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Looking for information in the Azores for Augustine Louie b 1837 on San Jorge island and immigrated to California.

Looking for information in the Azores for Mary Vargas b 1845 on Faial Island and immigrated to California

Looking for information in the Azores for Manuel Sylva b 1836 on Pico Island and immigrated to California

Looking for information in the Azores for Marie Coelho b 1850 on Flores Island and immigrated to California (14 Dec 2011)

My Grandfather, John Mello Lindo, born in the Azores, moved to Bermuda, married Isobel in Bermuda and died in 50'sor60's. (14 Dec 2011)

I am look for information on my great great grandfather, his name is George LUIZ. I know that he was born in 1878 on the island Sao Miguel and he passed away April 24, 1918 in Colusa, California. He immigrated to the states around 1913-1914. He was married to Mary SOUZA and they had 5 kids that were born in Sao Miguel. Their names from oldest to youngest are Dave, John(born abt 1902), Joe, Antone(born Feb 1, 1905), George(born abt 1906 or 1907). They also had a daughter that was born in the states not sure were and her name was Mary. They did not go through Ellis Island. George had a sponser for work in the states so he came through Rhode Island.

If anyone has any information on them and could help me that would be great. (28 Nov 2011)

I am searching for my Great-Great Grandparents Jose Faria & Maria Gaetana. One came from Lisbon and one came from Faial, Portugal. My grandmother wasn't sure which one came from which place, any information would be greatly appreciated. Their daughter was born in the states in 1893, her name was Rosa Faria. So I'm guessing that they came to the state prior to her birth. I have no birth date for either, nor dates of (11 Nov 2011)

Above Domingos Jose da SILVA born Piedade, Lajes of Pico, Pico 12 Dec 1767. This site shows his father as Manuel Jose Silveira. Why the difference in last name of father? Also, I have marriage of parents and birth information about mother Maria Sao Jose Teixeira but was not able to find birth information for the father Manuel Jose Silveira. Any help? I would love to correspond with anyone who has information about this family. (15 Oct 2011)

great great grandparents Joseph Francis and Antonia Sousa or Souza from Fayal. (15 Oct 2011)

I am interested in Teresa de Jesus, or Jesus Matos, born in 1743 in Pico Island. Emigrated to Brazil and then to Uruguay, where he married in 1764 with Justo Gonzalez.I would like to correspond with anyone having information on this person. (1 Oct 2011)

Looking for information and possible relatives in Faial Da Terra related to Joaquim Moniz Faria Born 1883 Faial Da Terra Sao Miguel azores he came to the US in about 1899, and returned to Faial Da Terra sao miguel to marry Maria Amelia Fernandes they then returned to the USA in on the USS Cretic in 1908. They had 3 children Maria De Gloria Faria, Joaquim (Jake) Daniel Faria
and David Antonio Faria, in 1916 or 1917
returned to faial Da Terra, Sao Miguel, Portugal where they had there 4th child Evilina Aurelia Faria . A few years later returned to USA and in 1923 or 1924 his wife Maria Ameilia Fernandes Faria died in New Bedford Mass. USA Having a young Child he Married his wife's sister and he died in 1925. So his 2nd wife returned to Faial da Terra Sao Miguel with the youngest child Evilina Faria where they stayed until 1933 Evlina went to Newport RI USA
to live with her brother (my Father) David A. Faria. I don't know what my father's step monther and Aunt's first name was but she was a Fernandes.

Thank you any info on the address where they lived in Faial Da Terra, or any info at all would be appreciated. Any (1 Oct 2011)

Looking for info on Manuel Correia SILVA, born in Graciosa Nov 16, 1867. His father was Frank C. SILVA.

He emigrated to Massachusetts in August of 1882. He settled in New Bedford, though I don't know if he landed there or Boston.

He was a barber, he married Annie M. in 1886. She was from the Azores (Don't know where, but Graciosa is a good guess). She arrived in the U.S. 1881.

They had four children, Mary, Born Mar 1887; Anna, Born Feb 1891: Manuel, Born Feb 1895: Charles, Born June 1898.

