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Looking for John (Joao?) (di?) FIGUEREDO (spelling?) b. 25 Jul 1878 in Santa Maria Island, Azores. He immigrated to Dighton, MA area in 1895, possibly on the ship Olinda.  He americanized his name to John STANLEY.  His death record states his father was John FIGUEREDO and his mother as Luciana PEDRO.  I have no other family information on him at all.  I do not know where on Santa Maria Island he was born, and unfortunately I cannot read portuguese. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on this person.  I can be emailed at (3 Dec 2009)

Looking for info on family living on Terceria of Jose de SOUSA de MELO, Junior, born December 1879 in Sao Sabatiao, Terceria, to Jose de SOUSA de MELO and Mariana FLORINDA.  Grandfather:  Jose de SOUSA de MELO, grandmother: Maria Luisa.  Maternal grandfather, Francisco MARTINS, maternal grandmother: Florinda TOSTE.  Had sisters Francisca and Rita and Maria.  Francisca and Maria and Jose moved to Ferndale, California early 1900s.  Married two sisters, both died.  Had three daughters.  Jose married in Ferndale and moved back to Sao Sabatiao sometime after 1920 with his third wife, possibly SIMAS, and died in 1960 and is buried in Sao Sabatiao cemetery. (3 Dec 2009)

I am looking for information on the family of Francisco Silveira Leonardes. he was married to fransisca maria silveira leonardes (de Jesus) my direct ancestor 6 generations thank you! peggie silveira magnuson (14 Nov 2009)

Looking for Agostinho Funchal SANTOS. Immigrated to San Rafael, CA area in 1920. Sister BETTENCOURT, father Manuel Funchal dos SANTOS or BETTENCOURT. Birthplace St. Antonio, S. Jorge Azores. Would like to correspond with anyone having information on this person. (13 Nov 2009)

Researching the history &/or back ground of my g grandfather MANUEL LEWIS listed as a mariner on the whaling Ship Ocmulgee of Edgartown, Massachusetts in the 1860 census. On September 5th, 1862 the Ocmulgee was the first US ship attacked, boarded, and scuttled 50 miles north west of the island of Pico by the newly clandestinely commissioned man-of-war, the Alabama, by England interests for the confederates. The Alabama's captain, Raphael Semmes, set the crew of the Ocmulgee into whaling skiffs (large row boats) and told them to row home. The crew of the Ocmulgee reportedly were able to land at Pico in the Azores!

Various records indicate MANUEL was born in Flores between 1832 and 1847. Most likely March 14, 1842. He married Frances Joseph Sept. 4, 1868 in Boston, Mass. and they had 6 recorded children, William, Mary, Anthony, Thomas, Elizabeth, and George. William was born c1868 in Edgartown, Mass. and the following all in Provincetown, Ma. He died January 14, 1909 in Winthrop, Mass.

Specificlly seeking information on where in Pico the crew of the Ocmulgee may have landed and/or where such information might be found. Would also like any information on this familly line whether in the Azores or the USA.

Thank you

Ralph Sellars (13 Nov 2009)

In September 2010 my wife and I will be traveling to the Azores. All of her Portuguese ancestors are from the Azores and I would be interested in obtaining as much information about them as I can before we arrive there. Also, and if possible, we would like to meet any distant relatives still living there. The information we currently have is as follows:

Manuel Machado AMARANTE
John DESOUZA, born Flores
Manuel Frank THEODOZIO
E. M. MENDOZA, born about 1820
Josefa Rosa BETTENCOURT, born about 1830, Sao Jorge
Antonio Silveira da BETTENCOURT, born about 1830, Sao Jorge
Eugenio Machado MENDOZA, born 01 November 1848, Sao Jorge
Josefa Silveira da Bettencourt AMARANTE, born 06 March 1855, Abeta Cica, Sao Jorge
John Furtodo SOUZA, born 28 November 1855, Flores
Francisco Bettencourt AMARANTE, born 12 February 1862, Biera, Sao Jorge
John AMARANTE, born 02 May 1866, Biera, Sao Jorge
Jose Maria AVELLAR, born 28 December 1871, Cedros, Flores
Antone Caton THEODOZIO, born 1887
Evelyn BRONCO, born 11 January 1894

Any information relating to the above persons will be greatly appreciated.

Jim Shepard (11 Oct 2009)

I am looking for DAVINA and REIS families in Bandeiras, Pico.

Immanuel Gracier Serpa Davina, born 23 Dec 1823 in Bandeiras, Pico. Left the Azores in abt. 1835 as a stowaway. The captain of the ship was named John ENOS, and Immanuel used the name John ENOS throughout much of his life. Returned home in 1853 and married Anna Isabelle REIS (born 18 Aug 1828), also from Bandeiras, Pico. They returned together to the US (Boston) about 1858, and eventually settled in Hamburg, IA where Immaneul died. Anna left Iowa with son, George Nathan Gracier Serpa Davina and moved to Oklahoma.

