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I must have the hardest research possible. I am trying to locate my ancestors from Flores,(don't know village) Portugal but am unsure of surname. Manuel(emmanuel) was born in Flores in 1857 and his parents are listed as Frank and Mary (nee Mundy or Murdy). Family legend says that manuel was on a whaling ship and jumped off ending up in New Zealand at age 14. He ended up with an interest in horses. He could not write or read any english so surname was spelt how it sounded KERDY (KIRDY). Frank and Mary have not been mentioned as coming to New Zealand so presumably stayed in Flores. Can anyone help me with this query as I have struggled with it since 1880.
Regards Linda. (19 Dec 2002)

Looking for Manuel ANTOINE (Emmanuel Antoine Lima), born 20 January 1810, Pico, Azores; son of Francis Lemo ANTOINE and Isabella JASON. Manuel ANTOINE was married in Boston, Massachusetts, 26 October 1840, to Elizabeth ADAMS. He was in Cohasset, Massachusetts in 1844, and married a second time, 19 March 1853, to Francesca McLean JOSEPH.

Looking for Francesca McLean JOSEPH, born 28 February 1826, Flores, Azores; daughter of Manuel JOSEPH, of Flores, and Marianna BASTIANNA, born May 1795, Flores, Azores (daughter of Manuel J. BASTIANNA and Marianna). Francesca McLean JOSEPH married 19 March 1853, Manuel ANTOINE, of Pico, Azores. (2 Dec 2002)

Looking for the ancestors of Frank Rogers (Rodriguez/Azores) and his wife, Mary Ann NEVES, who were born in BOSTON, Massachusetts. Their children: Anna Charlotte (born c. 1890), Beatrice V. (born 1898), Mary. There is mention of an Elvira NEVES. Whaling background. Anna Charlotte ROGERS (my grandmother) married Harry BEANE in 1911 (Boston,MA); Beatrice V. married Walter SHELLMER. Any info. helpful. Carol Beane (2 Dec 2002)

Searching for descendants of Joseph MAINS born 1864 Azore Islands. Emigrated to US 1882 lived and worked in Emeryville, Alameda County, California. Shown on 1900 federal census living and working as laborer in Emeryville, CA. Wife Maria also born Azore Islands. What happened
to them after 1900?
Jerry Forman
Berkeley, CA Nov 2002)

Searching for descendants of Manuel THOMAS born Azore Islands 1850's. Married Maria AMBROSE (born Dec 1854) also from Azore Islands. Maria AMBROSE emigrated to U.S. 1875. Ten children born of this marriage in California: Antone (1877), William (1883), Frank (1885), George (1893), Manuel Jr.(birth date unknown). Any shared information most greatly appreciated.
Jerry Forman
Berkeley, CA (18 Nov 2002)

Looking for information on Seraphin (or Manuel) FORTES b. 1850's? date & place of birth unkown, but possibly Azores and may have been a whaleman who deserted his ship. Lived in the Pacific Island of Rarotonga 1878 to his death in 1908. Was active in the founding of the Roman Catholic Church in Rarotonga 1890's. Grandchildren's names were Philomena, Antonio, Joseph, Leandro Luka & Maria Berthe. Research to date has failed to find his country of origin, any information gratefully received. Joan Fortes (17 Nov 2002)

Looking for relatives of Joaquim De Moniz FARIA b. 1882 in Faial da Terra on Sao Miguel, Azores. Date of immi -gration unknown. I'd appreciate any correspondence from anyone who may be related. Thank you. Patricia Evelyn Davis Harris, eldest grand-daughter. (17 Nov 2002)

I am trying to locate anyone who can help us with this line. Manuel C. Azevedo or Maximillion Azevedo or Frank C. Venos all the same person. Was born in the Azores Oct 14, 1870 (town unknown) and died in Butte Co. Chico, California on Oct 31 1944. He changed his name but we can't find how he chose Venos. He married a Minnie Valin or Valine or Joseph or Farlien in Chico, Calif. If anyone can help me locate where Frank, Manuel, Maximillion was born I will be most greatful. Thank you Sally Staley (10 Nov 2002)

looking for maria laura SOUSA date of birth
Kenneth Fisher (7 Oct 2002)

Looking for any information on the DeBrum family in Terra Do Pao, Pico Azores

Manuel Debrum had five children in the late 1800’s they were Joao DeBrum born August 23,1890. He had brothers Antonio, Manuel, and Marcelin and sisters Julia, Maria and Elisabela (7 Oct 2002)

Researching my Portuguese ancestors from Sao Miguel. GGGG-Grandparents were Jose de MATTOS DOURADO who married Maria Joaquina [?] and Antonio SOARES de MACEDO who married Constancia Augusta Isabel [?].

