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Pinal County, Arizona
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Betty Hollowell
Jacob Henzie Stamey and Mary Addie Foster were married 27 Oct. 1912 in Henderson Co., TX. At the time of their deaths in 1960 and 11963, their daughter, Jozell Seets, lived in Florence, AZ. Are there any descendants left in this area?

Records for Copper Creek
Mary Ramirez
I'm looking for the Catholic Churches of Copper Creek, Az in 1899 if any. If so how can I get that information?

Wilson Shirley Wilson
Looking for information on the Wilson's in Casa Grande. Roy E. Wilson was raised by his grandparents there. Do not know their names but his
father's name was Grady. His mother who died in Fort Benning, GA was Kathleen Floyd. Roy was born in 1928. Any help would be appreciated.

D. Mckeever
I am Looking for birth records for my great grandfather who was born in Florence, AZ on Nov. 30, 1877. His name was Andres Jesus Estrella. His parents were Francisco Estrella and Pilar Aros. I have death and burial records, but do not know any living ancestors on my mothers paternal side. I am trying to find out more about his family. If anyone has info please e-mail me at

Pam Kendricks
Looking on info on William Augustus Kendricks, better know as "Gus." His father was Winston Lewis Kendricks.Correction: I have recently received info that states Winston was not Gus' father. He was the son of Dave from Pampa, Tx. Dave is Gus' brother. So am back to who is Gus' father? My husband is his grandson, William Ernest from Texas. His father is William Arthur from Texas. Any info would be appreciated. Email: Thanks

Pam Kendricks
Asking for obituary lookup or help: William Augustus Kendricks, (better known as Gus) died in Coolidge in 1977. He was my husband's grandfather. We know very little about him. Don't know where he was born, his parents, siblings, etc. He married Lillie Myrtle Turner. Don't know where or when. They had 3 sons, 2 daughters; John, Jimmie, William, Helen and Hazel. William is my husband's father. He is still alive and lives in TX, but does not know much about his family history at all. Supposedly, there may be some relatives still in the Coolidge area or near by. Recently found info stating Mabel Ruthey Kendricks had past away in 2000. She was in Cochise. This is by husband's aunt. My husband is Bill and his mom and dad are Loma and Bill Kendricks. Their children are Bill, Bob, Joyce, Mona, Lilly, Mary and Martha (deceased) Any Info is greatly appreciated. Thought maybe an obit might have some info.

Mary Ann Hanson
Ezra T. Douglass died in Superior, Pinal Co., AZ in 1955. He was born about 1877. Can anyone tell me what cemeteries are near Superior where he might be buried? His wife was Lulu, she may be there, too.

Sally Allison
My great grandmother was born in Utah in 1872 but came to Casa Grande as a child. She was the oldest of three children (there may have been an infant who died). Her sister's name was Margaret and was a couple years younger; Her brother was Jimmy, a prospector who died in the mid 1930's. Supposedly, her mom and dad are buried in the old Casa Grande Cemetery.

I would like to contact descendants of Lloyd Paul Brannon, Sr. born 1922, died April 1967. Lloyd lived in Coolidge. An obituary would be appreciated. Thanks.

Doe Chuck Millard
Seeking information on Doe family members that are listed in the 1880 Federal Census for Pinal County and the town of Florence; they are: Antonia Doe, Magdilen Doe, Pauline Doe. Any information will help. Thank you

Millie McClure
I am trying to locate information on the Dollarhide family in Pinal Co. Arizona especially around Eleven Mile Corner. My mother was born at Eleven Mile Corner, Pinal Co., Az. My mom's name is Ruby. Her mother's name was Winifred. There is Ute & Jicarilla Indian in the family. I would appreciate any help or information.

