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Looking for information on Catherine Amelia de Mendonca FREITAS. Born 1835 Sedros, Flores, Azores. Married Thomas Hickling ANGLIN Aug 1854 in the Azores. He died 12 May 1874 in the Azores. After she was widowed, Catherine traveled to New Bedford, Ma with two of her sons, Henry Hickling ANGLIN and William Hickling ANGLIN 1875. She lived there until her death Feb. 15, 1886. Her oldest son William Hickling ANGLIN remained in the Azores I would like to share information with anyone who may have more information on Catherine and her parents etc. Donna Cass (28 Dec 2010)

Does anyone know Joseph Cambra; b. May 1896 in the Azores. He lived in River Point, Rhode Island when he filed his WWI draft registration card Jun 15, 1917. At that time he was single, and worked for Clyde Print Works. He was listed as being short with a medium build, brown eyes and light brown hair.

He re-filed with the 1942 draft of WWII and this time listed his birth date as Mar 18, 1894 and born in St. Michael. He was living in Warwick, RI and employed by the Apponaug Company. He was at that time 5' 4" tall, weighed 150 pounds, had gray hair and a small scar between his eyes.

I believe his real name was Joseph Camara Viveiros; b. in Agua d'Alto, Sao Miguel.

Rick in Taunton, MA (25 Nov 2010)

Looking for SIZER families in the Azores. ANTONIO SIZER was born in 1707 on the Island of Terceira and came as a sailor in 1722 to Connecticut settling in Middletown and marrying SARAH TRYON. We have information that says he changed his name from something like De Zocieur. However, I ran across MANUAL MARIA SIZER born 1879 on Santa Maria island, Azores and arrived in the United States in 1891 living in New London and Waterford, Connecticut. The name was SIZER in the Azores. So, we believe ANTONIO SIZER did not change his name. It was always SIZER. MANUAL MARIA SIZER was living with his brother in law MANUAL VRADA and sister MARY (wife of Manuel Vrada) in the 1900 census. Also, living next door was JOSEPH SIZER born 1855 and arrived c. 1875 to America from the Azores. JOHN SIZER also listed in the 1910 census was living in the same community and also from the Azores. Does anyone know of the SIZER families on Santa Maria? Is there a telephone directory for Santa Maria? (25 Nov 2010)

Antonio Coelho De FRAGA; b. Jul 17, 1732 in Sa Mateus, Terceira, Azores; m. Vicencia Mariana ROMEIRO. Children of Antonio Coelho and Vicencia Mariana (Romeiro) De FRAGA, 1-3 born in San Mateus, others in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores:
Faustina b. Jun 01, 1769 d.
Antonio b. Oct 12, 1770 d.
Francisco b. Aug 14, 1772 d.
Mateus Coelho b. Feb 21, 1779 d.
Maria b. Nov 21, 1785 d.

Mateus Coelho FRAGA; b. Feb 21, 1779 in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores; m. Feb 03, 1800 in Sao Bartolomeu Maria do ROSARIO; b. in Calheta, Sao, Jorge, Azores. Children of Mateus Coelho and Maria do (Rosario) FRAGA born in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores:
Bento Coelho b. 1818 d. Dec 16, 1911 Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores
Joao Coelho b. d.

Bento Coelho FRAGA; b. about 1818 in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores; d. Dec 16, 1911 in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores; m. Jan 08, 1856 in Sao Bartolomeu Maria JOSE. She was the daughter of Antonio Rosario da Silva and Delfina CANDIDA. Bento was a farmer. Children of Bento Coelho and Maria (Jose) FRAGA born in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores:
Mateus Colho b. 1861 d.
Antonio Coelho b. Mar 31, 1865 d.
Delfina Candida Martins b. Dec 01, 1869 d. Apr 05, 1956 Taunton, MA
Maria Jose b. d.
Bento Coelho b. d.

