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Looking for John Correia, born Jan 6, 1867 on the island of Sao Jorge. I Don't know what town. Came to America via New York (?) prior to 1895. Ended up in Hayward, CA.
Thank you, Catherine Correia (23 Nov 2001)

I'm looking for information on my ancestors Pedro Bernardo PACHECO from Capelas, Sao Miguel, Azores. He left the Azores with his family Maria Izabel NUNES PACHECO, son's Manuel Bernardo PACHECO, Jose Bernardo PACHECO, and Applonario Bernardo PACHECO in 1882 on the British ship SS Monarch, and arrived in Hawaii on July 2, 1882. I would like to correspond with anyone with information on this family, the SS Monarch, and the village of Capelas.
Mel PACHECO (9 November 2001 )

Looking for information regarding Joseph Machado, from Sao Jorge, Azores, married Rosa Fonts(es) died in San Jose, CA in 1918(19) had two living sons, Patrick and Antone (called AJ). Patrick lived in Modesto, AJ in Milpitas. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated Debbie Combs (23 Oct 2001)

I am searching for information on Joseph S. Medeiros, born in St. George Azores. Also, I am looking for Florinda Rose, born in Fayal, Azores (may be Faial). These people were possibly born in the 1880s. I have no sure date on their births. They came to America (don't know when), and lived and died as far as I know in New Bedford, Mass. I would appreciate any help you can give.Thanks, Lorain (10 Sep 2001)

Looking for information on Maria Luiza de Jesus, born around 1810/1820 in the Faial Island, Azores. She came to Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (I don't know when). She's my ggreat-grandmother and that's all I know about her. (6 Sep 2001)

I was amazed to find the Pico site.I believe my Grandmother's family is listed with some misinformation.I have a copy of both her and my Grandfather's Baptismal & Marriage records which they brought with them to America. The family name PORTO.She was Maria Jose PORTO daughter of JOSE FERREIRA PORTO & ROSA MARIANNA daughter of ANTONIO FERREIRA OLIVEIRA & ROSE MARIANNA. All the information in the handwritten Church document is identical excect her name --MARIA JOSE born May 5,1891.She died here--Taunton,Massachusetts on June 2,1963.She married Henrique Luis Silveira of Feteira,Faial in 1909 in the Church of the Holy Ghost on Faial. She 7 children & many grandchildren.She was widowed many years--Henrique died in 1934 She had one sister who died before she did. We have no memory of the name of her sister who,we think,stayed in Pico i was happy to get the info since I have been collecting for a Family Tree.I will share this with my family and cousins.If I can share with family in Pico I will be glad to share with them.I remember my Nana sending packages to her sister & family during the 40's &50's THANK YOU Mary (6 Sep 2001)

Searching for information regarding MODESTO family emigrating from San Miguel around 1900 to the east coast of USA primarily to New Bedford, MA. S. Poulin (26 Aug 2001)

Post edited 16 Jul 2006: Since posting, I believe Modesto is a nick name and the actual surname should be De Rego from Sam Miguel.

I am looking for any information on Francelina DUPONT SOARES birth date 1882 married to Jacintho SOARES born 1872 both were from the azore islands possibly around the turn of the century.Francelina could have also used the name MEDIEROS.I can't seem to find them in any records and would really like to know where they come from. My e-mail address is My name is Michel Buehler. Thank you (4 Jul 2001)

I am looking for any information on my father Antonio da terra CORREIA, born 6/7/1896 in Pedro Miguel, FAIAL. I believe his father was Jose da terra CORREIA, born in 1848, and his mother was Ana Tomasia da Terra born 1863 and died 1902. I believe my father had two brothers and two sisters, all born in the same village.  I am also looking for information on my maternal grandmother, Francisca Silveira Simas JEREMIAS, born 1/18/1883 in Lajes, PICO. She married Manuel SILVEIRA  around 1906, and he then died in CALIFORNIA in 1910. She then married Antonio Bernard JEREMIAS 1/20/1915 in CA. He was born 11/299/1878, in FLORES  but I have no information on his ancestors. (4 Jul 2001)

