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Looking for any information on ancestors in the Azores.

Terceira Island: Agusto Jose Alves or Eugenia Candida (Ribeirinha) / Any Toste Freitas in Ribeirinha as well (origins in Vila Franca, immigrated to Terceira)

Graciosa Island: Manuel Espinola (da) Veiga or Maria Jose Martins (24 Oct 2008)

Information about Jose Dutra married to Rosa Moltoza. Azores island of Filal.

Rosa died about 1947 in child birth in the Azores. They lived in Cedros ribeira-funda.
Jose died about 2000.

Any information or where photos can be found would be appreciated,

Aptos, California (10 Oct 2008)

I am seeking information about one of my ancestors - JOACHIM JOSE DE OLIVEIRA - born around 1825 somewhere in the Azores. He emigrated to Australia in 1853 aboard the ship ‘Water Lilly’ - the ship departed from Sao Miguel in November 1853 and sailed to Geelong, Australia (in the state of Victoria).

The names of Joachim’s parents are thought to be Joachim and Marea.

I would like to correspond with anyone having information about Joachim, and also any information about Azorean emigration to Australia in the 19th century.


Jenny Owen
Sydney, Australia (23 Sep 2008)

Looking for William Thomas, b.1868 Azores (Island unknown but most likely Texiera). He immigrated to Redding, CA (Shasta Co) in 1890-1894. He married Olga Friebel 26 June 1894. He shows up in the 1930 census but then vanishes.My mother, who was born in 1937, has no memory of ever meeting him.

UPDATE: Still trying to locate William Thomas. He was born January 1868. Unknown island. On censuses he states "Portugal" as place of birth not Azores but family stories and notes say Azores. He actually immigrated between 1884-1889, most likely 1889. He was potentially married before back home in the Azores. (There is a family story that he left a wife and child behind). He died January 1931. As far I can determine, he never naturalized, nor did he register for the draft. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Laurie Allen (22 Sep 2008) (updated 11 Jun 2012)

I am looking for birth information and family information on Louis Dias MATHEWS which may have been spelled differently..possibly MATHIAS or MATEUS?
He came to USA in the early 1900's from Azores. He was born 5 Mar 1905 AZORES and died 22 Jan 1975 in Florida USA. He had a brother Anton and one Manuel
Any help would be appreciated....Thanks ! (31 Aug 2008)

Looking for Manuel VARGAS (possibly CORREIA also may be his mother’s name) born 1851 on Pico in Azores
Married Anna GOMES(GOMEZ) born 1850 on Faial in Azores. They are my great grandparents and emigrated to
the Lawrence Massachusetts area. Please contact me with any knowledge of either great grandparent. They
had atleast 2 sons named Manuel and Joseph

Julie Vargas Campbell (31 Aug 2008)

Looking for Jose Moniz Goularte, Antonio Goularte Raposo Both from Lajes, Francisco Goularte Raposo from Sao Mateus & Manuel Silveira da Rosa from Lajes do Pico.
George Goulart (14 Aug 2008)

I want to know more about these families that hailed from Horta Faial Oliveira, Leal and Amarals

They later migrated to Bermuda then onto central California. I have some family that migrated to Pico but I don't know which ones. When my family came to the united states they changed their spelling or 'Americanized their names. Oliveira turned into Oliver and Amaral turned into Ameral.

My Grandfather was Sebastian Ameral and Grandmother Annie Ameral (or Ana, Anna?) I would love to know how to trace my ancestry without it costing me an arm and a leg. Muito Obrigado (29 Jul 2008)

Looking for information of Joseph Susa RAMOS, born September 15, 1876 in the Azores. Immigrated to the USA in 1893. Mother’s name Rosa CANDIDA RAMOS. He had a brother, Antone VEY, born abt 1850 in Azores or Portugal: who immigrated to the USA in 1869. (23 Jul 2008)
DeeAnn Ramos

I am looking for information regarding Francisco Xavier De Almeyda-Moreu born in 1780
Isla San Miguel, Isla Terceira, Azores, Portugal. He is the earliest ancestor on my mother side of the family. He moved to Puerto Rico in 1800 and married Josefa Mirsle-Gonzalez. He died 25 May 1846 in Camuy, Puerto Rico, USA. I would like to know about his parents, siblings and grandparents. Also if he is related to the Almeida in the mainland (Portugal). I have information about these Almeida all the way too Soeiro Guedes and D. Aldonça Gutierres da Silva. Still working on making all the connections between them. Thanks.

Oscar Vera-Almeyda (26 Jun 2008)

looking for information about the family of Alexander Machado BERNARDO. born 1889 , santa barbara parish, terceira, azores. came to america around (26 Jun 2008)

Looking for the surname Arose who may have come to America thru the Azores? (26 Jun 2008)

My grandfather Arthur Furtado PIMENTEL landed in New Bedford, MA about 1900, he was from Sao Miguel, Azores. At age twelve he was head of family with two sisters and a brother John. His father was a constable in the old country and had died. Because he could read and write fluent Portuguese his first job in America was with the court system in New Bedford translating documents of emigrants that came after him. He was studying Law when at age 26 he had a nervous breakdown and gave up his studies.

