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Looking for information about my grandfather Joseph (Jose) Correia LIMA who emigrated from Funais, Graciosa with his brothers, Tristao and Antonio around 1893.  They came to central California (possibly Guadelupe) and lived in Santa Maria and Santa Barbara; Tristao returned to Graciosa after his first wife, Isabella Tomasa DUTRA (DUTSA ?) died in 1910. There was another brother, Manuel, who went to Brazil, and I have no further information about him...would really love to learn more about him!

I'm also looking for information about my grandmother, Mariana BREBES who married Jose LIMA  May 11, 1905.  She was also from the Azores...possibly Graciosa or St. Jorge.  She came to the U.S.A. in 1904.  It is my understanding that BREBES is a very thin line, and anyone with that name would most like be related to Mariana...and consequently to me!

I am interested in learning more about my family...and in making friends with other people of Portuguese descent. (30 Dec 2000)

I am searching for the origin of my third grandfather that came from Azores to Brazil about 1821-1825. His name is Jose de Mello de Souza Menezes and he was married with Mariana Francisca da Rocha Mello. If someone can help me , I will be grateful. Priscilla Mello (30 Dec 2000)

I am trying to locate information on my grandparents. They came to the US in 1908, settling in New Bedford, Massachusetts. His name is Jose Augusto CRAVINHO or CRAVINO born 1876. Death certificate lists Sao Miguel as place of birth. My grandmother's name is Maria Adeline (Adelaide) do NASCIMENTO and she was born in 1890 in Pico or Terceira, Azores. Two of her siblings are Deodoro and Alfredo. Would appreciate hearing from anyone having information on them. (4 Dec 2000)

Looking for my information on my great grandfather, we now believe his name may have been Joao SILVEIRA before changing it to John SILVIA. b. 3/08/1877 in Fayal, Azores d. 3/15/1964 in the US. He immigrated to the states in 1892 and settled in Fall River, Massachusettes. His father was also Joao SILVEIRA and his mother's name as listed on his death certificate was Marie ESCOBAR. However, research has led me to another possibility, I have also found the name Mariana Pereira listed as the mother of Joao SILVEIRA. I was actually looking for a way to obtain a birth certificate for him. But at this point any information on these individuals would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Juliann (18 Nov 2000)

Looking for any information on:
"Maria Aurora Pereira",  born about -1884. Faial, Azores. She is my great-grandmother. She emigrated to New Bedford Massachusetts in 1901. She was on the ship SS Dona Maria that left Faial on 31 March 1901. Her sister might of been- Maria d`Ascenciao Pereira. My mother was named after Maria Aurora. You can also reach me at. Mrs. Nees, PO Box 717, Burley, WA 98322 usa (8 Nov 2000)

DA SILVA - I am searching for any information on DA SILVA family descendents that immigrated to the United States of America. Many lived in the Fresno, California area. I do not have specific names although there are many Joseph and Mary's in my family tree as well as Manuel. My grandfathers name was Manuel Sylvia although had changed his name through generations on his own. I have only one aunt as well as my father who doesn't know any of the family. My grandfather Manuel Sylvia was born in Fresno, Ca in 1911 and was divorced from my grandmother prior to my dads 8th birthday. He doesn't know much about the family. I have learned from my father that they are from the Azores as far as he knows. My father who was born in 1939 is a 6th. generation California born and raised Sylvia. My grandfather married Selena Valentina Garcia in Santa Barbara, California where they resided when my father was born, up until divorce. Records have indicated that he was buried in 1948 in Fresno. I am seeking for any information from those who can help. Lori Sylvia (5 Nov 2000)

Looking for last name PARARA came from Cedros, Azores. Family say's PARARA came through Hawaii to Monterey, California. May of had spelling of last name changed when they entered Hawaii. This is what I have so far:
1 Antonio PARARA
+ Narcissa CORDERO b. 1843 Carmel Mission, California

  2  Nicholas PARARA b. 7/11/1881 Monterey, California
+Katherine GARCIA

   3 Lawrence Gabriel PARARA b. 3/18/1909 Santa Clara County, California d. 1992
+ Viola GLAGIANI b. 6/11/1912 San Jose, California d. 4/01/1971
Second spouse and children still living

3 Nicholas Hilary PARARA b. 1/13/1922 d.
          spouse and children still living

3 Mabel PARARA b. 09/29/1907 Monterey, Califonia d.
+ Milton EMERY
Children still living

2 John PARARA b. 1860

2 Antonio PARARA

2 Adelaide PARARA

If you have any information on this family I would greatly appreciate you contacting me. (29 Sep 2000)

Looking for g. grandfather Faustino(a) JOSE; born 1848, Port Azores; was put on his brothers ship and jumped ship in NY in 1861; was in Erie, PA 1864. Married Amelia Tomas from (Madrid?) in Erie, April 14, 1869. According to city directorys they went by name of Faustine JOSEPH until 1886-92 when they changed to Joseph FAUSTINE. Children: Joseph, Madeline (Mary), Rose, James, Clara, Anton (Tony, my grandfather), Anna, Manuel, Amelia, Frank, John. Looking for any family in Azores or USA. (24 Sep 2000)

Checking family history for Antonio FERREIRA
Birth 1890 supposed Azores
Death 1959 Fresno, CA
Marriage to Angelina Neves in Califonia before 1914.
Any hlep would be appreciated.
Denise Ferreira, Fresno, CA (18 Sep 2000)

I am looking for: Josepha Dutra SARMENTO born Oct 1843 Faial, settled in Clarksburg, Calif.

Mary Rose THOMASIA born in 1857 Faial, settled in Sacramento Calif. Thank you. Liane Sarmento (6 Sep 2000)

I am looking for any information on my Great Grandfather....
Looking for Jose Luis Santene DE SOUZA b. 1849 (Approx) in Faial. He Immigrated to (Jumped Ship) in the Bay Of Islands, New Zealand Around the mid 1870's. I would be grateful if I could contact anyone who may have some kind of relationship to me via Jose. George Lewis (26 August 2000)

We are looking for information on our Paternal grandparents. They were from the Azores. We don't have many details. Their names were Manual Gonzalez SILVA and Maria Alphansa FONTZ Silva. We believe they came to the USA in 1874 to New York and then went on to San Francisco. They had seven children.....their names were Manual Silva, Frank Edward Silva, Nick Deporto, Mary, Louise, Imelda and Margie. We have been given several spellings on my grandmother's maiden name. It is either FONTZ, FONTES or FONTS. Also my
grandfather surname may have been hyphenated at one time....SILVA-DEPORTO
Thanks in advance for any and all help.
The Silva clan (13 August 2000)

Looking for information on the ancestors of Jose Venancio Silveira (Joseph Vincent Silvia) b. 9/4/1862 in Topo on the island of S. Jorge; m.Maria Rose Enos 1883 and emigrated to Newport, R.I. about 1886. I would like to make contact with anyone who has information about this family line prior to 1862. Joseph Dutra (8 August 2000)