Seeking dod, burial site, etc, on great-uncle. William Roy Griffin, dob appx 1900; his wife, Gladys Corgill Griffin, dob appx 1904. Both born TN/KY area. He was listed as alive in obit of his father in 1948; not listed in obit of mother in 1963. Older relatives have told me that they moved to Arizona many years ago, family lost contact, and assume they died in AZ. There is a SSDI entry for a Gladys Griffin, dob 28 Jan 1904, dod ___ Nov 1973, last residence 85618 (Mammoth, Pinal, AZ), SSN 402-10-4141. This info fits and is very possibly her. They had a daughter Charlotte who also moved to AZ. Would dearly love to make contact with any descendants there. Update: I have found that William Roy Griffin's wife, Gladys M. Griffin, died on 19 Nov 1973 and is buried in Tucson Memorial Park South Lawn. Roy was not listed as a survivor in her obituary. It seems very likely that Roy might also be buried in South Lawn. If anyone has time to check, I would appreciate it. Her obituary was in the Daily Star. Their daughter, Charlotte, was not listed as a survivor in the obit, but two grandchildren were -- one a Mrs. Glenda Hegareda of Mammoth Az. I checked SSDI, people locators, etc., and could not find one person named Hegareda. I don't know if it's spelled wrong, etc. If anyone can help with determining if he is buried there, info available as a result of burial, or any info on Glenda Hegareda, thanks in advance!

Carpenter, Mackenzie
Searching for any info on William Carpenter who married Emma Mackenzie-Had son Ernest(born 3-1911) who homesteaded land in Tortilita

Warden Florence Prison circa 1893 Jamie
Searching info on Chester "Mac" Beattie married to Olga Lee. Had sons Chester, Lee, Dee, Harold, Calvin, Richard & Daughter Opal.

Joe Murray Neal
im looking for my great grandpa's older brother manuel hurst who moved to coolridge ar. from reyno arkansas was there in the mid 1900s he was born around 1860 in lincoln county missouri son of james madison hurst and mary bell lafferty if anyone is related to him email or i belive his whole name was james thomas emanuel hurst.

Barry and Sue Smith
Looking for maiden name of wife & marriage date of Isaac Noel. He & wife Phoebe (b 1856 in Indiana) are on the 1880 census in District #9 Pinal Co., Arizona

Cheely Deb
I am looking for any info that may be out there about the Cheely family that lived in Coolidge, AZ. I believe his nickname may have been "Buck Cheely" with his real name being H.C. Cheely or Henry Clay Cheely. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you.

Cheely Deb
I am searching for any info on an H. C. Cheely. He is supposed to be buried in Coolidge, AZ. I don't know a date of death. Only his birth was 20 October 1875, probably in Texas. He married a Lena Hamilton. His parents seem to be William Jasper Cheely and Sarah Elizabeth Majors. I have no more info on him. I found a couple of letters to and one from him in my grandmother's belongings. The letters were concerning his niece, Lizzie. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is their anyone out there that knows my father, Josh Lunsford? He died in 1967 in Coolidge Arizona. I can't find any info on him at all it's like he was never born. He came from Arkansas. Any info would be really appreciated. When he came to AZ he was a farmer then worked at the Prison till his death. His wife's name was Maxine they had 4 children. Larry, Josh, Karen, Pam

Billy Allen
Lloyd Melton Felton born:Dec 15,1864. Died Feb 26 ,1897 in Mammoth Township, Pinal county TOA Died as a result of accidental shooting. Would like to find out where he is buried at or if any body knows any history about this please e-mai me at

I am searching for info on Joseph Hayden who died in AZ 1959. He is supposedly buried in Cottonwood Cem. I haven't been able to find this cemetery, but I know there was a Cottonwood community in Pinal Co. years ago. I do know this man was born in PA and was the son of Charles Hayden of PA. I am doing this research for his daughter who wants to find his sisters, or their families. Thanks.

Ned Lawrence Hoover
Donald Arvel Bonine died in Elroy, Pinal, AZ 10 Oct 1973. Searching for an obituary or burial record.

Linda Manzo Engler
I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather Fransico Villescas. I am told that he and my great grandmother with my grandfather and his siblings were passing through Florence and he had died sometime around 1918. I do not know the exact date. I am wondering if someone can look up the information for me in the local cemetery or suggest where else I should be looking. The family came to California after Fransico Villescas passed away.

