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Yavapai County


From time to time we have all wondered why several members of one family died within a few days, or a few weeks of each other.    This timeline that we have created from several sources serves as a guideline that might help you to figure out the answer to that question.    Epidemics have always had a great influence on people s lives and thus influencing us as well, the genealogists who are trying to trace them.  In many cases people disappeared during an epidemic by either dying because of it, or moving from the area to get away from it.


1350 Worldwide Bubonic Plague
1499 London/United Kingdom Bubonic Plague
1507 United Kingdom Fever
1507-1551 United Kingdom Influenza
1555 United Kingdom Famine
1556 United Kingdom Bubonic Plague
1578 United Kingdom Bubonic Plague
1586 United Kingdom/Chesterfield Bubonic Plague
1591 United Kingdom Acute Distress
1593 United Kingdom Bubonic Plague
1596 United Kingdom Famine
1603 United Kingdom Bubonic Plague
1612 United Kingdom Bubonic Plague
1617 American Colonies Smallpox
1625 United Kingdom Bubonic Plague
1626 United Kingdom Bubonic Plague
1631 United Kingdom Bubonic Plague
1633 American Colonies Smallpox
1636 United Kingdom Bubonic Plague
1637 United Kingdom Bubonic Plague
1647 West Indies Yellow Fever
1648 American Colonies Smallpox
1648 American Colonies Whooping Cough
1654 United Kingdom Bubonic Plague
1657 Boston, Mass. Measles
1662 New York Smallpox
1665 United Kingdom Bubonic Plague
1666 United Kingdom Bubonic Plague
1668 New York Yellow Fever
1677 Boston, Mass Small Pox
1687 Boston, Mass. Measles
1690 New York Yellow Fever
1699 South Carolina Yellow Fever
1702 New York Yellow Fever
1702 Boston, Mass Scarlet Fever
1706 South Carolina Yellow Fever
1713 Boston, Mass. Measles
1721 Boston, Mass. Smallpox
1723 Worldwide Influenza
1723 United Kingdom Famine
1728 South Carolina Yellow Fever
1729 Boston, Mass Measles
1732 South Carolina Yellow Fever
1732-1733 Worldwide Influenza
1735 New England Colonies Diphtheria/Scarlet Fever
1738 South Carolina Small Pox
1739-1740 Boston, Mass. Measles
1743 New York Yellow Fever
1747 Conn., N.Y., Pa., So. C Measles
1759 North America Measles
1761 North America & West Indies Influenza
1763 Boston, Mass. Smallpox
1772 North America Measles
1775 North America/ New England Unknown illness
1775-1776 Worldwide Influenza
1783 Dover, Delaware Bilious Disorder (Jaundice)
1788 Philadelphia, New York   Measles
1789 United States Influenza
1792 United States Yellow Fever
1793 Vermont Influenza
1793 Virginia Influenza
1793 Philadelphia Yellow Fever
1793 Harrisburg, Middletown, Pa. Unexplained Deaths
1794 Philadelphia Yellow Fever
1796-1797 Philadelphia Yellow Fever
1798 Philadelphia Yellow Fever
1802 Nebraska Smallpox
1803 New York Yellow Fever
1820-1823 Nationwide Fever
1826 United States/West Indies Dengue Fever
1829 United States Maleria
1831-1832 Nationwide Asiatic Cholera
1832 New York Cholera
1832 United States Influenza
1833 Columbus, Oh Cholera
1834 New York City Cholera
1837 Philadelphia Typhus
1837 United States Smallpox
1841 Nationwide Yellow Fever
1847 New Orleans Yellow Fever
1847 United States Measles
1847 Worldwide Influenza
1847-1848 Worldwide Yellow Fever
1848-1849 North America Cholera
1849 New York Cholera
1850 Nationwide Yellow Fever
1850 United States Dengue Fever
1850-1851 North America Influenza
1851 Coles Co., Il. Cholera
1851 The Great Plains Cholera
1851 Missouri Cholera
1852 Nationwide Yellow Fever
1855 Nationwide Yellow Fever
1857-1859 Worldwide Influenza
1860-1861 Pennsylvania Smallpox
1865 Partial Areas, No. America Smallpox
1865 Partial Areas, No. America Cholera
1865 Partial Areas, No. America Typhus
1868 United States Smallpox
1873 United States Cholera
1873-1875 North America & Europe Influenza
1878 United States Yellow Fever
1885 Plymouth, Pa. Typhoid
1886 Jacksonville, Fl. Yellow Fever
1889 Worldwide Influenza
1893 United States Polio
1900 United States Plague
1901 United States Smallpox
1907 United States Polio
1917-1918 Worldwide Spanish Influenza
1931 United States Polio
1941 United States Polio
1950s United States Polio


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