All of the DAVINA children had "Gracier Serpa" as their middle names. Could that be a family name? Two REIS cousins came to America with Anna to care for the children, but I don't know their names.

I am interested in any others researching these names to help find their parents in the Azores.

Thank you -
Kim Bierbaum, (14 Aug 2009)

Looking for Jose TEIXEIRA (father), Maria dos SANTOS BORGES de MENEZES (mother)

Paternal grandparents are Manuel TEIXEIRA and Maria do PATROCINO
Maternal grandparents are Jose CARDOSO de MENESES and Maria INOCENCIA dos SANTOS

Noberto do MENESES TEIXEIRA born December 21, 1958 at Rua da Estrela civil parrish Santa Cruz municipality of Vila da Praia da Vitoria. I am trying to find any information on these people. Any any will be appreciated. Thanks. (30 Jul 2009)

I'm looking for my grandmother's relatives. Her name was marie (Mary) veveiros she was born , I believe in Fall River MA, her parents came from the Azores. She was born around 1892 and died around 1959 In Fall River. She was married to Joseph Nobrega Gomes or (Jose Gomes Nobrega) Any help would be great
Thank You,
Matt Gomes (14 Jul 2009)

I am trying to get any and all information on my family from Arrifes. Sao Miguel. I am also interested in getting in touch with a researcher from that area. My grandmother was Irmalinda CABRAL, born somewhere between 1876 and 1888. She was the daughter of Joseph Peter CABRAL and Mary PETERS. She had at least 2 siblings who also emigrated to Massachusetts prior to 1908' Julius CABRAL and Mary CABRAL. She had at least 1 sister who stayed in the Arrifes area - Charlotte CABRAL, who became Charlotte RAPOZA. Charlotte was still living in 1953, when Irmalinda died. My name is Richard BARBOZA, but as far as I know, I am not related to the BARBOZA name on Sao Miguel. My grandfather, Alfred BARBOZA was from Brava, Cape Verde Islands. To simplify things, my grandfather wrote on his Social Security application that he was Caucasian, but a later census shows him as Black. To further complicate matters, Irmalinda indicated that she was also Caucasian, but the last census that was made public, also shows her as Black. If anyone else is researching this line, I have more information, which I will gladly share. Richard BARBOZA (30 Jun 2009) **This post is an update from the original posting

I am looking for any decendents of my father’s half brother and sister. My father’s name was Joseph Figueiredo. His brother was John Botelho. John was born on November 1, 1902, and died in March 1986. The sister was Lucilla Botelho, born June 13, 1901, death unknown. Both John and Lucilla were born in the US in Westport, Mass. However, they returned to the Azores as children, where their parents were from. Their parents were Leonardo Botelho and Maria Gloria Santos. Maria was from St. Michaels, Azores, and I do not know where Leonardo was from. I do not know if John and Lucilla remained in the Azores as adults.

Any help would be wonderful!
Thank you! Carol Lena Figueiredo (25 Jun 2009)

Searching for information for a Manuel J. LEWIS possibly born March 14, 1842, Flores Isle. Azores, died Jan 14, 1909, Winthrop, Massachutes, USA. Married Frances Joseph possibly from Mississippi/Alabama, USA who died c1919 in Melrose, Mass. USA. They had 5 known children: Mary, Anthony, Thomas (maternal grandfather), Elizabeth, and George, all born in Provincetown, Mass between 1869 and 1878. Son Thomas' birth certificate stated Manuel's occupation as fisherman/mariner.

Would be appreciative of any information or communication on this family line and willing to share what I have. Thank you, Ralph E. Sellars, Jr. (25 Jun 2009)

Looking for John J CUNHA b. abt. 1865 in Sao Jorge. He immigrated to the Oakland, CA area with his brother Jose in 1885. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on this person. (29 May 2009)

Looking for my Great Grandfathers Family Louis Ray LIMA, to LEMA after arriving in the USA from Sao Miguel born 10 Jun 1854 in Sao Miguel if anyone can help it would be so appreciated. Would like to know his parents and siblings. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide. (2 May 2009)

Looking for Antone C. BRANCO dob - 10/10/1919. He may have been born in Portsmouth, RI while his mom was visiting from St. Michael. He lived in St. Michael and came back to the states and lived in New Bedford, Ma and Fairhaven, Ma. He died on 11/24/1986. He married Alice PIMENTAL (date unknown). Alice's dob is 2/22/1920; dod is 7/9/1998 (some databases list it as 7/10/1998). Alice had at least 2 brothers named Manuel and Gilbert PIMENTAL. I would love any help :) My e-mail is God bless!! (2 May 2009)

Looking for my family here below members’ certificates. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on these persons.

