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Maps are a useful way to get a pictorial view of where your ancestors lived. There are various types of maps you can consult - ranging from the topographic maps that show contour lines, elevations, and place names to the thematic maps that show things like diocesan boundaries and areas.

The following web sites have maps of various sorts that you should find useful in your research. Wherever available, information on how to obtain these maps is given as well.

Using maps in genealogy

While this is an American web site, the information is still useful to Canadian researchers. The Ontario Genealogical Society has a publication by Betty Kidd on this subject but on Canadian maps.

Maps Can Help You Trace Your Family Tree

Current maps

To come.

Historical maps and atlases

Historical maps of Canada. Maps are available for $.

Canada - Native peoples 1823 Map is available for $.

Other Native peoples maps These are available for $.

Canada - Indian treaties Map is available for $.

Canada - Exploration 1497 - 1650 Map is available for $.

Territorial Evolution of Canada Shows Canada as it developed between 1867 to 1949.

Évolution territoriale

Other historical mapsPostage stamp size view available but theses are available for $.

Religious maps

Under construction. Suggestions welcome.

Topographic maps

How to find a Canadian topographic map

Where you can buy Canadian topographic maps

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