL Soft Cover
Twenty-One Southern Families: Notesand Genealogies - Allen 
Harper, Elizabeth Pryor   929.2 HAR 3-Ring Binder
Allerton/Goodall/Jencks Allerton, Earl Wayne   929.2 ALL 3-Ring Binder
A History and Genealogical Record of the Alling - Allens of New Haven, Connecticut 
Allen, George P.   929.2 ALL Hard Cover
The Alamadas and Alamos 1783-1867 Stagg, Albert 1783 - 1867 929.2 ALM Hard Cover
Anderson/Olofsdotter/Schytte/Schielderup Records
Benson, Jean   929.2 AND 3-Ring Binder
Baker Genealogy and Genaw/Gelina Genealogy Baker Sr., Robert T.   929.2 BAK 3-Ring Binder
Baker Family Records Seaver, J. Montgomery   929.2 BAK Soft Cover
Baker Search Genealogist, Jo   929.2 BAK Spiral Book
The Batchelor-Williams Families Williams, Lyle Keith   929.2 BAT Soft Cover
Beach Family Magazine Beach, Alfred Holmes 1928 929.2 BEA 3-Ring Binder
Bigelow Society Quarterly Bigelow Society Quarterly Vol. I - Vol. VIII 929.2 BIG 3-Ring Binder
Bigelow Society Quarterly Bigelow Society Quarterly Vol. IX - Vol. XV 929.2 BIG 3-Ring Binder
Genealogy of the Bigelow Family of America 
Biglo, John 1642 - 1890 929.2 BIG 3-Ring Binder
Biler/Barger Biler, Clarence   929.2 BIL 3-Ring Binder
Black Family Johnson, Carol   929.2 BLA 3-Ring Binder
Booher Family History Horizons Booher, Winfield Scott   929.2 BOO 3-Ring Binder
Journal of John Bowne 1650 - 1694 Ricard, Herbert F. 1650 - 1694 929.2 BOW Soft Cover
Brasier/Brumble Families Sanford, Wanda J.   929.2 BRA 3-Ring Binder
Brewster/Bressler Brewster, Josiah   929.2 BRE 3-Ring Binder
Abstracts of Brewster Records - Signers of the Mayflower Compact
Haxtun, Annie Arnoux   929.2 BRE 3-Ring Binder
Brower/Brewer Family History Biler, Clarence   929.2 BRO 3-Ring Binder
Brown Book of Remembrance Brown, Mary V.   929.2 BRO Manila Binder
Mary Brown Index Brown, Mary   929.2 BRO 3-Ring Binder
The Bunnell/Bonnell Newsletter Austin, William R. Jan.1987 - Jan.1995 929.2 BUN 3-Ring Binder
Walter Burris Family Tree Burris, Gordon   929.2 BUR 3-Ring Binder
The Bush Family of Virginia Black, Mary Smith   929.2 BUS 3-Ring Binder
Cain/Kane Family Group Sheets Armer, Dorothy   929.2 CAI 3-Ring Binder
Campbell - Dearing Unknown   929.2 CAM 3-Ring Binder
Chambers Helping Chambers Maerz, Claudette Vol. II #4 929.2 CHA Soft Cover
Two G. W. Coles:Pioneers in the West Chamberlain, Dick and Judy   929.2 CHA Soft Cover
Cole Family Group Sheets Armer, Dorothy   929.2 COL 3-Ring Binder
Conner Kenmore, Hoyt 929.2 CON Soft Cover
History and Genealogy of the Descendants of Clement Corbin
Lawson, Rev. Harvey M.   929.2 COR Hard Cover
The Crawford Exchange Newsletter Crawford Exchange 1989 - 1996 929.2 CRA 3-Ring Binder
Cross Births in Massachusetts Long, Anne   929.2 CRO 3-Ring Binder
Cleopatra's Barge - The Crowninshield Story
Ferguson, Davis L.   929.2 CRO Hard Cover
Crouch Family Records Crouch, Glenn   929.2 CRO 3-Ring Binder
Family History with Name Origin and Lineage Lines - Cunningham 
Heraldry   929.2 CUN Soft Cover
Darby Family Owen, Sue   929.2 DAR Manila Binder
The Days of Washington Co. PA - Descendants of Benjamin and Abigail (Darling) Day 
Day, Kenneth M.   929.2 DAY 3-Ring Binder
The Forgotten Frenchman - The Public & Private Life of Jacques Timothe', Sieur de Montbrun
