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I am looking for any information on Manuel A. TRAVERS born in the Azores on June 8, 1904.  His parents were Francis TRAVERS and Mary ARUDA. I think he came to the U.S. (possibly through New Bedford, Massachusetts) when he was a small child. Any information is greatly appreciated. Sheri Martelli (7 Dec 2003)

I am searching for Maria Madalina  DA SILVA GARCIA She may have been in SANTA CRUZ ,FLORES  in 1967. She had a daughter she named Ana Maria DA SILVA GARCIA on July 3, 1967. Please E-Mail  if you have any information Thank  you for  any information.  Kimber Archuleta  (28 Oct 2003)

Seeking information on MANUEL LUIZES b. circa 1835, Azores. Parents MANOEL (a carpenter) and MARY.  Said to have journeyed to Australia on a whaling ship. He may have been training for the priesthood before this?   Became a gold miner, lived Palmers Oakey.   Married  Mary Ann Spencer at Kelso, New South Wales, Australia in 1862.  Surname changed to LEWIS in 1871.  Do not know Azores island.  Would be interested in any information.  Many thanks for your help. (10 Oct 2003)

I am looking for information regarding the son of Francis Bettencourt, Verissimo J. Bettencourt, born about 1864 in Terceira, Azores. I am looking for the parish/town in which he was born. He died July 5, 1922 in Peabody, Massachusetts, emigrated to the states around 1882 and was married (1889) to Maria Neves Mello in Lowell, Massachusetts. Would like to correspond with anyone having information on this family. Thank you.

Rick Bettencourt (13 Sep 2003)

I am seeking information on a fabricator of Portuguese stringed instruments.  His name is Luiz Jose NUNES and he is from San Miguel.  A couple of viola he fabricated in the 1900's have turned up in (4 Sep 2003)

I am looking for information on any Loureiro from Terceira. My dad, Frank was born in Altares in 1880. His mother was buried ther around the same time.Her maiden name was Jesus.  Thanks  Bob Loureiro (4 Sep 2003)

Looking for info. on Antonio GONZALEZ born abt. 1580 on the island of San Miguel. His wife was Catalina JUAREZ. Their child was Gonzalo FERNANDEZ born abt. 1660 on San Miguel. Gonzalo immigrated to San Bartolome, Valle de Allende, Chihuahua, Mexico and married Yumar Ramirez abt. 1620. (18 Aug 2003)

Looking for info on GEORGE WILLIAMS b.abt.1818 in Faial. He come to Wellfleet,Ma.and married Hannah Higgins abt.1854. He died abt. 1857. E-Mail Susan Gross (17 Aug 2003)

Looking for information about George WILLIAMS b.abt.1818 on the island of Faial. He immigrated to Cape Cod, Ma. area. Any information about his birth, siblings and parents would be welcome. I am not sure when he left the Azores. My e-mail is Susan (added 12 May 2006)

Looking for Joaquim de Sousa Borges Born January 26, 1870  from Sao Miguel Azores, He immigrated to Fall River, Mass about 1904 or 1905?  He was from the village of Santo Antonio, in July 27 1898 he married Mariana Augusta Marques also of Santo Antonio, Capelas, she immigrated to Ellis Island in 1906? with their two sons Manuel and Joseph Borges. I would like to correspond with anyone having information onany of these persons. JOSEPH BORGES (5 Aug 2003)

UPDATE: I recently got some information about the Borges family. Through the Massachusetts Archives. I was able to find out that my father Joseph S. Borges and my uncle Manuel S. Borges came to Boston on a ship called the S.S. Canopic on or about June 15, 1905, my grandmother was not mentioned but was with them I believe. They sailed out of Porta Delgada St. Michael, Azores. My grandfather Joaquim de Sousa Borges arrived in the U.S. sometime in 1903? and also came to Boston? My grandmother Mariana Augusta Marques Borges was born on Feb 21, 1874 and my grandfather was born on January 26, 1870 they were both from St. Antonio, Capelas. They married on July 27 1898. Joe Borges   e-mail (25 May 2004)

I posted this awhile ago, but came up with new information so am posting it again. I am trying to locate my ancestors from Flores,(don't know village) Portugal but am unsure of surname. Manuel(emmanuel) was born in Flores in 1857 and his parents are listed as Frank and Mary (nee Mundy or Murdy). Family legend says that manuel was on a whaling ship and jumped off ending up in New Zealand at age 14. He ended up with an interest in horses. He could not write or read any english so surname was spelt how it sounded KERDY (KIRDY). Frank and Mary have not been mentioned as coming to New Zealand so presumably stayed in Flores. The new information that I have is that the surname could have originally been Davies. Can anyone help me with this query as I have struggled with it since 1880. Regards Linda. (5 Aug 2003)

