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A Profile on the Patenaude Family

This pioneer family profile is being compiled from public records.   Family members have not been contacted.  Please forward any comments/corrections or additions to Wanda Story.

1845 - On May 18th Joseph Philip Patenaude is born in Quebec, his mother was Marian. 

1860s - Maria Bradshaw, the future wife of Joseph Patenaude is born on 19 February in Quebec to a family of English descent.  The 1901 census puts her birth in 1861, her death certificate puts her birth in 1872.

    -Joseph Patenaude married a first time to Christine Anderson, the daughter of Rev. James Anderson..

1869 - A son Ernest Patenaude is born in Quebec.

1873 - Albert Joseph Patenaude is born on September 15th in Ontario to Joseph and Maria Patenaude.

1879 -  A daughter Ida Christina was born in Quebec.

 - Joseph's first wife Christine Anderson died.

1881 - Joseph Patenaude is listed as a merchant, 36 years old and widowed in the Census of Ste-Jerusalem, Argenteuil, Quebec. He is listed with 3 children, Ernest 12 years, Albert 8 years and a Ida 2 years.  Joseph lives with his mother, Marian Patenaude, 77 years old and a widow.  He also has two other teen boys in the house, Edwin Anderson 14 years old from Scotland and Charles Ketyle a 15 year old from Ireland who is working as a clerk.  Joseph's mother is listed as Catholic, but Joseph and his family are listed as Presbyterian.

    -Joseph Patenaude married Maria Bradshaw, 17 years his junior.

1886 - Spencer Hope Patenaude is born on January 7th in Nova Scotia to Joseph and Maria..

-It is believed that Albert Patenaude came to BC on one of the first CPR trains that came to BC.  Albert first worked as a cowboy at 150 Mile Ranch.  When his father and the rest of the family came out from Quebec he rented Pinchbeck Ranch in Williams Lake for 5 years.  The Pinchbeck farm was sold to Robert Borland and the family moved to Horsefly.  They would pre-empt the Woodjam Ranch and the Martin Creek Ranch.  The Martin Creek Ranch was previously land claimed by Willy Martin, a partner of Billy Barkers.  It would become known as Patenaude Creek and Patenaude Lake.

1901 - Joseph Patenaude was listed in the BC Directory as a rancher and the Justice of the Peace. Albert Patenaude was listed as a rancher, Ernest Patenaude was listed as a miller.  In the census Joseph Patenaude is listed with his wife Maria.  Joseph is 57 years old and from Quebec and Maria is listed as 40 years old and from Quebec.  Joseph is listed as a farmer and they are both listed as Presbyterian.  Albert Patenaude is listed as 27 years old, born in Ontario and a single farmer and also as a Presbyterian.  Spence Patenaude is listed as 15 years old, born in Nova Scotia and as a boarder living with Stephen Hall, the postmaster and his family who are also from Nova Scotia.

1908 - Spencer Hope Patenaude married Catherine Rose on December 10th in Horsefly (BC Marriage  Reg. Number: 1908-09-172935, B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B11387)

1909 - Ida Christina Patenaude married Donald McCallum on January 7th in Quesnel, BC.  (Marriage Reg. Number: 1909-09-172927, B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B11387)

1910 - Annie Moore arrived in Horsefly and would be hired as the first paid school teacher.

1911 - Albert Joseph Patenaude married Annie Moor on July 25th in Vancouver, BC.  (BC Marriage Reg. Number: 1911-09-065129, B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B11375) 

1913 - Ida Catherine was born to Albert and Annie Patenaude.

1915 - Albert Joseph was born to Albert and Annie.

1918 - Arthur Moore was born to Albert and Annie Patenaude.

1919 - Arthur Moore Patenaude died at Marten Creek at the age of 1 year on May 20th.  (BC Archives Death Registration Number 1919-09-253837).

 -Harold Tilson was born to Albert and Annie Patenaude .

1921 - Wilfred Honor was born to Albert and Annie Patenaude .

-Philip Martin  was born to Albert and Annie Patenaude.

1929 - Joseph Philip Patenaude died on January 26th at the age of 86 in Williams Lake.  (BC Death  Reg. Number: 1929-09-430234, B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13138)

1954 - Albert Joseph Patenaude died on May 3rd in Williams Lake at the age of 79 years.  (BC Death  Reg. Number: 1954-09-008997, B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13221)

1958 - Alice Lillian "Lil" Crosina sold the Crosina family ranch at 153 Mile House to Joe and Peggy Patenaude.

- The Patenaude family sold the Martin Creek Ranch to Dan Gunderson in the 1960s.

1966 - Annie Patenaude nee Moor, wife of Albert Joseph Patenaude died on July 15th at the age of 84 years in Beaver Lake, BC.  (BC Death Reg. Number: 1966-09-009773, B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13278)

1974 - Spencer Hope Patenaude died on August 13th at the age of 88 years in Williams Lake, BC.  (BC Death Reg. Number: 1974-09-012294, B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13335)

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