I am trying to trace my great-grandfather whom we think deserted from the ship, "Tamerlane" in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, in 1874 with five other Portuguese mariners. He was 22 in 1876, so would have been born in 1853/4. His death certificate states that he was born in the Western Isles, Azores. (Corvo or Flores?) As to his name, his marriage registration calls him Manuel Seilver De Soza. His obituary in the newspaper in 1928 calls him Charles (presumably Carlos) Manuel Sylvado De Soza. His sons were named Charles, Joseph and Frederick so Charles may well be correct. Family tradition says his name was altered to avoid the authorities. Any information or ideas would be gratefully received. Sandra Gregg. (nee De Soza) (29 July 2000)

Jose de Almeida MELLO Born Nov. 2, 1898 @ Genetis, Sao Migual Azores. Left around 1919 for United States
Maria Louiza SILVAIRA Born Dec. 1, 1901 in Manadas, Sao Jorge, Azores. Left in 1919 for United States?
Rosa Louiza CORACIO da JESUS Born around 1845 in Manadas Sao Jorge, Azores (25 July 2000)

I am looking for information on my great-great grandfather Francisco Silveira PEREIRA Born 1838 or so in Pico. Came to 1855. Married Francisca M. Dutra of Pico in Boston May 11,1871. Both of them lived most bof their U.s. lives on Paris street in East Boston, Mass. Francisco died Feb. 27,1921 and Francisca died March 23,1918 both in East Boston. It is possible that SILVEIRA might be the surname he used in Pico. Thank youb very much (24 July 2000)

Looking for information on my great grandfather Manuel Luis VIERIA or VIEIRA, b Aug 16, 1823 on Faial, married Maria Luisa da Cunha e SILVA b Dec 13, 1843 on Graciosa. They emigrated to the U.S.A. and had 14 children of which included my grandfather, Henry Lewis VIERIA. Interested in finding these families in the Azores and any information about families in the USA or Azores. (21 July 2000)


Looking for any relatives in the Village VILA FRANCA DO CAMPO, SAN MIGUEL, AZORES. Grandfather's name Alfredo de Melo, married Antonia Andrade. His brother owned the land in the area VINHA D'AREIA, which today is supposed to be an "upscale hotel". Grandpa had 2 daughters: Fernanda and Maria Jose.

Apparently, my grandpa Alfredo Melo was related to some Engineer Melo Bento. This fellow was a test drive officer or examiner. If anybody has any idea about any of the Melo members, please email me at

Maria Ramos (former Maria Jose de Melo Casimiro), born in Vila Franca do Campo in 1948 (21 July 2000)

SILVA(SILVIA)and SOUSA from village and parish San Antonio, St. Miguel,Azores. Looking for family history and information of Antone Silva(Silvia) born 2/26/1897 to Jacintho Silva and Maria dos Prazeres Sousa. Jacintho Silva parents were Joaquim Silva and Maria de Jesus. Maria dos Prazeres parents were Francisco Sousa and Maria de Jesus.Antone emigrated to US(Fall River,Mass/Somerset,Mass) in 1915. A brother Manuel emigrated to the US in the 1960's.

AMARAL,PACHECO,MIGUEL,TAVARES,OLIVEIRA from village of Bretanha,St. Miguel,Azores.Parish believed to be Nossa Senhora da Ajuda. Looking for any family history information for families of Jose Pacheco Amaral and Antonia de Jesus Miguel.They emigrated to US(Fall River,Mass) in 1912 with children.He lost arm in a textile factory accident and returned to Bretanha with wife, and daughters Jorgina,Sarta, and son Miguel( 1908). Eldest children remained in the US, John Pacheco(b.1892),Antonio P. Amaral(, Jose P. Amaral(b.1899): Francisco P. Amaral(b.1901)and Maria P.Amaral(b.1894). Son Miguel emigrated to US with his family in 1960's.Sarta and Jorgina married in Bretanha to Olivera and Tavares families.Several of their children emigrated to Sao Paulo, Brazil,U.S., and Toronto,Canada during 1960's.Jose Pacheco Amaral also had a brother,John.

CABRAL,FERREIRA, ROSARIO from San Jose Parish,Santa Clara section of the city of Ponta Delgada,St. Miguel Island,Azores. Looking for these families genealogy information on Maria Theresa Ferreira born 1870 in Ponta Delgada to Antonio Ferriera and Luzia de Jesus Rosario and married to Jose Cabral and had three children Joaquim , Maria Gloria(b.1889), and Maria Nazereth (b.1902).She became widowed and with two daughters emigrated to US about 1918. Son remained in Azores,raised a family and died there.Three of his children eventally emigrated to Canada.
Learay Silvia (25 Jun 2000)

I am looking for information on the ancestors of Amelia Rose ANECITO, born November 4, 1904, Graciosa (?), Father's name Manuel Jose ANECITO Mother's name Maria Rosa Conceoan, siblings of Amelia: Joseph, Mary, Manuel,Lawrence Thomas, Eleanor, Alfred, James and Anthony. Amelia Rose ANECITO met and married Manuel Avila SILVA , born Sept 27, 1901 Azores, died July 10, 1980, in or around Santa Cruz, CA.

Any information on their ancestors, towns and area that they were born in, etc., would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Liz (23 Jun 2000)

Hi. I am researching two different lines. I am not sure which island they were from. The first is Joseph C. MAGILL. I believe he changed his name upon arriving(or someone did it for him as the 1900 census for San Leandro, CA. says he could not read or write). He was born 4-1847 in the Azores. He immigrated to the US in 1870(this is all information gleaned from the census). He was married to Rose Veronica(last name was?).I have found the maiden name for her as VIERRA on two of her childrens records on the birth and death indexes for CA. that are online now. She was born 3-1858 in the Azores. It says they were married ca.1872. Their only child Lester Caeton MAGILL was born in Rhode Island 5-1-1873. I don't know what happened to them between then and when they were found in the 1900 census in CA. I am working on that. By the 1900 census Lester was found living with his father and mother and his wife Mary Gloria MELLO(family tradition). She was born ca.1880 in the Sandwich Islands. She immigrated to the US in 1892. The MAGILLS must have been in Ca. by 1895 because that is when Lester and Mary MAGILLS first child was born in Ca.. There were 3 children listed for them on the 1900 census: Mary Elizabeth MAGILL b.11-1895 Ca., Eula(Eulalia in birth records)MAGILL b.8-1897 and Rosie MAGILL b.4-1899 Ca..That is all I have so far on this line.I am also looking for Manuel ROSE(ROSA) b. 1874-75 Azores. He also settled his family in the Alameda Co., CA. area by 1890. He married an Alice(?). Their first son William Alfred ROSE was b.6-1-1894 in Oakland, CA. If anyone out there has a suggestion or a connection please let me know.Thanks,Margaret (9 June 2000)

