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Welcome to the 

Ezra Dutch Chapter #356


The National Society

United States Daughters of 1812             





Any woman over 18 years of age, of good character,

 and any child up to 21 years of age,

who offers satisfactory proof of lineal descent from an ancestor who rendered civil,

 military, or naval service during the years 1784-1815 is eligible to membership,

provided the applicant is acceptable to the society. Membership is by invitation only.


Our Chapter Officers


Ezra Jones Dutch Officers and Chairs 2014-2016


President--Theresa Cobb

Vice President--Peggy Veeder

Recording Secretary--Evelyn Hoskins

Treasurer--Mimi Knott

Chaplain--Gay Schoenknecht

Registrar--Sandy Boyes

Corresponding Secretary--Linda Smith

Librarian--Gwen Barshay

Historian--Barbara Schulz


Budget/Finance--Mimi Knott & Barbara Schulz

Bylaws--Linda Smith

Flag Usage--Sandy Castle

Grave Markers and Locations--Lolly Clayton

Insignias--Barbara Schulz

American Merchant Marine--Lolly Clayton

National Defense--Peggy Veeder

National Headquarters--Audrey Peacock & Barbara Schulz

Schools--Susan Szewczyk

Parliamentarian--Linda Smith

Publicity--Linda Smith

Star Spangled Banner House--Audrey Peacock & Barbara Schulz

Veterans/Manatee--Barbara Schulz

Veterans/Sarasota--Barbara Hodalski



Meeting Schedule:

Nov. 17, 2014 at Freedom Village Bradenton; Jan. 26, 2015 at Stoneybrook CC Sarasota; Apr. 27, 2015 at Stoneybrook CC in Sarasota









Our Ancestors


Our 1812 Ancestors, Rank and Location of Service

Pvt. Greenberry Adamson—GA--(ancestor of Linda Farley)

Pvt. William Akins, Jr--SC--(ancestor of Mary Kate Payton)

Pvt. Louis Arceneaux—LA—(ancestor of Sandy Boyes)

Pvt. Jepthah Baker--NY--(ancestor of Valorie Sherman)

 Pvt. Micajah Berry—SC—(ancestor of Evelyn Hoskins)

Brig. Gen. Edward Bulkeley—CT—(ancestor of Sandra Castle)

 Sgt. Earle S. Carter—NY—(ancestor of Martha Hauber)

Pvt. Zenon Chauvin—LA—(ancestor of Peggy Veeder)

Pvt. Nathaniel Cellamore—ME—(ancestor of Theresa Cobb & Susan Szewczyk)

 Drum Maj. Isaac Collier—OH—(ancestor of Beth LaCombe)

Pvt. Daniel Daugherty—NC—ancestor of Alice Hornback)

John Dicks-MI-—(ancestor of Sharon Lee Spry)

Capt. Ezra Jones Dutch—NY—(ancestor of Mimi Knott)

Trumpeter John Earle-KY—(ancestor of Laverne Raisch)

Pvt. Cary Felts—TN—(ancestor of Cleo Smyth)

 Col. Charles Gwatkin—VA—(ancestor of Audrey Peacock)

 Maj. Gen. Martin D. Hardin—KY—(ancestor of Carol Cornell)

Pvt. Seth Haskins—NY—(ancestor of Gladys Schoenknecht)

Capt. Hymerick Hooker—NC—(ancestor of Nancy Summers)

Sgt. Peter Hoop—OH-(ancestor of Janice Murnan)

Pvt. John Butler Lacy—GA--(ancestor of Joan Baldy)

 Cpl. Jacob Libby, Jr.—ME—(ancestor of Lolly Clayton)

 Cpl. Eli Mathis--NJ—(ancestor of Gwendollyn Barshay)

 Pvt. Peter Maull--DE--(ancestor of Nancy Ruth Johnson)

 William McCarn—NC—(ancestor of Mary Katherine Sparks)

 Pvt. Lawrence McClure--NJ—(ancestor of Gwendollyn Barshay)

 Pvt. Wade Mosby, Jr—VA—(ancestor of Lucy Cole)

 1st Sgt Joshua Moseley—NC—(ancestor of Betty Hamrick)

 Pvt. Travis Nichols—GA—(ancestor of Barbara Schulz)

Pvt. William Pace—GA—(ancestor of Betty Morgan Whitsitt)

 Capt. William Patterson—PA—(ancestor of Linda Smith)

John Pattie—VA—(ancestor of Alice Bonaiuto)

Lt. Col. John G. Richardson—MS—(ancestor of Betty Hamrick)

 Sgt. Angus Ross—KY—(ancestor of Barbra Bartz)

Pvt. Christian Smothers—WI—(ancestor of Marilyn Campbell)

John Taylor-NY—(ancestor of Kathy Marie Doddridge)

 Pvt. John Underwood—OH—(ancestor of Barbara Hodalski)

Matross Jeptha Wade—NJ—(ancestor of Barbara Harness)

Sgt. Nathaniel Washburn—NJ—(ancestor of Julia Noah)

 Pvt. Benjamin Webber—ME—(ancestor of Jean Newbegin)



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