Bapt.: 13.3.1679 in S. Mateus da Calheta, Angra

Died: Se de Angra on 16.2.1708
Married on 25.1.1671 in Se de Angra do Heroismo with D. Maria de Noronha Corte-Real

In 1641 and 1642 was in Angra at the service of El Rey D. João IV.
Married with D. Maria da Câmara (from Ilha Terceira) on 17.08.1603

Son of: João Dias Carvalhal (Açores) and Maria Borges Abarca (Se, Angra do Heroismo – 27.06.1790)
Was married to D. Barbara Machado Vieira

5 - JOAO DIAS CARVALHAL – Açores, Terceira
Married with D. Maria Borges Abarca on 07.08 1560 in Angra do Heroísmo, Ilha Terceira.

Thank you and best regards.
Natalia Sarmento. (14 Apr 2009)

Looking for John Simas LEAL's family. He immigrated to the San Francisco area of California from Pico in the late 1800s or early 1900s and moved to Gloucester, His parents are listed as Manuel Leal and Filippa DE JESUS.
John moved to Gloucester, Massachusetts around 1912-1913. He married Mary M. MUNIZ in 1913. He was a fisherman aboard the Georgianna and he died in 1918 leaving his wife and 3 children. Family lore says he was a cook in San Francisco.

On September 12, 1918, he filled out his world war I draft registration card. So did a man named Lizandro SIMAS (who may be related). John was dead of the Spanish flu 3 weeks later and Lizandro seems to have disappeared from Gloucester.

Diane (14 Apr 2009)

I am looking for my granfather Manuel Rose Marcial (aka Manuel Rose Marshall) born 07-25-1877 on Faial. Also, looking for my grandmother, Maria Freitas born 03-25-1884 on Terceira married to Manuel Rose Marcial. Lorraine Thomas (6 Apr 2009)

I am trying to find information my Great Grandparents, Manuel DA COSTA and Jacinta DE JESUS. My grandmother, Julia DA COSTA was born in Arrifes, 1872. She immigrated to America on September 17, 1902. Married Jose Cabral, also from Azores, believe also from Arrifes. They were married in Conneaut, Ohio. Lived with Anton GOMES family, which I found in the 1910 census. (6 Apr 2009)

GOUVEA: Antonio born April 15, 1891 in Pontaga Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores. He came into NY Sept. 13, 1912 on the Lusitania Steamer. He used Louis Canas passport to come into the United States, I don't know anything about parents, siblings. I always thought he came from Lisboa, but now I'm not sure. He must've had siblings or relatives that wondered where he went. He never mentioned any family. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Cynthia Crumb (5 Apr 2009)

I would like information on Charles G. Quille or Rosa Felicia. Charles was recorded in the USA 1880 census. The same year he married Rosa Felicia in Silver City, Nevada. Charles father was French, his mother Portuguese They are reportedly from the Azores. Thank you. (28 Mar 2009)

I am looking for Manuel Perry VALINE born January 15, 1845 in Calliete, Isle St. George. He emigrated to Cohasset, Massachusetts in 1863. I would like to correspond with anyone having information concerning this person. Thank you. (28 Mar 2009)

I am looking for my great grandfather Manuel Gomes Camacho b 1862-865 he was born in the azores, but I donot have any specific island, this is part of my problem. He married in approx 1888 of Mary Augusta Faria and then immigrated in 1889 to the us and resided in San Leandro, CA. I can't located via internet his death certificut or her's. (27 Mar 2009)

I am trying to find any information on my gg grandfather john SIMAS who was born in Nov. 1854 in the Azore Islands, He may have come to America around 1874, but not sure on that. He married Mary Elizabeth Davidson about 1880-85, and he died in 1918 in Fort Jones California. I know some of his kids changed their name from Simas to Simmons. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Donalyn Lane Shock (2 Mar 2009)

Looking for Manuel Pavid da COSTA, of São Miguel. His birth date is around 1885 +/-, and he married Sofia de Jesus (FURTADO D'ARAUJO) of Povoacao. They both arrived to reside in Fall River, Massachussetts between the years 1900-1910. The 1910 US Census shows me some very promising information about their residency in the US, but I am more interested in potential Birth, Baptism or Wedding records with locations in São Miguel. (24 Feb 2009)

John Mattos PACHECO (b. 22 Nov 1885, d. 7 Apr 1967) and Maria Piadade (SOARES) PACHECO (b. 2 Jul 1885, d. 21 Nov 1967) were were born in Azores (St. Michael and Pico, respectively) and I believe immigrated to the US bet 1903 and 1906 (according to census records). Their parents were as follows (as written on their death records):

John Mattos PACHECO son of Henry J. PACHECO and Mary MUNIZ.