I'm looking for information on my gg grandparents who are from Fazenda Flores.
Manuel Armas
Maria Trinidade Gomes
Sons: Joseph Gomes Armas, born 3/18/1892 in Fazenda and stowed away on a ship to the US in 1905 to meet up with his Uncle (?) Gomes who was in Conneaut Ohio.
Another son: Tony Armas, born before 1892. Came to US before 1905. There may have been other children.
Thank you very much!Kathy Tunis (29 April 2000)

My great grandfather and great great grandfather were both named Manoel Mendonca da Cunha, although one old photo lists my great great grandfathers name as Manoel da Cunha Mendonca. Seeking info on my great-grandparents, both from the Azores, island unknown, but most likely Graciosa:

1) My great grandfather: Manoel Mendonca da Cunha (2/2/1849-1/25/1914):
His father: Manoel Mendonca da Cunha, 1820-1887.
His mother: Francisca Lenonor Silveira, 1822-1887.
He had two brothers, Joseph Henry da Cunha, 1853-1919, and Alexander A. da Cunha, 1857-1921. 1900 U.S. Census: He was born February 2, 1849 in Portugal and arrived in the United States in 1872 (apparently in /new Bedford, MA, but I can find no passenger ship info at all), with his wife and eldest son Jesse; he became a naturalized citizen (Naturalization Certificate: naturalized at the United States District Court, Boston, Massachusetts, on December 4, 1900). 1910 Census: Manuel M. Cunha rented his home at 97 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA with his wife Mary E. and their children, Jesse (age 38), Mary A. (age 23), Joseph (age 20), and George (age 15). They had had twelve children, of whom eight were living.

2) My great grandmother: Maria Emily (Mary) Cunha, née Correia-Bettencourt (1/1853-7/30/1928)
From family members and photos:
Father: Joaquin Correia
Mother: Mary? Bettencourt. She had a brother Anthony who emmigrated to Brazil.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. (17 April 2000)

Looking for the Tavares Family in San Miguel, the Azores. My grandfather's name was John and came to the USA around 1885 as a stowaway and resided in Hudson, Massachusettes. His father's name was John, his mother Julia? That is all I know. Jim Brown - Flashcom (11 April 2000)

Looking for info on Manuel MIRANDA, said to be son of Manuel MIRANDA and Catherine SPIRE, from les Iles Azores. Manuel the son (Emmanuel) is a ficherman in Acadia (Nova Scotia), was born about 1648, and married french acadian Marguerite BOURGEOIS. Denis Savard (15 March 2000)

Manuel Alves & mary (Rodrigues) Alves, Azore Islands. Worked in Brazil for a short time than came back to Azores.Had daughter Angelina Alves around 1890. She married John Coit Corriea, born San Miguel, Azores. Had daughter Angelina Corriea.John came to Boston, Mass. and worked in a shoe factory to get money to bring wife and child to America. 3year old Angelina Corriea died on ship to america, buried at sea. Had 8 more children: Mary, John, Louie,Angelina(2), Joe, Emily,Rosie Angelina, Mary born in Boston, All others born in Volta, CA. Moved to Los Banos and worked on Frieta's ranch Newman, CA. I am looking for more information on relatives from Azores.NAVARO@INREACH.COM (6 March 2000)

Looking for connections to Maria CARVALHO VALENTIM (born Terceria abt. 1891) who traveled abt. 1889 to we believe Providence, Rhode Island, USA with her mother Maria. We believe her mother was not married to the father, John VALENTIM, who was reputed to be a famous doctor in Rio de Janeiro and had two sons that went through the Lisbon Naval Academy.
Mike McCormack
New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA (24 February 2000)

Looking for family and relatives of Maria Carmen ENOS-TEXEIRA Born November 14, 1900 in Vila Franca do Campo, Sao Miguel, Azores. Maria left the Azores for the United States in May 1913. Maria has since passed away, however her daughter is coming to Sao Miguel in March of this year and would like to make contact with relatives.Any information would be helpful. Thanks (7 February 2000)

I'm looking for information about the families MEDEIROS ROCHA, MATTOS(MATOS), BETHENCOURT (BITTENCOURT, BETANCOURT, etc), DA SILVEIRA, FURTADO DE MENDONÇA, GARCIA DE SÁ and PERESTRELLO. I'm Brazilian and I have many Azorean ancestors.

Looking for Domingos de BETHENCOURT parents: Joao de BETHENCOURT & Maria da SILVEIRA wife: Ricarda Maria Pinto Bandeira (Brazilian, 1755-1826) daughter: Maria Joaquina do Nascimento Bandeira de BETHENCOURT (1769-1849)

Looking for Matheus Inacio da SILVEIRA (Ilha do Faial) - parents: Miguel CORREA DA SILVEIRA & Maria Jacinta daughter: Dorotea Francisca Isabel da SILVEIRA (1762-1796). Matheus immigrate to Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul State. ANTONIA MARIA DA SILVEIRA (Azores, Ilha do Faial) wife of Matheus parents: Antonio Furtado de Mendonça & Izabel da Silveira

Looking for Maria de MEDEIROS PIMENTEL from Ilha de Sao Miguel. She died in 1734. She was daughter of Maria de MEDEIROS and Francisco LOPES da COSTA.
Looking for Antonio GARCIA de SA from Ilha de Sao Miguel. He married Maria DORNELLES BITTENCOURT. He died in Northeastern Brazil 1754. Maria's father was Antonio GOMES BITTENCOURT

I thank you for any information, general or specific. João Simões Lopes Filho (7 February 2000)

I am researching my husband's family who all came from the Azores to Alameda & San Benito Counties in California from about 1860 to 1885.

From Feteira, Fayal
Manuel DUTRA MENDONCA - Born 1852 (Parents: Francis DUTRA MENDONCA & Francisca Coracao)

From Pico:
John PEREIRA MARTINS - Born 1852 (Parents: Antonio SILVEIRA MARTINS & Maria Antonia Felecia de Jesu)
Ignatio GARCIA BORBA - Born 1849 in Santa Luzia (Parents: Manuel GARCIA & Maria Rita da ROZA DIAZ & Grandparents: Manuel GARCIA BORBA & Vincencia Roza & Manuel da ROZA DIAZ & Lusia Thereza)

From Sao Jorge:
Maria & brother Joseph EMIL (EMELIN ?) - Born 1842 & 1844 (Parents Joao & Maria EMIL)
Mary FRANCISCO - Born abt 1836 in Rosais (Parents: Miguel FRANCISCO & Maria Joaquina
Joseph JACINTO SOARES - Born abt 1830 in Rosais (Parents: Joao JACINTHO SOARES SIQUEIRA and Barbara Joaquina
Celestino BETTENCOURT - Born 1856 in Rosais (Parents: Jose CUNHA BETTENCOURT & Rosa Constancia SILVEIRA & Paternal Grparents: Antonio da
Maria Violet BETTENCOURT - Born 1844 - Married John CUNHA about 1873 & lived in San Leandro, CA

