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QUIGGIN Kirk Michael Isle of Man Pre 1800 Roberta Hluska
RAMSBOTTOM Lanark County, Ontario Canada 1800 Ian Spinks
RANDALLS Ontario & Saskatchewan Canada 1908+ Marilyn Hilsden
RANGER Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
RAWSON Ayrshire, Lanarkshire Scotland 1600-1800s Ken Scott
RAWSON Yorkshire England Pre 1824 Ken Scott
READ Glen Bush, Saskatchewan Canada 1910-1932 Trudi Barr
REDDING Buckinghamshire England 1800+ Roberta Hluska
REID Eastern Townships, Quebec Canada 1800-1850 Laurel Lahay
REID Ontario & Nova Scotia Canada 1890-1960 Heather McEdie
RICHARDS Shropshire England 1820-1900 Judy Kennedy
RICHARDS London England 1870-1920 Judy Kennedy
RICHARDSON Dumfrieshire Scotland 1700s-1900s Phyllis Ring
RIECKE Sachen-Anhalt, Saxony Germany 1700-Present Adele Turner
RILEY Leek Parish, Staffordshire England All Donna Cox
RING Surrey England 1700-1900s Phyllis Ring
RINTA RINTOM�KI Ylih�rm� Finland pre 1925 Katie Hine
RITCHIE Dumfrieshire Scotland 1700s-1900s Phyllis Ring
RITCHIE County Mayo Ireland Pre 1820 Pamela Cox
ROBERTSON Lanarkshire Scotland c1850 Coreen Clarkson
ROBERTSON Fort Frances, Saskatchewan Canada Pre 1939 Warren Jansen
ROBERTSON   Scotland   Warren Jansen
ROBINSON Enniskillen Ireland 1800-1890 Howard Robinson
ROBINSON Toronto, Ontario Canada 1800-1890 Howard Robinson
ROCHE Cloyne, County Cork Ireland 1860+ Anne Roach
ROCHON Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
ROCHON Ontario Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
RODD Durham Co. Ontario Canada c1850 Christol James
ROSS Abbotthall, Fife Scotland c1794 Gladys Ellis
ROWE Devon England Pre 1865 Janice Wilkin
ROWNTREE Dublin Ireland c1868 Donna Cox
ROYER Shoreditch, London England 1829-1950 Laurel Lahay
RUPERT   Deutschland/Germany 1783+ Ken Scott
RUSSELL Petty, Inverness Scotland Anytime Mary Lou Bennett
RUSSELL Sussex England 1800-1920 Helen Russell
SABOURIN Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
SARRASIN Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
SARRASIN Ontario Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
SAUVE Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
SAVAGE Kent England 1800s Laurel Lahay
SCHAEFER SCHAFER   Germany Pre 1780s Christol James
SCHIBLER-SCHEIBLER-SCHEIBELER Kansas, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, etc Anywhere USA   Adele Turner
SCHMIDT   Germany   Angela Smith
SCHMIDT Surrey England   Angela Smith
SCHOENFELT Silesia Deutschland/Germany 1680+ Ken Scott
SCHOENFELT Pennsylvania USA 1680+ Ken Scott
SCHUSTER Baden Germany Pre 1850s Christol James
SCHUSTER Perth Co., Ontario Canada 1857+ Christol James
SCOTT New Jersey USA 1790-1845 Ken Scott
SCOTT Owen Sound, Ontario Canada 1800s Glennys Holliday
SCOTT   Ireland 1800s Glennys Holliday
SEABROOK Fern/Wexford Ireland 1800-1840 Kathryn Kingdon
SEABROOK Ontario Canada 1850+ Kathryn Kingdon
SEARSON Queenborough/Queninborough, Leicestershire England 1700s Mary Lou Bennett
SEATH Auchter Muchty Scotland 1850+ Judy Kennedy
SEATH Ontario Canada 1900+ Judy Kennedy
SECOMB SEACOMB SECCOMBE Gorran, Cornwall England Pre 1869 Christol James
SEGUIN SEQUIN Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
SELKIRK New York USA 1800-2009 Marilyn Hilsden
SELKIRK Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia Canada 1800-2009 Marilyn Hilsden
SENECAL Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
SENTNER Baden-Wurtmebreg Germany c1820 Candy-Lea Chickite
SHARP/E Brightling, Sussex England Pre 1800 Mary Lou Bennett
SHEAN/SHEANE Corton Denham, Somerset England c1800 Roberta Hluska
SHEPHERD   England   Irene Lanoville
SHEPHERD British Columbia Canada   Irene Lanoville
SHIRE Limerick Ireland 1700 Glennys Holliday
SHIRE Rhine Germany c1700 Glennys Holliday
SHORT St. Gennys, Cornwall England Pre 1850 Christol James
SHORTER   England 1890s+ Margaret Nex
SHORTER Saskatchewan Canada Pre 1920 Margaret Nex
SHUCK Pennsylvania USA 1820+ Candy-Lea Chickite
SIMS SIMMS Aransas Co., Texas USA c1850 Roberta Hluska
