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Our meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month, September to June, please contact us for further information.

We will be happy to help prospective members with research from our personal libraries or through the LDS Library in Kelowna. Please contact us for assistance with membership paperwork.

 The following list contains some of the books owned by members. Please contact the book owner with lookup requests:

Books owned by Alys Monod Book

  • The Unredeemed Captive by

    John Demos

  • Abigail Adams by Alison Weir

  • General Burgoyne by Michael


  • Patriots, by A. J. Langguth

  • Canaan, by Harold Fenton

  • Inhabitants of NH 1776, by Emily S. Wilson

  • The Irish Scots and the "Scotch-Irish" by John Linehan

  • Descendants of Richard Hull, by Puella Follett Mason

  • Chenango County, by Smith

  • Chenango and Madison Counties, by Tyne

  • Pioneers of Madison Co., by Tuttle

  • 250 years of First Church, by Bethlehem.

  • History of Tioga Co. Volumes 1 and 4

  • Revolutionary War Veterans who lived in Madison Co.

  • Immigrants in Madison Co. 1815-1860

  • 10,000 VR of Eastern NY 1777-1834, by Bowman

  • Cohassett - Genealogies + Town History by Davenporte

  • Register of Revolutionary Soldiers and Patriots Buried in

    Lichfield Co.

  • Early Families of Wallingford, by Davis

  • History Ancient Woodbury, Volumes A and B, by Cothren

  • History Of the Colony of New Haven 1 and 2, by Atwater

  • History Of Guilford, by Smith

  • History of Ancient Weathersfield II, by Stiles

  • History Ancient Windsor II, by Stiles

  • History of Hadley, by Sylvester Judd

  • The Strong Family I, II, IV

  • History of Bedford, NH

  • History Town of Hingham MA

  • Compilation of American Genealogy 1-7, by Virkus

  • DAR Patriot Index 1990

  • Huntington Genealogy, Memoir and Supplements

  • The Clapp Family in America

  • History of James Morgan plus Update

  • Genealogy of the Hill Family, by Barlow

  • Descendants of Richard Hull, by Weygant

  • Annals of Norwich, NY, by Phillips

  • Abington and the Revolution, by Martha Campbell

  • The Pratt Family - Matthew line

  • Middletown, CT Vital Records from Land Records, by Helen


  • The Spirit of '76

  • Dictionary of Battles

  • CT Census 1790

  • Record of Service: CT Men in the Wars

  • Guide to Berkshire Cemeteries

  • John Hall of Wallingford, by Shepard

  • Descendants Edmund Hobart

  • Abraham Doolittle and Some Descendants, by Allen

  • The Ancestry of Rev. Henry Whitfield, by Dorothy Shaefe

  • Genealogical Notes on the Hall Family, by Theodore Parsons


  • Huntington Family, by E. B. Huntington

  • Complete Peerage

  • CDs: NEHGS Register, Family History VR British Isles, and VR

    North America

TreeBooks owned by Abbie Thompson

  • Ancestor Trail in Ireland, by Donal F.


  • Cohasset, MA., A Narrative History of,

    by E. Victor Bigelow

  • Dictionary of Surnames, by Mark

    Antony Lower

  • Early Marriages of NE, by Torrey

  • Early Marriages of NE (supplement) by Torrey

  • Early New Englanders & Kin, by Roy Burgess

  • Early Planters of Scituate, MA, by Harvey Pratt

  • Elmanac, History of Elma Township (Ontario)

  • Family Research in Waterloo Wellington Co., Ont., by Ryan


  • Grey Township and Its People, (Ontario) by Marilyn Engel

  • Genealogical Dictionary of New England, 4 Volumes, by James Savage

  • Genealogist's Handbook, NE Research by Marcia Lindberg

  • Heralds & Ancestors, by Anthony Wagner

  • Historical & Genealogical Miscellany, 5 Volumes, NY & NJ, by

    John E. Stillwell

  • History & Genealogy of Briggs Family, 3 Volumes, by Lloyd

    Vernon Briggs

  • History of Hingham, MA, by George Lincoln

  • History of Kings County, Nova Scotia, by Arthur Eaton

  • History of Scituate, MA, by Samuel Deane

  • History of Shipbuilding on the North River, by L Vernon Briggs

  • John Howland of the Mayflower, 2 Volumes, by Elizabeth


  • Guide to LDS Family History Library, by John Cerny &Wendy


  • Litchfield Family in America,  by W. J. Litchfield

  • London Township Pioneers, Ont., by F.T. Roser

  • Long Point Settlement (Pioneer Sketches,) by E. A. Owen

  • Loyalist Families, by Cleadie Barnett, E. Sewell

  • Loyalist Lineages of Canada, 1783-1983, by U.E.L., Toronto, 

    Volume 2, Parts 1 and 2.

  • Loyalist Mosaic, by Joan Magee

  • Loyalists of New Brunswick, by Esther Clark Wright

  • Mayflower Ancestral Index, Volume 1, by Milton Terry, Anne


  • Mayflower Descendants, 1985-1996, Volumes 35-46, 13 binders

  • Mayflower Descendants & their Marriages, by John T. Landis

  • Mayflower Families, silver edition, 18 Volumes

  • Mayflower Families in Progress-Robert Bartlett, by


  • Mayflower Families in Progress-William Bradford, by

    Wakefield, Van Antwerp

  • Mayflower Families in Progress-William Brewster through

    , by B.L.Merrick

  • Mayflower Families in Progress-William Brewster through

    , by B.L.Merrick

  • Mayflower Families in Progress-Francis Cooke, by Wakefield, "

  • VanWood

  • Mayflower Families in Progress-Edward Doty, by Peter B. Hill

  • Mayflower Families in Progress-Francis Eaton, by Van

    Antwerp, Wakefield

  • Mayflower Families in Progress-Degory Priest, by Townsend,

    "Wakefield, Stover

  • Mayflower Families in Progress-Henry Samson, by Sherman & Sherman

  • Mayflower Families in Progress-George Soule, by John E. Soule,

    Milton Terry

  • Mayflower Silver Editions - 21 Volumes - up from 18 or 19.