He was widowed sometime between the 1900 and 1910 census.

He married Laurentina M., also from Graciosa in 1911, they had one child, Leonard Correia SILVA, who was my father.

Laurentina (Laura) was born in Jan 25, 1887. I don't know her maiden name but it may have been Mendoza or Mendonca.

I would love to know where in Graciosa he was from and any other information or sources that may help.

Thank you (12 Sep 2011

Looking for further information on the following families, or for other researchers interested in these families:

Joseph/Joao PACHECO and wife, Jacintha de Jesus COSTA
from Sao Roque, Sao Miguel, Azores
(town beside Ponta Delgada)

had son, Antonio PACHECO, b1885, who came to Massachusetts in 1904


Francisco MOURA and wife, Philomena ROSE
from unknown village on Sao Miguel, Azores

Had daughter, Elsie MOURA, b1893, came to Massachusetts at Age 12

(Elsie had 2 sisters and 2 brothers come over just before she married in Cambridge, MA, in 1912 to "Tony" PACHECO. I don't know what happened to Elsie's father.)

(My husband had no knowledge of his grandfather, Antonio PACHECO, until I started this research. So, he didn't know he had any PACHECO relatives in New England. But, I found out that he probably did, and possibly a Jesse PACHECO, also in Cambridge, MA, USA. I have not been able to find out if Joao and "Jesse" PACHECO on Sao Miguel had other children.) (12 Sep 2011)

I am looking for info on Maria Luiz born 1870 and Jacietho Luiz born 1868 I don't know which island. They both left and went to Hawaii. They as of 1910 had 6 kids Antone, Manuel,Virginia,Francisco,Saraphine, and Eliza if anyone has any ino it would be much appreciated. (23 Aug 2011)

I was trying to find out what town/village in the azores my great grandparents were from: Great Grandma was Amelia Luce Linhares her parents were Antonio Machadeo Linhares and Maria Clara Linhares I beleive and my great grandfather was Joseph Joseph Brum??? (23 Aug 2011)

ventura garcia coelho

I want to find other possible matches using the surnames and names I have entered. Thank you for your (16 Aug 2011)

My great grandfather Joe Perry Gomes came to the US between 1887 and 1899. He landed in California and stayed there all his life. Joe's sisters were Clara and Margaret in the states. (7 Aug 2011)

Looking for names of children of Jose De Rego Amaral (my Grandfather) born in 1800's, San Miquel, Azores. Have some of the names Diamantina Amaral( my mother born 1918),Marcelino Amaral, Frank Amaral, August Amaral, Maria Amaral. Total of 11 children. Any help would be appreciated. (26 Jul 2011)

looking for any mathias or matias surname from vila franca do campo sao miguel azores. (23 Jul 2011)

Looking for any info regarding my Ggrandfather Francisco Jose from Azores, born 1822. Unfortunately very little is known about him apparently he was sailor/whaler and jumped ship in New Zealand. Married NZ aged 57yrs in 1883 and had a son in 1886. I am only just beginning this search of a little known relative and would be very grateful for any clues/info. Thanks (23 Jul 2011)

Looking for information about Jose Lourenco FREITAS born 1832 on Flores, Azores we think. Died 5 May 1912 Red Bluff California. Married to Wakina KATON born Flores, Azores, died age 24. (18 Jul 2011)

I am seeking Anthony (or Antonio) SIZER, who was born in 1707 on the Island of Terceira, Azores. He allegedly changed his name to SIZER from something like DE ZOCIEUR or DE SAUSSURE when he emigrated to Connecticut in 1726. His parents were allegedly French Protestants (Huguenots). Does anyone know of Protestant church records in Terceira? (29 Jun 2011)

I am looking for information for the family of Joseph Mederios and Mary Amelia Conceicao Costa Mederios who immigrated to California from the Azores via Hawaii about 1888. They settled in Port Costa, Contra Costa County. Their 12 children include Anna Neff, Ruth Simboli Surges, Mae (Mary) Matchett, Manuel James Mederios, Joseph Mederios, Rose Rose, and Minnie Bullus. (29 Jun 2011)