My GGG-Grandparents were Antonio de MATTOS DOURADO and Maria Ermina SOARES. Their children were born in Agua de Pau, Lagoa, Ponta Delgado, Sao Miguel. They had 4 kids I know of. Augusto de MATTOS, birthdate unknown. Manoel de MATTOS born 1882. Clara MATTOS born 18 August 1875 and died 31 December 1935 in Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT. Maria MATTOS born 22 June 1884 and died 11 July 1975 in Fall River, Bristol, MA.

My GG-Grandmother Clara married Jose PEREIRA in Sao Miguel. His parents were Antone PEREIRA and Francisca LUZEIRA. Jose was born about 1872 and he died 23 Jan 1930 in New Bedford, Bristol, MA. They immigrated sometime between 1904 & 1910. They had 2 kids both born in Agua de Pau, Sao Miguel. Marie Amelia PEREIRA born 15 August 1895; married Anthony PINHEIRO from Lisbon in 1910 New Bedford, MA; died 29 April 1932 in Bridgeport, Fairfield, CT. Mary PEREIRA was born 17 July 1904 and died 11 Feb 1988 in Fall River, Bristol, MA.

My GG-Grandaunt Maria MATTOS married Jacinto „Jesse‰ ALMEIDA. He was born in the Azores and died 20 April 1950. Their kids were born in Touissett, RI and Bristol, RI. Two are still living. Mary ALMEIDA was born 30 Oct 1912 & died 25 April 2002 in Fall River, MA. Joseph ALMEIDA was born 24 July 1919 and died 16 January 2002 in Fairfield, CT.

Also helping a cousin research the ancestors of Mary PEREIRA's spouse. Mary married Caesar DUARTE sometime after 1930 in Bridgeport, CT. He was born 6 January 1897 in the Azores and died October 1963 in Fall River, MA. His parents were John DUARTE ROCHA and Sabina MORAES. John was a whaler who died about 1900 in Capelas, Ponta Delgado, Sao Miguel. After his death, Sabina immigrated to the US with her kids, supposedly through Ellis Island. She died the beginning of November 1934 in Fall River, MA. They had eight kids, including Caesar. Duarte „Edward‰ DUARTE ROCHA was born 14 August 1898 and died 21 October 1973. No known information on the remaining children: Joseph ROCHA, Alfred ROCHA, Lydia ROCHA, Rosalina ROCHA, Mary ROCHA, and Irene ROCHA. Kerri Garvey (7 Oct 2002)

I am looking for information on Rapozo, Raposo, Rapose, Raposa. My grandfather came from Rio de Janiero, Brazil. The family then moved to San Miguel, Azores. My grandfather immigrated to the US in 1901-1902 on the SS Patria to New York. Then went to Ashtabula, Ohio from their to Fall River, Massachusetts and then to Providence, RI. His wife's name was Rosalina Rego.

I have differant spellings of the last name above and also his first name (Alvaro, Alfredo, Alves and Alfred. His immigration papers list him as Alvaro Furtado Rapozo and he signed them Alfredo Furtado Rapose. He had four brothers, Dominges, Augusto, Manual and Charles (Carl) on sister Amelia. His mothers name was Jacinto and father was Manual.

I have some information but can't seem to find him on any passanger list on any of the ships. Would appreciate any help.

Contact me at: (7 Oct 2002)

My mother, Clara SILVA (aka SILVEIRA) was born in the village of Cedros on the island of Faial in 1901. She emigrated to the United States in 1920. I am visiting there next year and would like any information I can get regarding my mother's family.

