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The North by Northwest Region of British Columbia follows Yellowhead Highway #16 from Tete Jaune Cache on the BC/Alberta border, to Prince Rupert on the Pacific coast, including Queen Charlotte Islands and north through the Nass and Stikine country to the Yukon border. From the earliest explorations of MacKenzie and Simon Fraser, to hordes of prospectors heading for the goldfields, to loggers and farmers, the development of BC's interior by packtrain, riverboat and rail leaves a rich historic record of trail-blazers and settlers.



The North by Northwest Region of the BC Genweb Project

HAS A NEW COORDINATOR - Dawn Eby Quast has taken on the task of looking after North by Northwest.  Please help me by sending links to anything you think would enhance our website for NNW, and let me know about broken links.

Alan Sandercott has volunteered to provide the support I know I am going to need!  Thanks Alan, for what you've done and for being there now!

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McBride -
Prince George -
Vanderhoof -
Ft St James -
Manson Creek -
  • Several photos taken in the Manson Creek Cemetery courtesy of Annamari & Tom Miles. There are also many unmarked graves: 
Fort Fraser -
Fraser Lake -
Francois Lake -
Burns Lake -
Houston -
Quick -
Telkwa -

Smithers -

Hazelton -
Pacific -
Usk -
Terrace -
Kitimat -
Port Edward -
Prince Rupert -
Sandspit -
Anyox -
  • John Smith has knowledge of some pioneers and would like to make contact with other past residents.
Alice Arm -
Stewart -
Telegraph Creek -
Atlin -
Blank -

Linda Connoly ~ Ft St James
  • Manson Creek, Germansen Landing, Tache, Binche, Portage
  • Catholic Cemetery (347+ grave sites)
  • Municipal Cemetery (1862 to present; 162 grave sites)
  • National Historic Park. Quite a library of documented history.
  • St. Patricks Anglican Episcopal Cemetery (1867 to present; 19 visible grave sites)
  • I may be able to help with more than the above (just ask).
Tracy Lindstrom ~ Fraser Lake BC and area
  • Access to various historic books.
Cathy Scaife ~ Burns Lake & Area BC
  • Researching - Anderson, Forde, Horning, Gair, Larson, Long, Lund, Mann, Peebles, Peterson, Porter, Radley, Reynolds, Stanton, Stanyer
Julie ~ Terrace BC, Port Essington & Francois Lake BC
  • Lookups
Anne Jefferson ~ Stewart BC
  • Old cemetery records..
Dawn Quast ~ Prince Rupert BC & Port Edward BC

. - Bulkley Valley Genealogical Society - Smithers
Prince Rupert Genealogy Club -


The Way We Were, by Evva L. Weber (E v v a) and Pioneer Legacy: Chronicles of the Lower Skeena River Volumes I and II by Norma V. Bennett

Pioneer Legacy, Chronicles of the Lower Skeena River, Volumes I & II : by Norma V. Bennett.  They are stories of the Skeena River, Riverboats, Pioneers and building of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad. 

The History of the Northern Interior of British Columbia, A.G.Morice, 1978, Interior Stationary (1970) Ltd., ISBN 0919213-97-9

Heritage Lost - A People's History of the Ootsa Lake Region 1905-1955, by Jean Clark Giesbrecht.

Where The Rivers Meet, 1977, J.Glen Sr., The New Rapier Press Ltd.

Deeper Roots and Greener Valleys, Fraser Lake BC History

Burns Lake & District - A History formal & informal, 1973, P. Turkki, Burns Lake Historical Society, ISBN 0-919212-47-6

Guarding The Goldfields - The Story of the Yukon Field Force, 1987, Brereton Greenhous, Toronto and Oxford Dundurn Press, ISBN 1-55002-028-5

Marks on the Forest Floor: A Story of Houston, British Columbia. 1971, Houston Centennial '71 Committee.

My Valley's Yesteryears: Terrace History, Floyd Frank.

More Skeena Memories: Terrace History, Floyd Frank.

The Frank Connections: by Belle (Frank) Watt - Tells how the family first arrived in North America and eventually located to Terrace.

The Old Aarvik Place: by Belle (Frank) Watt - This history explains how Mette (Mattie Frank) family first arrived from Norway.


British Columbia Vital Stats - Copy Service


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