Iam searching for actual location of death of my mother's oldest brother, Joao MADRUGA, died April 4, 1906 (age 2 years).The family arrived at Ellis Island on March 20, 1906 on the S/S Peninsular.They immigrated under the name XAVIER, but the ship's manifest has their name as XANVER
I cannot find any death record on him. Any information would be greatly appreciated. (21 Jun 2011)


My grandmother x 3 was born in Sao Miguel in 1840. Her name was Louisa Hannah JARDINE and her father's name was Robert JARDINE who was the captain of a trading vessel. Her mother's name is unknown. Would be grateful for any information. (8 Jun 2011)

Looking for information on the parents and grandparents of guilherme Eduardo Jorge born in Feteira, Faial. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on this person. (25 May 2011)

I am looking for the parents and home city/island of Manuel Leite Campina (later changed to Campos when arriving in Fall River, Mass.) and his wife Maria Duarte d'Almeida. Manuel's parents were thought to be Jose Leito Campina and Angelina Cabral, but I have found no proof of this. Four of their five children are already deceased and the last is 82 and we are working on the tree. Any help would be great! (25 May 2011)

Needing information from the azore islands of Sao Miguel and Pico on the following grandparents and their parents, etc. Antonio Avila BETTENCOURT~01/1886 [changing last name to SILVA~circa 1906 or abts.)and Maria Vierra PIMENTEL~07/1889. Married abt. 1910.

Antonio BETTENCOURT came to America in 1905 and moved to California, possibly the Bay area 1st, working for the Southern Pacific RR. Maria PIMENTEL came to America 04/1906 with her mother Antonia J., Ermenia and Jacinto (Jesse). Her father Manuel Vierra PIMENTEL, brothers Manuel Jr., and Joseph came one year eariler. They settled in Santa Maria, California. Right now I'm at a stand still to their lifes "before" coming to America. I never had the chance to see/meet them due to the fact that they were murdered in 1952 by a family member. I know someone out there knows something of their parents, cousins, etc. I did see the mention of a nephew to Manuel PIMENTEL listed on a census from 1910. His last name was SILVA Also, a niece was mention from my grandfather Antonio BETTENCOURT, my mother called her the painted up lady, cause of the makeup she wore and one of her daughters was called Mary. Thank you for any support, it's taken me years' to get this much. (19 May 2011)

I am seeking info pertaining to Joseph L.CABRAL of Aveiro, Sao Miguel & Maria Faustina Do Coracao de Jesus BRAZIL b. 1861 in Santa Catarina, Calheta, Sao Jorge, d. 1952 Arroyo Grande, CA

Maria immigrated in 1884 to Boston then California residing primarily in San Luis Obispo County, CA (OceanoArroyo Grande).

Their children were Joseph, Joe, Mary & Annie CABRAL. Annie CABRAL b. 1897 d.1990, m. David ALTAMIRANO.

Joseph & Joe were placed in an orphanage due to financial reasons when senior Joseph CABRAL died but remained in contact with the family.

The widowed Maria (BRAZIL) CABRAL later married Victorino "Victor" CORDEIRO (also from the Azores) in 1912, Oakland, CA.

I'm hoping to connect with anybody who has infopictures on these family members. Thank you. (16 May 2011)

looking for information on my grandmother. She was the daughter of JOSE SARMENTO and MARY BETTENCOURT. she was born in Pico on September 13, 1880. She married MANUEL AVILA and came to the Rhode Island. (16 May 2011)

Seeking information about my great-great-grandparents, Joseph Francis and Antonia Williams from Faial. (3 May 2011)

Looking for my grandfathers family. Manuel M. Avilla was born in the Azores on 5/1/1888. Came to Rhode Island with his sister Virginia around 1909. Was married to Anna Sarmento from Lisbon, Portugal. She was 12 years older than my grandfather. (3 May 2011)

