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Campbell River Genealogy Society
P.O. Box 884
Campbell River, B.C. Canada
V9W 6Y4
ABLETT Dovercourt,Essex England 1700s-1900s Phyllis Ring
ABLETT Harwich, Essex England 1700s-1900s Phyllis Ring
ADAMS Ipswich, Mass USA 1732-1850 Sue Defoor
ADAMS Southmountain, Ontario Canada 1795-present Sue Defoor
ADAMS Brockville, Ontario Canada 1910-1960 Sue Defoor
ADKIN ADKINS ATKIN ATKINS Kent England 1850+ Mona Cashman
ADKIN ADKINS ATKIN ATKINS Poplar, London England 1860+ Mona Cashman
ADSLEY Kent England 1750+ Mona Cashman
AINSLIE AINSLEY Northumberland England Anytime Heather McEdie
AINSLIE AINSLEY Lowlands Scotland Anytime Heather McEdie
AINSLIE AINSLEY Quebec and Ontario Canada Anytime Heather McEdie
AITCHISON Glasgow, Lanarkshire Scotland 1800-1900 Kathryn J. Alexander
ALEXANDER New Jersey USA 1870 Adele Turner
ALEXANDER   Germany Pre 1870 Adele Turner
ALEXANDER Arbroath, Forfarshire, Angus Scotland 1750-1850 Kathryn J. Alexander
ALLEN Leicestershire England 1800s Mary Lou Bennett
ALLEN Norfolk England Any time Mary Lou Bennett
ALLISON Carolina, Tennesee, Missouri USA 1794+ Debra Parminter
ALTSOHN ? Sachen-Anhalt, Saxony Germany 1700-Present Adele Turner
ANDERSON Hayan, PEI Canada c1840 Robert Gilbert
ANDERSON Vassanda-Naglum Sweden 1850-1899 Steve Anderson
ANDERSON Victoria, British Columbia Canada 1900-1990 Steve Anderson
ARGUE   Scotland   Katie Hine
ARGUE Ontario County, Ontario Canada 1830+ Katie Hine
ARMSTRONG Gateshead, Durham England 1890+ Trudi Barr
ARMSTRONG Acomb/St. John Lee/Newcastle, Kent England 1800+ Trudi Barr
ARROWSMITH Kent England 1880s+ Laurel Lahay
AUBLE Huron Co., Ohio USA 1840+ Debra Parminter
BACKWELL Rudwick & Ewhurst,Sussex England 1700s Mary Lou Bennett
BAGULEY (Ann) Ontario Canada 1855-1900 Jim Munro
BAILY West Keal, Lincolnshire England c1841 Donna Cox
BAIRD Montrose, Forfarshire, Angus Scotland 1750-1850 Kathryn J. Alexander
BAKER West Bromwich, West Midlands England 1825-1871 Candy-Lea Chickite
BALLANTYNE Bristol, Quebec Canada 1850-1900 Laurel Lahay
BALLANTYNE Wellington Co., Ontario Canada 1880-1920 Laurel Lahay
BALLARD London England 1700-1900 Dorothy Ballard
BALLARD Alberta Canada 1900-1930 Dorothy Ballard
BALLARD Dublin Ireland 1800+ Judy Kennedy
BARBY North Hamptonshire England 1610-1880 Carolyn Henshall
BARNES (Amos) Selkirk, Manitoba Canada 1850-1910 Jim Munro
BARNES Cambridge England 1840-1860 Jim Munro
BARON Saskatchewan Canada 1908 Angela Smith
BARON Galicia Ukraine 1850 Angela Smith
BARR Huron County, Ontario Canada 1840+ Trudi Barr
BARR Elkhorn, Manitoba Canada 1883+ Trudi Barr
BARRETT Benenden, Kent England Any time Mary Lou Bennett
BASTIEN Windsor, Ontario Canada   Howard Robinson
BATE Burtonwood, Lancashire England 1810+ Gladys Ellis
BATE Cheshire England 1850+ Gladys Ellis
BEATON Inverness Scotland 1800-1950 Laurel Lahay
BEATON British Columbia Canada 1900-2000 Laurel Lahay
BELLIS Hawarden, Flintshire Wales c1813 Gladys Ellis
BENEDICT Saratoga, New York USA 1790-1810 Debra Parminter
BENNET Port Au Bras, Newfoundland Canada 1850-1930 Margaret Murray
BENNETT Southborough/Tonbridge, Kent England 1800+ Trudi Barr
BENOIT Revelstoke, BC Canada 1850-1890 Barbara Benoit
BENSON Ripon/Richmond/York, Yorkshire England 1840+ Trudi Barr
BERTRAND Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
BEST Brightside, Sheffield England Pre 1907 Margaret Nex
BIBBY St. Asaph, Flintshire Wales c1895 Donna Cox