Jason A Baker
I'm trying to find the obituary for my son. He died 4/20/01 in the Pinal County Jail. Thank you.

Kapelis Obit Lookup & Information
Hilary Patmore
Could someone do an obit lookup for me on a Harry (Robert) S. Kapelis. He was born in the San Francisco Bay Area on 3/25/1920. But died in Maricopa, Pinal Co AZ, in April of 1985 (I don't have the exact day). I am looking for listed survivors: children, wife, siblings, etc. I am looking for anyone who knew, or knew of a Harry (Robert) S. Kapelis. He lived in Maricopa, Pinal Co. Az, sometime before 1985. He died in Maricopa in 1985, age apx 65. Any info would be appreciated.

Pinal County Cemetery LeeAnn Maddux-Parkinson
I have relatives buried in the Miami/Globe/Surperior area.  On the death certificate for an uncle, William Gibbs, it states a cemetery that I cannot read. I know he died in an auto accident in Superior that occurred on or about Oct 28, 1926. He was 30 years old at that time. I looked on a Globe Cemetery list and did not see his name nor the others I am looking for. The name of the cemetery isn't entirely legible on the Death Certificate, but may be recognizeable to someone familiar with the area. If you think you can help, please CLICK HERE to view the cemetery entry on the Death Certificate.

Blackwater Westside Cemetery Jennifer
I am trying to find any information about Louis Lee Midwell. He Died on August 13th 1981 in a shooting at the Main Canal Bank 5 miles south of Coolidge in Pinal County. He is supposed to be buried in The Blackwater Westside Cemetery. His surviving spouse was Karen Midwell nee. Johns. He died of Gunshot wounds to the Chest. I am especially interested in any Indian Heritage information as well as a possible Obituary. I also would like to know where the Blackwater Cemetery is located. Any and All information would be greatly appreciated. He was Born in Arkansas and is believed to be of Cherokee descent.

Katherine M Flegal
Searching Hezekiah Mayhew who m. Rachel Ann Magison 1890, Pinal Co. Magison may be misspelling. Also spelled Megan, Meighan. Need to know her correct last name. Hezekiah had brother Jesse Mayhew.

Obituary Lookup Request
J. Mark & Natalie Davis
I am looking for the obituary for Virgie Davis who died Jan 28, 1998 and the SSDI has her last residence in Pinal Co, AZ. Can anyone help me?

I'm trying to find my great uncle Richard Shade who I figured might be buried in Casa Grande,Stansfield or on one of the nearby Native American cemeteries. He left Oklahoma in the mid-1920's to go to Long Beach, Ca and then the Phoenix area. He was supposedly called the Hot tamale man. He was a light skinned Afro-Am with Native American features. Could you see if there is an obit for him in this county or Maricopa?

I am looking for info. on my g.grandparents Ebenezer Harding and Laura E. Watkins Harding. They lived on a ranch in Redrock which I believe is part of Pinal Co. I found Laura listed on the 1910 census for Pinal Co. but the microfilm copy was so faded that it was impossible to read. It said in the index; L. E. Harding Sasco PR 11 Pinal Co. E.D. 110 page 1A. There was also a listing for a J.L. Stanley, Sasco PR 11 Pinal Co. ED. 110 page 9B. I believe this is Laura's sister's husband. If there is anyone that can help me find this family or anyone who knows of a census that can be read for 1910. Or a state census that is available. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Laura and Eb had eight children. Clement, Arta, Jane, Roseva (my grandmother), Elizabeth, Evelyn, Lewis (died age 2 and may be buried in Pinal Co.) and Lloyd.

Cathy Sutherland Hartline
I am searching my GGGrandfather William H. Sutherland. I have a lot of info on the area already, but was wanting to know if anyone has any info on the Kelvin/Riverside Stage station. He was a superintendent there in the 1870. He also had a stage line that i believe went through there. I have more information as far as dates and such if this will help. The stage company was running from what I have as early as 1886. An article in the Florence Enterpirse 10-21-1882 showed that the only interest he had left was the area between Tucson and Riverside. My goal is to put this into book form and place it in the different libraries.

