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Family Bible Project
To meet our responsibilities for historical preservation and the gathering of genealogically significant resources

To collect all Family Bible information from our members (and their friends if possible)

BibleFor each Family Bible in your family’s possession,  list the progression of owners/custodians of the Bible; ask each owner/custodian to decipher the writing (a family member may know about whom it is written even if a non-family member can't make it out); take digital photos, make jpegs, scan, or have laser copies made of significant pages.

New Caledonia is the First Units Overseas Chapter to ever contribute to the DAR with these Bible Transcriptions. This year we transcribed over 100 pages.

Tri Stake Genealogy Seminar
Tri Stake TableTo meet our Community and genealogical responsibilities by active participation in local genealogical activities New Caledonia Chapter annually sponsors an information table at the local LDS Genealogical Seminar. We always bring along the DAR Patriot Index for folks to browse through. It usually draws quite a lot of interest. Our chapter regent is a seminar lecturer. Her topics this year will be: “The War of 1812 – Canadian, British and American Sources” and “Finding Your American Ancestors.”

Chapter History Scrapbook
To meet our responsibilities for Preservation and History FormScrapbooker chapter vice regent Beverley Watkins arranged a scrapbook workshop in Victoria in 2005 and we began the task of creating a history of the New Caledonia Chapter.  Each February we devote our meeting to working on the Scrapbook. We now have two books almost completed. One is the History,  the other is our activities and projects.  

Hands of Help: Gifts of Comfort
GiftTo meet our commitment to women’s issues, particularly those of battered women. New Caledonia intends for the “Hands to Help ~ Gifts of Comfort” to be not only fresh, clean and pampering but most of all a gesture of hope.

The Surrey Women’s Centre provides local service for assaulted women. Most escape their current circumstances with only their lives.  The centre supports and enhances the lives of women, children and families impacted by violence. This center is also in need of help.

Since 2005 our chapter assembles “Comfort Bags” filled with donated useful items such as washcloth, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, socks, combs etc. They are packed in individual bags with a “New Caledonia DAR” Gift tag. 


Assist The Montagnard Community
Patriotic Service

 We try to assist wherever possible: clothes, food, household furnishings, books, toys, literacy assistance; where ever there is a need. We give supplies, or money and help. One of our members acts as a liaison between the governments to bring their families here. 

The Montagnard people of Northern Vietnam assisted the American troops during he Vietnam Conflict. They have, as a result been subjected to “ethnic cleansing” by the Vietnamese Government. The men of the community were removed by the United Nations to safe havens in South Carolina, Finland and BC Canada.  These folks were a group of indigenous tribes who lived in long houses and lived off the land. They are now thrust into an urban environment and face many challenges – not the least of which is reuniting them with their families.




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