BIRCHALL Preston, Lancashire England Any Adele Turner
BERKENHEAD/BIRKINHEAD Lancashire England Bef 1825 Barbara Benoit
BLACK   Ireland   Katie Hine
BLACK Ontario Canada   Katie Hine
BLACKWOOD Franklin, Quebec Canada 1810-1835 Debra Parminter
BLACKWOOD Glengarry Co., Ontario Canada 1835+ Debra Parminter
BORLAND   Scotland Pre 1851 Ken Scott
BOUCHER Mortagne, Perche France Pre 1634 Robert Gilbert
BOUCHER Isle d'Orleans, Quebec Canada 1634-1780 Robert Gilbert
BOUDRAIS Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
BOUDREAU Alberta & Saskatchewan Canada 1835-1930 Kathryn Kingdon
BOYLE Manitoba Canada 1890-1970 Jim Munro
BRADSHAW Colne & Padiham, Lancashire England 1808+ Norma O'Toole
BRERETON County Down Ireland Pre 1900 Pamela Cox
BRERETON Tipperary and Offaly Ireland 1700-1850 Heather McEdie
BREWSTER Maine USA c1620 Ken Scott
BREWSTER Yorkshire England c1620 Ken Scott
BRICE Croydon England 1900-2000 Margaret Murray
BRIEN Cloyne, East Cork Ireland 1870+ Anne Roach
BRODHAGEN BRODTAGE Windhausen, Brunswick West Prussia, Germany Pre 1850 Christol James
BRODHAGEN Perth Co., Ontario Canada 1848+ Christol James
BROOKS Ontario Co, Ontario Canada c1855 Roberta Hluska
BROOKS Tipperary and Offaly Ireland 1700-1850 Heather McEdie
BROTHERTON Evesham, Worcestershire England 1700-1800s Phyllis Ring
BROUGH Haliburton, Ontario Canada 1869+ Donna Cox
BROUGH Nenthorn, Berwickshire Scotland c1800 Donna Cox
BROUGH Peterborough Co., Ontario Canada 1827+ Donna Cox
BROUGH Kelso, Roxburghshire Scotland c1800 Donna Cox
BROUGH Peebles Scotland c1800 Donna Cox
BROWN Magantic Co., Quebec Canada 1820+ Margaret Nex
BRUNT Quarnford, Staffordshire England 1700+ Donna Cox
BRUNT Alstonefield, Staffordshire England 1760+ Donna Cox
BRUNT Leek, Staffordshire England 1700+ Donna Cox
BRUNT Macclesfield, Cheshire England 1900+ Donna Cox
BUFFAM Wiggenhall, Norfolk England 1775�1891 Candy-Lea Chickite
CADIEUX Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
CALDWELL Illinois USA 1875+ Pamela Cox
CAMERON CAMRON Tryon & Grand River, PEI Canada 1765-1900 Robert Gilbert
CAMERON Isle of Berra Scotland Pre 1765 Robert Gilbert
CAMPBELL Isle of Islay, Argyll Scotland pre 1840 Katie Hine
CAMPBELL Simoe Co., Ontario Canada 1840+ Katie Hine
CAMPBELL Algoma Co., Ontario Canada 1840+ Katie Hine
CAMPBELL Glengarry Co., Ontario Canada 1830+ Debra Parminter
CAMPBELL   Canada   Warren Jansen
CAMPBELL Derry, Londonderry Ireland 1864-2009 Anne Roach
CAMPBELL Lanark Co. & Dundas Co., Ontario Canada 1822+ Norma O'Toole
CANDLER Essex England 1800-1910 Helen Russell
CARSON   Ireland Any time Mary Lou Bennett
CARSON Ontario Canada Any time Mary Lou Bennett
CASE Oxford, Ontario Canada 1790+ Roberta Hluska
CASE California USA 1910+ Roberta Hluska
CASE Texas USA 1880-1910 Roberta Hluska
CASE Oregon USA 1900+ Roberta Hluska
CATES Machias, Washington Co. Maine USA 1750-1862 Candy-Lea Chickite
CHALUS Perechiska, Dolyna Poland 1850-1930 Roberta Hluska
CHALUS Perechiska, Dolyna Ukraine 1850-1930 Roberta Hluska
CHAPMAN Croydon England   Katie Hine
CHAPPELL Essex England 1700s-1800s Phyllis Ring
CHARLEBOIS Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
CHARLEBOIS Ontario Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
CHARLSON Cloyne, East Cork Ireland 1870+ Anne Roach
CHESHIRE Bedfordshire England 1800+ Mona Cashman
CHESHIRE Hartfordshire England 1800+ Mona Cashman
CHESTER Sussex England   Mary Lou Bennett
CHITTICK Cartwright & Marquette Tp.