From Terceira
Antone CORREIA SILVA - Born 1856 (Parents: John COREA SILVA & Maria Rosephael

Island Unknown
Joao GARCIA SMITH - Born about 1837 in Azores - Married Mary Emils at Mission San Jose in 1863
Maria Jacinta SILVEIRA D'AVILA - Born 1852 (Parents: M. SILVEIRA & Maria Jacinta) - Married Ignatio GARCIA BORBA & lived in San Juan Bautista, CA (24 January 2000)

Looking for information on BAPTISTA, Maria Josephine, my grandmother, born 3/1877 in Santa Maria Azores, and her father John BAPTISTA, born, 1852 in Santa Maria. Don't know when they came to California, but are both buried there. Need name of John's parents. Also looking for any birth/marriages. Maria had a sister Rosalina who we believe came to USA with her. Maria married John Corriea SILVA,also from Santa Maria. Don't have any information on him. Thanks for any help. (16 Jan 2000)

I am researching my mother's family from Corvo. My grandfather was Manuel Lawrence Brista the son of John Brista and Maria Magadida. John and Maria had 8 children of which 6 came to the U.S. The children were Manuel, Mary, Clara, Constance, Herminia, Anthony, Peter and Joaquin. Manuel settled in the Bay Area in Oakland. Many of the other children settled in Tracy, Manteca area. The children were born between 1884 and 1904 in Corvo. The last name could have been Brigida and changed to Brista. Any information would be helpful.Val (15 Dec 1999)

Looking for Tobias DE JESUS b.1901 Arifes, Ponta Delgardo, Sao Miguel,Azores. Father Manuel De Jesus, Mother,Maria Santo Mello.Tobias is my father. Manuel & Maria are my grandparents.Any information will be appreciated.Thank You,
Edmund De Jesus
89 Carman St.
Cranston, RI 02910 U.S.A (4 Dec 1999)

I am looking for any info on a Manuel ELUZIARIO b.1887 in St.Michael,Azores. He immigrated to New Bedford with his wife and small son in 1906. Any mifo would be greatly appreciated. Nov 1999)

Looking for information on the parents/ancestors of my grandmother Maria PEREIRA, b. 14 Nov 1901 in Horta, Faial. From a letter from the parish church, I know her father as Manuel Jose PEREIRA from Luz, Graciosa and her mother is Anna Evarista GOUVEIA from Praya do Almoxarife, Faial. The paternal grandparents in the church record are listed as Joao Jose ESPINOLA and Antonia Julia. So I am not sure how Manuel came to have the last name PEREIRA. The maternal grandmother is listed as Anna Emilia GOUVEIA. Marie PEREIRA married Joseph DEMELLO (MELLO) in Fall River Massachusetts. Family stories suggest that when Marie and her mother came to the United States in the early 1900s, the mother Anna Evarista GOUVEIA left behind another daughter. Any info on my grandmother's sister or ancestors would be appreciated.

Looking for information on Mariano Francesco MELLO, b. 20 Mar 1878 in Sao Miguel, d. 1953, Fall River or his wife's ancestors: Julia SIMOA, b. 26 Dec 1886, Sao Miguel, d. 1939 Fall River, MA. Family lore indicates Mariano's father was Manuel MELLO and his mother's first name was Maria. Mariano and Julia had sixteen children, though many did not survive past infancy. The children that did live to adulthood are Manuel, Mary, Joseph, John, Virginia, Herminia, Tony, Elsie, and Laura. --Christina DeMello (10 November 1999)

I am looking for information about the family of Mary Carey Oliver(Maria Carreiro) who emigrated to the USA in 1906. She was born in Santo Antonio,Pico on Nov. 26,1890. She came to Taunton,MA to her sister's home-Bessie Pinheiro, married to Frank. (22 October 1999)

Searching for John GARCIA born 16 Feb 1872, Boston, MA, USA died 1950, Criaca'Velha, Pico, Azores. Married Maria Tomasia PEREIRA b 1882 d 1969 in Criaca'Velha, Pico, Azores. They had 13 children according to Any info would be of great help. (3 October 1999)

Looking for information on Jose Leal CAMACHO b. 1880 to 1882. I don't have a lot of information. I understand that he had an uncle with the same name. He was in the army and left without leave when he was 15 from Azores. He went on a ship and came to Mexico, maybe around Guerrero, Mexico. (30 September 1999)

Looking for Adam John Silveria BETTENCOURT b. March 14, 1867 in Villa Sarroua, St. George's Island, Azores. He immigrated to Massachusetts in the USA 1882. I would like to correspond to anyone who has information regarding his ancestry. Thank you,. Jim Bettencourt (22 September 1999)

Looking for Jacintha SOARES b. 1849 Sao Jorge Island

Looking for Manuel de BETTENCOURT DE AMARANTE b. before 1828 in St. Antonio, Sao Jorge

Looking for Manuel Jose D'AZEVEDO b. bef. 1815 in St. Antonio, Sao Jorge

Looking for Isabel Jacintha D'AZEVEDO b. bef. 1820 in St. Antonio, Sao Jorge. (2 September 1999)

SOUZA, Frank Nunes. I am trying to do a genealogy of my deceased husband's family. I know my father in law, Frank was born in the Azores but I don't know which island. I assume the name Nunes is his mother's maiden name. He left the islands, went to HI. then went to CA. I know he was married and they had at least 1 daughter when they arrived in CA., but when I don't know. When he was in HI. he worked for the Dole plantation, driving a train through out the plantation. Any information would be appreciated. August 1999)

Looking for family of Jose Ignacio de Souza. Born Jan 15, 1862, Beira, Sao Jorge. Came to US in 1880. Sister named Maria who married a Sylvia. Had a son Matthew Sylvia who lived in New Bedfornd, Mass.Jose changed his name to Joseph Enos. Lived in Santa Maria Ca. until his death in 1927.Looking for any family in Mass.etc. (31 July 1999)

I am researching for the names of Arsenio de Sousa & wife, Carolina de Jesus Sosiro who came to Hawaii on the ship Abergeldie on May 10, 1883. If anyone recognizes these names, please contact me. Thank you. (31 July 1999)

From Conceicao, Ribeira Grande, Sao Mguel in 1879-80, my great-grandparents Jacinto deREGO age 28, his wife Tereza da Estrela and their 3 children, Maria 6, Manuel Tavares de Rego age 3, and Jose age 1, boarded the ship the High Flyer 1 to emmigrate to Hawaii. They arrived in Honolulu on Jan.24, 1880. From there, we belive they went to Hilo, Hawaii. My grandfather MANUEL TAVARES DE REGO, married Isabella de Souza on May 19, 1901 in Hilo. They had 3 sons before he died of pneumonia. My grandmother remarried and her second husband wouldn't let her maintain any contact with her first husbands family. Up until just recently, I had no idea that my father's name should have been de Rego as he went by the name of Manuel Vidinha Tavares all his life. If there is anyone out there who has any knowledge of this family, either in Portugal or anywhere else, I would appreciate your contacting me, Thank you. Marillyn Serrao. (28 July 1999)

