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PEREIRA/FURTADO....My great grandparents are Manuel PEREIRA and his wife Mary Jennie FURTADO. I am told by others doing research that they are from the island of Faial. I,m quite sure that the surname Mary and middle name Jennie are Anglicized versions of Maria and ??. I have a copy of Declaration of Intention and Citizenship Certificate for Manuel. He became a U.S. citizen on Dec. 1886. One area of California that they lived was Redwood City in San Mateo County. Children are: Manuel, John, Frank,Michael, Henry, Antone, Willie, Joe, Mary, Carrie, Amelia, Julia, Mammie. Manuel died Jan. 7, 1911 and was buried in Menlo Park, CA. Anyone out there researching this family???? Please help if you can. Thank you. (4 Dec 2006)

My name is Mark van Olmen and i´m looking for any genealogical threads to or from FERDINAND VAN OLMEN or FERNAO DULMO (or D´ULMO). I do find some historical information about him but i´m trying to find a shred of genealogy and even perhaps a connection to my family :) (4 Dec 2006)

I am seeking any information available on family records dating back to the 1750's. These relatives seem to have gone back and forth from the Azores, S. Lorenco to Macau between the dates of 1750 - 1836. These are the names and dates I have thus far obtained from the Portuguese Consulate in Japan (in the 1800's a relative from S. Lorenco moved to Kobe Japan and married a Katarina Ono). Estavao GUTERRES (no DOB) married Micaela DE SOUSA (no DOB), they had a son Agostihno GUTERRES born in Macau around 1750, he married Isabel DE MELO e SILVA (daughter of Antonio DE MELO e SILVA and Querubina DE FIGUEIREDO). Isabel DE MELO e SILVA died in S. Lorenco on April 11, 1795. Agostihno GUTERRES and Isabel had 3 children, Mariana Lourenca (GUTERRES?) born in S. Lorenco on August 1775, Rita Esperanca GUTERRES (no DOB) and Antonio Maria DE MELO GUTERRES born in Macao (no DOB). Rita Esperanca DE MELO GUTERRES had 3 sons, Nazario, Gregario and Bento GUTE! RRES. Nazario GUTERRES married in S. Lorenco on February 5, 1834 with Maria DA LUZ, daughter of Jaoquim GUILHERME. and Maria Joana DE ROSA. They had 10 children; the first son. Felisbino Felix GUTERRES was born in S. Lorenco on July 13, 1836 and married Katarina ONO in Kobe, Japan. The other nine children's names were Fulano, Bernardo, Carolina, Romualdo, Carlota, Nazario, Francisco Leopoldina and Maria da Nativiade GUTERRES.Carolina, and Carlota (after Carolina's death) married Joaquim Antonio DE JESUS. If anyone knows anything about S. Lorenco, which I believe is a Bay on the Island of Santa Maria, Azores or Macao and the people named above I would love to learn about it. Thank you.

Kathryn McDonald (6 Nov 2006)

Hello I am looking for information on the family of

Jacinto and Francisca Emilia D’ANDRADE whose son Manuel D’ANDRADE was born 21 September 1838 in São Miguel - he was my great great grandfather and I would like to hear of any other children that my great great great grandparents had and where their descendants may be now.

Kind Regards

Carmel Beattie
Australia (6 Nov 2006)

Village: Rosais, Velhas, Sao Jorge, Azores
Church: Nossa Senhora do Rosario.
Comments: I am researching my father's family. I am looking for any information on my grandfather Jose Miguel FRANCISCO (Joseph Michael Francis), son of Antonio Miguel and Maria Constancia FRANCISCO. Jose was married to Rosa TACHIERA near Vallejo, CA and I believe had at least a son Joseph, and a daughter Angelina. I believe Angelina married Jack Barenchi and had either children or grandchildren named Arnetta, Norma and Jackie.
I have a letter of reference concerning Jose when he left the Azores about 1903, with a 7-year-old son of the same name. At some time I believe he was divorced from Rosa and moved and lived in Tiverton and Fall River MA. There he married Ella V. Freitas, daughter of Jesse Freitas and Rose Silvia, and had 4 children - my father Norman James, Charles Linwood, Helen Margaret and another son that died either at birth or shortly thereafter. I also have a copy of a letter my grandmother received from a friend Anica MANGERONE in Rosais.

I would appreciate any info or help.
Jim Francis (24 Oct 2006)

I am looking for information on any of these;

Joseph Laurenco. B; April 8th,1876 Azors portugal. D; Woodland Ca 1985.
His dad Lewis Laurenco. B; Azors.
Wife ?
Delphine Rosalee Vierra B; April 4, 1904 Azors, Portugal
Her dad; Frank Vieira B; ? Azors ?
Wife; Maria Isabel Leonardo. B: ? Azors Portugal ? .D; 1969
Maria's dad ; Jose Machado Leonardo. B;? Azors Portugal ?
Wife; Maria Isabel. B; ? Azors Portugal ?
Jose's dad ; Hilario Machino Rodriques Frois. B; ? Azors Portugal ?

