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Pinal County, Arizona
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Eleven Miles Corner Randy
Was there or is there ever been a town or place in Pinal County call Eleven Mile Corners it stood for 11 miles from Coolidge 11 miles from Eloy and 11 miles from Casa Grande. My grand father was to have died there in 1940 and is buried somewhere in Casa Grande . His name was Elisha Benford Simpkins.

Hayes Karen Hayes Oak
I am trying to research my family. My grandfather was Dowel Hayes born Jan (or Apr) 1887. My grandmother was Rutha (or Owretha) Edwards Hayes born 1883-1885. They had a son (my father) in Texas County MO in 1922. There was a daughter born two or three years earlier, Ruth (or Rutha). Missouri has no birth records or marriage records for them. There is supposedly a connection with Ira Hamilton Hayes and/or the Pima tribe. Can anyone help me in my search?

Dwyer Susan Michelle Newcomb
I am searching for information on my grandfather Noble Franklin Dwyer who died in Apache Junction, AZ in 1987. If anyone has any information whatsoever could you please contact me at

Gochenouer Harry Gochenouer
My grandfather was born in Florence along with a older brother and younger sister, but I can not find any information on their parents. My Grandfather is Harold LeVerne. It is like their parents never existed.

Herrera Larry Herrera Jr.
I'm looking for information about the Herrera family living in Superior AZ. The names I have are Leo Herrera and Alicia Herrera. Any help would be great. I know that Leo and his father were miners and discovered a vast sheet copper mine. Thanks. c/o Richard and Margaret Cooksey

Obituary Request Jeanne Gutridge
I'm looking for an obituary for William P. Gutridge who died March 6, 1965, in a car accident. If there isn't an obit, I'm hoping at least for an article on the accident. Can you be of help to me?

Mathis Pat Gillard-Gomez
Grady Clinton Mathis. Died Eloy, AZ 1974. Looking for my father.

Mason Paula Bicket
I am looking for a great uncle Thomas Mason. I do not know when he died. However, when his brother Ed died in 1959 his obit read Thomas Mason of Superior as survivor. He was born in the late 1890's in Hartford, AR. At one time he lived in WV. One remaining niece of his said that he died in AZ. Any help greatly appreciated. I live in Overland Park, KS

Hale Leta Horine
Searching for Raymond Hale, sister Elsie (nee Hale). My Waddle family knew the Hale family in Casa Grande (Pinal Co) during the 1950s-1960s

I am searching for information on my family i am the daughter of Donnie ray Newton who lived in coolidge AZ. he is deceased, buried in Florence, and still has family who lives in the area. i understand one of his favorite places was apache junction. i would like to correspond with anyone who knew my father-he was born June 17, 1942. his mother was dollie settles pickles and his father was jarvis Houston Newton, son of William and rosie henry Newton, William is son of William and Mary Ellen Wyatt Newton, both of Estill Co., Ky. have some research on the Newton side, but would like to know more. i have little info on dollie settles pickles Newton. I would appreciate any info.

I am researching the Ormsby surname. In particular, my great grandfather, William Wallace Ormsby who lived in Florence and may be buried there. Would anyone out there have any information or maybe knew the Ormsby family or members of the family? Any information would be most appreciated.

Julianna Ockert-Chilton
I am researching the Willey family of Pinal county, AZ. Came to the county in 1870's. Other families associated with the Willey family are as follows: Arnett, Middleton, Ockert. Thanks Julie at

Gila River Indian Reservation Pat
Where would I start my search for someone born on the reservation in 1879 I'm looking for Emma WIlson . Father listed as Alex Tashigth..If you could help me get started I would be most grateful. IGI Record shows 9140016 Sheet 54..I don't know what this means.

Cuen, Ruiz James Cuen Ruiz
I am searching for information about my grandfather Placido Cuen who died and is buried in the town of Goldfield, Arizona. I need information of the cemetery that he is buried in and possible death certification. He died in the late 1920's and was married to Rachel Duarte Cuen . They had 10 children who later came to California. Only two are left alive and they have no information. If you have any information on this topic please email me at

Alwin, Long, Trapell, Whitlow Suzanna Wells
William H. Long b 1849 Hancock Co, OH mar. 1875 Pinal, Pinal Co, AZ Mary Elizabeth "Molly" Whitlow. He is said to have been one of the discoverers of the Silver King Mine in Pinal Co. Died of smallpox in Oakland , CA while still young. Dau Mary Elizabeth "Little Molly" b. 1876 Pinal Co. mar. 1st ------- Trapell and 2nd Alwin. I have been told there was another child too. Would like to correspond with anyone on the family. I have much on William's ancestors and cousins. S.L. Wells

Carranzas Who Are Yaqui Ben Winton
Looking for information that may tell me the ancestry of my late grandfather, Carlos Carranza, Sr., who was born near Guaymas, Mexico, and settled in Stanfield, Ariz., where he died sometime in 1969. Family insists he was Yaqui, but I've never been able to document it. Haven't had time in all these years to obtain birth certificate--in fact, it may not even accurately indicate heritage; my mother is Rachel Carranza and she is listed as "white" on my birth certificate. My uncle is Carlos Carranza, Jr. Another uncle is Richard Carranza. Cousins include Christopher Carranza and Carlos Carranza III. Please help. Any information appreciated.

Darby Marjorie P. Squires
My goal is to be able to write for the death certificate of an ancestor, Dewey Lee Darby , who moved to AZ with his wife after he retired from the US Navy. There are indications that they lived in both Gilbert and Apache Junction, AZ. I am aware that I will need the _exact_ date of death to be able to request a death certificate. Unfortunately, I do _not_ have that exact date. The Social Security Death Index indicates that he was born 02 July 1898 and died in Mar 1971. The address that is given is 85220, Apache Junction, Pinal, AZ. There is no street name given. Unfortunately, no death day is given in this database. An obituary is the only way I can think that I might find the day of his death. Unfortunately, this would mean having someone search 31 newspapers (each day in March 1971) times the number of different newspapers that serve that area. (1) Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find the day of death? (2) If newspaper search is my only option, where can I find someone who does newspaper research?