Seeking information on Manuel Borges PIRES born in Porto Judew, Tercerira about 1866. Married Constancia Pererira COTTO who was born about 1875 and died about 1927 in Porto Judew. Her parents were Lourenco Pereria COTTO and Rosa CAUDIDO. Manuel Borges PIRES died in 1912 in San Paulo, Brazil. His parents were Joao Borges PIRES and Maria DE JESUS.Manuel and Constancia's daughter Rita was born 28 February 1903 in Porto Judew and died 1 November 1942 in Woodland, Californa. (25 July 1999)

I'm looking for the family COUCELLO.....Manuel and his wife Agnes, (Agneda), GARCIA- COUCELLO....last name was changed to Brown..after reaching California.....they lived in Alameda County....Hayward,Mt Eden,San Lorenzo area....WE have no info on which Azores Island they were leaving before 1880 (census)........(my grandfather , Antonio/Antone Brown was born June 1873 in Calif) Thank you for any info! May 1999)

Feliciana "Flossie" di Gloria ENOS of Pico, Azores married Jules Enos SILVA and emigrated from Faial to Provincetown, Massachusetts. Their daughter, Feliciana SILVA b. 1903 Provincetown, married Manuel Santos THADEU (THADEIO), SON OF aNTONE thadeu and Rosa Beatrice CORREIA of Agua de Alto, Vila Franco De Campo, Sao Migual parish of Sao Lazaro. Jules SILVA had brothers Frank, Manuel and John. Would appreciate any information. (23 April 1999)

Looking for any information regarding the (do) COUTO, CORDEIRO and RAPOSO families of Sao Miguel. I'm not exactly sure what town they were from, but I've come across Lomba da Maia, Ponta Delgada, and Ribeira Grande in my research so far. My grandfather was Manuel do Couto Cordeiro born Nov 1912. He had 8 brothers and sisters - I would love to find out about them. Please contact Renee at with any info.Thanks in advance! (26 Feb 1999)

Anyone with information on Manuel Tavares, Born (est)1870-80 Sao Miguel, knownto have lived in AguaDePau, came to USA 1905-1910 via unknown ship. Was known to be a Basket Maker selling his wares in Sao Miquel, probably in Ponte Del Garde, from Agua De Pau. Married to Maria Angela (Correia?) from Agua De Pau. Believed to be his second wife, He is Buried in New Bedford Mass. death 1915. She took name of Maria Correia, when arrived in USA. Believed to be her maiden name. Any information on these would be appreciated. (22 February 1999)
Donald R. Correia
PO Box 419
Mattapoisett, MA

Manuel ANDRE born in San Miguel, Azores Islands abt 1837.  Left from San Miguel for Hawaii arrived Kona Coast of big islandabt 1884. Died 7 Jan 1920 in Hawaii.  Also looking for Rosa JACINTA or JACINTHA born 1847 died 9 Jul 1931 in Longview, WA. Linda Jones (17 Feb 1999)

I'm looking for information in hopes of finding relatives of Francisco MELLO, he was born in August 1887. He came to the United States in the early 1900's. He had three brothers that came with him, Angelo, Manuel, and Tomas. His were parents were Angelo MELLO and Barbara MONIZ. He was born in the village of Faial da Terra. Any assistance would be greatly (1 Feb 1999)

I am looking for any ancestors of the following:
Manual Goncalves VEIGA (born 1882, Raminho, Terceira; died 1970 Sacramento,Ca. ) who married. Juvencia RAMIMUNDO (b. 1889, Biscoitos , Terceira. Decendants settled in Placer Co., California approx 1910.

Silvera Victor PACHECO (b. 1877, Terceira) who md. Maria Lemos SANTOS (b. unknown) of Unknown Island, Azores. Decendants settled in Solano Co. and Placer Co., California approx 1905.

Thanks, Jan Jan 1999)

I am looking for Antonio MATHIAS b.around 1846. We think he was  from Pico. He went to Californial (Arroyo Grande) where he then ran away with my g.grandmother MARIA SANTOS (DASMERCES). They ended up in Bermuda around 1899 when my olderst aunt was born. I would appreciate any info anyone might have regarding MATHIAS or SANTOS. I understand that the SANTOS family were early settlers of Arroyo Grande. My gg.grandfather was JOE T. SANTOS I do not know from which Island the SANTOS came.

Thank You,
Anthea DeSilva (22 Jan 1999)

My name is Mike Senna. I am looking for any clue to the birthplace of Lawerence Joseph SENNA. U.S. census records indicate birthplace, Western Islands around 1840 or 1850. I have no idea who his parents were, nor the island. I know they were catholic and conscientious about church traditions, so there may be a baptism record somewhere. Earliest recorded residence in U.S. was Mobile, Alabama 1868. Thanks (16 Jan 1999)

Looking for Antoio J. GUILHERME b. 1847 on St. George immigrated to US in 1868 settled in Boston area, married to Mary Francis (Maria SILVEIRA b. ~1847 in Terceira, Faial) like to correspond with anyone having information on this person. Howard W. Williams (20 Dec 1998)

I am researching both my Dad's families on Sao Miguel Island. Libania I (Mendonca) and Alvaro Bernardo came to New England in 1908 with the first two of their sons including my Dad. They left behind their following two families.

Costa...Alvaro's parents were Maria I. (Borges) and Francisco Bernardo Costa of Povoacao. He also left brothers Francisco and Thomas and two sisters, Efrozina and Maria Dos Anjos. All siblings were born between 1865 and 1877 in Povoacao. The senior Alvaro ran a tile factory presumably in Povoacao.

Mendonca...Libania's parents were Aurencia (Santanna) and Francisco Mendonca. Libania left her brother Antonio and her two sisters, Gloria and Aurencia. All the siblings and their mother were born in Brazil the children were partly in Vila Franca do Campo. The brother was a pharmacist. His pharmacy is still there owned by another.

Note: Besides Libania Mendonca marrying Alvaro Costa, Maria Dos Anjos Costa married Antonio Mendonca.

