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I'm just wondering about Azores researchers for hire, I have to get a copy of baptism or birth from Sao Miguel from around 1880's, so I can't get it through the website where you can order records. I have written to 2 people that say they do research, including the person listed on this site, but have gotten no response from either one. Anyone know of someone who will do research in Sao Miguel? (8 Nov 2004)

My name is Jayne Pierce. I have a grandfather whose name is Antone Correa. He was raised in the Azores on the island of San Miguel. I believe he was born somewhere around 1905. I knew that he went to Boston, MA and then later lived in Plymouth, MA. I know that he passed away back in the year of 1969. If anyone has any information on him, please email me.

thank you J Pierce (8 Nov 2004)

Looking for the village and baptismal record of Mariano SILVA, born about April 1847, in Sao Miguel, the son of Jose BETTANCOURT SEQUEIRA and Maria Izabel. A record in his handwriting reads "Encarnacao Sao Miguel." He is alleged to have stowed away on a whaling ship about the year 1862. The first documentation of him as a member of a whaling crew is on the ship Graduate, out of Marion, MA in September 1869. He settled in Marion, MA, married Mary Bethiah Paine, and died in 1924. Would like to correspond with any connected with this family or who has knowledge of what "Encarnacao" means in connection with Sao Miguel. Michael Dwyer (2 Nov 2004)

I am looking for my grandfather Antero PEREIRA. He lived in San Miguel.He has a wife and 5 kids but 2 passed away. He went to Boston to look for a new home for his family and died there in 1969. We do not know where he is buried and would like any information on him. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on him. 2 Nov 2004)

Looking for information on Manuel SOARES DE CHAVES b. February 15, 1868, in the Azores, d. February 28, 1945 in California, USA. He immigrated to the United States with his 7 or 8 brothers or siblings when he was about 15 years old. He was married on October 29, 1899 to an unknown name. Upon immigration to the U.S., Manuel changed his last name to KEYES. His son/ my grandfather's name was William Alfred KEYES, b. July 21, 1900, d. May 7, 1979 in Oroville, California, USA. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on this person.

Cynthia M. Marsh, (17 Oct 2004)

I am looking for information on Joao (John) Victorino Soares. This ancestor is on my husband side and I am trying to locate some of his people. If you could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it very much. Joao (John) had a son John Victor Soares\Sears married a Hattie Vasconcellos.

Thank You

Kim Brummett (2 Oct 2004)

Looking for connections to the following:

Antonio Dutra MORRIS b. 1868 Azore Islands, Portugal m. Angelina GOULART b. 1874 Azore Island
(12 known children - all b. Rhode Island, USA)

According to 1920 US Census RI;

Antonio immigrated in either 1886 or 1896
Angelina immigrated in 1890

Joyce (31 Jul 2004)

Looking for additional information on the following;

Mariano ANDRADE b. 1/16/1900 Azores Islands d. 1974 East Providence, RI, USA

s/o Unknown ANDRADE b. Azores - Portuguese

According to the 1930 US R.I. Census he immigrated in 1909.

Joyce (31 Jul 2004)

Looking for information on the following: MORAIS, Antonio F. born sometime around 1865. Name changed to MORRIS, Antone F, unknown when. Died in San Rafael, Marin County 06-27-1928. Occupation was listed as Retired Rancher. Spouse's first name Mary. Was in Calif. 40 years prior to death, so must have immigrated some time around 1880-1888ish. One son was supposedly born in Bolinas Calif in 1883. Thank you in advance for any assistance. Pete (12 Jul 2004)

My grandfather Emmanuel DIAZ was born in Faial on 31 August 1840.  He ran away to sea at the age of 14 years.  He chose a whaler as his first ship, and after several years, during which he visited many distant ports, the ship reached the Bay of Islands in New Zealand and he  left her there.  He came to Auckland and obtained work as a member of the crew of the pilot cutter, subsequently serving on different coastal ships trading out of Auckland, and later attaining his Masters Certificate.   He was actively associated with the sea until he was over 70 years of age, and died aged 98.

I would like to try and find his ancestry, and perhaps some of his family, and from where in Faial he came from, as I am planning to travel to the Azores next year.   