De Munbrun, Truman Weldon, MD   929.2 DEM Soft Cover
Derthicks and Related Derricks Spencer & Goodpasture   929.2 DER Hard Cover
Disney Genealogy 929.2 DIS 3-Ring Binder
Dobson Genealogy - 1600 - 1907 Ege, Rev. Thompson P.   929.2 DOD 3-Ring Binder
The Descendants of John Drake of Windsor, Connecticut
Gay, Franklin B.   929.2 DRA Soft Cover
Drake in England - Revised Edition Wagner, Sir Anthony   929.2 DRA Hard Cover
Genealogical and Biographical Account of the Family of Drake in America
Drake, Samuel Gardner   929.2 DRA Soft Cover
Driggs Family History in America Driggs, Howard R. Book One 929.2 DRI Hard Cover
Driggs Family History in America Driggs, Harry Stoddard Book Two 929.2 DRI Hard Cover
Dudley, Adair, Watson and Martin Indian Information
    929.2 DUD 3-Ring Binder
Forbears of 4 Dunbars Dunbar, Carl & Lorene   929.2 DUN Scrapbook
Some Duncan Families of Eastern Tennessee Before 1800
Dobson, Mary Ann   929.2 DUN Soft Cover
Family Experiences of Times Remembered : Living History  
Dylong, John 1925 - 1950 929.2 DYL Soft Cover
Ellis Cousins Newsletters Ellis, Bill & Carol 1989 - 1998 929.2 ELL 3-Ring Binder
My Forebears Ewing, Linda Cunningham   929.2 EWI Hard Cover
Eyre & Allied Lines Eyre, Richard Melvin   929.2 EYR 3-Ring Binder
Sabastian Ferringer and His Descendants in America
Savage, Joan A. Fehringer   929.2 FER Hard Cover
Fletcher/Burge Families Fletcher, Tressie Adeen (Burge)   929.2 FLE Manila Binder
These Are My People And I Am Grateful to Them - Stinton/Mansell
Follin, Opal Harris   929.2 FOL Spiral Binder
Edward Francis of Rutherford Co. North Carolina & His Descendants
Francis, James A. Sr.   929.2 FRA Soft Cover
Descendants of John Henry Fry Frye, Ray A.   929.2 FRY 3-Ring Binder
Elijah Knapp Fuller and His Descendants
Coleman, Dallas   929.2 FUL Hard Cover
Fuller Genealogy Hall, Connie   929.2 FUL Manila Binder
Gano/Ganoe/Ganow Family in U.S.A. Lemaster Howard Marshall   929.2 GAN Hard Cover
The Graham Family History Graham, Guy Herbert   929.2 GRA Soft Cover
A History of the Hall Family of Broome County, New York
Hall, Martha Craigie   929.2 HAL 3-Ring Binder
Wilderness Calling - Hardeman Family Hardeman, Nicholas Perkins 929.2 HAR 3-Ring Binder
The Descendants of ?John Harer and ?Sarah Wadkins
Harper, Shirley Bogart 1700s - 1900s 929.2 HAR 3-Ring Binder
The History of Harris Families Christy, Effie Tresize   929.2 HAR 3-Ring Binder
The Harris Family of Arizona Callahan, Juanita Harris   929.2 HAR 3-Ring Binder
The Harrington Family in America Harrington, Eugene W.   929.2 HAR 3-Ring Binder
Hasty Hasty, Billy   929.2 HAS 3-Ring Binder
The Hattery Family Strausbaugh, Stella F.   929.2 HAT 3-Ring Binder
The Story of Sarah Mae Holder Haught Goldman, Clay   929.2 HAU 3-Ring Binder
John Hawks: A Founder of Hadley, Massachusetts
Lane, Imogene Hawks   929.2 HAW Hard Cover
Henry C. Hoehn and Emma  Kretzschmar
Unknown   929.2 HOE Manila Binder
Holder Unknown Vol. 1 - Vol. 4 929.2 HOL 3-Ring Binder
The Ancestors of Allen R. Holder Unknown   929.2 HOL Spiral Binder
The Descendants of Michael Holt Marshall, Mrs. Arch Bruce   929.2 HOL Hard Cover
A Genealogical History of the Hoyt, Haight and Hight Families
