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My grandfather Anthony Folger came to USA with his father Frank Folger in 1904 or 1906-the name was changed from furtado to folger-frank was married (2nd time) to Marianna Pinara-can anyone help me (26 Nov 2013)

My grandmother who was a widow when she went to the US in early say 1923 or later since her son was born 1919.
Her name was Maria (do Espirito Santo) Moniz - Born April (12 or 14) 1897 from Maia , married I believe to Francisco Carreiro who died at a very young age of tuberculosis. He was in the military
She had 2 children my dad Francisco and a daughter Conceicao.
I believe she stayed in Fall River and was a seamstress - don`t know the length of her stay . Trying to find the side of the family that carries the Carreiro name.
My grandmother Maria had 7 siblings..
And her family has ( Moniz - Tomaz ) as surnames...
I started a tree on Roots but can`t seem to connect the dots to Sao Miguel. Any assiatnce would be appreciated (21 Aug 2013)

Looking for Francisco Inacio who married Ana Umbalina. Born in early 1800. Son Jose Bento Inacio changed his name to Jose Bento Enos and settled down in Hawaii. Jose was born in 1847. He had brothers and sisters that stayed in the Azores. His parents were from Porto Formosa. (21 Aug 2013)

Joseph Christophe SILVA is my great grandfather. It is said that he was born in Fayal, Azores 09/07/1847 and emigrated to the state of Connecticut in America when he was 12, about 1859 and took the surname of an aunt, Worth. I am seeking information on his parents and life in Fayal, Azores. (21 Aug 2013)

Looking for Albano Santos born around 1872 and arrived in the United States about 1887.
Alaina de Silva born about 1875 and arrived in the US around 1888.
Records showed they married (22 Jul 2013)

Manuel Machado(Marshall) , Maria Campos (Almeida): I am trying to find out exactly where my great-grandparents were from and were they considered Sephardic Jews...always thought we were Portugese now...I DO NOT KNOW! Please any information would be greatly (8 Jul 2013)

I am searching for any records on Joao (Roberts)born 1846 and wife Rita (Roberts)born 1852 they were married in circa 1877 in Portugal and had a son Manuel (Roberts)born 1880 in Sao Jorge, Azores. I am trying to find out the true surname for my family. I don't know when or where it was changed, but I need to find (7 Jul 2013)

Looking for family tree for my dad, Manuel Andre born in Sao Miguel, ponta delgada Azores born 1932/33 (depending on registry date) son of Helen and Manuel Andre (possible DaCosta could have been used as this was on Canadian immigration papers). Also family tree for my mom Filomena Sousa (Andre), same birth place ( with addition of city Santa Clara ) born 1939/1938 (depending on registry) daughter of Maria and Jose Sousa. (7 Jul 2013)

I am trying to figure out what town in Pico that Franklin Perry/Pereira came from. He was born in 1818 and served in the Civil War during 1864 in the Navy as a Coal Heaver aboard the Massasoit. His parent�s names are Franklin and Mary (probably anglicized). He died in VT. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (7 Jul 2013)

am seeking name of village of birth of jacintho m. CARREIRO,son of jose.his place of birth is listed as st. michael,azores,around 8 dec. is believed he came to new bedford,mass.(u.s.a.)around 1892.he married here and had at least 6 children. thank you! (7 Jul 2013)

Hello all! Looking for any relatives, info or geneology on my great great grandfather/grandmothers family from Faial ( do not know what village.) His anglicized name was Joseph Lewis Brown until there was a mixup with surnames on the census and it was changed to Joseph Brown Lewis. Born jan 1827 most likely Jose Luiz Brum. His father was a farmer. I believe He arrived in the states in 1856 and entered the military in 1865 but I'm a bit confused with arrival dates. Per my family, he met his wife, Jane L., 20 years his younger on a boat to the states but I am unsure whether he was in the military at that time or if he didn't migrate until 1865 like his wife. I've searched many a ship passenger lists to find thentwomof them on the same boat, but I can't even find one of them so....I'm stuck! The two of them married in 1866 and had two children according to the census, Joseph L. Brown and Willie L. Brown. Joseph was my paternal great grandfather but Willie (although my dad has his
name as Peter so....) died at sea somewhere between the 1880 and 1900 census as well as the name change. They resided in Penobscot, Hampden Highlands, Maine and his death record states: Captain Joseph Lewis Brown. Both Jose and Jane were born in Fayal as well as both of their parents. Any connections or info out there? (17 Jun 2013)

