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Aruisa, Joso		male	Sep 24, 1887	T.H. Kinnaird

Aruisa, Juan		female	May 6, 1888	W. Harvey

Acton, Geo. J.		male	Aug 31, 1889	Geo. J. Acton

Acton, Geo. J.		male	Dec 19 1893	Geo J. Acton

Armstrong, William	female	Jun 7, 1898	J. Pool, MD

Barnvich, W. P.		female	Sep 30, 1887	W. Harvey

Biery, Ike		female	Dec 17, 1887	T.H. Kinnaird

Brown, W. T.		female	Dec 27, 1887	T.H. Kinnaird

Bowen, R.		female	Mar 7, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird

Boscha, P.		male	Jun 18, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird

Barnhart, G.H.		female	Jan 8, 1893	J. Pool

Brown, D.E.		female	Jun 24, 1892	Wm. T. Barry, MD	Father lived in Calif.

Barker, A.F.		female	Jan 9, 1893	Wm T. Barry, MD

Black, W.E.		male	Aug 29, 1907	G. Watson, recorder	Mammoth, Arizona

Celaya, Pedro		female	Aug 24, 1887	W. Harvey

Colby, C.		female	Nov 27, 1887	C. Colby

Castillon, L.		male	May 1, 1888	W. Harvey

Cavaness, Wm		male	Aug 2, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird

Cleaton, J.J.		female	Nov 5, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird

Colton, Albert T.	female	Dec 28, 1892	Wm T, Barry, MD

Celda, Van		female	Sep 19, 1892	Wm. T. Barry, MD	child survived about a week or 10 days

Cavaness, WH & Sarah T.	female	Aug 25, 1893	Wm T. Barry, MD

Clark, J.L. & Lucy A. 	son	Mar 23, 1897	M.H. Woffender, MD

Dickinson, W. W.	male	Jan 3, 1888	F.H. Kinnaird		still born

Durazo, A.M.		female	May 6, 1888	W. Harvey

Drew, E.P.		female	Mar 24, 1893	Dr. W. T. Barry

Duval, C.		male	Apr 27, 1896

Eliott, Wm V.		female	Mar 29, 1892	Wm. F. Barry, MD

Frederikson, Peter	female	Mar 16, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird

Felix, Jesus		male	Mar 11, 1888	W. Harvey

Frederico, Juan		female	Aug 14, 1888	W. Harvey

Federico, Juan		female	Apr 12, 1892	W, T. Barry, MD

Finch, Jesse		son	Oct 9, 1900	J. Pool, MD

Gilbert, Angilila	female	Mar 5, 1888	W. Harvey

Gonzales, A.		female	Mar 30, 1888	W. Harvey

Gallard, Manuel		male &

			female	Mar 16, 1898	J. Pool, MD

Harris, Jno. C.		female	May 10, 1888	W. Harvey

Howsen, F. G.		male	Sep 9, 1888	T. H. Kinnaird

Holborn, Chas A.	male	Nov 25, 1892	Wm T. Barry, MD

Hopkins, J.H.		male	Nov 18, 1893	Wm T. Barry, MD

Jackson, H.V.		male	Nov 14, 1893	Dr. Wm T. Barry

James, Walter		male	Sep 19, 1895	Mrs. Jennie Smith	still born

Kielberg, E.		male	Dec 28, 1887	T.H. Kinnaird

Kielburg, E.		male	May 8, 1892				At Mammoth Mine

Keating, Jno. G.	female	Apr 18, 1892	Wm T. Barry, MD

Lopez, Juan		male	Oct 13, 1887	T.H. Kinnaird

Lobb, Geo.		male	Apr 13, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird

Lemon, C.W.		female	Nov 20, 1893	Wm. T. Barry, MD

Lewis, Harmon N.	male	Aug 24, 1893	Wm T. Barry, MD

Lee, William		male	Jul 23, 1898	J. Pool, MD

Montano, Francisco	female	Dec 18, 1887	W. Harvey

Morrell, Frank		male	Feb 22, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird

Miller, W. E.		female	Aug 26, 1888	W. Harvey

Mehan, J.		male	Oct 5, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird		Immature, died in 2 hours

