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Looking for Emmanuel ROZA born 1869 in Azores - Sorry don't know which island. Emmanuel is my great grandfather. His parents were Joseph ROZA (a steward) and Maria ROZA (nee Carolan). According to family stories, Emmanuel stowed away on a ship leaving the Azores when he was 11, eventually settling in New Zealand. I am endeavouring to research some of my family tree and, if possible, would like to know whether Emmanuel had any siblings or anything else I can find out about him or his parents. (26 Dec 2012)

Looking for Manuel Perry MADRUGA, b.Azores abt. Feb. 15, 1852, died Gloucester, December 31, 1908 and Phillipa Perry CARDOZ(a?) b. Azores abt. August 24, 1865, died Gloucester, July 1, 1921 and married in Gloucester, MA on March 24, 1883. We think they came from Pico. All records say only Azores. Any suggestions? (26 Dec 2012)


Looking for parents of Frank Paul MENDES born Pria Victoria, Terceira, Acores, Portugal, died 6/9/1982 Newport, Rhode Island, Usa. His parents may have been Manuel Caetano MENDES & Maria Emelia COSTA (1st cousins). His brother was Luciano MENDES, and his half sister is Maria Emelia (MENDES), (still living as far as I know). Thank You! (6 Dec 2012)

Looking for parents, siblings, birth city of Joseph Freitas MENDONCA also know as Jose F MENDOZA b. abt 1859 Azores. Married 1886 San Benito County, California to Julia VARGAS- Naturalized 24 May 1888- last known record was with the birth of daughter Anita Irene MENDONCA Mar 1894 in Hollister, CA (11 Nov 2012)

I am looking for my gggGrandfather. My gggGrandmother, Anna Delfina Pereira (born in 1834), bore 9 children out of wedlock (her son Joao Borges, born in 1868, was my ggGrandfather and he was born in Norte Pequeno, Sao Jorge). I have the baptismal records for all 9 children somewhere. However, the fact remains that since these children were born out of wedlock the father's name is not listed on any of the baptismal records. I have been assured by professional genealogists, however, that everyone in town knew who the father was and that it was good speculation that he was the father of all 9 children. According to a newspaper article from 1956 titled 'History Makers of Lyon County', my ggGrandfather came to the US in 1889 via Boston Harbor and eventually moved to Yerington, Nevada in 1895. It stated that he had an uncle in California who paid for his passage from the East Coast to California in 1892 where he started as a miner in the silver mine of Garfield out of Hawthorne. The Free Silver Movement of that period closed the mine down and he moved to Mason Valley where he started a dairy on the Laws ranch and owned the second cream separator in the valley. In 1896 he married Marie Fagundus (who was from the island of Flores). His sister, Augusta (born in 1878), married Frank Lucas (who happened to be 30 years her senior) in 1899. His brother, Joe (I cannot find his baptismal record and cannot confirm that he was a 'true' brother), married Dora Williams and Joe adopted her son, future Dr. James Delbert Borge of Napa, CA. my ggGrandfather and his wife both died in 1959 (just a few months apart) in Yerington, NV. If anybody has a link to this information, please contact me. (1 Nov 2012)

Looking for information re Joseph Roza and Marie SURRETTE about 1810 in Horta. Their son Charles Rose, b.1818, is my great,great, grandfather. (1 Nov 2012)

Looking for Manuel ROGERS (RODERIGUE), (RODRIGUEZ),m. Charlotte SEARS (SOARES) and son Frank (Francis) b. 1849, Sao Miguel,who immigrated 1862. Frank m. Mariana NEVES, b. 1866. Customs changed surname to ROGERS. Arrived first in MA, then went to CA, & back to MA. Frank d. 1913 in Boston. Need town from in Sao Miguel and any other info. (1 Oct 2012)

My Grandfather, Antone C. MACHADO, came to Gloucester, Mass.1900-1907. BD.jAN 10,1885 DIED 1933. I think he came into a port in new jersey. He came from Ribiera Grande,Lajes do Pico Portugal. (26 Sep 2012)

I am looking for information about my grandfather Antonio COUVINHA Jr who I believe was born in Ribera Grande about 1876. He emigrated to East Cambridge Massachusetts about 1906. He married my grandmother Guilhermina PACHECO in St Miguel. My grandmother who was born Jan 16 1879 emigrated in 1909 with her oldest child Luiz. My grandfather died on Oct 11 1918 of influenza and my grandmother died Oct 10 1970. (31 Aug 2012)

So I'm trying to solve an old family mystery.

The story goes, my grandfather's side of the family came to the United States following some less than savory circumstances. Let's just say, a sailor's bar fight didn't end well and one of my ancestors had to get out of dodge (the Azores. Sao Jorge I believe).

He hopped on a boat headed toward Hawaii (the story specifies a Pineapple boat)and form there my family moved to the Bay Area of California.

Now, the only name I have is DuPont being the surname before leaving the Azores.

That's all I know. No specific names or family history before my great grandparents who are long passed and can't tell me further details.