I am looking for information on my grandfather, Joseph Silvera AVILLA, who was born in the Azores on February 14, 1895 (possibly in Sao Roque on Pico - there is some uncertainty as to where he was born). He immigrated to the United States when he was 10 or 11 years old and was accompanied by one of his sisters, Rose or Marie, so sometime between 1905 and 1907 he came to the U.S. At the time they immigrated, the last name could have been spelled AVILA. My understanding (from stories I was told) is that the 2nd "L" was added when they arrived in thi s country. His older brother, Marceline, was already in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have been unable to find out where he entered the U.S. but he does not seem to be listed in the Ellis Island records. He married Caroline Angelina Cardoza on December 15, 1920 in Napa, California. He died on December 4, 1947 in San Rafael, California. They had four children: Edna, Lorrain, Joseph and William. While living in Marin County, the family lived on the McNear's Ranch (at McNear's Point) and my grandfather also worked at the brickyard (30 May 2001)

I am looking for information on my Father Frank Joseph Terry (Francesco Jose Terra) who immigrated from Terceira around 1908. In 1911 he was living in Napa Co. Ca. and that year he married Florence Martin. His social security application gives his birth year as 1892. They moved to Butte Co. Ca. before 1916. They divorced and in 1938 he married my mother Dolores Martin (no relation to Florence). I would like to find out the village he came from. Any help would be greatly appreciated. james d allee (18 May 2001)

I am looking for information on my gr grandfather Manual Lawrence FOSTE' d.o.b. 10-15-1880 in a place called Pico Azores Islands He came to the U.S. in Nov 1904 to live with his brother in Connecticut but I have no name for him. Please if you can help in anyway I would be forever thankful. Cindy Hutton e-mail (18 May 2001)

I am looking for my father Henrique BOTELHO.  He was born in Sem Miguel, Azores  in 1944.  He immigrated to Canada in 1972 and then returned back to Portugal approximatlly 1993-94.  He could possibly be in the city of Algarve.  I believe he is suffering from a mental illness.  If you have any information on my father, I would appreciate your help.
His daughter, Alcidia
email address, (14 May 2001)


Looking for info on Thomas Lewis b, 1755 abt. in San Miguel, don't know where, immigrated to the U.S. Possible relative of Samuel Lewis who came from Ireland to Portugal. Thomas first came to VA and then settled in Floyd Co.. Kty.
Kathy Noah (20 Mar 2001)

I am looking for couple: Jacintho Soares married to a Francelina Dupont Soares.Both were from Sao Miquel,Azores.Came to Fall River probably anywhere between 1900 -1903. Can't seem to find them on any ship passenger list.Jacintho was born 1873 and Francelina 1882.Can you help (10 Mar 2001)

Looking for information about Adolfo Pacheco MELLO, born circa 1898-89, on Sao Miguel, possibly in Nordeste or Ponta Delgada. Little known about my wife's grandfather. Came to the U.S. before WW1, possibly 1914? Served with the Portuguese military. Thank you. (6 Mar 2001)

am looking for information on a jos bettencourt
Jos Flores (Florence) originally Jos Bettencourt from Flores, of the Azores
Islands in Portugal. The family of Jos Bettencourt was known to be farmers.
born approx 1831. (2 Mar 2001)

looking for information/relatives of Jose Fernandez b in Faial on 15th. September 1874. He ran away to sea,(he was caught 1st. time) and came to England.He had a sister who died called Ortense, this is all the info. I have on him. Joseph Fernandez (grandson) (2 Mar 2001)

Looking for information on Anton(e) dePine, born in Horta,Faial, Azores, circa l850-1855. Family was of the nobility and owned a large estate where they grew oranges. He migrated to Massachusetts as a young man and lived in Gloucester. Changed surname to Pine. Became American citizen early 1900's. Returned to Faial, where he died. Any info greatly appreciated. (19 Feb 2001)

Hello.  Thank you for the opportunity to list my query at your sight.  I truly appreciate it.