  • Narrative History of Cohasset, MA, by E. Victor Bigelow

  • National Genealogical Directory, 1988, by Iris L. Caley

  • New Brunswick Loyalists, by Sharon Dubeau

  • New Brunswick Vital Statistics - 1784-1815, from newspapers

    Of Plymouth Plantation,
    by William Bradford

  • Old Scituate, by DAR

  • Ontario People, 1796-1803, by Keith Fitzgerald

  • Philip Delano of the Ship 'Fortune', 1621, Compiled by Muriel


  • Pioneer Life in the Bay of Quinte Pub, by Rolph & Clark

  • Pre-Revolutionary Dutch Houses, by Rosalie Bailey

  • Quaker Ogdens, 1682-1897, by Charles Burr Ogden

  • Robert Cushman of Kent, Commemorative Ed.

  • Saints & Strangers, Plymouth Colony, MA, by George F. Willison

  • Timothy Hatherley & Plymouth Colony Pilgrims, by Steven


  • Vaughan Township, On, by G. Elmore Reaman

  • Family Tree Maker Family Archives Companion set, contains 8

    disks with Social Security info; family trees submitted by people all

    over; and U.S. & International Marriage Records,1560-1900.

  • New England Historical & Genealogical Register, set of 9 CD

    disks, 1847-1994

Books owned by Lil Heselton

  • A to Z, London

  • Ancestry’s Guide to Research, Cerny and Eakle

  • Care and Identification of 19th Century Photographic Prints,

    James M Reilley

  • In Search of Your British and Irish Roots, Angus Baxter

  • 19th Century Photographic Prints, James M Reilly Kodak: 1986

  • DAR Patriot Index, 2003 Millennium Administration (3 volumes)

  • Dating Old photographs, 1840-1929 Family Chronicle

  • Days of the Past, George Larkey 1937 (Larkey Family in MN ND)

  • Descendants of Samuel Mapes and Mary Smith, Joseph

    Boyle,111 MD Wykoff NJ

  • Descendants of Thomas Mapes and Sarah Purrier, Joseph

    Boyle,111 MD Wykoff NJ

  • Genealogical Atlas of Ireland ,Gardner, Harland and Smith

    Deseret Book Co.:1964

  • Hey Seeds, Soo Line Historical Society: Weyburn Saskatchewan

  • History of Orange County, New York , Sam’l W Eager,

    Newburgh: S.T. Callahan 1846-7

  • History of the Town and City of Newburgh, New York Ed. M

    Ruttenber reprinted 2002

  • How Do I Prove It?,  Dr Penelope Christian, Heritage Productions:

    Book 19, 2000

  • Researching American Land Records, Kyle Betit , Heritage

    Productions: Book HA04

  • In Search of your British and Irish Roots, Angus Baxter

  • Ireland: A genealogical guide for North Americans, Kyle Betit &

    Dwight Radford

  • Les registres parroissiaux as Quèbec avant 1800, Andrè La Rose

  • Louis Pinard et ses descendants Raîche-Reiche-Rèche 1634-

    Trois Rivieres 1990

  • Main Street, Sinclair Lewis (based on Sauk Centre, MN)

  • Newburgh in the American Revolution, A.G. Barratt

  • One Hundred French Canadian Family Histories, Phillip J

    Moore, Mc Dowell:Utica KY

  • Portrait and Biog, Record of Orange County, New York

    Chapman Pub Co.:1895 (3 vols)

  • Postcards of Bridlington, Kenneth F. Elston

  • Siddall Family History, Raymond A Parker 2001

  • Smith’s Canadian Gazateer Canada West (Ontario) Wm. H Smith


  • The Canadian Genealogical Handbook, Eric Jonasson

  • The Danish Genealogical Helper, Everton

  • The First Fifty Years: A History of the United Grain Growers

    R.D. Colquette 1957

  • The Handy Book for Genealogists, Everton: 7th ed.

  • The Kings Daughters, Elmer Courteau ( a reprint of articles from

    in Canada?)

  • The Source: A Guidebook of American Genealogy, Eakle and

    Cerny ed.

  • The Structure of Canadian History, Findlay and Sprague Prentiss

    Hall: 1989

  • The Thomas Genealogy, J. Montgomery Seaver, Am. Hist.

    Gen.Co: Philadelphia

  • Thomas Mapes Descendants, Joseph Boyle

  • Samuel Mapes Decsendants, Joseph Boyle

  • Toronto Then and Now, J Clarence Duff Fitzhenry and Whiteside


  • Yellow Grass 50 Years in the Wheat, King Community 1955

  • Yellow Grass: Our Prairie Community, Yellow Grass Heritage

    Committee 1980

  • Yesterdays Wirral #7, Ian and Mary Boumphrey

Note: Although some of these books are of U.E.L. and Mayflower interest, a large percentage of our Revolutionary ancestors had both Loyalist and Mayflower connections.




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