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NADEAU Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
NADEAU Ontario Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
NAPIER Lanark County, Ontario Canada 1800 Ian Spinks
NEILSON Surrey, British Columbia Canada   Warren Jansen
NELSON Stoneykirk, Wigtown Scotland c1750 Coreen Clarkson
NEUKIRCK   Deutschland, Germany Pre 1674 Ken Scott
NEX All England Pre 1889 Margaret Nex
NEX Ontario Canada 1889+ Margaret Nex
NEX Manitoba Canada 1889+ Margaret Nex
NICHOLSON Yorkshire England c1800 Candy-Lea Chickite
NICHOLSON York, Yorkshire England 1830+ Gladys Ellis
NOBLE Inverness-shire Scotland 1800-1900 Laurel Lahay
NORTH Middlesex England 1830-1900 Laurel Lahay
NORTH Verulem Tp., Ontario Canada c1890 Barbara Smith
NUHALT Yorkshire England Pre 1750 Pamela Cox
OCHS Hessen-Nasau Germany 1700-Present Adele Turner
O'DONNELL Inishowen, Co. Donegal Ireland 1864-present Anne Roach
O'DONNELL California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania USA 1900+ Anne Roach
OLDFIELD Hurdsfield,Cheshire England Pre 1880 Christol James
OLDFIELD Hadfield, Derbyshire England 1880+ Christol James
OLDFIELD Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada c1911-1929 Christol James
OLDFIELD Toronto, Ontario Canada 1929+ Christol James
OLES Saskatchewan Canada 1790-1935 Laurel Lahay
OLES Brant Co., Ontario Canada 1790-1935 Laurel Lahay
OLES Manitoba Canada 1790-1935 Laurel Lahay
OLES   USA 1790-1935 Laurel Lahay
OLLENBERGER Crimea Russia Pre 1900 Pamela Cox
OLSEN Horten, Vestfold Norway 1850-Present Adele Turner
O'NEILL   Ireland   Irene Lanoville
O'NEILL   Canada   Irene Lanoville
ORSER Ontario Canada 1796+ Debra Parminter
OSBORNE Nottinghamshire England   Mary Lou Bennett
OSBORNE Biddenden, Cranbrook & Tenterden, Kent England Any time Mary Lou Bennett
O'TOOLE Westport, Co. Mayo Ireland Bef 1840 Norma O'Toole
O'TOOLE Ottawa, Ontario
Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan
Canada 1882+ Norma O'Toole
PALMER Ireland, England, Wales Pre 1800 Roberta Driscoll
PAQUETTE Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
PAQUETTE Ontario Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
PARDIE PARDEE PAROZ Michigan USA 1800s Heather McEdie
PARKMAN Barnstaple, Devon England 1796+ Irene Lanoville
PARKMAN Prince Edward Island Canada 1800+ Irene Lanoville
PARMINTER Barnstaple, Devonshire England Pre 1835 Debra Parminter
PAUL Chester, Cheshire England c1790+ Donna Cox
PEARCE PEARS PEERS Staffordshire England 1800+ Mona Cashman
PENNY Bristol England 1860-1900 Laurel Lahay
PERKINS Devon England 1600-1900 Dorothy Ballard
PERKINSON Tipperary and Offaly Ireland 1700-1850 Heather McEdie
PERRIER Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
PETERS Birmingham, Warwickshire England c1870 Barbara Smith
PETERS Brancepeth, Saskatchewan Canada 1911+ Barbara Smith
PETIT Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
PICHETTE Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
PICHETTE Ontario Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
PICKERING Scarborough England 1850-1900 Laurel Lahay
PICKFORD Leek, Staffordshire England All Donna Cox
PIPER Kent England 1750+ Mona Cashman
PIPER London England 1750+ Mona Cashman
PLANCHE Middlesex England Pre 1828 Margaret Nex
PLANCHE Quebec Canada 1828+ Margaret Nex
PLATT Tarvin, Cheshire England 1818-1881 Gladys Ellis
POLLARD   England 1801-1843 Roy Anderson
POLLARD Adolphustown,Ontario Canada 1843+ Roy Anderson
POND Hampshire England   Katie Hine
POPE Marlborough, Wiltshire England 1850+ Trudi Barr
POTTER Thrussington, Leicestershire England 1700-1900s Phyllis Ring
POVEY Kent England 1700s-1900s Phyllis Ring
POWER   England   Irene Lanoville
POWER New Brunswick Canada   Irene Lanoville
POWER Prince Edward Island Canada   Irene Lanoville
PREVOST PROVOST Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
PREVOST PROVOST Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
PRICE Jackson Co., Ohio USA 1775-1920 Carolyn Henshall
PRINCE Cheshire England Pre 1900 Christol James
PURDEE PURDY PURDIE Michigan USA 1800s Heather McEdie

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