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I am researching Jorge Marshall DE SOUSA, born in Sao Jorge, Azores on 7 Apr 1917.

His father is Joao Machado DE SOUSA, born about 1896 in Rhode Island, USA.  Joao married Maria CARREIRA - DE SOUSA.

His father is George Machado DE SOUSA, who was born somewhere in Portuga, I believe it is Sao Jorge, Azores.  Born about 1875.   He married Ana DELFINA - DE SOUSA.

Does anyone have any information about these people.  I have never researched in a different country so am trying to figure out where to start. (21 Nov 2005)

Looking for Rose Marie Fontes b. 1888 in Pico. She immigrated to the US at age 14. She married Manuel Silva in New Jersey. She had a sister Mary Gloria who married Manuel Goulart and brother Joseph Fonte who moved to San Jose, CA. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on these persons. (29 May 2005)

I am researching my great grandfather, Charles J. WAGNER. I've run into so many dead ends that I thought I would search in the places I know he traveled to. maybe he left some sort of information there, possibly a collateral family.

Charles J. WAGNER b. abt 1855 Poland/Russia said to have died Aug 3, 1894, of Massachusetts, USA, no record found.

he was a civil mariner. I have some of the letters he sent his wife and they list a number of places. one of them was

Fayal (his spelling), Azores.

he never mentioned a town.

this was at least in Autumn of 1890. perhaps he was there at other times.

I am hoping to find any information on him. he leaves almost no paper trail, just his letters, a Massachusetts marriage record and some city directories. no census record, no Massachusetts death record that I can find, no European records. I don't know island genealogy, so I don't know what to ask for or even what's available.

I do know that Charles and his wife Annie weren't getting along and that he aludes to an affair he might have's very vague. but if it is as it appears, maybe my grandfather Allan John WAGNER had a sibling he never knew of in the Azores.

I'm grasping at straws, I know, but I'm at a seemingly unbreakable brick wall. I have his work records. there are no seaman's papers for America for that period. no death record, as mentioned before. burial very elusive. I've been looking for nearly 20 years, finally decided to try this avenue. may be a dead end, but I'm going to try it.

I am emailing this to a number of genealogy groups, one for each place mentioned in his letter. why didn't I try this before? I got too close to the picture. I stepped away for some time and got to thinking about different solutions. Cornelia (29 May 2005)

Looking for the birth records of JULIUS CEASAR STURGIS (ES). He was born on FAIAL in 1856. His father was a sea captain from MASSACHUSETTS USA. His mother was MARIA SYLVIA a ship chandler's daughter.
Thanks (28 Mar 2005)

Looking for a MARY OR MARIA SYLVIA. She was married on FAYAL to a WILLIAM HENRY CHASE or GEORGE M CHASE 1852-54. They had a daughter born in 1854 by the name of JULIA CHASE. WILLIAM HENRY CHASE aka GEORGE M CHASE was a whaler, possible the Master of one out of NANTUCKET MA. The spelling CHASE may have been spelled CHACE.

Thanks (28 Mar 2005)

My grandparents were both born on the Corvo

my grandmother MARIA TRINIDAD LOURENCO JORGE was one of 13 children of MARIA FRAGA and ANTONIO LOURENCO JORGE.  The other siblings whose names I know were named Maria, Ana who died, Margarida- Margo, Emilia, Carlos-Charlie who went to Nebraska with some family friend and another Ana; these siblings came with their parents to the New Bedford area probably in the late 1880's and I know very little about them;  the parents returned to the Corvo for a time and then the others, Clara, George, Antonio, Manual, and Maria b. 1894 on Corvo came to the US about 1912 or earlier and I do know them.  They settled mostly in the San Joaquin Valley of California- Turlock, Merced, Atwater; 

My grandfather JOSE ENOS ANDRE b. 1889  Corvo is the only child of RITA SARAMAGO (who died in childbirth) and ENOSIO LUIS ANDRE.  Enosio remarried  and stayed on the Corvo and probably had more children but I know nothing about them.

As I am just beginning I though I'd post this as a start. Vicki Broughton (16 Feb 2005)

Looking for family remaining Horta,Faial. Jose Ignacio Silva, Born 1884, Mother Rosa Luisa, Domestic , Baptism in Angustias. Sailed in 1902 to U.S. and settled in Sacramento, Calif. Was known as Joseph "Joe" Silva in Sacramento. Please help. Thank you. Judy Dawley (5 Feb 2005)

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