Mining Accident in Ray, AZ Nadine
I am looking for information on a mining accident occurring the night of September 15, 1916 in a mine in Ray, Pinal County, AZ. Grandfather, Jose Delgado, son of Joaquin Delgado along with 3 others died in this accident.

Bingham Marian W. Mobley
I am looking for any information for Frank M. Bingham and his wife Eleanor. They had 2 children in Pinal County. David Joseph Bingham in 1918 and Francis Michael Bingham in 1913. Any information and/or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Allen Fred Allen
I am looking for information Clifford Allen and his descendants. Clifford his wife Nina (Babe)and as for as I know the only child Clifford Jr. moved to Arizona sometime in the early 50s or late 40s. Clifford Sr. was born in Fannian County Texas about 1895 to John C.and Liza Jane (Ross) Allen. He had 2 brothers Thomas T.and William B. (Barney) Allen. He also had 2 sisters Mary Allen Garibay and Dorothy Allen Beck. Clifford Jr. may have 1 son J.T. born around 1941. And J. T.may have had 3 daughters Linda, Peggy, and Nancy. I have some school pictures of the girls around 1967 or so. Also I have a picture of them in 1961. Clifford was my great uncle and Jr. , J.T. and the girls would be my cousins.

Sutherland Dennis R. De Vault
William H. Sutherland owned the Arizona Stage Company in Florence around the late 1870s, early 80s. Sold out in '82 to go into cattle ranching in the Dripping Springs area. Need info on Dripping Springs, and on W.H. Sutherland family in Florence. Thanks

Rozel, Sanders Patty Lyn Murray
I am a 21 year old who is trying to find out about my mother. I never got to see her much after I was about 7 years old - my dad took me out of the State and we moved around. My Mom was Maria Deloris (Delois as some spellings) Rozel. She and my dad married around 1976-1978. She married my dad, Joe Daniel Sanders and I was then born in Pinal County on March 29, 1978. I would also like to find out about her birth certificate - her birth date was June 2, 1960. I do not know if I have any other family. My mom died around 1992-1994, after being hospitalized from a diabetic coma. I would like to find out about getting a death certificate, too. I do not know what county she was born in or died in. I could not find her on the Soc. Sec. Death Index under Maria Rozel or Maria Sanders (I also checked Delois, Deloris Sanders and Rozel). Since my dad died when I was 16, I don't have any information from him about my mom and I would really like help with this. Please e-mail me at with any information anyone can send. Thank you so much!

White Genie Stansbury
LaDonna Cabot (Rowe) White b.abt 1928. LaDonna's mother, Mary Havens Rowe died 1953 and is buried in Casa Grande. LaDonna was living somewhere in Arizona at that time Trying to locate LaDonna or husband Donald or any of their 6 children.

Tomerlin Jim Martens
I am seeking for any relations or descendants of John Tomerlin and Jessie Irma (Martens) Tomerlin. She was born Jan 7, 1907 in Pekin, Tazwell Co., IL and Died around March 14, 1936. in Superior, Pinal County, AZ. Please contact me at

I'm trying to put together our family tree, but I am having a hard time locating information on my Grandfather his name was Jesus Montano he was born in Sonora, Mexico around 1887, I'm not sure when he arrived Pinal County but he fathered two children with Faustina Martinez, his children's names are Isabel and Rudolph Montano. If anyone should have any information, I would be ever so grateful if you could please share it with me.

Drew BJ Drew V
I'm interested in finding a source for more information on my Great-great grandfather (and namesake) Benjamin Joseph Drew, known as "Joe" Drew and likely the owner of Drew's Ranch (sometimes called Drew's Station) just north of Contention in the 1880s. This ranch was near the spot where the famous stagecoach robbery/murders happened that started the feud leading to the OK Corral. Drew came from Oregon, possibly following his son, Edwin Porter DREW, who operated saloons and a liquor store in Tucson, Florence, and Casa Grande. He was married to Sallie (sometimes called Sarah) C. Hunt, and died in 1885 in Pinal County. His son Edwin was married to Elizabeth Collingwood in 1889 in Florence, where she and an unnamed baby girl died in 1893. Edwin then married Katherine Josephine Meehan in Florence in 1984 and had two children, Katherine Mercedes Drew and Benjamin Joseph Drew. Edwin died in Los Angeles in 1921 but was buried in Tucson at the Evergreen Cemetery. Does anyone have any ideas on places to dig? I'm interested in newspapers, land and mining claim records, and local histories. I have received some great information from the DLPR archives folks. Thank you very much! BJ Drew V 6 Merrywood Ln East Lyme, CT 06333 (860)739-4089 or

Beach Barbara Prestridge
Seeking any information about ggfather Alvin Beach. I found him on the 1880 census, however my grandmother Cora Beach was born in the old Pioneer Mining Camp south of Globe. We can not prove that Cora's mother and father were married. Any info would be appreciated. It took us 20 years to find his name.

I am searching for my Uncle. His name is James Oliver Curtis McDaniel. He was born approximately 1928-1930. He served in WWII and was deployed from Arizona. Last contact was in 1949 in Florence, Az. His mother's name was Ester Ruth Harrod. Any information on how to locate him would be appreciated.

McFaddin Ed McFaddin
I am James E. McFaddin's grandson, son of Edgar. He was a judge in Casa Grande, and died there in August of 1958. I am looking for any history on his first wife, Rowena, my grandmother, where she is buried, etc. I am also looking for any other history on his father, mother etc. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Lobb Rene Stone
I am searching for relatives from Pinal County Az. GGGrandfather, George Lobb was known as "the father of Superior". He held claim to mines in Queen (now Superior (circa 1891) ) and the Silver King. he died Jan14, 1930 in Phoenix, Az. I have had no luck tracing any other members of this family. Any suggestions or info would be deeply appreciated.