My name is Betty Jean Moura
email: (7 Oct 2002)

GOULART, Joseph born about 1868 in Faial. Married Anna Isobel Neves also born about 1869 in Faial. Children were Maria Amelia and Rosa. The story told is that Joseph died on a ship traveling to USA in about 1901 and he was buried on St. George. Please any info would be appreciated. e-mail (25 Sep 2002)

Looking for John Marchado Mendes b. 1906 on the island of Terceira. He immigrated to California (central part) at some point in time I am not sure when. I would like more information on him and to correspond with people that may have more information. Eleanor Rainey (25 Sep 2002)

Looking for ancestors to Joe F. COELHO (Born tenth of November 1890 Terceira, Azores) and Maria C. SOUZA (Born eleveth of September 1896 on Terceira, Azores) Immigrated to the US via Ellis Island and setteled in Riverdale, CA.
Thank you
Patricia Coelho Cox (12 Sep 2002)

Is there any information about an Elsie Wilson who married a Murray in California. Possibly from or decendent from one from the Azores.
(19 Aug 2002)

I am looking for information about my Great Great Grandmother Justina REPOSA. She left the Azore Islands (not sure which island or when) and came to the island of Oahu in Hawaii. She traveled to Hawaii with her mother Mary REPOSA and later married Antonio Marques LOUIS who was also from the Azore Islands. Antonio and Justina had eight children and never left Hawaii. One of their eight children was my Great Grandmother Lucrita Louise LOUIS who was born on Oahu in 1904. She later married and became Lucrita Frisen. I am trying to find the town and island in the Azores that my Great Great Grandmother left or any information that will help me fill in the blanks in our family tree. Please contact me via e-mail at
Thanks so much! (19 Aug 2002)

I am looking for any records on my Great grandfather, his name was Manuel DECOSTA. He immigrated to Boston, MA in 1913 with his wife and 4 children, they are from the Island of Sao Miguel, Pont Delgada Azore. Any information would be helpful.

Thanks in advanced for your help

You can e-mail me at

Erin Katz (12 Aug 2002)

I am trying to locate information about my ancestors. Anna C. ANDREDE was born around October 1885 on Santa Maria, Azore. Was trying to find out information about her. I know that she married a Lutheri GOMS on that island also. Would like find a record of thier marriage and perhaps birth records. They came to America sometime before 1910. Any help would be deeply appreciated.
Thanks in advance/
Karen Newton (1 Jul 2002)

Searching for information on Marcia Conceicao COSTA who was born in 1882-1883 in I believe St. Michaels, or San Miguel. I have a Francisca COSTA who lived with them in 1920 in Massachusetts, she is listed as 70, which means she was born around 1850......any information is appreciated.....thanks....jackie in USA (1 Jul 2002)

Searching for information on a Joao Miguel CAMARA born in 1886-1887 in St. Michaels, Azores, but his death certificate reads San Miguel....... I believe he came to New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1908.

thank you........jackie Nadeau USA (1 Jul 2002)

Looking for information for Antone and Mary J. Machado Silva (de?) from Pico, Azores. Immigrated to America with infant son Manuel on or about December 1902. I would like to correspond with anyone having information about my husband's grandparent's. Thank you. (19 Jun 2002)

looking to find family of JOSE A. TEOTONIO
my father passed away
we lived in Sao Miguel
want to have a family tree.
contact me at VOVO12854@AOL.COM (5 Jun 2002)

Looking for Martin Joseph SIMAS; possible original name MARTIM SIMAS. Born 1862 and he immigrated, with his brother, Frank, from PICO ISLAND, AZORES, approx. 1879 (at Martim's age of 17). Martin settled in Oakland, Ca where he raised his family. I would like to correspond with anyone having info on Martin. He is my late Great-Grandfather and he died )on 4/25/1945, alameda cty, Oakland, Ca. GARY MUDGE (5 Jun 2002

I am looking for information about: LEONEL SOARES de AZEVEDO b. Horta, Faial, Dec. 2, 1891;d. San Jose, California Sept. 2, 1964.  son of: JOAO de DEUS SOARES de AZEVEDO and ISILDA IDALINA FERREIRA, both born in Horta;  paternal grandson of: ANTONIO JOSE de AZEVEDO and MARIANA ZEFERINA da CONCEICAO, both from Santo Amaro, Pico;  maternal grandson of JOSE FERREIRA and FRANCISCA MARIANA, both from Santa Luzia, Pico.  From Faial traveled to the East Coast of the United States around 1910, possibly married and fathered three children there.  From there, traveled to California about 1920.  Died San Jose, California 1964  I would like to correspond with anyone having information on this person. Celeste Perry (10 Apr 2002)