It's a good story if nothing else I suppose. Still, I'd love any information available.

Thanks! (15 Aug 2012)

Looking for Jesuina de COUTO VAZ b. Feb, 1892. Terceira, Azores. Any help would be great! (23 Jul 2012)

Looking for Francisco de SOUSA MENDES b.1860 Doze Ribeiras, Terceira, Azores.
Husband to Rosa Delfina CONSTANCA b. about 1860 not sure what part of Azores. Any help or info would be great! (23 Jul 2012)

Looking for Augustine Joaquin ALVES b. about 1870 in Sao Jorge, Azores.

Looking for Maria Elvira Borba b. about 1885 in Sao Jorge, Azores. Married to Augustine Alves. Mother to George Joaquin Alves and others. Would love any help or info.
Thanks!! (23 Jul 2012)

Looking for history of Eugenio Azevedo Mattos 1830-1890 born in Sao Jorge, Azores. He is my ggggrandfather, father of my grgrgrandfather Manuel Francisco Mattos 1861-1932.
email me at (20 Jul 2012)

I am searching for any information on the DEZOCIEUR (may have alternate spelling) The family migrated to America in the 1600's and changed the name to Sizer, The first family member to the US was Antonio. Per diary written by his son William Sizer he lived on Terreciera (10 Jul 2012)

Seeking any information on Mark/Markner LAWRENCE, B. CA 1802, possibly on island of Faial. Arrived in New York City in 1824. (2 Jul 2012)

Joseph AUGUSTA born: October 9,1888 Faial,Azores. Died:March 10,1955 Hayward,Ca. Immigrated to New Bedford-Bristol County area in 1889. Married Mary PERRY. Had two sons George & Lionel. Joseph was a U.S.Army WWI vet. In 1926 moved west to Northern California. Lived in Hayward,Santa Clara,Half Moon Bay,Milpitas,Eden Landing. Looking for any information or family. (2 Jul 2012)

looking for MANOEL JOSE FIGUEIREDO b.1785 in Azores. survived shipwreck in nova scotia off a brig from havana to liverpool 1805. can trace from there to me but brick wall from his arrival in canada back to portugal. married a mary ann logan from nova scotia b. 1795. had 11 kids. (20 Jun 2012)

I am looking for information on my 2nd GG, Louis P. Selby/Silva who immigrated to the US from Portugal (presumably the Azores). This is what I know.
Based on the find a grave website, he was born March 1837 and a newspaper article attested to his death in November 1906. After immigrating, he moved to Chicago, Illinois and then to Oakland, CA. He married his wife Bridget Delia MCCANN in 1867 in Chicago, IL, so he immigrated prior to that date. He moved to California between 1870 and 1880 based on census records.
I'm struggling finding his last name. Each census record shows a different last name. In the 1870 census, his last name is "SALVEY". On the 1880 census, his last name is "SILVA". California Voter Registry, 1892, has his last name as "SILVEY". In 1896, based on Voter registry, he is listed as SELBY. He is also SELBY on the 1900 census and upon his death. All future descendants are SELBY. So I don't know what the original last name is, and I don't know where to start looking for his ancestors.

If anyone has any information and/or advice, please let me know!

Thank you! (20 Jun 2012)

Antone Silver and Josephine had the following child:
FRANK JOSEPH SILVER was born in Feb 1851 in Western Islands. He arrived in the us in 1872. He died on 11 Mar 1920,in Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA. He married Honora J Callaghan, daughter of William Callaghan and Ellen on 10 Jun 1876 in Taunton, Massachusetts. She was born in May 1860 in Ireland. Looking for any information. (10 Jun 2012)

Hi, Looking for family connected to Joao JACINTO, born 1840, Praia de Vitoria, Terceira. He came to New Zealand in 1861. He was my tres avo. He has many descendants in the Far North of NZ. Planning to have a family reunion and would like to know if there are any Jacinto Genealogists around. (29 May 2012)

I am looking for information on the birth place of Lawerence Joseph Senna, born in the Western Islands (Azores) around 1839. It has been many years since my last query. I'm hoping something has come to light.
Will correspond with anyone who has information.
Thank you. (29 May 2012)

Looking for Maria BORGES b. 1886 in Terceira. She emigrated to Middletown, RI, sometime before 1907. She married Jacinto Viera da Ponte, b. March 5, 1883, in Ribeira, Sao Miguel. He emigrated to Middletown, RI, sometime before 1907. His father was Manuel Viera DuPont and his mom was Rosa (don't know her maiden name). I am traveling to the Azores soon and would love to find more information about my great grandmother and great grandfather. (2 May 2012)

Looking for info. re: my in-laws family from town of Madelena, on the island Pico, they immigrated to Toronto,Ontario early 1960s.