Julie M Skellern,
(17 Jun 2004)

Looking for Marianna NEVES, b. November 22, 1866, Sao Miguel, Azores; also Frank ROGERS (RODRIGUEZ), b. October 4, 1849, Sao Miguel, Azores. Marianna was the 2nd wife of Frank Rogers, who went to CA where he had his first wife and a daughter, Rose. Frank was a widower when he married Marianna Neves. They raised 4 children in Boston, MA: Joseph ROGERS, b. Sept. 13, 1884; Anna Charlotte ROGERS, b. Aug. 20, 1890; Mary Isabella ROGERS, b. Nov. 21, 1894; Beatrice Victoria ROGERS, b. July 21, 1898. Would like the names of the parents of Marianna NEVES and Frank ROGERS and the names of the towns where they were born and where the parents lived on Sao Miguel. CARDOZO married into the (27 Apr 2004)


If you know this family or the ones below please let me know

Looking for my family that lived in Washington, CA and immigrated from the Azores. My Great Gradfather Manuel is on the 1880 census and family is there from then on. Here are names of family/descendants I am looking for:

Joseph Perry Silva (Pico) b abt 1853 m Mary ?? b. about 1856
Their daughter Mary Silva b 1880 (1month at census)
Per census records it looks like Mary Silva wife of Joseph later married Antone Dutra (1920census) they have children Antone b 1898 and Laura b 1908. Mary and Joseph daughter Mary I believe married Serjo Martin (per 1920 census) and their children are Maria b 1909, Manuel b 1912, Joseph b. 1915, and Mabel b. 1919.

Manuel Perry Silva (Pico) b 1847 m Marianna Avila (Sao Jorge) b 1874 (I believe she came around 1889 because I think she was only 15 when they were married per census records) Per story Manuel was married to older sister when she died without children Marianna was sent to be his wife from Sao Jorge.  Their children are as follows.
Anthony Bernard Silva b 4/13/1895 children Walter, John, Howard, Bobby, Sandra, Patricia
Manuel Perry Silva 9/16/1896
Joseph Silva 1902
Marie Madeline Silva 1907 m Joseph Silveira b 1899 sons are Donald and Richard

Andrew Azevedo b 1862 m Barbara Avila (Sao Jorge) (believe Marianna's sister) son Andrew A Azevedo b 1898

Please contact me if you are part of this family.

Kellie (27 Apr 2004)

We are urgently seeking information about the origins of my husband's great grandfather as we are planning to include a visit to the Azores while overseas. We leave New Zealand in about 6 weeks time, so would be very grateful if anyone is able to provide us with any information. Apart from the following details taken from Marriage and Death Certificates, we have no other conclusive evidence of Azorean origins. At this point, another of Antonio's descendants is currently awaiting replies to his enquiries. > > > > >Antonio Da Varga was born in about 1823-1824 in Western Isles, Portugal. His birthplace is given as Western Isles on his Death Certificate (dated 27 July 1882). > >His parents (as named on his Birth Certificate) were Mathew Da Varga and Maria Folalian ( Folalian may have been Maria's maiden name. Felicia-Anna may have been her second name). > >It is believed that, as young men, Antonio and his friend (possibly his cousin) Emanuel Da Silva, rowed out from their home to an American whaler, the "Noble" (date unknown). It is also thought that the young men were invited on board and were then press-ganged into serving on board the whaler. It is known that Antonio was a cooper (barrel maker), skills which would have been useful on a whaling boat. > >After the "Noble" foundered off the New Zealand coast in June 1846, both Antonio and Emanuel settled in New Zealand. Antonio changed his surname to Martin by Deed Poll in Auckland in 1851. He married Agnes Fleming in 1849 at St Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland. Emanuel changed his surname to Christian. He married Agnes' sister, Christina Fleming. > >It is thought that Antonio sailed back to the Western Isles and brought his two sisters to New Zealand, however there is not any substantiated evidence of this in family records. > > > >IF ANYONE HAS INFORMATION OR SUGGESTIONS WHICH MIGHT HELP US, WE WOULD BE GRATEFUL TO HEAR FROM YOU VIA THE FOLLOWING EMAIL ADDRESSES > >BEFORE 25 APRIL 2004 : > >AFTER 25 APRIL 2004 : > >Yours, in anticipation! > >Glenys & John Martin. (24 Mar 2004)