Mateus Coelho FRAGA; b. about 1861 in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores; m. Nov 25, 1882 in Sao Bartolomeu Maria Augusta BRETAO; b. Oct 01, 1863 in Santa Barbara, Terceira, Azores. She was the daughter of Manuel Goncalves and Maria Augusta do (Socorro) BRETAO. Children of Mateus Coelho and Maria Augusta (BRETAO) FRAGA born in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores:
Bento Coelho b. Nov 26, 1888 d.
Jesuina b. Sep 02, 1892 d.
Mateus Coelho b. Mar 02, 1894 d. Mar 16, 1979 Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores
Francisco Coelho b. Jan 10, 1896 d. Oct 11, 1976 Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores
Joao Coelho b. Feb 08, 1899 d.
Antonio b. Aug 03, 1900 d. Aug 03, 1900 Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores

Bento Coelho FRAGA; b. Nov 26, 1888 in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores; m. Jesuina de Sousa MARTINS. She was the daughter of Joao de Sousa Martins and Mariana Teodora. Children of Bento Coelho and Jesuina de Sousa (Martins) FRAGA born in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores:
Maria de Jesus b. Oct 24, 1912 d. Oct 30, 1988 San Bernardino, CA
Jose Coelho b. Apr 09, 1914 d. Dec 12, 2008 Modesto, CA
Joaquim Coelho b. Jun 03, 1916 d. Mar 05, 2007 Seekonk, MA
Maria do Carmo b. Jan 15, 1921 d.
Jesuina da Conceicao b. May 06, 1923 d.
Arminia de Jesus b. Feb 23, 1926 d.
Olivia de Jesus b. Oct 27, 1928 d. Aug 07, 1929 Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores

Mateus Coelho FRAGA; b. Mar 02, 1894 in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores; d. Mar 19, 1979; m. Sep 11, 1920 in Sao Bartolomeu Maria do Carmo SOUSA; b. Aug 15, 1910; d. May 27, 1969. She was the daughter of Joao de Sousa Martins de Sousa and Mariana TEODORA. Children of Mateus Coelho and Maria do Carmo (SOUSA) FRAGA born in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores:
Maria do Carmo b. Oct 03, 1925 d.
Teresa de Jesus Coelho b. Sep 25, 1931 d.

Francisco Coelho FRAGA; b. Jan 10, 1896 in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores; d. Oct 11, 1976 in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores; m. Feb 19, 1914 Elvira Amelia Leonardo; b. in Sao Bartolomeu; d. Jul 24, 1971. She was the daughter of Francisco Machado Leonardo and Maria do Soccoro. One child of Francisco Coelho and Elvira Amelia (Leonardo) FRAGA born in Sao Mateus, Terceira, Azores:
Jose Coelho b. d.

Antonio Coelho FRAGA; b. Mar 31, 1865 in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores; baptized Apr 16, 1875; m. Nov 19, 1888 in Sao Bartolomeu Maria do SOCORRO; b. 1867 in Sao Bartolomeu; d. Nov 02, 1929 at six PM. She was the daughter of Antonio Martins and Maria Jestrudes CANDIDA. Children of Antonio Coelho and
Maria (Socorro) FRAGA born in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira, Azores:
Maria Jose b. Aug 15, 1891 d. Dec 17, 1974
Ludvena de Jesus b. Sep 25, 1892 d. Dec 16, 1985
Antonio Coelho b. Nov 19, 1895 d. Dec 26, 1941 Taunton, MA
Joao b. Oct 28, 1899 d.
Maria b. Oct 24, 1900 d.
Etelvina da Conceicao b. May 14, 1904 d.
Carmina Jesus b. Aug 20, 1907 d. Dec 18, 1992

Maria Jose FRAGA; b. Aug 15, 1891 in Sao Bartolomeu, Terceira; d. Dec 17, 1974; m. May 06, 1912, Antonio Ferreira FAGUNDES; b. Apr 06, 1891 in St. Bartolomeu; d. Dec 16, 1895. He was the son of Francisco Ferreira FAGUNDES and Maria da Gloria