Pat Thomas
Fenelon Arnold born in 1877 in Illinois lived in Winkelman, Arizona when his brother died. I am looking for further information about him. Pat Thomas Post Office Box 885 Winona, Minnesota 55987-0885 1-507-452-8290

Henry Margaret Edwards
I am trying to find any info on my uncle Dewey Henry. He was born in Arkansas 1896 and died in Arizona in 1976. He moved to Coolidge, Arizona I believe in the late 1920's or early 1930's. We lost track of him after that. I would like to get in touch with any of his children. I know he had children, but I don't know their names.

Clark, Meek
I am searching for any information on my grandmother Elizabeth (Bessie) Clark maiden name Elizabeth Test Meek. She died in Pinal County in 1950. Arizona does not have a death record. Any information would be helpful.

Debbie Gragg
I am researching my Great Grandfather, James Henry Jackson. He lived in Globe, AZ., from about 1907 to 1916, when he was convicted of killing a Judge Witcher, who practiced law in Globe. James Henry was incarcerated at the State Prison, in Florence. The shooting and the trial were quite extensively covered, in the area newspapers, at the time. We tried to get copies of the trial transcript, and were told they are missing. James Henry was released from prison in 1920 on good behavior. We understand that maybe he was released to a Mr. Pickett. We have no idea when he died or where he is buried. It's quite a longshot now, to discover what happened to him, but we keep trying.

Toltec History Edwin G. Troutman, MD
I lived in Toltec 1927-1930. I would like to contact anyone who could help me find a map or plat of Toltec at that time and help me find out how Toltec originated. When I lived in Toltec there was a small two story hotel between the highway and the railroad. We lived on the street behind the hotel. Thanks. Edwin G. Troutman, MD, 11803 S. Interstate 35W, Suite 315, PO Box 6426, Fort Worth, TX 76115-0426 email:

Cheryl Cunney
I have a friend who doesn't have access to the internet and she's asked me to search for her grandfather. We were hoping to find him living (her father is ill with cancer and wanted to meet his father for the first time before he passed away.) Unfortunately, I believe I found him in the SSDI and was wondering if you could assist me in finding the obituary. Here is the information I have: William Zimmerman b. 10/05/1909 - SS# issued in TX d. 11/13/1994 - Last resided in Apache Junction, Pinal, AZ SS#: 452-09-0188. The only fact we know is that he was born in TX in the early 1900s and his last residence was AZ. He was a rancher. This is the only William Zimmerman in the SSDI that was born in TX and died in AZ. Also, if he were alive today he would be over 100. Her family has been searching for a long time, but without the use of the internet and/or detective. I would appreciate any assistance.

Muņoz, Barrera
Charlene Newell
Hello, my niece is visiting here in Spain from Mesa, Arizona for a few months, and I would like to get her started on her mother's family history. Is there anyone in Penal Co. who is studying the history of the Munoz or the Barrera family surnames? Is there anyone who could do some census searches in the 1910, and 1920 census for us. her great grandfather was born in El Paso Texas in 1900 and moved as an infant to Miami, Az, married Guadilipe Barrera, died in 1980 in Miami. His father was Ventura Munoz, and I have no other information at this

Wanda McCarthy
Searching for any information about my Mother's brother, Billy Gene Andrews. She and her sister have not heard from him since around 1988. The problem I have, is that I do not know if he is dead or alive. His only child telephoned my Aunt in Lubbock.Tx. around 1990 and asked my Aunt for some papers on her father. She told my Aunt that she heard he had been killed on an Indian Reservation somewhere there in Pinal County. He was married to an Indian woman with five kids, but I do not know if he lived with her on a Reservation. My Aunt never heard from his daughter again. I really do not know where to start with this. I will be trying to obtain a copy of his birth certificate from Oklahoma. My Mother and Aunt are both not well, and I want to give my best effort to try and find out if he is deceased, and where he is buried. I cannot rest until we know.