Looking for any information about the"Galante's" from the Azores that relocated to So. Cal. I don't know much except he worked on a dairy. (3 May 2011)

looking for the family of ARTURO CORREIRA JANEIRO born in 1910 Ribeira Grande Sao Miguel, he married Amelia Borges Valerio in Ribeira Grande and immigrated to Canada in the late 1960, they both have now passed away I am their Grand daughter (11 Apr 2011)

Looking for the parents of Manuel C. MADEIROS/MEDEIROS b. 17 Mar 1855 Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguél Island, Açores, Portugal. He emigrated circa 1872 and settled in California. Manuel m. Eliza Joy RAWSON 6 Aug 1885 in Lakeport, Lake, CA. The name of one of his sons, Jacinto, may offer a clue as to his father's name. I have no idea how to procede with this search and will welcome any assistance. (7 Apr 2011)

1849 TO 1942
Calheta Sao Jorge azores mondo costa (28 Mar 2011)

My gr gr Grandmother, Eliza Antoinette SEARLE was supposedly born 16 Mar 1826 in Faial. She married
Henry Edward WILBY 29 Jun 1853 in San Francisco, California, USA. Henry Wilby used to transport wine from Oporto
Portugal to San Francisco, California. Eliza died 8 Feb 1922 in Victoria, B.C., Canada.

Eliza's parents were (supposedly) James Van Dam SEARLE and Mary Ann BIGBIE. (would like to verify that also) Eliza's siblings were William, John J., Marianne, James & George. I'd LOVE to find out more about what her Father did for a living ....why they were there in Faial.....and to verify her birth there. Would also love to correspond
with anyone who might know about the SEARLE family. You can email me at Thank you! (12 Mar 2011)

Looking for descendants of JOAO OLIVEIRA BRIGANTIM (BERGANTIM), b. 1784 in Feteiras, Sao Miguel, and his wife, ANA FRANCISCA, b. 1788, in Relva, Sao Miguel. Their son ANTIONIO DE OLIVEIRA RAMALHO, b. 1806 in Feteiras is my g-g-grandfather. Some of his descendants, my grandmother, MARIA ADELAIDE TAVARES SOUSA (b. 1879 in Feteiras) and her brother, JOAO DA COSTA TAVARES (b. 1875 in Feteiras), emigrated to MASS (abt 1903 - 1913). Descendants of Antonio’s brother, MANUEL DE OLIVEIRA, b. 1823 in Feteiras, emigrated to Hawaii and California. Maria Adelaide’s sister, HENRIETTA TAVARES (marriage name unknown) lived in Fall River. According to a message posted on another message board last year, there are also some descendants now living in Santa Maria. The person posting that message states she is descendant from JOAO and ANA through their granddaughter, JACINTA ROSA OLIVEIRA CARVALHO, and she knows of relatives in Hawaii, MASS, RI and CAL. Attempts to contact the person who posted that message have not been successful. I would appreciate any information anyone might have about any of these peoples’ descendants. I am willing to share information I have about these families. (16 Feb 2011)

DA COSTA, CABRAL, I am looking for the history of my grandmother, JULIA DA COSTA who was born in ARRIFES, San Miguel, on October 21, 1872. She immigrated to Ohio on the Dona Maria from San Miguel in 1902. Her parents were JACINTA DE JESUS and MANUEL DA COSTA. I have no information about my grandfather, JOSE CABRAL, except he was born 1870 in San Miguel. Other family (I have no information) ANTON GOMES and MARY GOMES, who were living with my grandparents in Conneaut, Ohio in 1910. They moved to Tranquillity, California in 1920.

Also trying to locate the first wife of my grandfather, ERMALINDA CABRAL, who died in OHio 1901. Family history is that Ermalinda was the sister of Julia da Costa, but we have no records.

I would appreciate any information on these families.

Thank you very much. (16 Feb 2010)

I am looking for more details (birth, marriage and death dates) about my great great great grandmother

She came to Lisbon from Terceira in the Azores and married William Purvis, a Scot who was an officer in the British Army during the Peninsular War (1807-14). He stayed in Lisbon and had a wine business.