Hoyt, David W.   929.2 HOY Soft Cover
Hudnall Family Association Newsletter Hudnall Family Foundation   929.2 HUD 3-Ring Binder
Jesse and Frank James: The Family History
Steele, Phillip W.   929.2 JAM Soft Cover
Henry H. Jaycox Wright, Don. V.   929.2 JAY 3-Ring Binder
Johnson Journal Newsletters Johnson Journal 1973 - 1992 929.2 JOH 3-Ring Binder
Jones Journeys      929.2  JOH  File Holder
Kenmore Kenmore, Hoyt 929.2 KEN 3-Ring Binder
Charles Kilgore of King's Mountain Addington, Hugh M.   929.2 KIL Hard Cover
Kilgore Family History Davidson, William E.   929.2 KIL 3-Ring Binder
A Noble Son: Spencer W. Kimball Madsen, Truman G.   929.2 KIM Soft Cover
Genealogy of Cary Joseph Klobassa & Josephine (Noble) Christensen
Martin, Martha   929.2 KLO 3-Ring Binder
Rensselaer Lamb and Wife Howard, Mary Ann   929.2 LAM 3-Ring Binder
Landy - Cappalahan Co. Tipperary, Ireland to the U. S. A
Nolan, Harriet W. Landy   929.2 LAN Soft Cover
Lena Larson - A Biography Partch, Bonnie-Ludwig   929.2 LAR Spiral Binder
Thomas Levet of Exeter & Hampton Sanborn, Victor C.   929.2 LEV Manila Binder
Love Letters Family Quarterly Newsletters
O'Dell, Sue   929.2 LOV 3-Ring Binder
Ludington-Saltus Records Ludington, Ethel Saltus   929.2 LUD 3-Ring Binder
Martineau and Woodruff Martineau, Millicent Woodruff   929.2 MAR 3-Ring Binder
Matlock Family Matlock, Norman Shelby   929.2 MAT 3-Ring Binder
Mathieu - Matthews Family Watring, Ruth   929.2 MAT 3-Ring Binder
The Matthews Family of Yarmouth Davis, William Proud   929.2 MAT 3-Ring Binder
Roots & Branches: McPherson & Harris
Scribner, Ruby McPherson   929.2 MCP Soft Cover
The Minatre and Cochran Family Minatre, William Paul   929.2 MIN 3-Ring Binder
The Minear Family Maxwell, Charles Joseph   929.2 MIN 3-Ring Binder
Public Records for The Andres Moreno Family
Brown, Stanley A.   929.2 MOR Soft Cover
The John Wyatt Moody Family Moody, E. Grant   929.2 MOO Hard Cover
The Morgan - Palmer Chronicles Morgan, Richard S.   929.2 MOR Soft Cover
Morris - Winslow Genealogy Winslow, Fred   929.2 MOR Manila Binder
Genealogy of Morris - Trueblood - Moore - Parker
Morris, Theresa Ann   929.2 MOR Manila Binder
Nichols/Nickell/Nicholas Unknown   929.2 NIC 3-Ring Binder
Oldham and Related Families Sesler, Mary S.   929.2 OLD 3-Ring Binder
A History of William Henry and Alafratha Hiawathia Lewis Owens 
Payne, June Turley   929.2 OWE 3-Ring Binder
The Family of John Page of Haverhill, Massachusetts
Case, Lynn M.   929.2 PAG 3-Ring Binder
Parker - Pond - Peck Family Records Parker, Rev. Edwin Pond   929.2 PAR Manila Binder
Once There Was A Parker Parker Family Newsletter   929.2 PAR Manila Binder
 Some Descendants of Six Pioneers from Great Britian to America:  Parker, Hall, Newton, DeWolf, Evans and Irwin
Unknown   929.2 PAR Manila Binder
Peace Peace, Mary Jayne   929.2 PEA 3-Ring Binder
Daniel Perrin, "The Huguenot" and his Descendants, 1665 - 1910
Perrine, Howland Delano 1665 - 1910 929.2 PER Soft Cover
Ancestors of Henry Powell and Martha Burroughs of the Ottawa Area
Lewis, Allen Roy Jr.   929.2 POW 3-Ring Binder
History and Genalogy of the Francis Powell Family from Limerick Co. Ireland to Karp Valley in Ontario 