Any information on any of these would help.

Barry Duke

1572 Northpark Drive, Roseville, Ca 95747
(24 Oct 2006)

ANYONE REMEMBER *MELLO"S FLORIST* ON MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE ABOUT 1950? Rose (Rosalina) SARAIVA (daughter of Eugenia Afonso and Francisco E. Saraiva) married Joseph De Mello -went by Mello.

Joseph died about 1953 and Rosa died about 1968. They had two daughters and one son. Their first child was born azores or brazil. Other two born USA. They lived sommerville, revere, cambridge. From St.Michael Azores went to new bedford for a few years. Found in New bedford census and in sommerville census.

Who were Joseph's parents? Fairly certain Joseph's brother was John DeMello of portuguese radio. ALSO ANY INFO ON FIRST PORTUGUESE RADIO MASSACHUSETTS WITH JOHN DEMELLO????thanks! (24 Oct 2006)

I'm looking for the Family of Manuol SILVEIRA, b PICO, AZORES about 1870 give or take 10 yrs. Married IZABEL SILVA of FAIAL, AZORES. Moved to New Bedford, Mass (24 Oct 2006)

My grandfather was JOSE LOPES PACHECO of PORTO FORMOSO, SAO MIGUEL. B. March 19, 1925, son of FILOMENA LOPES and JOAO(?) PACHECO. Sisters/brother were: Manuel, Maria da Luz, Maria Conceicao, Maria Rosario, Maria de Jesus and Alzira.
C. 1951 he married my grandmother DEOLINDA MARQUES (born in U.S.) on Sao Miguel. Shortly after he emigrated to Fall River, Massachusetts.

I would like to find out anything about his parents or grandparents. Thanks! (15 Sep 2006)

Looking for ancestors of Francisco Batalia DE ARAUGO, born 1833 on Sao Miguel. Migrated to Australia where he married Ann Abigail Irons (born 1843 in Canterbury, Kent). Would like to hear from anyone researching De Araugo family from Sao Miguel. (31 Aug 2006)

I am looking for information on Maneul Lawrence OLIVEIRA, his wife Mary Clara and their children Ralph, Manuel Mary Eunice, Edward and jacquline. I know that they arrived in the us between 1909 and 1920. Manuel and Mary were born on the Isle of Pico and Manuel's parents were born in Brazil. You can contact me at (11 Aug 2006)

I'm looking for a connection to Manuel Joseph George RODRIGUES. I believe this man is my Great Grandfather and he was married to a woman named Mary Angel ASHADINA.

Thanks for any insight... (26 Jul 2006)

I am looking for information concerning my grandfather Francisco Eugenio RAMOS. I beleive he was born on October 11, 1902. On the island of Graciosa. I think his fathers names was Francisco Espinola RAMOS. and his mothers name was Maria Julia Santo ANTONIO. And his Father's name was Manuel Espinola RAMOS and his mother's name was Maria JOSEFA

Now on my Grandfather's mothers side I looking for Maria Julia Santo ANTONIO. Her father's name was Faustino Sousa LIMA. And her mother's name was Mariana Santo ANTONIO.
(26 Jul 2006)

Looking for my g-g-grandparents' families. My g-g-grandfather, Fernando BELLEM b. 1886 on Santa Maria, Azores, came to America in 1906 to live with his cousin Antonio DE FREITAS (at that time living in California). At 24 he returned to the island to marry 16-year-old Maria, whose maiden name is unknown as she was orphaned as an infant at a Catholic church on the island. The two returned to America and eventually settled in Idaho. If anyone knows any information about my family, the town they are from or any other details, it would be appreciated.

Sara Baker
(26 JUL 2006)

My paternal grand parents Jose Rodrigues HENRIQUES and Maria MANCEBO (HENRIQUES married) were from the freguesia of Mosteiro (in Camara da Lajes das Flores), Ilha das Flores, Azores, Portugal immigrated to New Castle (then moved to and died in Auburn) in Placer County,California, USA in 1930. They had four children, Maria, Agusto, and Afonso (born in Mosteiro) and Mauricio Rodrigues HENRIQUES [born inProvidence, Rhode Island, USA (registered as Maurice Rogers HENRIQUES) - he was the second child born and my father]. I would like whatever information/help you can offer in finding information on them and their ancestors - and any documentation on my father that might have been filed in Portugal.

You can send the information either to this internet address or my home internet address: 

Muito obrigado para tomar a minha peticao.

