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Thank you for visiting this free genealogical site about the history of Yuma County, Arizona. We hope you find helpful clues for your research of Yuma county ancestors.

HELP is NEEDED to populate this website with family histories, document images, and photos. E-mail your contributions to Yuma coordinator. Every little bit will be appreciated and promptly worked for incorporation into the site.


  • Don't hesitate to contribute images or transcriptions of genealogical items you have about Yuma county ancestors.
  • Feel free to submit your Yuma County ancestors' family group sheets or descendants charts.
  • If you notice a typo or broken link on this site, please let me know.
  • If you have the time and desire to help in any way, please volunteer.

Enjoy your stay, and come again soon!

County Coordinator: Norma Hass
State Coordinator: Gail Meyer Kilgore
Assistant State Coordinator: Linda Simpson
Assistant State Coordinator: Colleen Pustola

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