I am looking for my 2nd great grandfather's family he changed the original last name to Roberts, we do not know the original name, as many of his children are now deceased with the exception of Louise Hagendorff, 91 in CA. Manuel J. Roberts born 30 Aug, 1881 in Portugal. I believe in the Azores. Immigrated to the Providence, Rhode Island, USA in either 1889, 1902, or 1905. Several US records conflict as to the original immigration date. PLEASE HELP! (31 May 2013)

Looking for info re Domingos Jose Silva born 1809 Piedade, Pico to Domingos Jose SILVA and Isabel Maria VALIM. He was a sea captain. He married Maria Clara Avila 1849 Horta, Augustias, Faial. Ship manifests record she came to the US/Massachusetts in 1873 with children Isabel Carolina, Domingos and Joao. I have never been able to find a death record for him. He was not on the ship. We know he had not died prior to the families arrival. He used the name Charles BROWN in the US. Appreciate any information regarding him and any way of finding details of his job history/Sea Captain. We have been told he died at (31 May 2013)

I am trying to find information regarding my family history. I my grandmother was Angelina Pires, born 1900, from a little village, she spell it, Lages Terceira, Azores. Her father was Manuel Pires and mother Maria Candida. I think there was 5 girls and 3 boys in the family. I know of Frank, Matthew and Tony (possible Anthony). The boys came to the united states first and they arranged my grandmothers marriage to Joseph Aguiar, born 1892, who was also from Terceira. Her brothers sent for my grandmother and she arrive around 1919 or 1920. My grandfathers parents were Francisco Aguiar and Thedora Ignacia. If anyone now more about my family please contact me. Thanks (21 Apr 2013)

I am looking for anyone who may be related to or know anything about a Manuel Simoes born Jan 1, 1900-1901. I am told that he came to Massachusetts from Azores. That is the only information that anyone knows. No one knows if he had brothers or sisters or what his parents names were. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. (12 Apr 2013)

John Norton. Born August 4, 1823 in Flores, Azores Islands, Portugal. Stories say that he and a brother named Manual were teenages when they swam out to a ship (my guess is a whaling ship) and joined the crew. Also, the stories go on to say that their last name was changed to NORTON because the ship captain "adopted" them and it was his last name.
JOHN NORTON eventually landed in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia on the Island of Salt Spring Island around 1859. He lived there the rest of his life. He married twice. His first wife was named Louisa. No other information is known about her, but one record hints that she may have been a native local Indian woman. It was common for newly arriving immigrants to marry the local Native Women. Together they had 3 children: Emmanuel Norton (1866-1909), Elizabeth Norton (1868-1900) and John Joseph Norton (1871-1942). ELIZABETH WAS MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER. She died in 1900. Some records from Salt Spring Island say John's last name may have been Delarvo or something similar.

John's first wife, Louisa died in January of 1873 and he then married Annie Robinson in December of 1873. and together they had 11 children.

I have a webpage full of info about John Norton and his family. Contact me if you think you have a match to the same man.