Goddard Katherine Scasta
I'm trying to find any information relating to Edith C. Goddard. She lived in the area between 1944 and 1957 with her husband, Ray Goddard. Apparently, she was very involved in the Order of the Eastern Star in Casa Grande, AZ. I have not been able to locate an obituary on her or find anyone who knew her during that time. When her husband died, he established an Award Fund in her honor for the benefit of young girls. The recipients of these awards were nominated from 3 groups, one of which was the Order of the Eastern Star in Casa Grande, AZ. Any help in locating an obituary on her and who her survivors were would be extremly helpful.

Washington Clay A. Darnell
I am trying to find any information about the Charles Washington and E-Hing Washington family. They had a son William Washington who was born at Gila crossing in 1880. My grandfather William Lee Washington may have been adopted by the son William. I am researching my Washington/Barnett links. Do you have any connection to the the Nuechos/Corpus Christi and Hildalgo/McAllen TX Washington group? I am looking for information on Mr. Washington m ?. Children of ? Washington and ? are; William Lee Washington (possibly adopted) b abt 1900 d abt 1958 m Mickey Jaunita Barnett b. ? d abt 1985 pd Barnsdall, OK buried at Memorial Park Cemetery, Tulsa, OK father was William Barnett grandfather was Herman Ray Barnett mother was Emma Rogers and maternal grandfather was Charley Rodgers? Children of William Lee Washington and Mickey Jaunita Barnett; David Lee Washington b. 9/17/1930 pb Corpus Christi, TX d Jan 2, 1997 pd Corpus Christi, TX James Lee Washington b 11/30/1933, pb Corpus Christi, TX d 10/1984 pd Tulsa, OK m Barbara Wright William Lee Washington died as a child Rumor has it William Lee Washington was adopted by Mr. Washington of Corpus Christi/McAllen who has extensive family in the McAllen/Hildalgo Co. area. I am trying to find/follow my bloodline.

Jackson Debbie Gragg
I am wondering if anyone might have information on My Great Grandfather, James Henry Jackson? He was tried for shooting Judge Henry Witcher, in 1916, in Globe, and spent 4 years in the state prison at Florence. I understand that this trial is still heard about even today. I would like to hear from anyone, who might have information and/or might know someone, who knows of or knew of my Great Grandpa, James Henry. We think he is buried around Globe, somewhere but don't know for sure. We would appreciate any info.

Miller Carol
Need to find newspaper clipping of the death of Artie Ernestine (Gipson< Stout) Miller. Was to have died in Coolidge, Pinal Co., Arizona. Married a Hinson Hansen Miller on 7 August 1910 in Haskell County, Oklahoma. She had (4) children by 1st. husband (STOUT) Leona, Golda, William, Jessie. Had (2) children by 2nd. husband. Roy and Ray Miller. I do not know when she died, but most likely around 1970 or even earlier. If anyone can help, thanks in advance.

Indian School in Casa Grande Cindy Webb
Does anyone have a clue where I can find any information on the following? Fred Arthur Williams b 1850 and Amelia Charlotte Johnson b ? Sweden were Indian School teachers on a reservation in Casa Grande, Arizona around 1875 or 1885. They were believed to have homesteaded in Casa Grande, AZ.

Perry, Jensen Jean Hinde
I am trying to find the where abouts of three children who were adopted between the years of 1980-1984. Their names at that time were Deanna Charlise Perry or her first name could have been spelled Dianna. Her Birthdate is October 29,1973. The two boy's names is Raymond Leroy Perry His birthdate is May 2, 1975 and Brian Eugene Jensen. His birthdate May 19, 1977. If you find out anything about them could you please Email me at this address It would be deeply appreciated.

Harris, Taylor Debra Buster
Seeking information on Julia Elizabeth (Harris) b. 26 November 1881 in Chambers Co., AL; married Jesse Taylor 1874 in TX. they were married ca 1902 in Cass Co., TX. They farmed there for several years, By 1920 they had moved to Broken Bow, McCurtain Co, OK. On an old address book page found the address for Jesse and Julia was given as Eloy, AZ. This would have been mid 1940's. Have lost all trace of this family. There was one daughter named Mamie b. ca 1903 in Cass Co, TX and son Dewey b. ca 1905 Cass Co., TX. Julia Harris Taylor was the daugther of Joel C. Harris 1856-1929 and Paulelena Moore 1860-1921 AL>TX>AR. Seeking any information that would re-establish a connection, Old Eloy City Directory, Tax rolls of 1940's, obituary, etc. Visit the Road to East Texas Our Family Reunion at

Lewis Robyn
I am looking for ancestors: Jesse Anderson Lewis-born Jan 23 1869 died-dec 27 1962 moved to Casa Grande in th 1930's Mary Emely Harper Lewis born May 3 1872 died Nov 28 1963 any help would be appreciated.

Felton Mark Romine
Looking for info on my g-grandfather, Lloyd Melton Felton. He was born 1864 and was married to Sarah Elizabeth "Sallie" Burleson in Tom Green Co., TX in 1884. They moved to Arizona sometime before 1894 and in 1897 he was killed in an accidental shooting in Pinal County, Arizona.

Meehan Mike B.
I am looking for any information regarding my great-uncle, Thomas Meehan ca. 1900. He operated the Gult-Edge Saloon in Casa Grande. I am looking for any information regarding the Meehan's of Silver King circa 1885. My grandmother was Ethel Meehan. Any information re: Tom Meehan and his family would be greatly appreciated.

Jose Alfredo Jimenez Jackie
I am seeking information on the time when Jose Jimenez sang in Eloy Az. I have been told that he performed for at least one dance sometime during the 1940s. I believe he preformed with a musical group. Any information would be appreciated. Jackie

Looking for any info on a Douglas Tatum who died in Apache Junction, Pinal, AZ, in 1985. Could this person be one of the sons of John and Nellie Tatum, of Lincoln Cty., TN ? His brother Preston Tatum , died if Georgia in 1934.

Amado Rex Amado
Is there any history on record for the Amado family in Pinal County?