Would like to find someone who could do me a big favor. I recently acquired a postcard record with information on Delfino Romandia which states he died March 3rd 1930, other info on card gives a #3 and a #124 (?? possible death records location of files ??) Also posted is, Mesa (? town/area/burial ?); Maricopa (? county/location ?) The Big favor is this: I would like a picture of his gravesite/headstone, maybe the cemetery address/location. Better yet, a copy of his birth/death certificate. Maybe newspaper (? Phoenix ?) article of death/obituary etc. (told he was killed by 4 men over lots money he won in a card game) I would be willing to reimburse for expense.

LeAnn Allen
Would like to find obit about lloyd felton killed in mammoth township in 1897 died sometime in the month of feb. was shot .born on 15dec1864

Looking for information on Ray, Arizona mining in the early 1900's also for the surname Valdivia. My grandfather's family was living there then.

Mandie Hall
I'm looking for info on Miguel Quijada who married Julia Lopez and died probably in the 1940's while in his 50's They lived in Superior AZ and had a daughter, Sarifena Quijada.

Florence Prison Records Patsy Hughes
Does anyone know how I can obtain prison records for a deceased uncle? He died in prison in Florence, Arizona.

Slusher, Young
Chellis & June (Young) Slusher, Apache Jct, Pinal Co., AZ. Chellis Ewing Slusher was the s/o Edgar Carlton Slusher and Lillie E. Ewing - Chellis b 30 Sep 1900 poss in/near Hancock Co., IL - d __ May 1984 and, per SSDI, was a resident of Apache Junction, Pinal Co., AZ, at the time of his death - buried ? - m 20 Jul 1918 Keokuk, Lee Co., IA, to June YOUNG, d/o ? and ? - June b 8 Jun 1896 in ? - d __ Nov 1984 and per SSDI, was a resident of Apache Junction, Pinal Co., IL - buried ?. Children: i. Not known if they had children. Note: Am seeking any additional info/connections for above couple (& family?). Also ask if anyone in/near Apache Junction might be able to help me obtain copies of their 1984 obituaries in hopes obtaining addit info (children, etc).

Lila Roberts
I am looking for possible link to my grandmother Lilah Gault of Jackson County Wisconsin. According to birth record of her sister Ruth Gault (1891), the surviving siblings were Adelaide, Lilah, Jennie, Commodore and Clinton. Adelaide went to Brookfield, Wisconsin. Ruth to Palo Alto, California. And Lilah to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have been unable to find leads on the others.

Norma Herrera Schiermeyer
I am looking for any information on my grgrgrandfather Gernonimo Herrera he was married to Magdalena Bilderoy Herrera both born in Arizona lived in the Florence, Tucson, Bisbee, Clifton, Phoenix & other areas. Also born there were my grgrgrgrgrandfather & grgrgrgrgrandfathers both their names were also Geronimo. My grandfather, also born in Arizona was named Fructoso Mariscal Herrera, I have seven different, legal documents for him with seven (7) different spellings of first & last names. Hope you can help me find the first grgr-grandfather Geronimo Herrera.

Joiner, Ortiz Marti Roe
I'm looking for Anita Joiner b. 21 Sept 1923 in Hayden Junction, Pinal Co., daughter of Josephine Ortiz and Ralph A. Joiner.

McCain Leta Horine
McCain, Janel (nee) and Elmer Lee Brother & sister. They lived/worked in vegetable sheds/Chu Chu Indian Reservation and Casa Grande (by railroad tracks). Their father, Elmer Sr, was supervisor. Younger brother (Eddy) and sister. Elmer was married to Mendenhall girl. Family came from California.

I am searching for my grandfather W.A."Bud" Frazier. He left Mason County, Texas in 1884 after killing a man in a Mason saloon. He went to Arizona and may have stayed in Pinal County. Thanks for your help.