Ludvena de Jesus FRAGA; b. Sep 25, 1892; d. Dec 16, 1985 in Sao Bartolomeu; m. Manuel Goncalves MOULES; b. Oct 24, 1886; d. Jun 12, 1961. He was the son of Manuel Goncalves MOULES and Vitoria Augusta

Antonio Coelho FRAGA; b. Nov 19, 1895; bpt. Nov 26, 1895; d. Dec 26, 1941 in Taunton, MA

Etelvina da Conceicao FRAGA; b. May 14, 1904; m. May 26, 1927, Manuel da Rocha FERNANDES; b. Feb 04, 1904; d. Apr 17, 1993

Carmina Jesus FRAGA; b. Aug 20, 1907; d. Dec 18, 1992; m. Nov 11, 1935, Joao FRAGA da COSTA; b. Mar 21, 1907; d. Oct 19, 1989

Antonio Coelho FRAGA; b. Nov 19, 1895 in St. Bartolomeu Terceira, Azores; d. Dec 26, 1941 in Taunton, MA; m. Jan 21, 1922 in St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church, Taunton by Reverend Alex Louro, to Etelvina BRETAO. Antonio left Terceira in 1920 after his father died in the plague, but was detained at Ellis Island after failing the literacy test. The Bertaos, who were cousins, arranged to have him move in with them in Taunton. His future wife taught him to read, write, and pass the literacy test. Antonio and his wife lived at 20 Horton Street in Taunton until 1923, when he bought a home at 19 Stanley Avenue from Jose C. and Jerome Vaz. His mortgage was $32 a month. At this time, he was with the railroad, and General Electric, until Apr 1934, when he bought a small dairy farm on 115 Tremont Street in Taunton. He sold the home on Stanley Avenue to the previous owner of the farm. By this time, eight of his twelve children were born. He continued working on the railroad while building his dairy business, selling milk and dairy products to local stores. During the depression, he made sure that his friends and cousins did not go hungry, delivering farm produce to them. On the day after Christmas, 1941, he was visiting his cousin, Jack Correia, when a heart attack took his life. Etelvina, also known as “Vangie” was left with 12 children and a farm.

I have copies of baptismal and marriage records (in Portuguese) and pictures from a recent trip. I am seeking translations and further info on any of the above
Rick in Taunton, MA (31 Oct 2010)

Surname CORREIA from Agua d'Alto, Sao Miguel

Antonio CORREIA; m. Rosa do Espirito SANTO. One child:

Manuel CORREIA; m. May 15, 1851 in Agua de Alto, Sao Miguel, Azores Maria PATROCIMIO. One child:

Jose CORREIA; b. about 1855 in Agua de Alto, Sao Miguel, Azores; m. Aug 31, 1892 in the church of Sao Lazaro in Agua de Alto Maria dos ANJOS; b. about 1871. She was the daughter of Francisco CORREIA and Fortuncete dos ANJOS. Jose was a muleteer. Maria was a domestic helper. One child:

Jose CORREIA; b. Dec 10, 1894 in Agua de Alto, Sao Miguel, Azores; d. Oct 20, 1966 in Taunton, MA; m. Jun 11, 1920 in Villa Franca da Campo, Saint Michael, at one P. M. to Maria Gloria Camara VIVEIROS; b. Nov 04, 1900 in Agua de Alto, Sao Miguel; d. May 30, 1992 in Lakeville, MA. She was the daughter of Manuel da Camara VIVEIROS; b. about 1859 and Maria da Estrela ARAUJO; b. about 1858. Manuel and Maria were married Oct 12, 1885 in the church of Sao Lazaro in Agua de Alto. Jose Jr. was a native of the parish of Sao Lazaro. He was a laborer when he applied for his marriage certificate in Villa Franco do Campo. On June 16, 1920 five days after marrying Maria Gloria, they received their passport to the United States for the simple stated reason "work", and on Jul 14, 1920 the steamship Britannia departed Ponte Delgada, and brought them to America. In Taunton, Jose worked for the Steadfast Rubber Company. The family settled on Pratt Street in Taunton.