Sheppard Jeremiah Sheppard
I am searching for my half-sister from my father's first marriage. She has since married so her last name is different, or I would search directly for her. If you can provide the information I need, I can look at marriage licenses and perhaps find a current address. Anyway, my father's name is William Walter Sheppard. He was born in Globe, Arizona around 1939 or 1940. I apologize for not having an exact birthdate. My sister's name is Gay or Gaye Sheppard, his daughter from his first marriage. I do not know her mother's name. All I need from you is her full name and a date of birth, if you have access to that information. Thank you very much. Jeremiah Sheppard 520-368-4026

Howe Marci Duryea
We have been making inquiries at the AZ State Archives and the Genealogical Society with no luck. We would appreciate any help, advice, tips to sources, etc. for the following search: Albion Howe, my missing great-grandfather. Born circa 1859 in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. Died some time after 1907, probably in Arizona. Married to Emma Jane (Knight) Howe, also born back east. They had five children. Lived in Superior, Wisconsin from at least 1891 but probably longer (1891 was the first year Superior had a city directory). Albion was active in the politics of Superior: he was an alderman, president of the city council, and was appointed Acting Mayor in 1895-96 when the presiding mayor was impeached for taking graft from the saloons. Albion seemed to be considered a highly moral sort of man. Albion remained in Superior, working in the mining industry as well as politics (we see his occupation listed as "miner" only once; the rest of the time he is superintendent of various elevators down near the Lake Superior docks. We are not sure if it was the iron or coal mining industry.) We last see him listed in the Superior directory in 1906. In 1907 and 1908 we see Emma Jane at the same address with some of her (now grown) children. In the 1909 directory she lists herself as "widow, Albion". She may have been lying to save face. We found no probate records in Superior, so that's my hunch. Family rumor has it that he left his family in Superior and "ran off with the town prostitute," but that may also be an exaggeration of Emma Jane's. She was a staunch and very active churchwoman, and another rumor has it that it's one of the reasons Albion left. My grandfather John (Albion's son) graduated high school in Superior in 1906 or 1907, and began working almost immediately for a coal mining company in the area. My father remembers my grandfather telling him that Albion wrote a letter to the family requesting that John visit him in Arizona. This likely happened in 1907, 08 or 09, but may have been later. We do not know. It would not have happened after John was married in 1912. The visit did take place, but my father does not remember what city or county John said he visited. We have no other knowledge of what happened to Albion either during or after his son's visit. We don't know if he was living alone or with someone. We don't know what his occupation was in Arizona, though something connected with mining is likely. We don't know when or where he died, or where he is buried. Can anyone help?

Estrada Charles Estrada
Looking for information on Mike P Estrada born in Sonora Az. in april 1917 and died in June 1984.

Hanshaw Cindi Grant
I am looking for my step grandma Vivian Hanshaw d: abt late 1970's or early 1980's in Apache Jct, Az. I have no other information for her. I am also looking for my uncle Marvin Franklyn Hanshaw d: July, 1998 in Apatche Jct, Az. He used to own a RV repair shop there. I am also looking for any information on another uncle i had never met, Allen Eugene Hanshaw d: Nov,1969 not sure of his location. All i know my mother said he was in Arizona or New Mexico. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Tuggle, Butler Sharon Fulton
Ethel M. (butler) Tuggle died abt Nov. 1935 in Pinal county. Her husband's name was William Tuggle. They were supposed to be living in Coolidge at the time of her death. She died in a train/car crash there. I have been told that she is buried there or in Florence. If the cemeteries in those areas have been indexed, could someone please tell me what cemetery and location of her grave is? I urgently need her date of death. Thank you for any assistance. Any data on Ethel Tuggle would be greatly appreciated Am trying to locate info on her for a half-sister of hers who lives in Arkansas and is rather elderly. Ethel is my 2nd cousin/once removed. S. Fulton

Trainwreck Query Sharon Fulton
In approximately Feb of 1935, I think there was train wreck that killed a lady by the name of Ethel Butler Ruggles or Tuggles. I would like to know the date of that accident if possible. Ethel is supposed to be buried in the Florence area. Does anyone know where? Would appreciate any info on that wreck.

Dougherty, Perinoni Shirley Lillie
I would like to contact living descendants of Sherman Wilbur Dougherty who died 21 Aug 1911 in Florence. His wife was Lucia Dolores Perinoni. Thanks Shirley

Daniela Moneta
I am researching the PHY family that moved to Florence, AZ in the 1880s. The progenitor of the PHYs was Aquilla Phy who was born in TN. Two of Aquilla's sons moved to Arizona, Josephus PHY who married first Tiny CAVANESS, and second, Josusita REBAGO, and my ancestor, James Calaway PHY whose wife was Caroline READY. Josephus who came to Arizona in the 1860s died in Florence in 1888 in a gunfight. James Calaway and Caroline came to Florence in the 1880s. Their children were James Franklin, Sarah, William Isam, Dorcas, John M., and Nettie. Some of these children married Florence families with these surnames: WHITLOW, MERRELL, COLLINGWOOD, OCHERT. I am interested in the PENN family also because my ancestor, James Franklin Phy, moved to Santa Monica, CA in 1905 where the PENN family had moved some years earlier.

Gordon Bowker
I have a large data base of Bowker material which I would like to add to , and share with others.Do you know of anyone who might be interested? Send me a few names and dates. All replies will be acknowledged. Gordon Bowker

Richard Cochran
Seeking information regarding the survivors of William Livingston, who was born 6 April 1900 and died in Florence, AZ in July 1971. Can anyone assist in finding a Florence newspaper obituary? Thank you! Dr. Richard M. Cochran, Dean of Library and Instructional Services, Abigail S. Timme Library, Ferris State University, 1201 S. State Street Big Rapids, Michigan 49307-2747 email:

Middleton, McGrew
John H. Penn
Respectfully request names and addresses of cemeteries around Superior as I want to make inquiries about ancestors who died there since 1880s to now. Some names, great great grandfather John Middleton died there after 1880 census age in 90s; cousins named McGrew, etc. Any advice is welcome. Can you direct me to a person who knows the area and who might make some suggestions? I am trying to find the final resting place of my great-great grandfather John Middleton who died in Superior, Pinal Co. after 1880 census. He was in his 90's. I have researched the Globe Cemetery where most of my Middleton ancestors are buried but John resided and died in Superior as have several of my ancestors named McGrew. Any help appreciated.If required please tell about charges for information. John H. Penn, 24792 Greentree Ln, El Toro, CA 92630 or E-mail:

Jay Barker
Looking for any information on the family and ancestors of Alton Barker born Mar 13, 1905 died March 1975 in Maricopa, AZ. Jay Barker

Townsend, Madden Jackie Madden
I am seeking information concerning a Juanita Townsend/Madden who was living in Eloy, Az in 1940. She met a singer/guitarist from Mexico while attending a dance. This singer is the person I am seeking information on. He was apparently a famous singer and guitarist and he wore fancy boots with real gold toe tips. He lives in Mexico and is currently in a nursing home there. Any information concerning this man or his name will be deeply appreciated. Thank you, Jackie Madden

I am searching for the birth father of Max Wayne Madden, son of Juanita Luella Townsend, Madden, He was born in Eloy, 11th or 12 of Aug 1942 or 1941. His father's name is not Madden although His mother was married to Wilton Hamilton Madden. The Maddens and Townsends were working in the cotton fields in Eloy. His father was believed to be of Hispanic nationality, he worked at a cotton gin in Friendly Corners. I don't know if her even knows he has a son. Any information would be deeply appreciated. Other families living there were, Benge, Bates, Crisp, Harners. You can email me at

Charles Nancy Wach
Do you have any information about Byron James Charles who was living in Pinal City in 1880. He was a harness maker and was 26 y born in NY state. He was the son of George Washington Charles who took his family west. Nancy Wach

My great uncle is named Jack Nutter, he lived in the Mesa, Tempe area, I was looking for him recently and heard that he had passed away about a month or two ago. I cant confirm this, I cant seem to locate anyone who knows anything at all.

Pharaoh, Hunter Donna Westwood
Seeking info/desc./dod if pasted on Amanda Pharaoh (Linda Hunter) B. 31 Jan 1955. Last known to be living in Apache Junction. Need info for Family tree. Donna Westwood

Middleton Jack Penn
Seeking death date and place of burial of John Middleton (abt 1795 VA - abt188+ Pinal City and co. A.T. He was in the 1880 census of Pinal city and was 84 years old. erroneously and allegedly born in England (sic Virginia) Was md. to Nancy States / Staats who probably died about 1854 in or near Barry, Pike Co. IL. Their daughter Mary Middleton md. Stacy Penn, my grgrandfather. Their son William Middleton died 1891 in Globe, A.T. and many children buried there. Please help, even with clues. Been trying to find old John for 20+ years. Jack Penn at

Huffman, Southard Ethel Taylor
We are searching for decendents of my great grand aunt, Amanda (Mandy) Crisp, b. May 1875 , TX, m. 1st John Huffman abt. 1874/5 in TX(?). In 1900, was living in Choctaw Nation, IT (OK) with John, daughter May age 4 and son Wallace age 1. Huffman apparently died, as in Jan. 1933, when she attended her mother's funeral at Hobart, Kiowa Co. OK, she was listed as Mrs. Mandy Southard, Dibble, OK. Mandy's parents were Ezekiel Cherry Crisp, b. 1851, Clark CO. AR, d. Dec. 31, 1922, Pushmataha Co. OK and Virginia Katherine (Kate) Warrick b. 1851 TX. Mandy and sisters - Ottie Crisp Ratliff and Ida Crisp Churchman Brake - Are the last 3 we are trying to track, possibly in the Casa Grande area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please email Ethel Taylor <> Thanks for any help.

Stern Milton E. Botwinick
Please add my surname query to the Pinal list: Stern, Aaron-1855-60 Ft. Grant 8th US inf Milton E. Botwinick POB 13464 Philadelphia, PA 19101-3464 Family Listings

Peterson Rachel Lee
Looking for 5 children named Peterson all born in Tucson. Hazel Helen born 1944, Jay Jay B:1945, Earl A. Jr. B;1946 Patty Sue B; 1947, Pat Robert B; 1948. I'm their aunt Rachel. Their mother would like to see them.. They were adopted out about 1950. I'm sure they don't know the story about their adoption. Thank you. Rachel

Spring Kimberly White
I am looking for any information on my mother, Barbara Colleen Spring, who was born in Casa Grande in a home in 1939. Her mother was Gladys Spring-her father's last name was Spring and was from California. Thank you. Kimberly White

Baird Mony Moncrief
I am seeking any information about my mother; Leanora Ina Baird b. Apr 10, 1919 in or around Globe. Also am seeking information about her parents; Joe Baird and Hallie (Halley). Mony Moncrief

Jones Luella Kinnison Conger
Needing help finding info on Alice Summers Jones whose residence was at Coolidge when she died in Dec 1972. Who did she marry and who were her children? How can I find an obit for her? Thanks for any help. Luella Kinnison Conger Hallsville, Mo. 65255

Thornhill Bruce Logan
I am seeking information on the Thornhill family of Pinal and Gila Co., AZ. George and Harvey Thornhill lived in Pinal and their parents Jim and Lucy Tressler Thornhill moved from Montana to Gila about 1912. Any information would be appreciated. Bruce E. Logan Jr. 321 Spring St. Wheelersburg, OH 45694-1806

Logue Sheila Barr Helser
I am trying to contact George & M Logue Sr and his son George H Logue (probably his son) Casa Grande, AZ George & M Logue Sr Casa Grande, AZ They have information about Margaret Karns Barr Fuller. My father was married to Margaret Karns Barr Fuller in 1921. If anyone knows these people and has internet access please get in touch with me. Thank you, Sheila Barr Helser

June Janice Gearhart
Looking for information abt Ernest T June b. 1867, Deerfield Twp, Lapeer, Mi. d. Mar/Apr 1936 in Superior, AZ. He married Mary K Glady on 15 Jul 1889 at Millington, Tuscola, MI. They moved to AZ around 1905. His sister was Charlotte June who married Alex McQueen/McQuinn/Quinn who also moved to AZ during the same time. They were the children of James R June and Ruth Anna Abbott. Would like to correspond with descendants of these families. Janice Gearhart (

Branaman, Lattin Mary Gorham
I am looking for information about the family of John Monroe Branaman and his four sons: Robert E. Lee Branaman; John Sterling Price Branaman; Stonewall Jackson Branaman; and William Taylor Branaman. John Monroe Branaman married Mrs. Elizabeth R. (Jackson) Wright in Denver in 1862. In 1868 the Branamans came to Arizona and lived in Prescott, Globe, and finally, Pinal County. The oldest son, Robert E. Lee Branaman, married Katie A. Lattin (1888 in Pinal Co.), daughter of Warren A. and Amy (Rush) Lattin. Looking forward to possible contact with cousins.