Stella Fay Dunbar
Gregory Lee Greer
I am searching for any information about my birth mother Stella Fay Dunbar. She was born Aug 30, 1929 in Coolidge, Az. I believe she died in 1972 but cannot confirm this with a death cert. I was Born Nov. 29, 1949 (name at birth was Michael Glenn Harrell) and was put up for adoption in March of 1950. I was adopted by Lacy and Leora Greer in May 1950. If anyone has any information regarding her or any siblings please contact me. Stella Fay Dunbar lived in the Florence area in the late 40's. She gave birth to me in Nov. 1949. I was placed for adoption a couple of months later. After she found she could not care for me. The adoption took place in Apache county in May of 1950. I have all the information the court held in Apache County. My birth fathers last name was Harrell. I do not believe they ever married. Is there any one who could search the Florence court house for a marriage cert. that my give her married name.Or if anyone has any suggestions on how to proceed futher. I can be contacted at the following or mailing address 500 North 260 rd Mounds, Ok 74047. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Haaland
I'm looking for an obituary or other information pertaining to Seaman (or Seamon) M. Scott, who died in Apache Junction in 1995. He owned a restaurant in Gila Bend, AZ for a number of years called "Scottys." His brother, my distant relative, was named Clifford C Scott. Please contact Mark at

Johnston Patricia Johnston-Burleson
Searching for information on the my great grandfather Wyatt Johnston who passed away in Coolidge, AZ in the early 1950's. He was preceeded in death by his wife who passed away in 1948 in Coolidge, AZ also. I have a transcript of the obituary that was in an Oklahoma newspaper but if anyone has either of the obituaries in their collections from Coolidge I would greatly appreciate a copy of them. Thank You.

Cemetery Location? Sharon Self Morrow
I am trying to find out the name of the cemetery between Coolidge and Florence. I have several family members buried there, surname "Self". Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Marian Kathy Hoeme
Betty Cleo Marian born about 1922. Daughter of Theodore Earl Bomhoff of Osborne, Kansas and Louisa (Watson) Bomhoff of Downs, Kansas. Theodore's parents were: George M. Bomhoff and Clara (McGuire) Bomhoff of Osborne County, Kansas. Do these names ring a bell for anyone? My grandmother was a sister of Clara's. Thank you for your time.

Obituary Request Brenda
I am trying to locate an obituary from 1985. The name of the deceased is Mike Vronodos (Michael Andrew Vrondos) and the date of death is May of 1985. The last known residence is listed as Casa Grande (Pinal County) with a zip code of 85222.

Self Sharon Self Morrow
I have family buried in the cemetery between Florence and Coolidge. Rufus Self, Mexia Self, Velma Self and Donnie Self. Where would I get more information on that cemetery or obituaries of the family members? Thank you.

Obituary Request Mary M.
Aunt Clemmie Rainey died in Jan 1980, must have been btw Jan 11 and the end of the month. I think she died in or near Seven Mile Corner, of course she could have been in a nursing home or hospital as she was 90 years old. Before marriage she was Clemmie Willoughby, born Montgomery Co Ky on11 Jan 1890. Her husband was Frank Rainey, Thanks so much.

Obituary Request Robert Stauffer
I am trying to locate information Iven Terrell Reeder who died in Casa Grande, Pinal Co., AZ 28 Apr. 1982 at the age of 41. Would there be an obituary available? Your help is greatly appreciated.. Thank you <>

Carnighan James C. Williams
Looking for info on john, fred or nasaria carnighan circa early 1900's.

Will Lookup Requested
Does anyone have time to search for a Will and any other Probate information at the courthouse in Florence? The deceased is Dewey Lee Darby who died 7 March 1971 in the Mesa S. S. hospital. He and his wife Beatrice lived at Route 1, Apache Junction at the time of his death. I hope that a will might name the children of this man. I will gladly pay for copying and postage.

Finagin, Keller Robert Downen
Wish to exchange information on Joseph Finagin and his wife Ida Keller Finagin who lived at Ray (Pinal County), AZ. during the 1920s. Later they moved to Phoenix. Ida was from Jackson County, IL. and was the sister of Congressman Kent E. Keller of Illinois. I have information to share.

