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You have arrived at the official BCGenWeb geneology page for B.C.'s High Country.

The High Country BCGenWeb site is a great place to start during your search for your High Country roots. Here you will find links to services, great old information which has been archived, as well as new information provided through volunteer effort.

For the moment, the information here seems a little sparse, because I've just taken on the project, and I've got lots of catching up to do. So, I invite you to explore the archive, which contains pages researched and created by Kathleen O'Brien, a past coordinator for the High Country. I'm so relieved that she's done so much work already, even though we've never met!

Happy Hunting!
Leanne R., your new volunteer High Country coordinator

Page last modified: Monday, 13-Dec-2004 16:12:58 MST

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About this website: Your comments or recommendations for additions to this site are welcome. From time to time, changes are made with the website. The BCGenWeb policy, in keeping with the guidelines of CanGenWeb, is to preserve old information for future reference. Even still, some information does get lost or misplaced with the passing of the ages. If you are looking for some old information and can not find it, have a look in the archive -- I bet it's in there.

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