Their first child Eliza Purvis was born 26 August 1819, so quite possibly the marriage took place in November 1818. A second daughter Emilia was born on 25 October 1820. I would be interested in any information regarding these women. It is known that one of them married a Mr. Crawford.

William and Hediviges had a son William, born on 27 March 1824, a daughter Helena Hediviges Clementina born on 17 October 1825 (my great great grandmother) and a fifth child, Jane (Senhora Donna Eugenia de Menezes Alarcao) born on 18 September 1831.

There is no date for the Hediviges' death. William married again and had many more children in Portugal.

Thank you.

Dawn Druitt Hollins (16 Feb 2011)

LEONILDA, FRANCO, D'SOUZA, SILVERA, PIMENTEL, D'AVILA was my husband's grandmother. HECTOR PIMENTEL was his grandfather. They were from Faial Azores and immigrated in 1921 to Massachusetts USA. THe ship came initially to Rhode Island. There were rumors that HECTOR'S biological father jumped off a ship and the Pimentel family adopted he and his sister. (31 Jan 2011)

Looking for Luiz DA COSTA FRIAS. Luiz is from Lagoa, Sao Miguel. Born somewhere around 1873. Headed to america on the Dona Maria on June 10, 1893. Please contact me regarding any information you might have on Luiz DA COSTA FRIAS. (31 Jan 2011)

I am looking for my Great Grandfather Antone S. AMARAL. I’ve had no luck in finding the passenger lists from 1887 from the Azores to San Francisco. Although I am not positive that he immigrated from the Azores or even to San Francisco, only know for sure that it was Portugal, but was told the Azores from my father, Lawrence W. AMARAL, DOB 6/5/25; DOD 1/3/2011. He lived in Pleasanton and Alameda and then in Santa Cruz, if he stopped in Hawaii on his way to California I am not sure of.

1887 is the approximate year he came to the U.S. Records are showing his DOB as February, 1864 but I’ve been unable to find his DOD, he is not shown as living with my Great Grandmother in the 1930s census, Mary S. AMARAL, in Santa Cruz, CA with my Grandfather Antone L. AMARAL and his brother John AMARAL and a sister Mary AMARAL. Any information on any of those persons would be helpful also. (31 Jan 2011)

Attempting to find out what happened to my great great grandfather Manuel DUARTE from Faca de Lima (or Cima), Sao Miguel, Azores. He and his family left the Azores in 1883 on the ship S.S.Bell Rock. Rumor has it that he jumped ship in Chile, leaving his family, who went on to Hawaii and had to be helped by the Catholic Church. Manuel's parents were Francisco DUARTE and Francisca TOMASIA. His wife was maria Jose do CANTO. Her parents were Vicente do CANTO and Francisca da CONCEICAO.

Gilbert Petersen
Buford, Georgia (12 Jan 2011)

Looking for their ancestors. Francisco Moniz FURTADO COUTO Jr. b1859 in Nordestinho, Sao Miguel and married Maria da Luz FRANCA de MEDEIROS in 1885 in Nordestinho, Sao Miguel.
She from Mosteiros, Sao Miguel born 1866. Trying to connect FURTADO to COUTO in past generations - are they the same family or did one drop part of the surname? (12 Jan 2011)

I am looking for information regarding my grandfather Manuel Pedroso Oliveira, born on January 2 1880 in Velas (or Beira), Sao Jorge, Azores, Portugal. Married (1930) to Maria Da Rosa De Oliveira (born 1911). His parents were Manuel Vieira Bettencourt and Maria Josefa Bettencourt. He may have had a brother of the name Jose Pedroso (unknown what last name used) and married Maria Palmira (unknown surname). Would like to exchange any information.


Sergeant Jose Oliveira (12 Jan 2011)

Interested in finding out about the Priest by the name of Jose de Silveida Bettencourt? (not sure of the first name around the time of 1880’s in Piedade, Pico. He would have been the priest in Nossa Sehnora de Piedade Parish. Does this ring a bell to anyone. Karen (7 Jan 2011)

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