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Part 3: Reading Portuguese Documents

The following are some samples of Portuguese records. It is not important to be able to read each and every word. Your goal is to be able to recognize key words and to be able to extract genealogical information from the records. The FHL has published a series of Word Lists, including one in Portuguese. It is available from or their Wiki. Links to the Portuguese Word List can also be found on the Azores GenWeb. If you want to do more than extract genealogical information, go to your local bookstore and browse the foreign language section. You will find discrepancies between the word lists and language tapes and what you are encountering in the handwriting. Part of this may be due to the Brazilian vs. Continental Portuguese, or modern vs. old Portuguese. Keep this in mind as you "read" the records.

Examples of Records:

[Note from the Webmaster: Each of the records below has the original record in Portuguese, followed by a separate image that is the English translation of that record. In order to have the images large enough to view easily, they will each appear in their own page. My suggestion to you is, that if you want to view each pair more or less side by side, that you open each up in its own window and just click back and forth between them for comparison purposes. To do that, just right-mouse-click on each image and use the option to have it open in its own window. Use your browser's BACK button to get back to this page.]

Original Birth Record for Joao Antunes Teixeira
English translation

Original Baptismal Record for Manuel
English translation

Original Birth Record for Albertina de Jesus Gouveia
English translation

Original Marriage Record for Jose Pacheco and Francisca de Incarnacao
English translation

Original Marriage Record for Joao de Deus Soares d'Azevedo and Izelda Idelina Ferreira
English translation

Original Obito Record with transcription and translation

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