Canada 1850+ Howard Robinson
CHRISTIE Oyne, Aberdeen Scotland 1790+ Norma O'Toole
CINNAMON Winchester, Dundas Co, Ontario Canada 1850+ Norma O'Toole
CLARK Ayrshire, Lanarkshire Scotland 1820-1921 Ken Scott
CLARKE Audley, Staffordshire England 1690-1890 Carolyn Henshall
CLARKSON Lanarkshire Scotland c1800 Coreen Clarkson
CLELAND Southmountain, Ontario Canada 17850-present Sue Defoor
COCKX Zundert, North Brabant Netherlands 1860-1880 Donna Cox
COCKX Wuustwezel Belgium c1838 Donna Cox
COLE Bricklehampton, Worcestershire England 1700-1900s Phyllis Ring
COLE Evesham, Worcestershire England 1700-1900s Phyllis Ring
COLLIER Prince Edward Co.,Ontario Canada 1790s Katie Hine
COLSON COLSTON Uppingham, Rutland England Pre 1800s Mary Lou Bennett
CONNELL Cloyne Parrish, East Cork Ireland 1870+ Anne Roach
COOPER McDowell Co., North Carolina USA 1850-1900 Debra Parminter
CORBETT Lichfield, Staffordshire England Pre 1906 Robert Gilbert
CORKILL Kirk German Isle of Man Pre 1850 Roberta Hluska
CORKILL Corpus Christi, Texas USA 1850+ Roberta Hluska
CORLETT Kirk Michael Isle of Man Pre 1850 Roberta Hluska
St. Johns, Nfld Canada 1840+ Howard Robinson
COTE Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
COUILLARD Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
COULL Darlington, Durham England 1850+ Trudi Barr
COVILL Kent England 1800s Laurel Lahay
COX Ontario Canada Pre 1920 Janice Wilkin
COYLE Inishowen, Co. Donegal Ireland 1864-2009 Anne Roach
CRANE Mansfield England Anytime Suzanne Prosser
CUNINGHAME Kirkudbright Scotland 1760-1770 Gladys Ellis
CURTAINS Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada 1962 Warren Jansen
DAFF DAFFT DAFT Bourne, Lincolnshire England 1860s Christol James
DAFF DAFFT DAFT Little Bytham & Aslackby,
England Pre 1881 Christol James
Manitoba Canada 1903+ Mona Cashman
D'ALESSANDRO Camaiore, Lucca, Tuscano Italy 1700-1900 Karen Erickson
D'ALESSANDRO Lodi & Sacramento, California USA 1700-1900 Karen Erickson
D'ALESSANDRO Alaska USA 1900-1960 Karen Erickson
DALL Edinburgh Scotland 1850-present Helen Russell
DALLAS Iverness-shire Scotland 1780-1850 Laurel Lahay
DALLEN   United Kingdom Pre 1885 Margaret Nex
DALLEN Manitoba Canada 1885+ Margaret Nex
DAND Nova Scotia Canada 1820+ Debra Parminter
DAPAVO   Italy   Angela Smith
DEEPROSE Sussex England 1760-1900 Debra Parminter
de GIT Westzaan, North Holland Netherlands 1750+ Donna Cox
de GIT Medemblik, North Holland Netherlands 1857+ Donna Cox
de GIT Spaarndam, North Holland Netherlands c1695 Donna Cox
DeMARCILLE Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
DEMCHINSKY Galicia Ukraine 1850s Angela Smith
DEMCHINSKY Saskatchewan Canada 1908+ Angela Smith
DESMOULINS Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
DeTEMPLE Rheinland, Prussia Germany 1813-1853 Norma O'Toole
DeTEMPLE Ohio & West Virginia U.S.A. 1853+ Norma O'Toole
DEWHURST Brindle, Lancashire England 1700-Present Adele Turner
DEWHURST Preston, Lancashire England 1800-Present Adele Turner
DEWHURST Atherton & Bolton, Lancashire England 1900+ Adele Turner
DONNISON Northumberland England 1700s-1900s Phyllis Ring
D�RFLER Hessen-Nasau Germany 1700-Present Adele Turner
DOUST Birmingham England 1800-1911 Christine Macmillan
DOWNS Derry County Ireland 1800-1850 Laurel Lahay
DOWNS Simcoe Co., Ontario Canada 1835-1900 Laurel Lahay
DOYLE Lanark Co., Ontario
Pontiac, Quebec
Canada 1823+ Norma O'Toole
DRESSER Kirby Sigston, Yorkshire England c1810 Candy-Lea Chickite
DRESSER Topcliffe, Yorkshire England 1815-1861 Candy-Lea Chickite
DRESSER Bradford, Yorkshire England 1881-1895 Candy-Lea Chickite
DRINKLE Yorkshire England c1800 Donna Cox
DRINKLE Tay Twp., Simcoe Co., Ontario Canada c1871-c1912 Donna Cox
DRINKLE Saskatchewan Canada 1903+ Donna Cox
DRINKLE Manitoba Canada 1898+ Donna Cox
DRINKLE Flos Twp., Simcoe Co., Ontario Canada 1866+ Donna Cox
DRINKLE Reach Twp., Ontario Co., Ontario Canada 1830+ Donna Cox
DUCHESNE Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
DUMONT Goodridge, Alberta Canada 1885-1920 Kathryn Kingdon
DUMONT Manitoba Canada 1885-1901 Kathryn Kingdon
DUNLOP Glasgow Scotland Pre 1850 Roberta Hluska
DUNLOP Simcoe Co, Ontario Canada 1850+ Roberta Hluska
DUPONT Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
DUTTON Wisconsin USA 1800-1900 Margaret Murray
DUTTON Michigan USA 1800-1900 Margaret Murray
DUTTON New York USA 1800-1900 Margaret Murray
DUTTON South Dakota USA 1800-1900 Margaret Murray

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