Searching for descendants of: João (John) Rosa SILVEIRA, b. 23 de Sep.1862, 2 a.m., Ribeirinha, Faial, Açores - c. 5 Oct 1862 in the Church of St. Mateus, Ribeirinha, Horta; married Mary Rosa Nobres Gomes 17 Jan 1893 Santa Clara Co., CA, children: Mary Rose, Frank Rose, Thomas Rose, John Rose. Joseph Rose Silveira, married Maria Gomes, children Maria, Filomena J. Rose, Irene Eleanor, Olivai, Aurora, Eva E., Alfred and Eva (one died young) Manuel Rosa Silveira b. abt 1866-67; married Anna Duart in 1905, children: Mary, Ida Minnie Madeline, Anna Rose, Angelina Lillian, Manuel Raymond, Joseph R. Senora and Adeline Matthew Rosa Silveira: b. 11 Feb 1872; married Maria Gomes in Santa Clara Co., CA, children: Frank Rose and May. Senhorinha Rosa Silveira: b. 1 Nov 1878, married Manuel Smith Santa Clara Co., CA, children: Manuel Smith, Lorraine Blackwell. August Rosa Silveira: b abt 1875, married Mary Luis-Silva 20 Nov 1904 Santa Clara Co., CA, children August Rose and Mary Rose. Some descendants used spelling SILVERIA. All children settled in the Milpitas, Hayward area. This line is known as the Californias (their alcunha) Children of Francisco Rosa SILVEIRA and Maria TOMASIA Paternal grandparents: João Rosa SILVEIRA and Maria TOMASIA Maternal grandparents: João Rosa GOMES and Rita TOMASIA.

Debbie Combs 1400 Talbot Road South, Suite 400 Renton, WA 98055-4282 (18 Jul 2003)

Looking for Anna Figuriredo.Born on Santa Maria around 1865. Married Manuel Enos. They immigrated to Cambridge, Massachusetts. Possibly stayed for a time in Bermuda. Had sons Joseph Enos ans Manuel Enos.I would like any information on this person. (29 May 2003)

Looking for family of JOHN JOSEPH, b. abt 1820 in Fayal. Listed in 1880 census of Sag Harbor,NY married to Elizabeth (Betsey) Fee, b.abt. 1839 in Ireland. Children were born after 1860 in Sag Harbor. His occupation was "sailor". Children were Frank, Mamie, Annie, Lizzie and Josie. Mamie (Mary) married William Schaefer. Gravestones in Sag Harbor's St. Andrews Cemetery where name is "JOSEY". Also listed in some records as "JOSE". Please email Maureen at (3 May 2003)

my mother came to usa about 1917 either through NEW YORK and settled in Hudson Mass.Her madian was Gloria Custidio from St Miguiel If there is any other way to get this info let me know Thank You (25 Mar 2003)

Looking for Mathew SILVA b abt 1836, Western Islands, Occupation: fisherman. He immigrated with his wife, Mary, b abt 1836, Western Islands, and Anna Rose, possibly his mother-in-law, also from the Western Islands. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on this person. (23 Mar 2003)

looking for ancestors of my husbands father from Terceta 1910 name is Mario Levada His son my husband is Victor Levada thank you Deborah Levada (23 Mar 2003)

My name is Norma L. Quinton. I am the daughter of Emily Azevedo. Her father's name is Jose Azevedo. He is the son of Francisco Jose De Azevedo, Born Jan 1856 - June 1938, 82 years old at death and the mother Maria Da Trindade Da Gloria Born Feb 1871 - Aug 1939, 68 years old at death. Siblings include sons: Francisco Nunes Azevedo (died as a baby), Francisco Nunes Azevedo, Antonio Nunes Azevedo, Luis Nunes Azevedo, Jose Nunes Azevedo, Joao Jose Nunes Azevedo. Daughters: Maria Nunes Azevedo (died at 16) Maria Da Gloria Nunes Azevedo, Mara Do rosaria Nunes Azevedo, Maria De Jesus Nunes Azevedo, Maria Jose Nunes Azevedo, Maria Nunes Azevedo (died at 32). All of these people are believed to be born in Lajes das Flores, Azore Islands. The above people are probably all deceased. Their children would be my cousins. I would like very much to make contact with my cousins. My email is I welcome any mail that can tell me more about Azores and if anyone knows my cousins. I do not speak Portuguese but I am trying to learn. (18 Mar 2003)