I have copied baptismal and marriage records (in Portuguese) from a recent trip. Seeking translations and connections
Rick in Taunton, MA (31 Oct 2010)

I am looking for any information about Manuel Inacio MUNIZ(also known as Manuel Enos MONIZ, or Manny ENOS, b. 21 September, 1908. He traveled to Boston, Massachusetts on the ship Canopic. He arrived on 13 March, 1915 at the age of 6. He was accompanied by his brother, Joao, age 2, his sister Maria Eugenia, age 4, and his mother Ana Justina Souza. They were from Furnas, St.Michael. Ana Souza was known for being a talented weaver. Ana died in Fall River, Massachusetts abt. 1936. Manuel lived in Somerset, Massachusetts (after living in Fall River, MA) and died in 1973. Maria married and became Mary DESLISLE, living her remaining days in Fall River. She died in her 90's. Joao, became John MONIZ and lived his adult life in Texas, dying in his 60's.

Mary M (31 Oct 2010)

Looking for Manoel Pedro FURTADO de Almeida living in Boston in 1893. (16 Oct 2010)

I'm looking for information on:
Jose COUTO RAMOS (passed away in the 1970's, not sure when)
Maria Olivia SOUSA CAMBALITA (passed away around 1997)
Mariano FURTADO MEDEIROS (passed away around 1963-64)
Maria PEREIRA CARQUEZ (moved to Toronto,Ontario, Canada around 1964 and passed away in the 1990's, not sure when)

Can you help me? These are my grandparents, from Lomba da Maia, St. Miguel, Azores, Portugal. Looking for information for a "family-tree".
Thank you,
Berta Furtado-Amaral (16 Oct 2010)

Thomas Francisco Rodrigues. Pico or Faial around 1920 Cindy Christensen (18 Sep 2010)

Nuna Maria DECAMBRA born San Miguel Azores
Maria Augusta Victorino born St Michael Island Azores Portugal
Any information would be greatly appreciated.. Linda Drake Johnson (18 Sep 2010)

I am looking for ancesters from S. Miguel Azores : Jose MOREIRA (Sr.), Furnas. S. Miguel, & Maria da Conceicao FERREIRA, Furmas S. Miguel. Approximate dates of 1885 - 1900.
Thank you,
Iberia Soares (12 Sep 2010)

Searching for the orgin of Manuel DRIGGS who was born about 1767 in the Azores and arrived in Falmouth, Massachusettes in about the year 1800. His last name was also spelled DERIGGS. Does anyone know from which island this name originates? Is it Portuguese, Flemish or what?

Rich Davis (3 Sep 2010)

I am searching for the parents and family of Catherine Amelia de Mendonca FREITAS (?) born Sedros, Flores Island abt 1815 (+/-) These are the names that I have found relating to her. I am not sure of the traditional manner in which children s' names are given.

She married Thomas Hickling ANGLIN abt 1854 in the Azores.

They had 3 sons
Henry Hickling ANGLIN
William Hickling ANGLIN

Thomas was the son of John ANGLIN and Anna Joaquina Hickling.
Anna was the daughter of Thomas Sale HICKLING and Suzanne "Sarah" FALDER. Thomas was the American Consul until his death in 1875 at age 93, and then his son Thomas, became his successor.

A diary of 80 pages written by Catherine HICKLING in 1808 when she visited her father in the Azores. She was Thomas' daughter by his first marraige to Sarah Greene who was born and Died in Boston, MA. It is in the hands of Russel MacAusland.