Rutledge Terrie Cooper-Piper
I am looking for the surname of Rutledge. I have a James P. Rutledge who died in Pinal Cty, Az. (no date of death) He was born 1/4/1845 , we believe in Kansas. He married Julia Woolames on 10/6/1867. Children of this union are: Effie M. Rutledge B: 9/8/1868 in Pinal Cty D: 4/4/1869 in Pinal Cty Nellie B. Rutledge B: 9/12/1870 in Pinal Cty D: on ?? in Pinal Cty Married Willaim Steffy on 12/14/1887 Had a child named Ena P. Steffy B: 11/23/1888 in Pinal Cty John N. Rutledge B: 1/11/1874 in Pinal Cty Charles E. Rutledge B: 8/22/1879 in Pinal Cty James P. Rutledge's parents were John & Mary (Gunn) Rutledge. Please respond to me at Thanks Terrie Cooper-Piper

Gonzales Larry Gonzales
I am doing some genealogical work on my mothers side of the family and her name is Margaret Marin Gonzalez. According to her sister and brothers, their dad, Arthur Marin, was born 13 may 1898 in Florence,Az. We believe that Arthur Marin's dad was named Manuel Marin. According to my mother, Arthur had about 10 or 12 brothers and sisters in the family and unfortunatly we do not know any of their names. This query is rather sketchy but i hope it will suffice. Thank you for your aid in any way. Larry Gonzalez P.O.Box 371 Alliance,Ne. 69301 PH: 308-762-2908 E-MAIL:

Cox J Merrill Buck
I am looking for the family of Enoch Cox Jr. his last known address was Pima County back in 1949. He is a cousin of mine and i would like to locate him and his family in Arizona. I am putting together Geneologies of our families, Cox, Buck, Dunbar, Carroll, etc. HIs mother was Nellie Edna Buck she married Enoch Cox in Fairmount Indiana in 1910. Jr. has a sister Betty who lived in Alemeda County California, she married Tony Belluno and they had four daughters. Jr. was born approximatly 1927, in Califonia. His aunt in Los Angeles was Lillian (Dunbar) Harold. Please contact me if you can help; J Merrill Buck 1503 Matter Park Road Marion, IN 46952

Wood Bette
Re: Myrtle Wood, mother of Hollis Lee Wood I am just beginning my search for my husband's family. His father was Hollis Lee Wood, born in 1926 in Casa Grande AZ. Hollis' mother was Myrtle Wood; Cherokee indian we believe. She later moved to Lubbock TX to live out her life. If any one has any info, please contact. Thanks! Bette

Putnam Leta Waddle Horine
Putnam, George F. married my grandmother, Leta Minnie Taylor Waddle, in Casa Grande, AZ, 28 May 1927. George died a year after, ruptured appendix. I'd like to find his family. He was experienced in medical, played violin, Casa Grande land owner. Leta Waddle Horine

Looking for information on Alta Margret Cates, married to Addie Eugene Cates. Addie died in july 1955, I believe he was buried in or around Kingman. They had 13 children.

Waddle Leta Horine
Waddle siblings of Billie Herman Waddle. Billie's parents were Henry Case Waddle and Juanita Irene Spencer Waddle, married 29 October 1928, Florence, AZ. When Billie was very young (born in Casa Grande, late-1920s early-1930s), his mother, Juanita, took the two youngest siblings, ran off with a man named Rudkin(?) to California. Billie never heard from her again! Juanita's father, Will Spencer, lived in Casa Grande and is buried there. Any help would be very much appreciated! Leta Waddle Horine (cousin of Billie) or Gary Lynn Waddle (son of Billie).

Fortner Debbie Fleenor
Hello! Could you help me to locate my uncle, Ernest Carroll Fortner who lived in Apache Jct. in 1970? He was born in Montgomery, IN ( Daviess County) on 8-2-42 to Asa and Maude Blevins Fortner. He graduated from Mitchell High School in Mitchell, IN with the class of 1960. He lived in Mesa, AZ for 7 years before moving to Apache Jct. I would appreciate any information you might be able to give me. Thank you so much. Sincerely yours, Debbie Fortner Fleenor

Madewell, Hanselman Margaret Deal
Seeking information of Perry Madewell. His wife was Lillie Hanselman. They had two sons, the 1st son died young. 2nd son was John Virgil Madewell (Robertson) He was adopted by Mr. & Mrs. Robertson, on Oct. 9, 1923 when Johnny's mother was taken ill with T.B. Perry Madewell was living in Globe, AZ & working for the railroad ca 1920. He was an inmate at the prison in Florence, AZ in the early 1920 and may have died there. Any information on the family will be appreciated. Margaret Deal

Brown, McCain Leta Waddle Horine
I'm searching for Janel (nee) McCain Brown and the Elmer McCain family. They lived/worked on the farms at ChuChu Reservation in the late 1950s. Her brother, Elmer Jr, married Jim Mendinghall's sister. Jim was in my 1957 Casa Grande graduation class--his family had a small grocery store. She had several sisters and a younger brother, Edward. They all originally came from California. I joined the WAC in 1958 and lost touch with them completely. My grandmother, Minnie McClain, Casa Grande, was murdered in her home in August 1967. The only thing left there for us Waddles to remember and visit is the cemetery off Trekell Road where our grandmother is buried. Thanks! Leta Waddle Horine, Germantown, Maryland