My mother-in-law is Julia da Gloria ALVERNAZ b. 1927, her parents are Jose Rodrigues ALVERNAZ and Maria da Gloria NEVES(?) She is the youngest child. We have names her of siblings but no further information about her parents or their parents (2 May 2012)

Am trying to find where my mother was born. Luzia Correia-1919. Father and mother, Antonio & Maria Amarel Correia. Was told they were from the (15 Apr 2012)

Looking for descendents of Teofilo Vieira MACIEL b. 29 March 1895 Santo Antonio, Pico; father of Teofilo was Manuel Vieira MACIEL and mother was Filomena Aurora DE SIMAS. Teofilo married Maria AUGUSTA and had 5 children: Maria (1923), Alberto (1928), Fernando (1930), Odilia (1932), and Manuel (1936). Teofilo is a brother to my grandfather, Manual Vieira MACIEL who emigrated to California and is buried in Tracy, California. (15 Apr 2012)

Looking for Maurice J Fraga b. 1872 in Azores. Came to America in 1888 to Port of Boston, District of Boston and Charlestown aboard the American Bark Sarah (ship), from Fayal, Azores. (4 Apr 2012)

I am looking for information on Manoel Aveline DE FRAGA, he gave his place of birth as the Azore Islands, he was born c.1834 the son of Manoel & Olinda DE FRAGA. migrated to Victoria Australia, married Bridget Regan at Ballarat in 1856, lived at Creswick until his death in 1907. (5 Apr 2012)

I am looking for information on my Great-Great Grandma. Her name is Maria Emilia Amorium DE SOUSA b.4/25/1876 d.1/12/1912(Santa Clara, CA). She was born in Santo Amaro, St. George. She immigrated to the Santa Clara, CA area in 1912. She had seven children. One died at birth. Their names are:

David Sousa LUIZ b.2/26/1899 d.3/1978
John Sousa LUIZ b.9/7/1900 d.1/23/1937
Joseph Sousa LUIZ b.8/23/1902 d.9/1965
Antone Sousa LUIZ b.2/1/1905 d.10/26/1987
George Sousa LUIZ b.8/3/1906 d.1/15/1997
Mary LUIZ b.7/23/1908 d.?

All of them were born in the Azores except for the child that died. She was born 1/12/1912 at Santa Clara Hospital in California. Maria Emilia Amorium DE SOUSA died while giving birth. They were both buried together in the same coffin in Alviso Cemetery near Santa Clara, CA. Maria's fathers name is Antonio de Costa VENANCIO and her mothers name is Anna Emilia. They had three daughters Maria being the oldest. Maria was married to my Great-Great Grandpa Jorge de Sousa LUIZ b.6/6/1878 d.4/14/1918. He was also born in Santo Amaro, St. George. The LUIZ surname was changed to Lewis in 1912. Jorge's fathers name is Jose de Sousa LUIZ b.? d.1887. Jorge's mothers name is Anna Josepha DE SILVEIRA b.? d.1887. They had 13 children. 10 boys and 3 girls. Jorge was the 10th child. If anyone would like to share any information that they have on any of my family members it would be much appriciated. (15Mar 2012)

I am looking for Joseph F Beleza born about 1884 Azores. He immigrated to the United in 1901. His wife name was Isadora. (14 Mar 2012)

Looking for ancestors of Jose Silveira VENANCIO b. April 26, 1877 in Faial and his wife Violante Viola BETTENCOURT b. Dec. 21,1884 in Faial. They married approx. 1901 in the Azores. Jose immigrated to the US on April 7, 1902 to the New Bedford, Massachusetts area. Violante immigrated in 1903 with their son Antonio b. approx. 1902. Violante’s mother is Maria Aurora BETTENCOURT. Eventually they settled in the Newport/Middletown, Rhode Island area to raise their family. Any information about these families in the Azores would be appreciated. (9 Mar 2012)

Looking for my husband antecestors
Maria da conceicao Andrade Moreira, born in fendais dajuda são Miguel azores. (29 Feb 2012)

JOSEPH AUGUSTA or AUGUSTO Born Oct 9,1887 Faial,Azores. Immigrated to Mass.USA. Lived & Married MARY PERRY in New Bedford-Bristol County. Died 1957 in Hayward,California. Had two sons GEORGE & LIONEL. His father's name FRANK AUGUSTA FARRERA or FERRERA? WWI Vet.
JOSEPH might of had (29 Feb 2012)

José de Medeiros - Sao Vicente Ferreira, Sao Miguel- Ponta Delgada
pais: José Antonio de Medeiros e Ricarda de Jesus. (22 Feb 2012)

Francisco Vieira MELLO, 3/12/1860-Lages, Pico and Catarina daConceicao XAVIER, 10/28/1857-Silveira, Pico.
The story is that Francisco's father came to work in the goldfields of California. He sent for Francisco and his two borthers. Francisco stayed in California and the other two went back east. I have some information on Catarina but none on Francisco. His father's name may also have been Francisco. Other names in line are: ARANJO, CONCEICAO, DOMINGOS, (13 Feb 2012)

Looking for Frank Freitas MARIANNO b. 1868 in Fajãzinha, Flores. He immigrated to Solano County, CA in 1885. His brother Antone MARIANNO b. 1863 immigrated to Solano County, CA in 1881. Anyone with information please contact. (4 Feb 2012)

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