SIMPSON Aberdeen Scotland c1806 Angela Smith
SIMPSON Wellington Co., Ontario Canada c1841 Angela Smith
SIXSMITH Atherton & Bolton, Lancashire England 1900+ Adele Turner
SKEA Orkney Scotland c1714 Ken Scott
SLATER Burntwood, Staffordshire England Pre 1905 Robert Gilbert
SLATER Westville,Nova Scotia Canada 1905+ Robert Gilbert
SLEEKING   Holland   Warren Jansen
SMITH Sommerset England 1700-1900 Karen Ericksona>
SMITHERINGALE Ontario Canada 1860+ Janice Wilkin
SMITHERINGALE British Columbia Canada 1860+ Janice Wilkin
SMITHERINGALE Northamptonshire England Pre 1860 Janice Wilkin
SMITHERINGALE Weymouth, Dorset England 1862-1872 Janice Wilkin
SPIERS Evesham, Worcestershire England 1700s-1900s Phyllis Ring
SPILLER North Curry, Somerset England 1700-1820 Arlene Smith
SPILLER Yarcombe, Somerset England 1837-1870 Arlene Smith
SPILLER Wells, Somerset England 1857-date Arlene Smith
SPINKS All     Ian Spinks
STACE Biddenden, Kent England Anytime Mary Lou Bennett
STADNYK Ivankow (Galicia) Ukraine Bef 1900 Norma O'Toole
STANYER All Canada 1830+ Donna Cox
STANYER Cheshire England All Donna Cox
STANYER Shropshire England All Donna Cox
STATES Huron Co., Ohio USA 1840+ Debra Parminter
STEARNS Massachusetts USA c1795 Ken Scott
STENFORS Ylih�rm� Finland Pre 1925 Katie Hine
STEPHENS Nova Scotia, British Columbia Canada 1850+ Marilyn Hilsden
STEWART   Scotland 1790s Katie Hine
STEWART Northumberland Co., Ontario Canada   Katie Hine
STEWART Ontario Co., Ontario Canada   Katie Hine
STEWART Tayside, Dundee, Angus Scotland 1750-1850 Kathryn J. Alexander
ST. JULIEN ST-JULIEN Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
SUNBURY Quebec Canada All Margaret Nex
SUNBURY All USA All Margaret Nex
SUTTER Baden Germany Pre 1850 Christol James
SUTTER Perth Co., Ontario Canada 1850+ Christol James
SUTTER Waterloo Co., Ontario Canada 1870s+ Christol James
SUTTON Lancashire England 1830-1900 Laurel Lahay
SWITZER Limerick Ireland c1700 Glennys Holliday
SWITZER Rhine Germany c1700 Glennys Holliday
SWITZER Bancroft, Hastings Co., Ontario Canada c1850-c1928 Donna Cox
TABARRANI Camaiore, Lucca Italy 1700-1900 Karen Erickson
TAYLOR Nether Silton, Yorkshire England c1810 Candy-Lea Chickite
TEASDALE TYSDEL Quebec Canada 1700+ Pamela Cox
TEASDALE TYSDEL Yorkshire England pre 1750 Pamela Cox
TEMPLE South Shields, Durham England Anytime Janice Wilkin
THOMAS (Sarah)   England 1866-1890 Jim Munro
THOMAS-THOMA New Jersey USA 1875+ Adele Turner
THOMAS-THOMA   Germany Pre-1875 Adele Turner
THOMASON Shetland Scotland 1800-1900 Margaret Murray
THOMPSON Middlesex Co., Ontario Canada 1900-2000 Margaret Murray
THOMPSON Sheffield, Yorkshire England 1850+ Judy Kennedy
THORSTEINSON Hunavatnssysla Iceland 1800-1900 Helen Russell
THORSTEINSON Winnipeg/Gimli, Manitoba Canada 1900-present Helen Russell
TIBBLES Cayuga Co., New York USA 1815-1890 Debra Parminter
TOOMBS Buckinghamshire England 1610-1850 Carolyn Henshall
TOOMBS Brant Co., Ontario Canada 1861-1910 Carolyn Henshall
TRACY London area England Any time Mary Lou Bennett
TRACY Claremont, Ontario Canada Any time Mary Lou Bennett
TREMBLAY Quebec Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
TREMBLAY Ontario Canada Anytime Suzanne Prosser
TRUMAN Illinois USA 1800+ Angela Smith
TRUMAN Minnesota USA 1800+ Angela Smith
TRUMAN Saskatchewan Canada   Angela Smith
TRYSLIN   England c1804 Donna Cox
TUFFLEY Barkby, Leicestershire England 1700s Mary Lou Bennett
TURKO Leeshore, Alberta Canada 1900-1950 Steve Anderson
TURKO Masachie Lake, British Columbia Canada 1950-1975 Steve Anderson
TURNER Bristol? England 1800s Laurel Lahay
TURNER East Grinstead, Sussex England 1890+ Mary Lou Bennett
TUTTE New Burnham England 1875-1910 Steve Anderson
TUTTE Sanich/Victoria, British Columbia Canada 1905-1999 Steve Anderson
TWIGGER Warwickshire Area England Pre 1860 Margaret Nex
TWIGGER Pennsylvania USA c1850 Margaret Nex
TWIGGER Ontario Canada c1880 Margaret Nex
TWIGGER British Columbia Canada c1880 Margaret Nex

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