John Norton died October 1, 1911 on Salt Spring Island. (12 Apr 2013)

The information I have is as follows:
Manuel TEIXEIRA, died 11 Nov 1785, Piedade, Lajes do Pico, Pico, Azores.
and his wife
Pascoa RESSURREICAO, died 28 Nov 1790, Piedade, Lajes, do Pico, Pico, Azores.
This is all the information that I have. They are my 5th grandparents. I would love to know when they married and where. Any other information about them such as birth and parents or their lives there. (20 Mar 2013)

I am looking for a young lady named Maria Carolina Da Silva who emigrated from the Azores, San Miguel possibly on the SS Bell Rock, to Hawaii in approximately 1880 or so. I believe she was a teen, and when she arrived to Hawaii, she married another native of San Miguel, Azores by the name of Joay Tomay De SIlveira. He too came from the Azores. But he was older, he came as an adult to Hawaii. Maria Carolina Da Silva was born 1868 Azores. She married in Hawaii Dec.12 1885.
Joao Tomay De SIlveira was born in 1852 in the (3 Mar 2013)

Searching 10 years for Great Grandfather Manuel Caton's family. Manuel came from Graciosa, Azores. Arrived in New Bedford, MA 1847-1848 settled in Wiscasset, ME Thank you. (3 Mar 2013)

I am looking for information on my 2nd Great Grandparents Manuel De Souza FERNANDES he was born in abt 1861 in Terceira Azores and was married to Emilia de JESUS who was born in abt 1861, she was also from Terceira Azores. Any information would be greatly appreciated. (16 Feb 2013)

Looking for information on my Great Grandmother and her mother. Rita Rose de CASTRO b. abt 1894 in Fayal, Azores, she immigrated to Massachusetts, USA in about 1910, she was abt 16 years old. Her mother was Angelica De CASTRO b. abt 1872 in Fayal, Azores. Any information is greatly appreciated. (16 Feb 2013)

Would be grateful for any info on the family of Antonio Tavares OLIVEIRA b 1865 probably in Ariffes, Sao Miguel, Azores. He married Francisca SILVA DA JESUS around 1892. They lived in Fall River, Mass. He returned to the Azores and died about 1955. Francisca remained in Fall River, MA where she died in 1952. Son, Antonio Tavares OLIVEIRA b1894 Ariffes married Maria RAPOSA 1918 in Fall River. Thanks.
Bob Foran - CT (16 Feb 2013)

Would be grateful for any info on the family of Jacintho RAPOSA b Feb 1854 Sao Miguel, Azores. He married Jacintha Alberto Rego in 1875; she was from Fenais da Luz in Sao Miguel. They immigrated to Fall River, Mass about 1900. Jacintho died 1939 & Jacintha died 1938 both in Fall River, MA. Thanks.
Bob Foran - CT (16 Feb 2013)

My grandma, Maria De Gloria FRAGA, married Antonio DUARTE. I know my grandmother and Grandfather came from the Azores, but I am not sure what island. I believe it was Flores. She had two sisters, Maria De sol?(Maria of the Sun) and Maria De Ru?(Maria of the Moon). She also had a nephew (I believe who was a priest on the island). She immigrated to the United States and had a son, Antonio Duarte, and two daughters, Mary and Emma. (6 Feb 2013)

I am looking for Faustin Antoine BETTENCOURTT, born abt 1830 from Graciosa. Sorry, village/church unknown. He emigrated to New Orleans, USA, possibly between 1850-1860. Thanks so much. (26 Jan 2013)

Looking for Joseph Vierra MENDOZA, b Feb.14, 1883 on Terceria, Azores. Immigrated to Pt. Reyes Station California in 1899, after his mother and father died. His father was Harbor Master at Terceria, Azores. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on this person. (12 Jan 2013)

Looking for Camilo Coirea Soares MARTINS, b.July 9, 1850?in Faga Grande Miguel, Portugal.he was in the military when he died.I would like to correspond with anyone having information on this person. (12 Jan 2013)

Looking for Louisa Ignacio MACHADO b.Nov.15,1850? in Urzelina,Sao Jorge. She immigrated to Pt. Reyes Station, California early 1900s with two of her three children,(Ambrozena, Valdimera, and Hamilton),after her husband(Camilo Coirea Soares Martins)died. I would like to correspond with anyone having any information about this person. (12 Jan 2013)

I am looking for information on Alvaro Ponte Braga of Sao Miguel Arcanjo, Azores, Portugual. I beleive he was born in the year of 1924 and at one time lived in the United States around 1957. (12 Jan 2013)

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