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EASTCOTT EASCOTT ESCOTT North Petherwin, Devon England Pre 1850 Christol James
EASTCOTT EASCOTT ESCOTT Durham Co. Ont. Canada 1850+ Christol James
EASTCOTT EASCOTT Mara Township, Ontario Canada 1870+ Christol James
EAYRS Leicestershire England 1800s Mary Lou Bennett
EAYRS London England 1800s Mary Lou Bennett
ELLIS Lanarkshire Scotland   Ken Scott
ELLIS Peckham, Surrey England c1876 Donna Cox
ELLIS Mountsorrell, Leicestershire England c1878 Donna Cox
ELLIS Portslade-by-Sea, Sussex England c1882 Donna Cox
ELLIS Whitehaven, Cumberland England c1874 Donna Cox
ELLIS Newport, Salopshire England c1874 Donna Cox
ELLIS Hammersmith, Middlesex England c1846-1888 Donna Cox
ELLIS Llanraidr yn Mocknant, Denbighshire Wales c1846 Donna Cox
ELLIS Llanfyllin, Montgomeryshire Wales c1854 Donna Cox
ELLIS Abergele, Denbighshire Wales c1880 Donna Cox
ELLIS Gresford Wales c1835 Gladys Ellis
ELLIS Cheshire England 1862-1887 Gladys Ellis
ELMSLIE Rayne, Aberdeen Scotland 1760+ Norma O'Toole
ELSON Croydon, Surrey England 1900-2000 Margaret Murray
ENGELAND Hessen-Nasau Germany 1700-Present Adele Turner
ERBENTRAUT Anywhere Germany & USA Any Adele Turner
EVANS London England 1800-1900 Margaret Murray
FAIRBROTHER Lichfield, Staffordshire England 1800-1900 Robert Gilbert
FALKINGHAM Ontario Canada Pre 1850 Roberta Hluska
FALKINS Ontario Canada Pre 1850 Roberta Hluska
FAUST Morden, Manitoba Canada 1700-1800 Ian Spinks
FAZIO Lazio region Italy 1700+ Norma O'Toole
FEATHERSTON &NBSP England 1800s Monty Good
FEIR Coburg, Ontario Canada 1820-present Helen Russell
FEIR Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada 1905-present Helen Russell
FERGUSON Isle of Islay, Argyll Scotland Pre 1830 Katie Hine
FERGUSON   Scotland 1750-1850+ Marilyn Hilsden
FERGUSON Ontario Canada 1750-1850+ Marilyn Hilsden
FISH Quebec City, Quebec Canada 1750-1850 Kathryn J. Alexander
FLANNIGAN Jamestown, Quebec Canada 1830-1900 Laurel Lahay
FLEMING Londonderry Ireland c1800 Joyce Campbell
FLEMING Halifax Co. N.S. Canada Pre 1900 Pamela Cox
FLETT Orphir, Orkney Scotland 1680+ Norma O'Toole
FORSYTH Edinburgh Scotland Pre 1890 JaniceWilkin
FRALICK New York USA 1800+ Debra Parminter
FRALICK Ontario Canada 1820+ Debra Parminter
FRANCIS   England 1800-1900 Margaret Murray
FRANCIS Newfoundland Canada 1800-1900 Margaret Murray
FRANCIS Maine USA 1875-1900 Margaret Murray
FRANCIS Onatrio Co., Ontario Canada 1800s Katie Hine
FRANCIS   Ireland Pre 1830 Katie Hine
FRANCIS Sommerset England 1700-1900 Karen D'Alessandro
FRANKLIN Waterloo/Wellington Co.,Ontario Canada 1850+ Christol James
FRASER Pictou, Nova Scotia Canada Bef 1825 Barbara Benoit
FRASER Stratford, Ontario Canada 1850-1890 Barbara Benoit
FREDERICK St. John/ St. Jean?, Quebec Canada Pre 1840 Robert Gilbert
FREDERICK Albany, New York USA 1850s Robert Gilbert
FRISKEN Orkney Scotland Pre 1690 Ken Scott
FRISKEN Durham England 1800s Ken Scott
FRIZZELL Algoma Co., Ontario Canada 1880+ Katie Hine
GAFFNEY St. Foy & Pontiac Co., Quebec Canada 1830+ Norma O'Toole
GAMBLE Lincolnshire England Pre 1860 Christol James
GAMMON Nova Scotia Canada All Dorothy Ballard
GAMMON New Brunswick Canada All Dorothy Ballard
GAUTHIER Quebec Canada Anytime Rita Moreau