Martinez, Tapia, Carrico Mary Claire Knapp
Searching for information on the following persons ancestors/descendants lived in Florence, Pinal, AZ for some time and worked/attended school Mercedes MARTINEZ m 1. William Gutierrez CARRICO (div) children William G b 1914 Mabel b 1916 m HINTON Ruth Ann b 20 May 1922 Florence, Pinal AZ m (KEMPER?) and MARLATT very interested in any information on this line and the somewhat mysterious KEMPER factor

Griffin Fields
I am searching for my Grandfather. My grandmother ALTA ELLEN GRIFFIN gave birth to my father in Coolidge AZ 4/2/1938. She has been unwilling to say who my actual grandfather is. Attempts to get a birth certificate for my father have been fruitless. Apparently he was delivered by a midwife and no record was made. Any information on his birth would be helpful his name is JACKIE MAURICE ? I'm unsure what last name would appear on any document (possibly Griffin). ALTA may or may not have lived with her parents JESSE LUNSEFORD GRIFFIN 1884-1957 and NORA BELLE GRIFFIN - STINNETT 1885-1952. Any information regarding a Marriage of ALTA or Birth Record of JACK or JACKIE MAURICE would be appreciated. I am at a loss..

Dudleyville, Pinal County, Arizona Territory Jon Smith
I am searching for any information on the Dudleyville post office established May 9, 1881, its first postmaster Willuam D. Harrington (or Herrington) and especially the individual after whom the post office is named--Dudley Harrington. Any information greatly appreciated. Jon Smith,

Pleasant Valley War John Blevins
I am researching my family's involvement in the Pleasant Valley War that took place in AZ in the 1880"s any leads that you can give me would be appreciated. I was in contact with a Ruth Blevins Simpson Chelsey of Apache Junction, AZ that had original pictures of the Blevins family that took part in the Pleasant Valley War, she died a few years ago and I cannot find out who got her pictures, can you help me out on this. She was the Granddaughter of John Blevins, the only male Blevins survivor of the shooting in Holbrook in 1887. Thank You, John Blevins

Kiamy, Alwan Eloise & Jerry Grigsby
Looking for information on Kiamy & Alwan famlies. Sadale N "Sadie" Alwan born abt 1856, married Nijam "James" Kiamy in Syria, now Lebanon. She came to America abt 1912 with her children, Moses "Max", Gaberial, Royal, Suzie, and Nijam. Moses "Max" settled in Globe, Pinal county, AZ, and owned a cigar store. Sauda (Sadie) Kiamy died in 1925 and is buried in Pinal Cemtery along with James L., Moses N., Lebanon A., Effie A., and Josephine Kiamy. e-mail

Power, Delahunty, O'Grady Gerald Duffy
I am looking for more info regarding the Power, Delahunty and O'Grady families of Benson and Tombstone, AZ circa 1900. Patrick Delahunty died at age 52 in Benson in 1904 and was a prominent citizen. Any help would be appreciated. Gerald J. Duffy Palos Park, IL

Gohn, King Bill Elmore
My grandmother "Kate" Gohn murdered at her home near Apache Junction December 1947. Lived near Julian King's property. Looking for someone who might have worked for her or knew her. She hired help to remodel two sheds into her home. Lots of questions.

Norville, Slater Christine Hartley
I am searching for my birth grandmother. Her name is Altamae Norville (born Altamae Slater in Boulder, CO on 8/23/17). Her last known whereabouts were in Casa Grande, AZ, as of 1984. She had lived in San Diego, CA from1945-1947 where she worked as a teacher. After giving birth to my mother she soon moved to Alton, IL (as of Nov. 1948) and married a man with the last name Norville. They eventually moved to Casa Grande, but appear to not live there any more. I would appreciate any information regarding Mrs. Norville. Thank you so much, Christine Hartley.

Alexander Earnie Alexander
I am trying to find information on my dad Harold Earnest Alexander he died 1967 all i know is he was born in phoenix oct 9 1910 i dont even know my grandparents nane i do know my granddad died in 1956 or 1957 any help you could give would be appreciated thank you

Wiggins, Ryle Sioux L. Stoeckle
Searching for ancestors and descendents of Thomas Wiggins, Jr. and Georgia "Georgie" Ryle, who were living in Pinal County in 1925. Their daughter, Geraldine Mae Wiggins was born on 4 Aug 1925 in Superior. They resided in Ray in 1926. Thanks! Sioux L. Stoeckle Town of Penobscot, Hancock County, Maine USGenWeb page host

Finkenbinder, Sanchez, Waggle, Madril Alice
Please help me locate next people: (1) Howard Scott Finkenbinder DOB 1963 (?) Father Gary E. Finkenbinder Mother Ms. Waggle (2) Martin Madril Sanchez DOB November 28, 1963 Father Manuel Sanchez Mother Amanda Madril I know for sure that they were born in Arizona, but where? Is there any chance to know where are they now? I really appreciate your help. Thank You. Alice. Please e-mail me at

Diehl, Winebrenner Sherry Williamson
Hello, I am looking for a date of marriage. I think the couple was married in Arizona sometime between August 1967 and June 1968, but I am not sure which county, so I am trying all of them. His name is Gale Diehl and hers was Linda Winebrenner. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Landers, Bright Debbie Carignan
My grandfather was James Bartlet Landers, born 9-3-1898. His father was Auther. We know his mother was half indian. I am not certain if she was Apache. I do know they recieved a land grant from the US Government, because she was indian. I was told that she and Auther Landers had that government land taken from them by the government.. A point I can't say I understand. Sometime after my grandfather was born they moved to Tucson. James had a sister named Mildred, older. My grandmother Dorothy Maude Bright, married James in Yuma. The date was approx. 12-35/36. They were married for approx. 36 years. If you can help me find any facts on the Landers family please let me know. I have a picture of them on the old homestead. James was a large part of my family and we know next to nothing about that side. Do you know if the census data is intact? I am near a nat'l. archives. Do you know information about the land grants? Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Debbie Carignan

Sanchez, Marin, Montano, Gaona Ronald L Tovsen
I am looking for information on Gregorio Sanchez who was raised in Oracle. He was born in approximately the year 1912. He is a member of the Marin, Montano, Gaona families. Any help is appreciated.