Patrick Bob Alvey
Believe that the Jack Patrick that died in Florence, Pinal, Az on 4/6/1998 was from OK and the husband of Sarah Alice Alvey. Both were listed as survivers in her father's obituary in Eufala, OK in 1959. Any help would be appreciated. Is there any way to obtain an obit from Pinal Co, AZ?

We are looking for a death certificate or information regarding the genealogy of Josefa Castro. Castro is the maiden name. Her husband's name is unknown to us but there was pharmacies that were owned by her family in Florence and later in Phoenix. Any information would be appreciated.

Grady Donald L. Olmsted
Grady, James Wallace born in Missouri or Illinois. Married Hellen Jordan. James is son of Milton Grady and Nellie Mae Wallace. James lived in Casa Grande and Phoenix area. Has sister Thelma Grady who married Eldon Mills she lived in Tuscon area. James Wallace Grady is grandson of James William Grady and Amanda Allen Moon who are buried in Bonne Terre, St. Francois Co., Missouri. I too am a descendant of James Grady and Amanda Moon. They had sons Lee, Milton, Jasper and daughters Nellie and Susie. Susie Grady married Fred Strang. I am a great grandson of Susie and Fred. I am Looking for long lost "cousins" from Bonne Terre, St. Francois Co., Missouri.

Information regarding Jose Villareal. Died and possibly buried in Superior, AZ, approximately 1940. Looking for full legal name, information on his place of birth, information on spouse.

Mammoth, AZ Obituary Request Pat Irvine
I am trying to locate information on my great-uncle, Roy Tracy, who I believe died in Mammoth, Pinal Co., AZ the 3rd of August, 1988. Would there be an obituary available? Your help is greatly appreciated..

Charlebois Spring Dave Charlebois
Wondering if anybody can give me the history of Charlebois Spring in Pinal County. I assume it was named by or after a relative that was in the area. I am trying to find as much as I can about the Charlebois ancestry and this should be an interesting anecdote.

Pusch Ranch
Am posting for a friend who is trying to find information on the Pusch Ranch. Where was it located, is it still in existence today (possibly with a different name)? His ancestor worked on this ranch in 1918 & would appreciate any information on this ranch past & present.

Fryer Tami Beaty
I need information on my GGGGrandfather Gerald Jeramiah Fryer. He was a Sheriff in Pinal County and died in a fight with Indians. I know he had a child with a Rita Rodriguez. Their child's name was John Peter Frey. Please could you give me any information on these people! I know John Peter Frey was born in the 1890 circa in Florence Arizona.

Mason Paula Bicket
I am looking for any information on my uncle, Thomas Mason. His brother, my uncle died in 1959 in Oklahoma and his obit listed Thomas/Tom as living in Superior. My aunt said that Tom died in Arizona. How many cemeteries are there in Superior? Could you provide the address(es) for the cemeteries? Any help greatly appreciated.

Romandia, Warner, Redondo, Ballestero, Brown, Aruza Del
Searching for family members of a Francisco L. Romandia who died Nov 1926 in Nogales, AZ married to a Francisca Santa Cruz, child Maria born 1885 she married 1903 to Sank Brown. Found a Delfino Romandia age 10 yrs old in 1900 census listed as nephew. Others listed Francisca Ballestero, aunt ?? and Feliciano Aruza as head of household. Delfino married Eliza Redondo, he died approx. 1916. Unable to find death records. Also seeking information of Trinidad L. Warner wife of Peter C Warner, Justice of the Peace. Need information on all the above to piece the family puzzle. They were living in Florence, Pinal, Az. If you recognize a surname any information would be appreciated.

Williams Estelle Hucks
My half brother Olen Williams was in Pinal County, AZ in the late 1960's in a nursing home. He was born about 1916 in TX. or OK. Would like to connect with his family. I think he died there. Because at one time he was in a mental hospital in that area. I was a small child and do not remember very much about him. I think his wife name was Florene.

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