I would be thrilled to hear from anyone with information about either of these (my) families, especially if there is a Costa who runs a tile factory in Povoacao. Robert B Costa (17 Dec 1998)

I am looking for the the names of my great -grandparents fromTerciera. My Grandfather was ALEXANDER FERNANDES SOUZA,he came to MA from Terceira approx 1908. His parents did not come. I am told that FERNANDES was my great-grandmothers maiden name. Also my grandmother was RITA ROSE from Flores. She came to MA with her mother whose name I do not know. On my maternal side I am looking for the following : ALMEIDA from SAO JORGE and SANTOS, SOARES, fromSAO MARIA, and ANDRADE and MOURA, MEDEIROS, from SAO MIGUEL. All of the maternal surnames mentioned came to the USA in the early 1900's to the NEW BEDFORD MA area. Anyone with any info on these names please contact me asap, at . Thank you, Donna (1 Dec 1998)

For some time now I have been dedicated to the research of my ancestors. With surprise I found that many of them come from the Azores.

1.- Juan RODRIGUEZ PICHOTO, son of Bartholme DIAZ (this surname was chosen by his own will) and of Juana de SAN FRANCISCO. All from the city of Angra, Terceira Island. Aproximate date of birth: 1740-1745.

2.- Roza Maria DE OLIVEIRA (or DE OLIVERA), daughter of Manuel CARDOZO DE OLIVERA and of Polonia DE JESUS. From the Island of San Jorge. Aprox. date of birth: 1740-1745.

These two persons probably arrived married to Rio Grande, Brasil, and later moved to San Carlos, Uruguay.

3.- Maria Francisca de San Joseph DE OLIBEYRA, daughter of Francisco DE OLIVERA and of Francisca MACHADO. From the Island of Pico. of birth: 1735-1745. This persona married Felipe TEXEIRA, natural of Porto, and surely they arrived married to South America.

4.- Silvestre DE SOSA, son of Juan Francisco DE SOSA and of Isabel PEREIRA. All naturals of the island of San Jorge. Aprox. date of birth: 1745-1755. This person probably came to America single.

5.- Antonio PAES (or PAEZ) and Maria ALVAREZ (or DAVILA), husband and wife, from the island of Graciosa, with children in America in 1750. Surely they arrived married. Aprox. date of birth: 1720-1730.

All these people were of the first group of European inhabitants of the Santa Catarina island in Brazil, and of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Later on they moved to the territory actually belonging to Uruguay and they all appear as founders of the cities of San Carlos (1763) and Rocha (1790).

I have information regarding the descendants of these people and their lives in Uruguay, whcih I can share willingly with you.

I will be grateful for any information you can supply regarding these people and their ancestors in the Azores.

Humberto GRAÑA ELUÉN,Paysandú, Uruguay (1 Dec 1998)


I am researching 3 family lines from the Azores:  #1) my grandfather's -SILVEIRA DOS CEDROS from Piedade, Pico. Manuel Cedros b.1862, Ribierinha, Pico, d.1905 Chico, CA; son of Manuel Silveira & Bernarda Mariana de Jesus. Manuel son of Jose Silveira & Rita Jacintha. Bernarda daughter of Joao Leal Mendes & Maria de Jesus.

#2) My grandmother's - MACHADO DE LEMOS from Vila de Velas, Sao Jorge.  Flecionno Machado de Lemos b.1834 Velas, Sao Jorge, d. 1904 Hawkinsville, CA; son of Antonio Machado de Lemos b. abt 1820 Velas, m. 1834 Matriz, Velas, Sao Jorge, to Maria Emilia de Conceicao. Antonio son of Larueano Machaco b.1784 & Vincencia Ignascio Rosa b. 1797.  Maria Emilia daughter of Joao Machado Vieira b. Matriz, Velas, Sao Jorge, m. 1910 to Christina Delfina Rosa.

#3) My husband's: Manuel Mattz(Matos) b. Pico abt. 1846, naturalized 1896 in Del Norte Co., CA., d. 1941 Crescent City, CA.  Manual married local Native American, Agnes Tom - 6 children, only 1 still living. Unknown what town born in.  Any leads would be appreciated.

 If anyone has information about any of these three families I would appreciate an email.  Thanks, Dee Mattz (22 Nov 1998)

Sao Rogue, San Miguel.
I have information on several PEREIRA families in Sao Roque. A few have connections with other villages. Other names I am researching are: DA PONTE, FURTADO, MEDERIOZ, DE SOUZA, FERNANDEZ, PEDRO, DA COSTA, CANDIDA, & .

Santa Maria, Azores.
Looking for any connection to Jose RODRIGUES born in N.S.Purificacao. He married Isabel PEREIRA in Sao Roque, SanMiguel Oct 6, 1743. His parents were Beltazar VELHO and Maria FERNANDEZ.

Livramento, San Miguel,
I have a copy of the index of births for the village of Livramento covering the years 1833-1849.

Sanra Perez (20 Nov 1998)

JACINTO -- looking for Joseph Jacinto who married Mary (unknown maiden name)  probably in Flores before 1870.  Both were also probably born in Flores--Joseph was born before Jul. 1842; Mary before July 1843.  Children included: Mary, Maggie, Antone (all born Portugal), Gilly?, Frank and Lizzie (all born California).  Cited in census of 1880 in Bakersfield, Kern County, CA.  Lizzie (sometimes called Louisa, Louise) married Joseph Stephen Perry Cordoza in Santa Cruz Co. in 1898.  

CORDOZA -- looking for Frank and Mary (sometimes shown as Marianna--unknown maiden name).  Both probably born in the Azores--Frank around Jan. 1839; Mary around Mar. 1850 .   Cited in 1880 Kern Co., CA census with children Mary, Anna, Frank, Joseph and Rosa (all children born in CA.). (12 Nov 1998)

Patty Milich

Looking for information on Joseph Machado GONCALVES b l891, Santa Barbara, Tereceria. He immigrated to West Sacramento/Sacramento area. Married Maria Lucille AZEVEDO in 1921. Joseph ran a haypress at Caldonia Farms (what is now the Port of Sacramento). Any informationwould be appreciated. Please respond to Colleen Bonds (9 Nov 1998)

Would like to know the parents of Emanuel THOMAS . A family history written by his son, Frank, has him being born on the island of Pico in the Azores in 1822. A will and a US Census indicate a date of 1828 in the Azore Islands.

Emanuel married Charity WALKER in Buffalo, Erie County, New York on 27 May 1860. The children were: Cora Ireine 1861; Frank Kingsbury 1862; George Hiram 1867; Charlreane 1870. (7 Oct 1998)

Looking for JOHN JOSEPH HOWLAND. According to his naturalization file, emigrated from St. George, Western Islands to Boston MA in 1861. Gave date of birth as June 15, 1843. Lived many years in Dartmouth & New Bedford MA.