Maria Piadade SOARES dau. of Joseph SOARES and Mary STANEADE.

I do not know if either parents of JM and MP PACHECO immigrated to the US but thought they might have with their children since JM and MP were married in Mass., not Portugal.

If anyone has any information on these people please contact me.

Jennifer (22 Feb 2009)

Looking for the family of marie augusta (siliva) Nobrega who went to hawaii then returned to the azores around the 1890's (20 Feb 2009)

Looking for Teresa Miranda, born in Terceira . She immigrated to California with her husband Joao Miranda. In 1981 they lived in Turlock CA and they came back to Angra, Terceira, this same year, 1981. Joao Miranda dies between 2005-2007 and on 2007 May, Teresa Miranda went with her daughter to Canada where she lives actually. Where? I don’t know. I woul like to correspond with anyone having information on this person.

Maria Goncalves (17 Feb 2009)

I am looking for information about two ancestors from the Azores. The spelling of the names is very likely different originally in the Azores. Joseph VINCENT born 1812 (which island is unknown) died 1899 and is buried in the Catholic cemetery in Sawyers Bar, California. It is thought that he arrived in the U.S. sometime during the 1850's or 1860's. He married Anne ALGERS-DEAS who was born April 1, 1847 on Faial Island. She died in Sawyers Bar in 1927 and is buried in the Protestant cemetery there. Joseph and Anne ended up in the tiny gold mining community of Sawyers Bar, Calfornia. Their children were Albert, Charlotte (my great great-grandmother), Annie, Jessie, Raymond, Amy, Esther, Sydnie and Sylvester. Any information about Joseph and Anne would be much appreciated, especially the names of their siblings and even, hopefully, their parents. (16 Feb 2009)

Looking for information on LOUREIRO family of Altares and Rochela area on the island of Terceira. My Great Grand father was Joao of Altares and my Great Grand mother was Maria de Encarnacao of Biscoites .They had one son that I know of, my grand father, Manuel. Manuel had four sons, Manuel, Joao, Jose, Faustino, and my father Frank. All were born between 1839 and 1880. (10 Feb 2009)

I was writing to see if anyone might have any information on or also be researching the family of Luzia NETTO, later Luzia FOSTER after her marriage to Joseph FOSTER. She was born on the island of Graciosa, Azores in approximately June, 1868. Her father was Joze SOUZA NETTO. I do not have much other information about the family dating back to when they lived on Graciosa, however when Luzia came to the U.S., she married Joseph FOSTER, also from the Azores, and they had 8 children and lived in Oakland, California. Luzia died on May 13, 1940. One of their children was Minnie FOSTER (my great grandmother). She married Joseph FRATES (FREITAS) and had two children, Elmer and Lorraine. Later Minnie remarried and became Minnie DANIELS.

I would appreciate any information or suggestions that people might have regarding the family or if anyone is also researching or related
to this family.

Thank you,
David (26 Jan 2009)

I am seeking information on Antonio (Antone) GONSALVES born Dec 10 1857 in Ferragudo, Portugal, parents were Antonio GONSALVES and Mary ROSE. Went from there to Fayal to Boston, MA. He was a seaman, probably whaling, and made multiple trips between Fayal and Boston in the 1880's. Also visited mainland Portugal. He married Clara MARTIN of Fayal, parents unkown, in 1881. There children were Antonio Jr. Mary (Maria), Michael (Miguel), Alfred and Joseph Anthony. The children were all born in Boston. Antonio and Clara both became American citizens and settled in Cohasset, MA where there was a sizeable Portuguese community. Antonio died in 1903 and Clara died in 1948. They were my great-grandparents. They were illiterate and left few records. The information I have is from death certificates and passport applications.Any further info would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you.
Catherine Gonsalves Dumas (26 Jan 2009)

Looking for information about Manuel Jacinto FRADE, b. 1864 in Fajanzinha, Flores. He married Ana Tomasia HENRIQUES, b. 1882 in Fajanzinha, Flores. Any information about their parents and siblings would be appreciated. Thank you. Email: and (12 Jan 2009)

Looking for Felesmina Augustina Perry, first name may have been spelled Filomena. Last name may have been Pereira & shortened when she arrived here.

She was born October 12, 1878 in Faial (village unknown).

All records indicate that her maiden name is Perry. However, my father listed her maiden name on his Social Security Application as Dias. She immigrated to California, do not know what route she came by, she married Manuel Souza Azevedo born January 4, 1872. He was born in Calheta, Pico.

I would like to correspond with anyone having information on these two people.

Thank you,
Dollie (Souza) Kosmos

Contact me at: (12 Jan 2009)

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