Suzanne Prosser
GEISBRECT Morden, Manitoba Canada 1700-1800 Ian Spinks
GELL Lezayre Isle of Man Pre 1810 Roberta Hluska
GERWIEN   Deutschland/Germany 1820+ Ken Scott
GERWIEN   USA 1820+ Ken Scott
GIBSON Lincolnshire England 1800s Heather McEdie
GILBERT Fond du Lac, Wisconsin USA 1857-1905 Robert Gilbert
GILBERT Ludington, Michigan USA 1870-1905 Robert Gilbert
GILBERT Rensseler & Albany Co.,New York USA 1847-1857 Robert Gilbert
GILBERT Barkby & Peatling Parva, Leicestershire England 1700-1800s Mary Lou Bennett
GILBERT dit COMTOIS CONTOIS Jolliette, Quebec Canada 1705-1900 Robert Gilbert
GILBERT (dit COMTOIS CONTOIS) Besan�on, Doubs France Pre 1722 Robert Gilbert
GILL Quebec Canada Anytime Rita Moreau
Suzanne Prosser
GILMER GILMOUR   Ireland Pre 1860 Mary Lou Bennett
GILMER GILMOUR Ontario Canada 1800s+ Mary Lou Bennett
GIRARD Quebec Canada Anytime Rita Moreau
Suzanne Prosser
GIRARD Ontario Canada Anytime Rita Moreau
Suzanne Prosser
GLOVER Ontario & Saskatchewan Canada 1908+ Marilyn Hilsden
GODDARD Dorset England 1700-present Patricia Goddard
GODDARD Kent England 1700-Present Patricia Goddard
GODDARD Watertown, Massachusetts USA 1634-1800 Carolyn Henshall
GODDARD Jackson Co., Ohio USA 1800-1865 Carolyn Henshall
GODDARD Finney Co., Kansas USA 1865-1910 Carolyn Henshall
GOODING   England All Margaret Nex
GOODSALL GOODSELL Tenterden, Kent England 1800+ Mary Lou Bennett
GOODSALL GOODSELL Ewhurst, Sussex England Pre 1800 Mary Lou Bennett
GOODWIN GOODEN Nova Scotia Canada All Dorothy Ballard
GOODWIN GOODEN New Brunswick Canada All Dorothy Ballard
GOODWIN GOODEN Essex Co.,Massachusetts USA 1600-1800 Dorothy Ballard
G�SSEL G�SSELL Winnepeg, Manitoba Canada c1822+ Donna Cox
G�SSEL G�SSELL All Prussia, Germany All Donna Cox
Bruce Co., Ontario Canada c1850+ Donna Cox
Waterloo Co.,Ontario Canada c1850+ Donna Cox
GOULD GOULDRUP Tryon, PEI Canada 1800s Robert Gilbert
GOULET St. Cuthbert, Quebec Canada 1650-1850s Robert Gilbert
GOURLAY Abbotthall, Fife Scotland 1794-1862 Gladys Ellis
GOWER Sussex,Sussex England c1800 Roberta Hluska
GRAHAM Fermanagh Ireland 1790+ Debra Parminter
GRAHAM Ohio USA 1834+ Debra Parminter
GRAY Halifax Co. N.S. Canada Pre 1900 Pamela Cox
GREAVES Maidstone & Windsor
Canada   Howard Robinson
GREENFIELD West Keal, Lincolnshire England c1841 Donna Cox
GREENFIELD Bancroft, Hastings Co., Ontario Canada c1885+ Donna Cox
GREENFIELD Mitchell, Perth Co., Ontario Canada c1870 Donna Cox
GREENFIELD New Brunswick Canada c1855 Donna Cox
GREGSON Preston, Lancashire England 1850+ Adele Turner
GRIMES Leicestershire England   Mary Lou Bennett
GRIMSHAW Lancashire England 1822-1950 Laurel Lahay
HADLEY Kingston, Ontario Canada 1795-1830 Debra Parminter
HAHNEL HAENEL HAEHNEL Brodhagen, Perth Co., Ontario Canada 1850+ Christol James
HAINES Upper Canada Canada 1792-1836 Carolyn Henshall
HAINES Oakland Co., Michigan USA 1837-1856 Carolyn Henshall
HAINES Bay Co., Michigan USA 1856-1860 Carolyn Henshall
HAINES Oceana Co., Michigan USA 1860-1873 Carolyn Henshall
HAINES Elk Co., Kansas USA 1873-1885 Carolyn Henshall
HAINES Gallatin Co., Montana USA 1889-1901 Carolyn Henshall
HAINES Leicestershire England 1774-present Angela Smith
HAINES Manitoba Canada c1905 Angela Smith