Trying to trace the ancestry of my great great grandfather Francis JOSEPH (this is the Anglocized version of his Portuguese name) who was born in the Azores c. 1833 - 1840. On his New Zealand Shipping Masters Cetificate his date and place of birth is 1st February 1835 at Fergangran. I assume this is Fajagran on Flores. Assume he came to New Zealand via USA c.1860. In 1862 aged 22 he married Georgina Courtney-Petch in Auckland, NZ, then in 1865 they went to the gold rush in the USA sailing to San Francisco where Francis' brother was staying.Then lived at Gold Hill, Nevada near Virginia City. His wife Georgina died there in 1870 and Francis returned to NZ with his three young daughters Louisa(b.1864) Georgina jnr(b.1867) and Matilda(b.1869). In 1874 Francis (a.k.a. Frank) remarried , his second wife , a widow with four children was named Susanna PEARCE. Francis JOSEPH died in Auckland , NZ October 1901 aged 68 years. His father (whom I have a photo of also) apparently died in Lisbon, Portugal aged 104. (10 Mar 2003)

i am looking fro the ancesters of antone patricio do rego. he left porto delgado for hawaii 1898. he was born 1840, i belive he lived on the island of san miguel. he had a father, patricio do rego, who was married to ana florinda. he also had a brother julio patricio do rego, married to maria da gloria, he left the san miguel 1882 on the ship hansa. my grandfather(hawaii) manuel do rego had a mother maria philomena(corderio), born 1851, her father was jose ignacio and mother, maria madelena, born matiez, porta delgado. i hope someone couls help me find my relatives in the azores. i don't have much time. thanks, richard (4 Mar 2003)

I am researching my various families on Graciosa. DA CUNHA, DA SILVA, BETTENCOURT, DE CONDE PAIS. I have a number of actual street addresses that my family lived on. I am looking for street maps of Santa Cruz, Luz and Guagalupe on thre Island of Graciosa.

Thanks Grant Klenner (18 Feb 2003)

My grandfather is Manuel Faustino AMARAL FOSTER. He was born on 11/3/1876 in Ribeira Seca, Sao Jorge. He came to the USA with three brothers, Joseph, Antone, and George. Their father's name was AMARAL but Manuel, Antone, and Joseph used the name FOSTER when settling in the Sacramento area of California. George continued using AMARAL and settled in the Livermore area of California. I am researching to find out what happened to Antone and Joseph and what was their mother's name. My grandfather's death certificate shows it to be BELLO but none of the family think that is so. Gary DeGregorio, Grants Pass, Oregon (13 Jan 2003)

Looking for MANUEL LUIS VIERIA, b August 16, 1823 on Faial Island. He came to the United States where he finally settled in Centerville, CA, then ended up rasising 14 kids in Selma, CA.

Looking for MARIA LUISA DA CUNHA E SILVA, b December 12, 1843 on Graciosa Island, went to United States, married MANUEL above.

I am particularly looking for the cities/towns in the Azores where MANUEL and MARY, my g grandparents came from. The intent is my two sisters and I are planning a trip to the Azores this summer and would like to research and meet family if possible. Thanks, Edd Vieria (10 January 2003)

Looking for information on Ennis/Ennos/Inez JOSEPH b. 1834 Western Island son of Ennis and Maria(nee Francesca). His father was a Mariner and Ennis Jnr. arrived in Australia about 1851. He was also a Mariner so could have worked his way to Australia. Any help would be appreciated. Christine Howison (10 Jan 2003)

My name is Christina Perry. I am searching for relatives who may know more about my family history. I know almost nothing of my family and my farther died when I was young. the information that I do have is very little and sketchy. My fathers name was Able Perry. My grandparents names were Manual and Olympia Perry. I have 1 living uncle who's name is John Perry. My other uncles names were Tony, and Alberto aka Lebie. I have a living aunt named Rosie Perry. I know my grandparents came here from the Azores but I am not sure which Island. I do know I still have one surving aunt there last name is also Perry. All of my family now lives or did live in Peabody Massachusettes. If anyone sees this and either knows my father or one of my other family members or has information please contact me at and in the subject box please put info on Perry. (2 Jan 2003)

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