I am looking for information in regard to Francisco Dias RAPOSA b. March 22, 1892, in Mosteiros, St. Michael the Azores.  He passed away October 5, 1971, while residing in Fall River. MA.  He was married to Rose (BRANCO) RAPOSA b. April 25, 1900, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who passed away on Dec. 1993. Together they had four children.  Francisco had two brothers Joao RAPOSA, and Augustino RAPOSA and one sister, Mrs. Maria Jose CAMARA.  Any or none of them may have also emigrated to the United States.  Francisco's parents names were Francisco RAPOSA and Maria (BRILHANTE) RAPOSA.  I have no other information regarding them except that they were from, and most likely remained, in the Azores.

Any information is welcomed in regard to Francisco and his family.

You may e-mail any information in regard the above at  Please no Spam.

Thank you very much.

Fox deRosa (16 Feb 2001)   

Hello.  Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to further research my family.

I am looking for any information in regard to Manuel GONSALVES b. somewhere in the mid to late 1800s in Fayal, the Azores.  Manuel emigrated to RI and worked as a farmhand in Middletown, RI where he met and married Mary N. Rosa (SILVA) GONSALVES who was born on Dec. 25, 1880 on Pico in the Azores, and passed on in 1929.  Mary emigrated to the U.S. at or near 1894.  Together they had 13 children, six of whom lived to adulthood-Emma, Mary, Lara, Georgina, Tony aka Manny, and Rose.  All of there children married, most had children themselves. Manuel remarried after Mary's death.  He is believed to have last lived in Glouster, MA, with his second wife.  Manuel passed away sometime after the mid to late 1940s and before the mid 1960s.

The name DEROSA is also associated with this family.  It may have been Manuel's middle name or actual surname used sometime after emigrating to the United States.  Tony, Manny's son may have used the name Manny ROSE while in the U.S. navy.  The family is known to have lived in RI and MA.  Much information is lost in regard to this family due to separations. Any help in researching this branch of my family tree would be gratefully appreciated. Matters in regard to this can be E-mailed to  Please no Spam.

Thank you very much.

Fox deRosa (16 Feb 2001)

Am looking for history of PEREIRA on the Island of Santa Maria. Have traced them back to about 1750 in Santo Espirito. Iganacio PEREIRA, husband of Maria JOCOME and father of Mathias PEREIRA. Can someone help me with history of Santa Maria and its population especially in relation to the PEREIRA'S. (14 Feb 2001)

Silva & Baptiste - Azores and Boston
Looking for families for:
Frank BAPTISTE, b 1844 San Miguel Island, Azores, d 1918 in California
Mary SILVA, b 1852, presumably Azores, d 1887 Oakland, California
Their first child Frank Baptiste Jr was born in 1872 in Boston, Massachusetts. I don't know whether they married in the Azores or in Boston, but later census said he came in 1856.
Mabry Benson
62 Eureka Ave, Kensington, California 94707-1111 (5 Feb 2001)

I am looking for information concerning my grandmother, she is from Flores, her name was Hazel Silva, she came to the US in early 1900, and married Antonio Terra from Cayucus Calif., moving to Santa Maria farm land, and then to Arroyo Grande Calif. I've been told she might have been a school teacher in Flores, but do not know anything for sure. Any information you could find for me I would appreciate. Two of her sisters came to the US also, one married a Navy Captain in San Diego, and was my God Mother. I have lost touch with all family, and my grandmother has past away along time now. I would like to know more about my family. Thank you (2 Feb 2001)

Seeking Joseph VALLES b about 1880 in San Miguel Azores, married Maria SAITA, immigrated to Providence, Rhode Island, USA prior to 1911, and had at least one son, John VALLES there , DEcember 14, 1911. Thanks to anyone who has more info on this couple. Jane Goodrich (2 Feb 2001)

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