Catherine Amelia came to New Bedford, MA with her sons and other family members after the death of her husband, THOMAS HICKLING in San Miguel, Azores 12, May 1874.
Catherine died in New Bedford in 1893 and was buried there.

Any information regarding this family, especially of Catherine's parents etc.

Thank you,
Donna Cass (3 Sep 2010)

i'm looking for ADELAIDE MENDONCA DA CUNHA,born in Calheta SJorge (3 Sep 2010)

I've recently been given a large family tree for my Azorean ancestors, looking to extend it where possible. Particularly looking for the siblings of my GG Grandfather Manuel Jose Bernard... I believe some may have ended up in South America, while Manuel emigrated to New Zealand. 1. Manuel Jose BERNARDO B 1841 Ponta Delgada, Flores D New Zealand 2. (MJB's parents) Manuel Bernardo DE ALMEIDA Flores. M 1836 Teresa Candida Georgina ALVARES 3. (MBdA's parents) Capitao Domingos Jose de AVELAR Francisca Clara de JESUS 3. (TCGA's parents) Ricardo Jose ALVARES Rita Vincencia dos SANTOS Other names in the tree are; SERPA, COELHO, FREITAS, FRAGA, DIAS, RODRIGUES etc. It goes back about 7 generations from Manuel Bernardo, so I count myself pretty lucky to have it! :) (5 Aug 2010)

Looking for information concerning Antonio Rego AGUIAR from Ponta Delgado He immigrated to the United States in 1948 with his two sons Antonio and Manuel. (5 Aug 2010)

Researching my grandparents: MANUEL de SOUSA REIS abt 1887 to 3/1/1975 (86) Mosteiros, Sao Miguel and ALEXANDRINA PEREIRA da SILVA, abt 1886 Genetes, Sao Miguel. His parents: MANUEL de SOUSA REIS and MARIA da CONCEIÇÃO PIMENTEL. My grandfather’s family came to Fall River, MA about 1903? – they had 3 boys: Manuel (Manoel), JOSE and AGOSTINHO and 4 girls: MARIANNA SOUSA-REIS OLIVEIRA, abt 1898 - 1/24/1979 (81); MARIA 'MARY' REIS TORRES, abt 1901 - 11/18/1982 (81); MARIA GLORIA REIS REIS, 10/8/1903 - 12/23/1998 (95) and MARIA DA CARMEN?? My great grandparents returned to Mosteiros in early 1900. My grandparents returned to Mosteiros around 1919 – most of the other children remained in the area of Fall River, MA. (29 Jun 2010)

Hi! Am looking for my great great grand parents. Louisa JOACHIM who was married to Emmanuel GARCIAR MORGAN. Both were from the parish of Sao Agustias, Horta, Faial. I was told that Emmanuel may have had the surname D’AMOITOSO and changed it to GARCIAR MMORGAN when he and Louise immigrated to Seychelles. I know most are GARCIA as opposed to GARCIER, and the unusualness of the above should make it more visible from other Portuguese names. Kindest regards!
Norm Morgan New Zealand (18 May 2010)

Looking for the family of the late Uriel Sousa that emigrated to the US in the early 1900's. He was born in the late 1800's in R. Seca da R. Grande, Sao Miguel. He had 9 children. They are Mary Silveira, Joseph Sousa, Uriel Sousa, Mary Alice Sousa, Anthony Sousa, Mary Emily Oliveira, James Uriel Sousa, May Ida Sousa (who just passed away in Sept. 2009 at the age of 90). Apparently there is still one brother that lives in Bristol, RI...his name is William P. Sousa. Uriel was my late grandmother's brother, her name was Maria Jose de Sousa Calouro. She was married to Manuel Maximo da Costa. If you think we are related or if anyone knows any of these names mentioned above please contact me at ...Thanks, Carmen Bem(21 Mar 2010)

Looking for any information on Maria (Mary) Julia who came to Australia aboard 'Waterlily' arriving Geelong 14th November, 1853 from Santa Michael, Azore Please contact (8 Mar 2010)