Looking for information on my grandfather, Joseph ENOS (Jose tosta de IGNACIO) who emigrated to Boston, Mass from Terceira, Azores around 1894. Had two daughters there, Mary and Ann. Moved to Providence, Rhode Island where my mother, Laura Barbara Enos, was born in 1909. The family then moved to Los Angeles, California probably around 1910. My grandfather did not draw social security, so ssdi is not helpful. He was a US citizen, but don't know where he was naturalized. I know there were ancestors left in Terceira, because my mother and aunts signed off ownership of some land on Terceira to distant relatives there. Also looking for info on my grandmother, Joseph's wife, Flora (Floripes) GOMES who emigrated from Flores, Azores, also around 1894. Her family were whalers. I think she also landed in Boston, Mass., as she met my grandfather on a dairy farm in Massachusetts. My grandmother told my mother she came from an area on Flores with waterfalls which descended into the sea. Thank you in advance for any information you may provide.Mary Ann King (5 Apr 2002)

I am looking for information on a SLIVER family member. In 1905, JOSEPH SLIVER emigrated to Alabama at the age of 20. He later moved to Middlesex County, Massachutes - by the year 1920. I found him on the 1920 census living with his wife, ISABELLE and their two young children. Also living with them is his mother-in-law, ROSIE SUSA who is 55 years old, from the Azores, also immigrated 1905 into Alabama.
I am very interested in any of the SLIVER line. Thank you, Dawn Sliver Bastounes (5 Apr 2002)

I am seeking information about my great-grandparents. My ggrandfather Manuel GONCALVES DO PORTO was born August 22, 1848 in the Azores and immigrated to Benicia, California when he was 28. He changed his name to DE PORTO and later to SILVA. He married Maria Alphansa Elisabeth FONTES who was also from the Azores and was born in 1876. They lived in or around Napa, Santa Rosa, Vallejo, and Fairfield. Their children were: Rose, Marie, Dominick, Frank Edward, Louise, Imelda, Marjorie and Manuel. Some of the children used the name SILVA and some used DE PORTO. Manuel died August 22, 1948 in Woodland, Yolo County at the age of 93. He is buried in the SILVA family plot at All Saints Cemetery in Vallejo along with his wife who died around July 5, 1931. there are also an infant Jo buried in 1909, an infant Louise in 1911, and on the same day a three year old, Julia. I am looking for the names of Manuel's Maria's parents and what Island they came from. (11 Mar 2002)

Manuel Rosa Neves b 1851 d 1919 Atwater,Merced co, ca md Anna r DaVila 1875 d 1955-atwater,Merced co, ca Manuel father was Joseph Rosa Neves and Maria Perpeta b1851 d 1916 Atwater, merced ca also anna parents are Manuel d' Vila B 1855 and Annie da Conceiacao Avila 1856 most of this family came between 1890-1900 to the us threw ellis island all seattled in Merced Co Ca or
21 Feb 2002
also i found a lot of information at <>

Looking for Faial ancestors.

Information I believe to be accurate that I have is as follows: Manuel Vargas Furtado (the second) b. 24 Jan 1885 in Pedro, Miguel, Faial. His parents are believed to be Manuel Vargas Furtado and Isabel Joachina Costa both of Faial. Manuel (the son) immigrated to the US before 1900.

Manuel's wife was Mary de Gloria Silva born 18 Oct 1883 in Faial. She immigrated to the US on the S.S. Vega. Her parents are believed to be Joao F. Silva and Maria Jose of Faial. Her siblings include Antoine Francisco Silva born 1884 in Faial and Joseph C. Silva.