Marriage record (to Mary Townsend) in New Bedford MA says parents were FRANK JOSEPH & ELIZABETH HOWLAND. Thanks for your help, Melissa (7 Oct 1998)

Looking for information on my gr. grandparents, Jose Pereira SILVEIRA and Mariana Conceicao de JESUS of Velas Village, Sao Jorge. Known children are: Manuel Pereira, b. 6 apr 1874, d. 1953, Centerville, CA; Antonio Pereira, b. 1 Jan 1889, lived in Newark, CA. d. 27 Oct 1848, San Leandro, CA; Maria Amelia, b. 10 Apr 1891, d. 16 Feb 1950, Turlock, CA; Diolinda Amelia, stayed in Velas, kept her SILVEIRA name; Isabell, married a NUNES, died 1932 from car accident in Velas; Jose Pereira, stayed in Velas. Possible they had 3 other sons. All children born in Velas.   (20 July 1998)


Looking for Isabel Maria Pacheco Pereira b. June 5, 1948 at Capelas  Sao Miguel and married Jose Olivera Soares at Capelas on January 30,  1965. Had two daughters Maria de Fatima Pacheco Soares and Maria  Isabel Pacheco Soares both born in Sao Miguel. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on this person. Many thanks! Lynn Malwyn (17 June 1998)


My name is Perley Joseph Fernandes and I'm researching the Fernandes surname. Also looking for the links to Mello,Enos,Rose,Sylvia,Spooner and Maciel. My father Frank Fernandes has always been secretive and tries to change the subject whenever I try to question him about any family history. Below is a basic outline of names that I do know, if any of these names ring a bell, Please contact me at (gator Most of these names are from the Fernandes side of the family. My fathers, father never married his mother and consequently I don't have much information on that side of the family. Any information that you could give me would be greatly appreciated.  I do know that Franks mother (Adelaide) came to New Bedford from the Azores with her parents. She was born around 1900 in the Azores and died in New Bedford in 1920. After her death, my father went to live with his uncle in California, either San Pedro or Fresno, I'm not sure which.

Perley Joseph Fernandes - self

Frank Fernandes - father , born 10/23/1919 in New Bedford,MA

Adelaide Fernandes - franks mother - died 1920 in New Bedford,MA

August or Augustine Mello - lived on County St in New bedford, MA

Marianna or Marriana Fernandes - Adelaide's mother

Joseph Fernandes - Adelaide's father

Emily Fernandes - Josephs sister , married ______ Enos

Mary Enos - Emily's daughter

Frederick Fernandes - Josephs brother

Abbey Fernandes - Fredericks wife, maiden name was Spooner

Frederick Fernandes Jr - son of Frederick and Abbey

Mary Fernandes - daughter of Joseph, married Arthur Rose

Arthur Rose - married to Mary Fernandes

Arthur Rose Jr - son of Arthur and Mary

Wallace Allen Rose - son of Arthur and Mary

Joseph Rose - son of Arthur and Mary

Hilda Rose - daughter of Arthur and Mary, married ______ Sylvia, lived on

Rodney St in New Bedford, MA

Carrie Rose - daughter of Arthur and Mary

As I said earlier if any of these names, ring a bell. Please contact me at Any help that you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. (7 June 1998)

Surnames: Perriera/Perreira/Periera/Pereira (Perry) [result of immigrating to the US], Mattos, Anjos, Luzeira

My G-grandmother was Marie Amelia PERRY. She was born 8/15/1895 on Sao Miguel, immigrated about 1908 to the USA, married Anthony Pinero 9/19/1910, died on 4/29/1932 in Bpt, CT. Her sister was Mary PERRY (1907-1988). Mary was born on Sao Miguel, married Caesar Duarte (1897-1963) and died in Fall River, Mass. Their parents were Jose PERRIERA and Clara MATTOS. Jose was born about 1872 and died 1/23/1930. Clara was born 8/12/1880 and died 12/31/1935; her parents surnames were MATTOS and ANJOS. Both were born in the Azores. Jose died in New Bedford, MA and Clara in Bpt, CT. Jose's parents were Antone PERRIERA and Francisca LUZEIRA. Both were born on Sao Miguel. Information on any of them will be greatly appreaciated.  (7 June 1998)

Kerri E. Garvey

I am looking for John REIS, Sr, born c 1862 in the Azores, reportedly on Faial, Flores or Corvo, died 1916 in Oakland, CA. His name is reported as either John Cordeiro REIS or John Reis CORDEIRO. He married in  Oakland CA, Coleta AMARAL (or JOSEPH), b: c 1872 Azores, d: 1943  Oakland, CA. They had John Jr, b: 1894 in Oakland CA, Marie, b: 1897, Nora, Cecelia and Carl REIS. All of the documents we have bear  conflicting information, such as the places of birth and parents names and places of birth. (A 2nd cousin of Coleta, William / Guilherme  AMARAL worked at Portuguese Consulate in San Francisco on Front St. in 1916-1921 as a secretary.) There are conflicting reports as to the names of both sets of parents, John REIS parents may have been Jose REIS and Maria AMARAL, Coleta AMARAL parents were Senhor JOSEPH and his mistress Maria AMARAL. What information I have comes from birth and death  certificates, all of it conflicting. There were supposed to be 3  brothers, Joseph, Ferdinand and John Reis CORDEIRO. Joseph supposedly went to Boston, changed his name to it's English equivalent 'LAMB' and went into business as an importer of Portuguese lace. John and Fred possibly jumped ship in San Francisco. Any help appreciated. L.S.Riceman (1 June 1998)

Looking for information on my grandmother, Maria de JESUS b.Oct.12,1903 Lajes,Azores,Portugal.died July 12,1989 Angra do Heroismo.Her mother-Rosa da CONCEICAO b.Lajes,died 1943 in Angra do Heroismo. My maiden name is SAMAGAIO,other surnames BORGES,JOSE,PIMENTEL (30 May 1998)

I'm asking a bunch here... My mothers parents moved to California sometime after they were married and before they had any of their four children.(Manuel,Cecilia,Rosie and Carl) This is the information I have...

My grandfathers name was: Joseph BRAZIL Joseph was from Sao Jorge. Manuel would be about 74. I know Cecilia is 72. This means that they(Joseph & Maria de Gloria) would have come to California prior to 1924. Joseph's mother came with them. My grandmothers name was: Maria de Gloria FAGUNDES. Maria was from Flores. Any help anyone can give would be great! My e-mail address is My Name is Mo (Marlene) Thanks again! (20 May 1998)

Looking for Manuel & Maria Flora. From Island of San Miguel, possibly village of Ponta Delgado. Manuel ,possible fisherman . Migrated from Azores to New Bedford Mass. area . Possibly migrated turn of century area. (20 May 1998)

Looking for Manuel Dutra do Souto family that got married at  11/09/1745 na freguesia do Divino Espirito Santo da Feteira em Faial. The wife was named Maria Jacinta, filha de Jose de vargas Leal e de Catarina Correia. I'm interested in the Dutra's beleiving they descend from the first donatary Joos van Huertere ( in portuguese Dutra) and  anything that relates to this family   (27 April 1998)

Am researching on both Flores and Corvo..if you have any of the surnames in common, please contact me.. Santa Cruz, Flores----Almeida, Avellar, de Jesus, Caveira, Flores---Fernandes, de Freitas, Mendonca, da Conceicao Corvo---Coelho, Caveira, Lourenco, de Frietas, Valadao, de Fraga, dos Santos, de Jesus, Homen, Rodrigues Email Joanne Chubb (2 April 1998)

Looking for relatives of Anthony (Antonio) FRAGA, he was born on the east coast (Rhode Island?) about 1888, his family was from Faial, possible Cedros. He married my grandmother Philomena FARIA who was from Cedros, Faial she was born about 1882. They married prior to 1910 (they had 6 kids by then) and lived on School St. in Rhode Island until they moved to Santa Clara, CA. Philomena had at least two sisters (Rosa & Sarah). Anthony and Philomena's children were: Frank, Anthony Jr., Mary, Minnie, Rose & Emily.

