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CHAIRMAN NATIONAL (April 2013-2016)

Standing and Special Committees

Americanism - Mary Lynn Dalrymple Brown (Mrs. Paul)

Bylaws - Nancy Smith Ackerman (Mrs. Eugene B.)

"Broadside" Editor - Melissa Harrison Fischer (Mrs, Jeffrey  H.)

Cathedral of the Pines - Susan Conant Holden (Mrs.) (Letter from Cathedral of the Pines)

Crossnore School - Turalu Reed  Brady (Mrs. Joseph L.)

Finance -  Kathryn Thompson Carey (Mrs. Roger L.)

Founders Scholarship - Nancy Sceery Bazar , Ph.D.(Mrs. Leonard S.)

Good Citizenship award -  Nancy Sceery Bazar , Ph.D.(Mrs. Leonard S.) 

Good Citizenship award donation information

Hillside School - Suzanne Bell Fichter (Mrs. Richard E.)

History & Lineage Book XVII - Linda Wiser Wingstrom (Ms.)

Howe ROTC Scholarship Fund - Virginia Ledegang Mucciaccio (Mrs. Henry P.)

Insignia - Gloria Perkins Flathom (Mrs.)

Membership - Linda Wiser Wingstrom (Ms.)

Master Form - Yvonne Yerian Hiteshue (Ms.)

National Directory - Harriet Gamage  Moroney (Mrs. Daniel P.)

President National Project - Frances Reeder Pons (Mrs. Donald G.)

President National Handbook - Nancy Barbeau Cobos (Mrs. Dean F.)

Publication: Revisions and Corrections - Frances Reeder Pons (Mrs. Donald G.)

Service to Veterans & Service Personnel - Shelby Alderman Whitson (Mrs. Theodore C.)

Supplies -  Anne Caussin Henninger (Mrs. Thomas N.)

Committees on Rendezvous - Miss Christie Ann Noble

Personal Page to the President National - Aisha Lee Jenkins

Piper - Mr. Kevin O’Brien

Reception - DC Court President

Registration, Reservations & Credentials - Kimberly Ormsby Nagy, M.D.

Webmaster - Betsy Phillips Jones (Mrs. Michael E.)


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