He then entered Real Estate and became a charter member of the Fall River Board of Realtors. He was successful in both Real Estate and Insurance in Fall River.

My grandfather died in 1964 at the age of 76.

I would very much like to visit my grandfather's birth place and possibly meet some of his relatives. (19 Jun 2008)

I am looking for BARBARA ALBERTO born 1829 and CHARLES ALBERT born 1838 (brother and sister) Charles was from Sao Jorge. He emigrated to the US in 1855 and resided from 1855 to 1909 in California. Some time in 1909 he returned to the Azores and lived in St. Migel Island. He was my great-grandfather.

Thank you,
Lupe Williams-Lujan (9 May 2008)

Looking for my Great grandparents information........ Joseph P. Braga married Mary Perry (Pereira) had son Manuel P. Braga born in 1889. Pico Island, on Manuel death certificate there is a name for mother maiden is Deconcei!!! never heard this before!

Other Grandparents

Joseph B. Goularte married Jacintha Brum (Debrum) had daughter Emily also in 1889 I believe all were from Pico!

Manuel Braga and Emily Goularte were my grandparents. (9 May 2008)

Looking for any information on the Correia's from Porto Formoso ,Manuel ,Frank, Antone . I believe there Grandfathers name was Francisco . Antone ,my father, was born in 1906 and moved to the USA when was 3 years . (22 Apr 2008)


Looking for descendants of Guido Felippe de Souza and Senorhinha Ricarda de Medeiros.

Julie Gerren (17 Apr 2008)

Maria Julia de Jesus Cabral married Jacintho Felippe de Souza in 1891. The emigrated to the USA in 1895 under the name Medeiros using their cousins papers. They had one daughter, Angelina at the time of arrival in the US. Maria Cabral was born 3 Aug 1860. Her sister Maria Norbina de Jesus Cabral came over shortly thereafter. She married Joseph Tavares. All families are from Bretanha, Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel.

Julie Gerren (17 Apr 2008)

I am researching Antone PRADER b 1825 in Azores. he came to America in 1850's. I am looking for his parent's name.

Debbe Hagner (9 Apr 2008)


Searching for family line of: Antonio (da) COSTA, born aprx. 1850 ish in Riberinha, Sao Miguel, Azores.
Wife: Margarida PAULINO, born aprx. 1850 ish, probably in Riberinha also. One of their children, my great grandfather, Marion (Marianno) COSTA, born 1870 ish in Riberinha, immigrated to Hawaii (Hilo) between 1874-1882 to work the sugar. Marion COSTA married Mary Maria SANTOS about 1890 in Hawaii. They had most of their 15 children in Hawaii. They immigrated to California between 1906-1908 to join other family members in Oakland. The name PIMENTEL is also linked to this family, by marriage I think.
My G. grandfather, Marion, was said to be a very secretive person, and it was said that he burned his "papers" after he got to CA. So, some of the information might be a little off, but if generally this rings a bell with anyone, please e-mail me. Thanks (27 Mar 2008)

I'm Looking for any information conserning my Grandfather JACINTHE (Jesse) ENOS TORRES, b. Dec 25, 1900 in Sao Miguel, arrived in Ellis Island May 1902. went to New Bedford and lived most of his life on the Cape in Falmouth, Mass. I'd really like to find the town in Sao Miguel that the TORRES family is from. Any Info is greatly appreciated. Obrigada Linda Collie (27 Mar 2008)

Looking for Jose Francisca Manuel b. 1870 in Pico. He immigrated to the New England US area between birth and 1893. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on this person. Ronald Francis (26 Feb 2008)

I am looking for the family of MANUEL DENIZ [Dennis] born 1850. Married MARIA DEJESUS born 1864. They left SAU MIGUEL, AZORES on march 9th 1883. The ship was named the Abergeldie and headed for the Hawian islands. Any information on either surname would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Rick Dennis (22 Feb 2008)

My great great great grandfather Henrique VIEIRA born Jun 23, 1828 in Piedade, married Margarida LEAL born January 21, 1838 in Pedro Miguel. Both immigrated to Hawaii in the 1860s and ran the Beehive Saloon in Honolulu. (22 Feb 2008)

Looking for BORGES probably from Sao Jorge Island. Family spent summers in the mountains and winter near the ocean and grew bananas, tropical foods, and yams. Two possibilities for given names: George Borges (married to Mary MEIDEROS) or initials J.S. Borges (married to Mary JESUS). Children: Antonio M, Manuel, Joseph, Frank, Rose, Marian, Jermano. Most emigrated to U.S. Antonio was my grandfather and emigrated with his brother Manuel in 1908 or 1910 through Boston and moved to California (Alameda and Contra Costa counties). Antonio owned dairy farms in Newman and Tracy California and spoke of seeing the running of the bulls in the Azores. (20 Jan 2008)

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