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Looking for Francisco B DA MOTTA b. 1872 in Cabouco, Sao Miguel, and emigrated to Massachusetts in 1892. His father was Jose B DA MOTTA and his brothers were Antonio and Joao. Trying to develop my family tree. Any help would be greatly (21 Nov 2014)

Looking for info. on Antonio Pacheco MELLO born 17 august 1877. I don't know which island. He died in Santa Cruz California (7 Oct 2014)

Father: ?????? Pacheco born around 1867 or so, think Azores,Terceira
Mother: Vilorena Cardoza or Cardoza Vilorena born around 1869 or so, think Azores, (15 Sep 2014)

I am looking for Joseph 'Jose' Teixeira he was born 1857 in the Azores and was married to Gilhemina (I do not have her maiden name) I did find him on a 1930 Census in Honolulu Hawaii living with his son John Teixeira and his (15 Sep 2014)

Joao Pacheco born 04/18/1889
Emelia M. Mendes born 06/18/1889
Trying get there parents names or sibbling information
Joao Cardoza when he came to the U.S. became Joao Pacheo Cardoza.
Both Joao & Emila came to the U.S. around 1910 and were married in the U.S.
Were told Cardoza was Joao's mother's maiden name but not really sure. (28 Aug 2014)

I am looking for information regarding my great grandparents family. My great grandfather JOHN(JOAO)RIBEIRO was born in 1895 in St. MIguel, Azores, Portugal. My Great Grandmother MARIA NANCY MELO was born in 1900 in St. MIguel, Azores, Portugal. They came to America around 1922 and resided in Rhode Island until their deaths. JOHN RIBEIRO's parents were ANTONIO ALMEIDA RIBEIRO and AMELIA CARERO. MARIA NANCY MELO's parents were FRANCISCO MELO and MARIA ROAS CABRAL. This is all the information I have and I am having a hard time finding any information. ACSJUNG92505@YAHOO.COM (14 Aug 2014)

I am looking for any information on my grandfather Ernesto PIMENTEL & Antonia Da Costa PIMENTEL. I know that they lived in Ponta Delgada, Santa Clara, Sao MIguel.Any information as to other family member and possible great great parents (14 Aug 2014)

I am looking for information on a Manuel DeBrum born in 1871 in the Azores and his parents, who were also born there. (7 Aug 2014)

SAO ROQUE and LAJES do Pico Parrishes....Looking for the last 5 remaining children (1 boy and 4 girls, a set of twins in there)to Eduardo AVILA and Maria ANJOS of Sao Roque or Lajes do Pico Areas..Eduardo was born (November 28, 1880 - April 21, 1958 in Lajes do Pico), son of José AVILA and Laureana SAO JOSE. Eduardo's brother were Manuel ? 1872, José de AVILA BETTENCOURT 1875 and MY Grandfather Ant. AVILA BETTENCOURT (SILVA) born in Sao Roque do Pico, 1886...Finding info on the children of EDUARDO AVILA and their famiie...the other 2 older brothers families too... are of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE, for my 3rd cousin for she is the LAST LIVING grandchild of Eduardo AVILA..this is for her peace of mind on what happened to her uncle and aunts...If you have any info on the whereabouts of them, death records, any family history of them please contact me (T. Silva) at THANK YOU. (21 Jul 2014)

My great grandfather Joseph Vieria from Lajes ,married Maria Costa from Sao Miguel and migrated to Bedford,Perhaps Fall River ,Massachusetts ;Boys and girls born there ,I know of Frank Joseph Vieria and Joseph Vieria,Frank Married Mildred Eileen Sprague from Montana....any info would be good ,great Frank lost his life WWII in Germany ,Joseph came and went back to Massachusetts...trying to get it down for future ... I've been to Lajes in Us Navy and proud to call myself Portuguese ,beyond their parents ect..i've a question of the Gallician ? background..any help will be appreciated..I also am last one on this line with knowledge..will speaking and writing of Portuguese,is limited ,though I speak many languages my mom passed before she could teach me,Sicilian ,German,Tamaize ,Spanish,Italian,And a assortment of others so don't be shy...i'm in need of mush help.. (13 Jul 2014)

I would like to see if there is any remnants of my family on the island of Terceira,where my grandfather serafin aguiar was born in 1898 or 1897,and grand mother from faial. (13 Jul 2014)

Looking for any information concerning Thiago C Silva and/or Virginia C (Pais) Silva who arrived in NY on 4/17/07 and settled in Peabody MA. I believe they may have been from Graciosa, but am not sure. Birth dates in 1882 and 1886 respectively. Would like any information on parents, siblings and/or birthplace. They had at least four daughters, Phoebe, Rose, Delfina and Mary. Other names in the family include Baptista, Lobao, Mello and Bettencourt. (7 Jun 2014)

I am looking for the family of Jose Pacheco Ormond born in Terceira Anga in 1896. He immigrated to the U.S. in 1920. I would like any info on his parents and siblings. He was my grandfather. (1 Jun 2014)

I am looking for anything on Joao (john Emmanuel ) Silva born February 1837 died in California 1943 (1 Jun 2014)

Looking for Edwin Manuel SOARES b 1885-1905. Azores Island. He immigrated to Monterey, California before 1930. Had a son Edward Walton Soares b. June 1930. I would love to hear about in information on this person. (19 May 2014)

I am interested in finding any information re. this name.GUILL (27 Apr 2014)

looking for parents of maria braga born may 17, 1884 island of Santa Maria, came to usa in 1906 married john nevis..younger brother was jose Braga... (11 Apr 2014)

I am trying to find information about my paternal side. My father told me stories of his grandfather, which would be my great grandfather, and how he came from Sao Miguel but anglicized his name from Brito to Britt. I would like to find more information about this please and thank you. His name is Ben Britt and hsi father's name is possibly named John Britt.(11 Apr 2014)

Looking for information on Mary Amelia AZEVEDO, born 1875 Sao Jorge island, died 1902 California. Maiden name may have been FOSTER; she had relatives in Hayward. Would appreciate any information. Thank you. (3 Apr 2014)

I am looking for any information on Fernando Cabral DOB 1891, date of immigration 1910. He married Flora Cabral and she immigrated as well in 1913. (3 Apr 2014)

JOSE VICTORINO PEREIRA b. 1913 in Portal, Sao Jorge. He immigrate to Tulare, Ca in 1957. His father was Manuel Victorino Pereira from Portal. I would like to correspond with anyone having info on my family. (12 Mar 2014)

Looking for Joseph R Holmes Faial immigrated to Mass.possible yr1876, born in Azores 1862. Married Josephine Pereira, her parents names were Frank and Maria (12 Mar 2014)

Looking for info on Jose c. Gabriel and Louisa Jacobs. From Azores, Fayal (failil). He was b: 1861 and Louisa was b: 1866 (17 Feb 2014)

Looking for the marriage date and parents of Manuel Mendes and his wife Marie Luz Serpa. Manuel was born in Faial about 1855, Maria also born in Faial about 1858. They had 2 daughters Constancia born about 1875 and Maria born about 1881. They immigrated to New Bedford, MA in 1909. Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks! (17 Feb 2014)

I am looking for family of Manuel Tavares VERDINHO who married Irmeleda De Jesus TAVARES. Manuel was born in Ribeira Quante late 1800's. After his death his wife Iremelda moved to Furnas.

I would like to locate relatives of this family. (7 Jan 2014)

Joseph Decosta b. April 1864 in Azores Portugal.Year of US immigration 1884. Mothers name Jacintha (b 1843 Azores)Lived in the New Bedford Mass USA area (2 Jan 2014)

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