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The Boitano Family
(Over the years the name spelling has changed to Boitanio)

This pioneer  family profile is being compiled from public records.   Family members have not been contacted.  Please forward any comments/corrections or additions to Wanda Story.

1834 - Augustino (usually called Augustine)  Boitano was born in Favale di Malvaro, near Genoa, Italy.

1857 - Augustine left Italy for the United States.  

1858 - Augustine was lured to the Cariboo by the Gold Rush.

- Augustine was a packer, and he ran regular pack trains for the Hudson Bay Company between Fort Langley and Fort St. James for 30 years.

1875 - Cecilia Boitano was born in BC.  There are no Boitanos listed in the BC Voters list of 1875.

1876 - Lorenzo (Lawrence)  Boitano was born in BC.

1879- Cecilia M. M. Boitano was born in BC.

1881 - In the 1881 Census, Augustine is listed as a packer, 42 years old and from Italy.  He is listed with 3 children, Clotilde who is 6, Lorenzo who is 4 and Cecilia who is 2.  The family is listed as Catholic.  No wife or mother is listed.   Listed as living in the same house with the Boitano family are 5 Chinese gold miners.  In the 1881 Census of the Dog Creek Indian band is a woman listed as "Augustine's woman". 

1884 - Augustine homesteaded just west of Williams Lake, purchasing the land from a Cornish man and after digging a well, and reaching a spring, he named his ranch the Springhouse Ranch.

1885 - Antonio (often called Antone) Boitano was born in Springhouse in January.

1895 - Clotilde Boitano married Sabina Sabatina on November 6th, in the Clinton District. (BC Marriage Reg. Number: 1895-09-175370)

1898 - The 1898 BC Voters list shows Augustine Boitano as a packer in Alkali Lake.   Laurence Augustine Boitanio is listed as a farmer in Spring House.

1899 - Lawrence Boitano married Rosa Dussault on November 20th in 150 Mile House.

1901 - Cecile M. M. Boitano married John William Eagle on November 25th at the   St. Joseph's  Mission in Williams Lake. (BC Marriage Registration Number 1901-09-172887 or BC Archives Microfilm Number: B11387)

-Angelo and Maria Boitano immigrated from Favale di Malvaro to San Francisco, California and had a family of 5 boys and 1 girl.  They lived in SF and lived in a house that came through the 1906 earthquake. It had 5 flats. Angelo and Maria bought the house with the intention that all their sons would have a place to live, and they did in fact all live in the building with their families at one time, because there were 5 separate apts. The way they were able to buy the property was that all 5 Boitano boys worked and brought home their pay check to their mother who saved the money to buy the apt. building, it also had a grocery store and butcher shop down stairs where all the boys worked.  Members of this family still reside in San Francisco to this date.

-In the early 1900's Augustine's cousin, Louis Boitano came to the Cariboo from Italy.   He built the stone piers of the Old Sheep Creek Bridge.  The Boitanos were well known stone masons in Italy.

1906 - Antonio Boitano, 20 years old, married Mary Elizabeth Hamilton (daughter of the Hamiltons at 100 Mile House), 21 years old, on March 21 in Springhouse.

-Antonio and Mary Elizabeth had a daughter Christine (Chrissie).

1913 - Springhouse received its own post office on  May 15th and Augustine Botaino was the first post master.

1914 -  Augustine Boitano died on March 20 at the age of  80 years old in 150 Mile House.  Reg. Number: 1914-09-238159. Augustine was buried in the St. Joseph Mission Cemetery.  Lawrence Boitano died on March 28 at the age of 38 in 150 Mile House.  Reg. Number: 1914-09-238158.  On November 1st, Antonio Boitano was named the new post master of Springhouse.

1918 - Ella Boitanio married Charles Nedel on June 17th at the St. Joseph Mission. (BC Marriage Registration Number 1918-09-192327 or BC Archives Microfilm Number: B11389)

1919 - Antone Boitano attend the first Williams Lake Stampede in Williams Lake and it is said that he never missed a stampede and was best known as a judge.  Wilhelmina Boitano married John Moffatt Ogden on September 16th at the  St. Joseph's Mission in Williams Lake. Reg. Number: 1919-09-204228

-Christine (Chrissie) Boitano married Ray Pigeon of Dog Creek.

1942 - On June 26th, the Springhouse post office was closed down due to the resignation of Antonio Boitano and its limited use.  Antonio had been post master for 28 years.  Antone sold the Springhouse Ranch and he and his wife May moved to Williams Lake.

1957 - Mary (May) Elizabeth Boitanio nee Hamilton died at the age of 72 years on October 3rd in Williams Lake. (BC Death Reg. Number: 1957-09-010806  or B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13234)

1966 - Boitanio Park was chosen by the Centennial Committee as the name for a new park in downtown Williams Lake.  It was felt that Antone typified the courage, colour and ingenuity of  the men who settled the Cariboo.

1970 - Antone Boitanio died at the age of 84 years on January 4th in Williams Lake.   (BC Death Reg. Number: 1970-09-001106  or B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13301)

-The Boitanio family was known for its musical talents.  The girls in the family were known for their expert needlework.

Currently in Williams Lake's the shopping mall is named Boitanio Mall, there is a Biotanio Park, the Boitanio Place Apartments, and a Boitanio Street.  Out near Springhouse there is a small Boitano Lake.

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