Looking for Maria de Lourdes Arruda Sao Miguel born 2/8/32 birth recorded 2/20/32 Possible name Maria de Lourdes Viveiros Arruda
Thank you (8 Mar 2010)

I am looking for information on Maria De Conceciao PUIM b abt 1900 died abt of her children was Virginia Da Costa Puim and a son Alfredo Da Costa Puim and another son Jose Da Costa PUIM. She had another daughter Filomena da Costa PUIM LOPES... Thank You Charles Anthony Smith, (22 Feb 2010)

Trying to find information about my grandmother Anna Bautista from Sao Jorge, born 1875 ... don't know what town ... married Antone Vicente (I'm guessing 1890s) from Lisbon. Immigrated (followed husband) with children to California via Hawaii. I know my father was born on a cattle boat coming to California from Hawaii in 1913. There would have been my grandmother Anna, aunt Mary, and uncles Manuel and Joseph with my grandmother on that boat. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I am the last in the line. (22 Feb 2010)

I'm looking for information on an Angel "Arejo" PEDRO b. 1867 in Sao Miguel, immigrated to Paget, Bermuda (possibly with his wife Maria, also b. 1867 in Sao Miguel) and was living there by 1922. Any information would be extremely helpful, thanks. (16 Feb 2010)

Looking for Joseph S. GRAY b. 1844 in Faial. He immigrated to the Truro, Massachusetts area along with his brother approx. 1865. I am also interested in information on his brother, John W. GRAY b. approx 1847, also in Faial. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on these brothers.
Thank you. Me (2 Feb 2010)

Can anyone help please. My husband’s great grandparents Joseph ANTONY and Julia FARRELL were married 25 October 1854 in Melbourne, Australia. Julia, an Irish immigrant, reputedly met her future husband en route to Australia. According to marriage certificate Joseph ANTONY was a laborer aged 29 years, son of Joseph ANTONY (cooper by trade) and Margaret WASON. Birthplace: Oporto, Portugal. According to 1853 naturalisation papers, Joseph ANTONI (signed with a X) aged 28 years was “a native of Oporto in Portugal” who “had arrived in the Colony of Victoria by the ship “Northumberland” in the year 1850”. According to recollections of a granddaughter in 1960s, Franz Joseph ANTONY was born to Portuguese parents on Island of Brazil, his father a schoolteacher. [note ....The island of Terceira was once known as Brazil.] He served in the Portuguese Navy, was sent to Lisbon to become a priest, ran away aboard British merchantman and later became skipper on English Immigrant Ship. Made several trips to Australia, the third with shipload of Irish immigrants. Had friend called Victor MARTA. Joseph’s surname has appeared as ANTONIO, ANTONIE, ANTONI, ANTOINE and ANTONY, etc. The name “Joseph” does not vary except for the abbreviation “Jo” and a reference to “ Old Franz Jose”. Also said that Margaret WASON came possibly from Italy and that “Old Jo” talked about Guiseppe ANTONIO from Portugal. Previous research in Portugal has drawn a blank – hopefully the reference to the Island of Brazil (Terceira?) holds the key to Joseph’s date and place of birth. Grateful thanks to anyone who unlocks the mystery. Kerryl (2 Feb 2010)

I am Searching For Maria da Conceicao Jorge da Silva she would Be About 52 years old She was born in lajas do pico. Her parents were Rogerio Garcia Da Silva and Aldina Alice Jorge Da silva. (6 Jan 2010)

I'm looking for information regarding Olinda Marion? Roque, b. ca 1843, somewhere on Pico and died in Massachusetts, 1929. Her parents are, according to her death record, Francis Machado ROQUE and Mary Y PROPETA. Mary is also called, in Olinda's death record, Mary 'PERKATIA. Will gladly accept any assistance! Thanks in advance (6 Jan 2010)

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