Also, looking for relatives of Jose Juaves COELHO or SOARES (name changed when he immigrated), he and his wife Marie TAVARES RENDEZE immigrated from Santa Maria (town unknown), they lived in San Luis Obispo, CA for awhile then moved to the Milpitas, San Jose area of California. I think Marie had a relative (cousin?) who immigrated to Brazil. Any and all help is much (23 March 1998)

I am searching for information on my Grandmother's family. According to records that we have gotten from Fall River, Massachusettes, she was born in "Freitas", San Miguel, Azores. Her parents were Bento Pereira de MEDEIROS and Maria de Jesus CORREIRA. She was born Consecao Maria MEDEIROS in 1905. Some time in the early 1900's they came to the Mass/RI area and settled. I would like to find out more information about myt great-grandparents. Please respond to Thank you!! (18 Feb 1998)

Requesting any information on the name PERREIRA from Sao Roque, Sao Miguel prior to 1881. Especially interested in any Joaquim and Guilherme (18 Feb 1998)

Iam looking for information concerning my grandparents who immigrated to the U.S. from the Azores. Information I have says they both came to this country through Ellis Island. My grandfather's name is Manuel Augusto Borba from Sao Jorge (I do not know the village). His father's name was Manuel Pedrosa Borba, and his mother's name was Maria (surname unknown). My grandfather was born January 31, 1880, and I believe he came to the U.S. about 1889.

My grandmother's name is Florinda Augusta Fagundes, and she came to this country from Santa Barbara, Terceira in 1902. Her father's name was Matheus Machado Fagundes, and her mother's name was Emilia do Coracao de Jesus Mendes. She came with her father (who was a widow) and brothers Manuel, Matheus, Jr., Joao and Joseph and possibly her sister Maria and her (Maria's) husband, Antonino Avildia or Avilla. They are also said to have a sister named Rosa who went to Brazil at an early age and died there.

All of them settled in San Mateo, California. My grandfather is said to have owned a farm in Half Moon Bay, CA prior to 1910, and my grandmother's family was in the vicinity of San Carlos at about that time.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Linda Borba Hardman (12 Feb 1998)

Iam looking for any immigration information regarding my great-grandfather Serafine Samuel CORREA. He was from Faial and probably immigrated between 1880 and 1910 eventually settling in California. If anyone knows anything about him or his family I would appreciate the information. (31 Jan 1998)

Antonio Carrero BRAGA b. 20 Oct. 1873 in Sao Miguel, Azores immigrated to western United States in 1893 settling down in Gooding, Idaho around 1899. Born in the village of either Ribeira Seca or Vila Franca.

Jacinto BRAGA b. abt. 1836 in Sao Miguel, Azores immigrated to America between 1873 and 1893. From the village of either Ribeira Seca or Vila Franca.

Francesca de Jesus PACHECO b. 1846 and d. 1924 in Sao Miguel, Azores. From the village of either Ribeira Seca or Vila Franca.

Antonio Ignacio SILVA b. 7 Mar 1846 in Santo Amaro, Pico, Azores immigrated to the United States in about 1888 to California and then Idaho. Returned to Azores about 1912 and d. 30 June 1926 in Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores.

Mariana Candida GOMES b. 2 Apr 1846 in Santo Amaro, Pico, Azores immigrated to the United States in 1888 with husband, Antonio Ignacio Silva.

Francisco Ignacio DA SILVEIRA b. Abt 1800 in Ribeiras, Pico, Azores d. 1886 in Santo Amaro, Pico, Azores.

Rosalinda Ignacia DE JESUS b. 6 Nov. 1806 in Santo Amaro, Pico, Azores d. 1 Sept 1888 in Pico, Azores.

Antonio Silveira LEAL no information known except son, Francisco Ignacio da Silveira was born in Pico, Azores.

Jose' Antonio Bello DA SILVEIRA b. 1 Jan 1773 in Santo Amaro, Pico, Azores.

Anna Josefa DA CONCEICAO b. 1 Dec 1769 in Santo Amaro, Pico, Azores. (23 Jan 1998)


Looking for Manoel Jorge de Medeiros and his son Antonio Ferreira de Medeiros . They immigrated to Brazil around year 1800. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on Medeiros surname. (10 Jan 1998)

My great grandfather Antonio de SOUZA (de SOUSA?) left Ponta Delgada, S”o Miguel, in about 1865 and emigrated to Australia. He may have come from the Parish of S”o Sebasti”o. I believe his father's name was Mariau (Mario?). I would be grateful to receive any information about my great grandfather and his family. (10 Jan 1998)

im looking for the origin of the following surnames, ill appreciate very much if anyone can tell me about it:FAGUNDES, AGUNDIS,AGUNDES, AGUNDEZ, ABUNDIS, ABUNDES, ABUNDEZ, if you know something about them please write me back to: (8 Dec 1997)

Procuro registros referentes a Silvestre GonÁalves da Rocha (Capit”o de Mar e Guerra), casado com Luiza Dias de Pontes (possivelmente de ascendencia nobre) que estavam nos AÁores aproximadamente em 1700. (21 Nov 1997)

Procuro registros de Francisco Rosa SILVEIRA da Ilha do Faial, AÁores, casado com Maria Rosa da SILVEIRA, de Santa B·rbara, Faial, esta provavelmente filha de Manoel GARCIA e Maria SILVEIRA. …poca aproximada 1700. (21 Nov 1997)

Looking for anyone with the last name ANTONIO, or a similar sounding name. The family emigrated from the Acores to Massachusetts just before the onset of the Great Depression. Possible first names may be Jose or Joaquim. (7 Nov 1997)

Iam looking for the death record for Izabel Joaquina (SILVEIRA) wife of Victorino Faustino MACHEDO. She died between 9 Jun 1869, when her last child Julia was born and October 1872. Her husband remarried 11 November 1872. Their normal parish was Sao Tiago, Ribeira Seca, SaoJorge. I have only recently learned how to decipher Portuguese, but still struggle with it. I would appreciate any help, anyone would like to render. Thank you. Susan.

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