Maldonado, F. B.	female	Nov 15, 1892	Wm T. Barry, MD

M...iett, W.H.		male	Jun 19, 1893	Mary Jennings

Morrell, Frank		female	Oct 22, 1893	Dr. Wm T. Barry

McKinney, R.M.		male	Nov 9, 1894	Dr. J. Pool

Moor, Moses		female	Nov 15, 1894	Dr. J. Pool

Mesquita, Jose		female	Mar 8, 1908	Chas A Gass		Justice of Peace

North, Jno.		male	Jul 20, 1887	T.H. Kinnarid

Niemeyer, Chas H.	female	Mar 24, 1892	Wm T. Barry, MD

Ochod, J.M.		female	Aug 26, 1887	W. Harvey

Ockert, Frank		male	Sep 25, 1887	T.H. Kinnaird

Olivas, J.N.		male	Jan 9, 1888	W. Harvey

Olivas, Jesus		female	Apr 6, 1892	Wm T. Barry, MD

Palomanis, E.		female	Feb 15, 1888	W. Harvey

Pierson, Eugene A.	male	Sep 4, 1892	Wm T. Barry, MD

Pinching, H.B.		female	Jan 20, 1893	Wm.T. Barry, MD

Perry, Albert Lee	male	Dec 7, 1893	Wm T. Barry, MD

Pearson, Joseph		male	Feb 8, 1896	J. Pool, MD

Pool, J.H.		male	May 1, 1896	J. Pool, MD

Pool, J.H.		male	Apr 12, 1898	J. Pool, MD

Rittenhouse, Jn. D.	male	Aug 5, 1887	W. Harvey

Roach, Frank		female	Nov 12, 1887	T.H. Kinnaird

Riche, Oscar		female	Nov 24, 1887	W. Harvey

Ritch, Chas A.		male	Dec 10, 1887	W. Harvey

Romero, Manuel		male	Feb 26, 1888	M. Romero

Rodriques, J.M.		female	May 1, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird

Romero, F.		female	Jul 25, 1888	W. Harvey

Romero, Pedro		male	Sep 9, 1893	J. Pool

Silver, Jno		female	Jul 22, 1887	T.H. Kinnaird

Stedham, B.C.		male	Jul 24, 1887	W. Harvey

Simpson, Geo.		male	Aug 1, 1887	T.H. Kinnaird

Schneider, J.		female	Dec 20, 1887	J. Schneider

Smith, Chas		male  	Jan 14, 1888	W. Harvey

Silvia, J.		male	Apr 19, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird		still born

Suter, J.		female	May 22, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird

Sarrick, Geo H.		male	May 28, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird

Steffy, Wm		female	Oct 23, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird

Soule, E. H.		female	Nov 13, 1888	A.S. Adler		name: Lina May Soule

Suter, Jacob		female	Oct 19, 1889	Jacob Suter		Bertha Helena Suter, recorded ... to give name

Suter, Jacob		female	May 22m 1888	Jacob Suter		Emma May Suter, omitted in birth record of 1888

Suter, Jacob		male	Jun 19, 1893	Jacob Suter		Walter Otto Suter

Schultz, Frank		female	Oct 5, 1893	Dr. J. Pool

Suter, Jacob		female	Oct 29, 1894	Jacob Suter		Alice Elizabeth

Schultz, Frank		male	Sep 26, 1895	Mrs. A. E. Pool

Srinaz, Pedro		2 males	Mar 23, 1898	Rosa Zapata

Sierras, Miguel		male	Jan 17, 1908	Chas A. Gass		Justice of Peace

Thompson, T.E.		male	Aug 3, 1887	T.H. Kinnaird

Tite, Wm		female	Aug 10, 1887	T.H. Kinnaird

Thansing, Henry		female	Mar 4, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird

Trinkner, Chas		female	Jun 15, 1888	W. Harvey

Tharsing, Ma-		female	Aug 6, 1888	T. H. Kinnaird

Todd, Jno.		female	Aug 8, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird

Todd, B.F. 		female	Aug 31, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird

Tranathan?, R.		female	Sep 14, 1888	T.H. Kinnaird

Thomas, James D.	male	Aug 4, 1892	Wm T. Barry, MD

Tremble, John F.	male	Dec 5, 1893	Wm T. Barry, MD

Turner, Thos J.		male	Dec 30, 1893	Wm T. Barry, MD

Valencia, Jesus		female	Jul 28, 1887	T.H. Kinnaird

Valles, E.		male	Aug 1, 1887	T. H. Kinnaird		still born

Valenzuella, C.		male	Apr 3, 1888	W. Harvey

Wilson, Harvey		female	Jul 31, 1887	T.H. Kinnaird

Woolomes, John		male	Jun 2, 1887	T. Shields Collins

Westfall, George	female	Jan 25, 1892	Wm T. Barry, MD

Wiggins, H.R.								Roberta Mildred

Wiggins, Frances M.	female	Sep 26, 1910				Higgins

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