Giuliani, Carminati Diana
My name is Diana Creque and I am researching my ancestry. My ggg grandfather, John Giuliani and gg grandfather, Benedict Carminati, came to Florence, Arizona in the 1880's from Italy. I am having trouble getting any information on them. When I have contacted agencys, it seems records have been moved and no one knows where. Could you direct me in the right direction??? Thanks for your time, Diana Creque 11690 Symmesvalley Drive Loveland, Ohio 45140 (513) 683-8233

Yates, Wood, Bates
Earlene Lyle
Mahala Frances "Fannie" BATES married Matthew "Mack" D. YATES and lived in Hempstead Co., AR until sometime after the death of her husband. One of her sons, Nat YATES, had moved to Arizona, probably in the 1930's. Fannie went to visit her son; I don't know how long she stayed, but she died in Arizona and was buried in a cemetery in Eloy, AZ. Other family members lived in the area, Theo and Earl WOOD among them. If anyone can give me information about the Eloy cemeteries, particularly anyone named WOOD or YATES buried there, I would be most appreciative. I don't have the date of Fannie's death, but it was in 1949. The cemetery appears, from a picture, to be mostly sand, desert-like, which may be commonplace in Arizona. Thanks so much for the help. Earlene Lyle

Feliz, Felix, Romero
Cindy Davison
Arthur Feliz (later changed to Felix) born 01 Sept 1910, on the Rosebud Reservation just outside Phoenix Az. Baptized 12 Mar 1911, St. Marys Church, Phoenix, Az. Died in Redding , CA. around 1980. Parents Dominico Feliz and Ildaphonsa Romero. Dominico was either of Yaqui or Apache decent no information on Ildaphonsa. Would greatly appreciate any help.

Bartlett, Lacey Darral Lawson
Researching Willaim BARTLETT lived bowie 1911- death 1942 aka jasper BARTLETT, son James BARTLETT also d. bowie 1942 buried in local cem. need father name, mother name , 2nd wife name , other childern alice louise Bartlett d. Globe 1928, m. jackson LACEY white oaks N.M. Mary Eda Bartlett . m. Roberts White oaks N.M., Francis adu Bartlett m. george Bragg. Clara Angelina Bartlett m. Robert W. LACEY whiteoaks N.M. LEE Bartlett Lived in Bowie d. 1942 any information on this family is needed thank you Darral Lawson

Mary Ebner
I am searching for any relatives of Basilia Vasquez Fragoso. Wife of Rosendo Fragoso, both from Durango, Mexico. She Is believed to have died and buried some where in the Pinal or Gila County of Arizona. She died between the year 1920-1925. My grandparents children were Alick, Elogia Fragoso Rabago, Afton, and Raymond.

Campbell, Wagstaff, Pappas
Lloyd Wagstaff
am serching for my birth parents and other siblings my name before the adoption was LLOYD ANGELO CAMPBELL.My name now is LLOYD HUGH WAGSTAFF.i was adopted at the age of 5. My adoption took place in Pierce county in the city of TACOMA WASHINGTON in WASHINGTON STATE around the year of 1965. I was born in FLORENCE,ARIZONA on JUNE 28,1957 I have at least two brothers one of which i grew up with he was born in CALIFORNIA in 1960 his name before the adoption was LOWELL DEAN CAMPBELL his name now is DEAN HENRY WAGSTAFF.I also have one other brother his name was LARS CAMPBELL i have no futher info on him. MY birth parents names were LOWELL & MARIE CAMPBELL Her maided name was Pappas i also have no futher info on them.MY birth certificate reads TWIN so i may be a twin but i have no futher info on that.I also know that my parents were migriant workers they picked fruit a lot thru CA,Wa,OR,Ariz,IDAHO,and maybe some other states too i don't know.My mother was pregnant at the time of the adoption so there is at least one more sibling besides the ones i have told you about.The placing agency was Washington state Social & Health Serv. the case worker was MRS.Brewer. My adoptive parents names are Hugh & ANN Wagstaff if you have any info for me it would be appericated please send it to my E-Mail Address at any help you can give please

Dobbie, Silver King Cemetery
K. Warren
Just returned from Arizona trip trying to locate the old cemetery around Silver King....talked with Goochie Smith in Superior who indicated the area can be reached by 4 wheel if you know where you're going......hoping to locate the headstone of Charlie Dobbie, age 13, who was reportedly murdered by John See, June 18, 1892. The murder occurred on the ranch of his uncle, Sim Neighbours, but the body was taken to Silver King where he was buried. Do you know of any records that are available listing any of the individuals buried at Silver King? Thanks.............Ken Warren

Rocha, Ramos, Duran, Gascon jf2
SEEKING INFORMATION ON THE FOLLOWING NAMES:Any and all help is appreciated.(seeking to identify Native American tribal roots for Juana)JUANA (OR JUANITA) ROCHA Born: Mar. 8, l900, (Morenci ?), AZ (as per death cert.)(no birthcert. on file in Az for the year 1900) Father: GAVINO ROCHA b. Arizona Mother: PETRA RAMOS b. Morenci, Arizona Brother: GERONIMO ROCHA Sister: name unknown Placed: in St. Joseph's Catholic Orphanage, Tucson and released 1912 to MRS. GERONIMO ROCHA Lived with: 1912 - 1916 RAMOS family, in Morenci, AZ (they owned a restaurant) Married: 1916 JOSEPH DURAN, (in Morenci? No record found in Pimacounty) Children:1918 ELISHIO DURAN (lost contact, missing since 1930)1922 Alicia1925 Aurora1927 Rudy1930: Separated from JOSEPH DURAN. Child custody proceedings inTucson. (no records found) Married: Leo Gascon. Settling in Stockton, CA via Utah where they worked farms. (no marriage record found in Arizona) Children: 1932 Dolores Lucy Victor 1939 Adelina (died 1980) Juana died: 1968, Stockton, CA