Lewis, Allen Roy Jr. 1750s - 1990s 929.2 POW 3-Ring Binder
A True Life Story of Alfred Randall Kofoed, Lucy Randall   929.2 RAN 3-Ring Binder
Memories - W. J. and Martha F. Randall
Laird, Dawna J. & Shaw, Kay D.   929.2 RAN Hard Cover
Reedy/Christy Lines Reedy, Lone Oliver   929.2 REE 3-Ring Binder
The World Book of Reynolds The World Book of Reynolds   929.2 REY Soft Cover
Genealogical Records of Helen Reynolds: Reynolds/Brown
Reynolds, Neal   929.2 REY 3-Ring Binder
Robertson Family Records Davis, Lulie   929.2 ROB 3-Ring Binder
Ancestry of Charles MacAlister Robins Robins, Henry B.   929.2 ROB Manila Binder
Rock Family History - From Ireland to the United States of America
Wagner, Margaret M. 1807 - 1969 929.2 ROC Hard Cover
A History of John Ross and His Descendants
Hull, Frances (Ross) 1829 - 1973 929.2 ROS Manila Binder
Dr. Samuel Ross of Coleraine,  Massachusetts
MacBryde, David Caldwell   929.2 ROS Manila Binder
Henry Roudebush Family Morton, Mildred   929.2 ROU 3-Ring Binder
Life in a Noble Household - The Russells Come to Woburn
Thomson, Gladys Scott 1641 - 1700 929.2 RUS Soft Cover
Descendants of William Shutleff Shurtleff, Roy L.   929.2 SHU 3-Ring Binder
The Genealogy of the John Savage and Related Parrish and Haynes
Peterson, Lydia S.   929.2 SAV Hard Cover
Shaw - Miscellaneous Information Unknown   929.2 SHA 3-Ring Binder
The Squire Simmons Family Skelton, Dorothy Geneva Simmons 1746 - 1986 929.2 SIM  
Philip William Smith: 1828 - 1901 Villalobos, Claudio 1828 - 1901 929.2 SMI 3-Ring Binder
The William Snow Family Snow, Edwin H.   929.2 SNO 3-Ring Binder
History and Genealogy of the William Somerville Family in Canada
Nolan, Harriet Landy 1835 - 1979 929.2 SOM Hard Cover
The Spurlock Story Spurlock, Austin   929.2 SPU Hard Cover
Stretch Family of Maryland Unknown   929.2 STR 3-Ring Binder
Life & Lineage of Alonzo Eugene Sullivan
Pearce, Jutem Lee   929.2 SUL 3-Ring Binder
Sutton Genealogy & Allied Families Curran, Patricia M.   929.2 SUT 3-Ring Binder
Taylor, Beard, Bulluzzi & Pyle Families Unknown   929.2 TAY 3-Ring Binder
Van Meteren Families Curran, Patricia M.   929.2 VAN 3-Ring Binder
Paul Vogel - Civil War Veteran and Arizona Pioneer
Burhop, Ray   929.2 VOG Spiral Binder
Wagner/Waggoner of Montgomery County, New York
Montgomery Co. Surrogate Office   929.2 WAG 3-Ring Binder
History and Genealogy of a Branch of the Weaver Family
Weaver, Lucius E.   929.2 WEA 3-Ring Binder
History of the Wigle Family Wigle, Rev. Hamilton   929.2 WIG 3-Ring Binder
Corrections to Descendants of William Wilson & Elizabeth Blackburn
Maxwell, C. J.   929.2 WIL 3-Ring Binder
Albert Leon Wing Lloyd, Bethany   929.2 WIN 3-Ring Binder
Fifteen Generations of Americans - Wiswell Family
Wiswell, Eben Dunham   929.2 WIS 3-Ring Binder
The Wood - Woods Family Wood-Woods Family Magazine   929.2 WOO Magazine
The Woodruff Chronicles Woodruff, Ceylon Newton   929.2 WOO Hard Cover
The Wotring - Woodring Family of Pennsylvania
Bell, Raymond Martin   929.2 WOT 3-Ring Binder
The Wotrings of West Virginia Wotring, Ruth P.   929.2 WOT Soft Cover
Ancestry of Henry Wyman Morris, Theresa Ann   929.2 WYM Manila Binder

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