Family legend has it that the marriage was prearranged while they were young. Both Manuel Vargas Furtado and Mary de Gloria emmigrated from Faial to Taunton, Massachusetts and were married 22 Dec 1900. It is not believed that parents of either child also left Faial, but may be reasonable as the children were quite young ( teens?) when they arrived in US and by the fact that Mary's siblings also relocated to Taunton Massachusetts.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Mindy Koch Feb 2002)

Looking for information on Antonio GOMES DA COSTA born 1877, who Came from Sao Miguel to New Bedford before 1895. He had a brother Domingos GOMES da COSTA (married to Olinda). Parents Domingos GOMES DA COSTA and Maria DA CONCEICAO. Antonios wife was Maria JOSE CAMARA, who was either from Sao Miguel or Faial. Her parents were Jose Ignacio CAMARA and Maria Gloria ARUUDA. Maria Camara DA COSTA may have been some sort of professor in Boston. Elisabeth Costa (29 Jan 2002)

Looking for family/ancestors of Joao (John) QUARESMA, b. 17 Feb 1898 in Lajes do Pico, bp. 1 Mar 1898 in the parish church Nossa Shenora de Piedade, Diocese of Angra. His unmarried mother's name was Maria DE JESUS, a domestic and native of said parish and resident of Ribeirnha. John was maternal grandson of Antonio QUARESMA LEANDRO and Rosa DE JESUS. Antonia and Tereza DE JESUS were Joao's godparents. Joao came to America in 1902 with his aunt, Rosa LEANDRO TEICHEIRA, b. 20 Nov 1875 or 1877. Do not know Mr. TEICHEIRA's first name. Maria DE JESUS later married and had at least one daughter, Mary/Maria. Valerie Kuhn (28 Jan 2002)

I'm looking for Manuel T. GARCIA THOME, born 13 Feb 1890 Piedade, Pico, the son of Jose GARCIA THOME and Isabel (?) PERPETUA. He married Olinda A. RODRIGUES 8 Jun 1911 in Piedade and they immigrated to Stanislaus>Alameda>Merced County, CA areas after arriving 31 Jul 1911 in Providence, RI aboard the S. S. Madonna. Believe he left his entire family behind on Pico. I'd like to correspond with anyone having information on this person or his family.

Also looking for Olinda Augusta RODRIGUES, born 22 Nov 1891 Piedade, Pico, the daughter of Joao A. RODRIGUES and Mariana XAVIER. She married Manuel T. GARCIA THOME on 8 Jun 1911 and immigrated to Stanislaus>Alameda>Merced County, CA areas as above. I'd like to correspond with anyone having information on this person or her family. In her 1978 obituary, it reads that she was survived by two sisters, Angelina BISPO of Stanislaus County, and Julia FRAGA of the Azores. I'd like to correspond with anyone having information about this person or her family.

Also looking for Angelina Augusta RODRIGUES, born 25 Dec 1889 Piedade, Pico, Olinda's sister. She married GONSALEZ (sp?), widowed, then she married BISPO, widowed, then died in 1991.

Looking for Julia FRAGA, nee RODRIGUES of the Azores, Olinda's sister. Also looking for Maria FREITAS, nee RODRIGUES of Merced County, CA area, Olinda's sister. I would like to correspond with anyone having information about these people or their families.

All best wishes,
Ed (28 Jan 2002)

Looking for ancestors/descendants of Francisca AUSTEN nee PERO, b. 1839 on Pico. Immigrated to Provincetown, MA (22 Jan 2002)

Looking for relations of Frank Mello THOMAS, b. 1823 Graciosa. Immigrated to Provincetown, MA. His father was Frank M. THOMAS and mother was domingoes De Mello also from Graciosa. (22 Jan 2002)

Looking for ancestors of Manuel VENTURA, b. 1862 on Sao Miguel. He immigrated to Provincetown, MA when he was very young. His father was Antone VENTURA, also born on Sao Miguel approximately 1836. Are there any Ventura's out there? (22 Jan 2002)

Looking for Jose Lourenco FREITAS b. 1881 or 1882 in Lajes, Praia da Vitoria, Terceira. He died March 31, 1959 in Sao Bento, Terceira. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on this person or his parents Manuel Lourenco Freitas (b. ? Lajes Praia da Vitoria, Terceira) and Maria Da Pena (b. ? Fontinhas, Praia da Vitoria, Terceira). Joe Masisak (16 Jan 2002)

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