(18 Jul 2006)

Looking for relatives of Manuel I. and Maria J. Ribera/Mattos. Married about 1870 in Faial, Azores ( I believe). Had daughter Mary Louise whose birthplace is listed as Fayal, Azores, son Manuel Enos, also possibly born in Faial. Came to the US about 1878 and settled in Irvington, Alameda Co., California. Other children born in Irvington are Frank E., Louise M., Isabelle M. Palameda (Polly), Alfred W. and John H.
A newspaper article in the Oakland Tribune makes mention of a Miss Mattos of Fruitvale visiting her cousin Polly Mattos.
If anyone knows who the cousins are or has more information on the family history in the Azores, any information would be greatly appreciated. (13 Jun 2006)

I am looking for Jayo (or Joao or variation) DE ROSA, born Faial about 1835-45. He may have also had a second Christian name, Roberto. His death registration lists his parents as Joseph and Maria DE ROSA. He left the Azores on a whaling boat at about age 15 and deserted in New Zealand about five years later. He changed his name to John Robert GRACIA and died in New Zealand in 1915. I would appreciate HEARING from anyone who could help me trace my Great Grandfather, his birthplace, his siblings, parents etc.

Linda Dow, (18 May 2006)

I am looking for my great grandparents John MENDONCA and Louisa SERPA. They came from the Azores and settled in Half Moon Bay, CA. John was born in Pico in 1860 and Louisa was born in California in 1876. Her parents Joseph Serpa and Isabel were from the Azores. (12 May 2006)

Trying to find out any information on my Great Grandfather Francisco CORRE(I)A. He was born on Gracisosa about the late 1830s or early 1840s, maybe as late as 1842. He married Edguvedes (Garcia) Cole or Call from San Luis Obispo, CA. On 03 January 1884 he was murdered in San Luis Obispo, CA. The SLO paper of the time stated that he and his son did not get along and the son was questioned. He was known to have been in SLO as early as 1864 as a letter from a brother in Boston, MA has been known to exist (Name not known). There was one other brother (Name not known) who either owned or managed a hotel in what was called Port Hartfort (Now Port San Luis) CA. His youngest child Irene (Corre(i)a Tercis) was my grandmother. There are no living persons to my knowledge with the name Corre(i)a living that I can find that I am related too. Help! George (3 May 2006)

Looking for Joseph Fraites DIAS/DIAZ b. 1837-38 Azores, Western Islands, Portugal. He immigrated to Australia in 1854 where his name was anglicised to DAYES. His father's name was Emanual and his mother Isabelle (I think). I would like to correspond with anyone having information on this person.
Marilyn Dayes (1 May 2006)

I am researching my mother's ancestors. Jose MACHADO, born about 1843 in Ponta Delgada, St Miguel, Azores. He emigrated to Hawaii on the SS Bell Rock in 1883. He was accompanied by his wife Margarida Julia MACHADO and their family of 6. Her maiden name was CARDO and she was born about 1845, also in Ponta Delgado. I believe his parents were Bernardo and Maria Iabel MACHADO and her parents were Francisco Jose and Francisca Emilia CARDO. I would like to correspond with anyone knowing of them. (28 Apr 2006)

I am looking for any info on CABRAL victorine married maria think DaOlujos children five girls MARIA,ANTONIA,ROSALINA,FRANCELINA JORGENA . They came to Mass. U.S. 1898 They went back to Arrifes befor 1910 Francelina stayed in u.s. married Joao AMARAL from santo Antonio sao miguel they were my grandparents my grandfather had family still in St. Micheal.Five brothers stayed one sister names are Antone,Pedro, Augustine,Armando and Silvino the sister was Maria she married a Rocha think they were from santo antonio (21 Apr 2006)

Seraching for parents of Joseph Bernard GOULART and his wife Emerciana J. PIRES. Joseph emigrated from the Azores, possibly Faial, in 1878. Emerciana emigrated from the Azores as in 1889. They are my geat-grandparents.
Please e-mail me at:

Beth Carlisi (8 Apr 2006)

I'm looking for information on my Grandmother. Maria Conceicao CABRAL b 17 Dec 1899 in Ponta Delgado, St.Michael, Azores, Portugal. She immigrated to Boston, MA in 1911. I would sure like to get more information on her.

John Mar 2006)

Looking for info on Louie/Luiz NUNES b. 15 Mar 1910, b. unknown possibly Lisbon

Son of Domingos NUNES DA SILVA b. 21 Apr 1883 in Nogueira do Cravo, Oliveira de Azemeis, Aveiro, Beira Litoral, Portugal. And Thereza/Teresa NUNES FORTE b. 26 May 1884 Goueiva, Guarda, Beira Alta, Portugal,

All came to Providence RI on the ship SS Germania on 6 Apr 1912. Leaving Lisbon in March 1912

Thank you
Gina Nunes (7 Mar 2006)

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