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Application Information

The Northern Gila County Genealogical Society, Inc. (NGCGS) announces issuance of certificates to honor direct descendants of pioneers and early settlers who lived in Gila County, Arizona and individuals who resided in Gila County prior to 1965.

Three certificates are available:

Gila County Pioneer Certificate, Prior to 1912,
Gila County Early Settler Certificate, 1912-1950, and
Gila County Resident Certificate, Prior to 1965.

The certificate which names the ancestor and the recipient, is 8 1/2 by 11 inches, and is artistically presented, suitable for framing. The Certificates cost $15.00 each. For an additional $5 or a total of $20, membership in the NGCGS for one year (2002) will be included. (Regular membership fee is $10 per year.)

To obtain a Gila County Certificate, the applicant must offer acceptable proof of:

(1) the pioneer's residence in the area and
(2) the applicant's relationship to that pioneer.
The applicant must be able to prove descent from the ancestor by an official dated record or acceptable source of proof. The applicant need not presently live in Gila County, Arizona.

A separate application must be filled out for each certificate desired. Additional members of an immediate family (i.e., mother/daughter, brother/sister) making application at the same time may, by adding appropriate proof of the relationship to the initial applicant, obtain their certificates at a cost of $12 each if there is no more than one generational step between individuals.

Please complete the forms included with this application, including a pedigree chart. Each generation in your direct line to an Gila County pioneer ancestor must be documented. You may copy forms if you wish to make additional applications, or send 2 ounces postage to Gila County Pioneer Certificates, P.O.Box 952, Payson, AZ 85547-0952.

All materials submitted as proof become the property of NGCGS and will not be returned, so please DO NOT send original documents. Applications and supporting documents will be placed in NGCGS Library and made available to researchers.


Information for filling out application for Gila County Pioneer, Early Settler, or Resident Certificate

Instructions: Please read instructions carefully before completing form. Please type or print dearly.

1. Fill in application form as completely as possible. If you need additional room to record the information on the children or on the pedigree chart, please use separate sheet of paper.

a. Indicate type of certificate desired. Submit a separate application for each certificate desired

b. Complete as much as possible of the information requested about the ancestor. If information about an item is not available, write "None" on the line.

c. List "your source of proof". One (or more) of the following is acceptable:
Do not send originals of any document. They will not be returned

1.) Census records—Send a photocopy of the page or record the Census Year, State, County, Town or Township, Volume, Enumeration District, Page and Line.

2.) County histories—Send a photocopy of the history page(s) that pertain to your ancestors and write on the back of it the name of the publication, date published and page number.

3.) Land records—Send a copy of land deed or homestead papers.

4.) School records—Send a copy of official school records.

5.) Church records—Send a copy of official church records.

6.) Marriage records—Send a copy of marriage certificate, official record of marriage, or newspaper clipping.

7.) Will or probate record—Send copy of will or probate record.

8.) Obituaries -- Send copy, include name of publication and date, if known.

9.) Other, Describe:_________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. Fill out a pedigree chart which may be downloaded free from the Internet or picked up at the NGCGS Library. The numbering system is as follows:


Mother of number 4

Applicant's father
Father of number 5
Applicants' mother
Mother of number 5
Father of number 2
Father of number 6
Mother of number 2
Mother of number 6
Father of number 3
Father of number 7
Mother of number 3
Mother of number 7
Father of number 4 .  

Abbreviations are: b-born,bpl-birthplace,m-married,mpl-married place,d-died,dpl-died place.

3. Mail your check, application and copies of source materials to:

Gila County Pioneer Certificates
302 E. Bonita, Payson AZ
Payson, AZ 85541-5012

(602) 474-2139

Allow four to six weeks for Certificate(s) to be processed.

Thank you for helping us obtain information about the Gila County, Arizona Pioneer Ancestors and the many descendants they produced. The Gila County file will be a very valuable asset to the collection of the Northern Gila County Genealogical Society, Inc. Library. We greatly appreciate your contribution