HAINM�LLER Hessen-Nasau Germany 1700-Present Adele Turner
HALL Middlesex England 1824-1950 Laurel Lahay
HAMELIN Quebec Canada Anytime Rita Moreau
Suzanne Prosser
HANNA HAWNA Antrim County Ireland 1800s Glennys Holliday
HANNA Paisley Scotland 1890 Glennys Holliday
HARRINGTON Queens Co., Prince Edward Island Canada 1800s Robert Gilbert
HARRIS Westdean, Sussex England Pre 1800 Roberta Hluska
HARRIS Littlington, Sussex England c1825 Roberta Hluska
HARRISON Ramsgate, Kent England c1840 Glennys Holliday
HARRIYOTT Eastbourne, Sussex England 1850+ Roberta Hluska
HARVIES Abbotsford, British columbia Canada   Warren Jansen
HARYOTT Alfriston, Sussex England 1800+ Roberta Hluska
HAWES Watford, Hertfordshire England 1890+ Roberta Hluska
HAWES Chesham, Buckinghamshire England Pre 1900 Roberta Hluska
HAY [Brick Wall] Scotland 1750-1850 Kathryn J. Alexander
HAYNE London England Pre 1900 Katie Hine
HEBERT Crysler, Ontario Canada 1850+ Mona Cashman
HEBERT St. Boniface, Manitoba Canada 1900+ Mona Cashman
HELD   Switzerland c 1840 Candy-Lea Chickite
HEMMINGS Leicestershire England 1800s Mary Lou Bennett
HEMMINGS Newcastle England 1800s Mary Lou Bennett
HENDERSHOT Oxford Co., Ontario Canada 1900+ Roberta Hluska
HENDRICKS   Canada   Warren Jansen
Gorran, Cornwall England Pre 1869 Christol James
HENRY Londonderry Ireland c1800 Joyce Campbell
HENSHALL Audley, Staffordshire England 1690-1890 Carolyn Henshall
HENSHALL Victoria, British Columbia Canada 1890-1935 Carolyn Henshall
HENSHALL San Francisco, California England 1896-1906 Carolyn Henshall
HEPPINSTALL HEPTINSTALL (var) Eckington, Derbyshire England Pre 1900 Christol James
HEPPINSTALL HEPTINSTALL (var) Mexbro, West Yorkshire England Pre 1900 Christol James
HIBBURT Kent England 1840-1920 Laurel Lahay
HIBBURT Berkshire England 1840-1920 Laurel Lahay
HICKETHIER ? Sachen-Anhalt, Saxony Germany 1700-Present Adele Turner
HICKS Prince Edward Co., Ontario Canada 1790s Katie Hine
HICKS New York USA 1790s Katie Hine
HICKS Ontario Canada Anytime Janice Wilkin
HILL Bradford, Yorkshire England 1881-1901 Candy-Lea Chickite
HILTON Bolton,Lancashire England 1850+ Mona Cashman
HINDLE Preston, Lancashire England 1870+ Adele Turner
HINDS Kent England Any time Mary Lou Bennett
HINE Devon England Pre 1880 Katie Hine
HINE Surrey England 1880-1950 Katie Hine
HINE Surrey & Middlesex England 1825-1900 Laurel Lahay
HLUSKA Perchinska, Dolyna Poland 1850-1930 Roberta Hluska
HLUSKA Perchinska, Dolyna Ukraine 1850-1930 Roberta Hluska
HLUSKA Alberta Canada 1911+ Roberta Hluska
HOARE Cloyne Parrish, East Cork Ireland 1870+ Anne Roach
HODGINS Clarendon, Quebec Canada 1850-1870 Debra Parminter
HOGG Kent, London England   Katie Hine
HOLTON London England 1800-1950 Margaret Murray
HOOLE Staveley, Derbyshire England Pre 1950 Janice Wilkin
HOOPER Leicestershire England   Mary Lou Bennett
HORNER Eckington, Derbyshire England 1800s Christol James
HOLTON Wiltshire & London England 1800-1950 Margaret Murray
HUGGETT Alfriston, Sussex England Pre 1810 Roberta Hluska
HUGGETT Westdean, Sussex England c1800 Roberta Hluska
HUMPHRAY Ayrshire Scotland c1767 Ken Scott
HURLEY Kimcote, Leicestershire England 1700s Mary Lou Bennett

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