I am researching my Portuguese roots. I am interested in finding out information about James MacKay he was married to Ann Hart MacKay, they lived on Flores and I believe they had 5 children. I would like to know what cemetery they are buried in, and the church.  James MacKay b. 1790 and died 8-26-1874, Ann Hart MacKay b. 1779 and died 6-8-1841
Thank you so much, look forward to hearing from someone. (10 Mar 2004)

I would like to hear from anyone who would have information on Irmalinda CABRAL, b. 1878 or 1886 in Arrifes, Sao Miguel.  She emigrated to USA/Massachusetts either 1901 or 1905.  In 1953, she had a sister living still on Sao Miguel, Charlotte CABRAL RAPOZA.  Other known siblings were Julius and Mary, both of whom emigtated to the United States also.  The parents were Joseph Peter CABRAL and Mary PETERS. Any information on my family either living or deceased would be greatly appreciated. My last name is not associated with the Azores-it is Cape Verdeam.
Thank you, Richard BARBOZA, (10 Mar 2004) (this post updated on 30 Jun 2009)

I was born in Ponta Delgada, San Miguel, Acores on July 12, 1963. My parents are Bento and Laura SANTOS. My parents immigrated to Cambridge, Ontario, Canada in 1971. All this time I have been living with a Portuguese name that is so different it has made me so self consciuos. My parents named me GRINOALDA DA GRACA. I was always picked on in school because of this. I changed it to (GRACE) when I went to high school in order for me to have a normal childhood. I'm 40 today and I am still curious if there are anyone out there with the same name and if so did you translate it to something else or did you keep it the same? I would love to hear fom anyone regarding
this. (10 Mar 2004)

Searching for info on Manuel M. AZEVEDO, b. January 19, 1883, Pico, Azores. He immigrated to the US and settled in Sacramento, CA. The date of immigration is unclear. He married Rose V. FERNANDES, I believe in the Sacramento area. Rose was also b. in Pico on July 3, 1881. Manuel was married once before he married Rose and had a daughter, Mary, with his first wife. Manuel d. December 12, 1956 in Sacramento, CA and Rose d. June 4, 1971, also in Sacramento. Manuel and Rose had 11 children together, all of whom were born in the Sacramento area. If anyone has any info on Manuel or Rose, please email me at Thank you! (18 Feb 2004)

Looking for relatives of Manuel P. Garoupa, immigrated to the US in 1921.  Had two brothers, Frank, Tony and a sister immigrated to Massachusetts, USA, from the island of Sao Miguel.  Will be traveling to the Azores in June, 2004 would like to contact relatives.  Manuel Garoupa is my father.  Thank you for any help you can provide.  Georgina (18 Feb 2004)

Looking for information on Jose ROQUE a stowaway in the early 1900's from São Miguel, Açores. Father was Jose Roque and mother Marquinhas Roque. (28 Jan 2004)

Looking for information on:
b. 12 April 1873
02JUL 1890 on the vessel BARQUE KENNARD
was 17 years old-travel alone (laborer)
believed that he may have stay in FALL RIVER, MA
HE moved to NEW LONDON,CT ( 1894)  where he married and lived there until his death on 07 FEB 1932. I have no information if he had any siblings.  I don't remember being told of any relatives on his side.
He changed his name after marriage:
Also checking on:
b. 15 Oct 1850
b. 00 May 1856
(Great Grandparents)
Moved to New London, CT
(Great Great Grandparents)
I don't have information other than the names. (28 Jan 2004)

Looking for inofrmation about FRANCISCO GONCALVES LEONARDO born around 1775 on the island of Terceira in the villlage of San Bento.  Married to MARIANA EUFRASIA.   children: JOSE, JACINTO, MATHEUS, ANA EMILIA, FRANCISCO PERHAPS MORE. Please send any info to Jan 2004)

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