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Online Census

Census Reels

Where to find census records in Canada


Dates of the Census enumerations

In most cases, the following list indicates the official enumeration dates for the various census returns. The actual enumeration of the population took weeks or months. Enumerators were instructed to record the information on the census returns as it existed on the official enumeration date.

1825 Lower Canada (Quebec) taken from 20 June to 20 September 1825

1831 Lower Canada (Quebec) taken from 1 June to 1 October 1831

1842 Canada West (Ontario) returns were supposed to be completed by 1 February 1842

1851 12 January 1852 (delays led to the late enumeration of the 1851 census)

1861 14 January 1861

1871 2 April 1871

1881 4 April 1881

1891 6 April 1891

1901 31 March 1901

1906 24 June 1906


Online Census

Returns prior to 1851 are rarely complete for any geographical area. Portions of the 1851 census have not survived.


Indian Reserve Commission Census (IRC), southern interior of BC [Living Landscapes]

Okanagan (Native) Census taken by missionaries, the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) [Living Landscapes]


Canadian census 1881 [LDS Family History Library]

Canada Census, Yale District, BC [Living Landscapes]


Canada Census, Yale District, BC [Living Landscapes]


Census of Canada [National Archives of Canada]

You can view the pages of the census but cannot search by family. This is not a transcribed database.  More details about the 1901 census are given in the Introduction.

Automated genealogy  Their site is free and is helpful in identifying which area of a province and which page to find the 1901 census film you want to view at  Some of the pages have already been linked to the archive site. (Thanks, Arlene, for this link)




1881 to 1901

Place District / County Year Microfilm
Armstrong See Yale East 1901 ---
Cariboo ---- 1881 C13284; C13285
Cariboo ---- 1891 T6290; T6436
Enderby SeeYale East 1901 ---
Institutions Yale 1891 T6427
Kelowna (Town) See Yale East 1861 to 1901 ---
Kootenay Yale 1881 C13285
Kootenay (Lower) Yale 1891 T6292
Kootenay (Lower) Yale 1891 T6292
Kootenay Agency Yale and Cariboo 1901 T6554
Lower Nicola See Yale West 1901 ---
Lumby See Yale East 1901 ---
Nicola Yale 1881 C13285
Nicola Yale 1891 T6292
Nicola See also Okanagan 1881 to 1891 ---
Okanagan Yale 1881 C13285
Okanagan See also Nicola 1881 ---
Okanagan See Yale East 1901 ---
Okanagan Mission Yale 1891 T6292
Osoyoos Yale 1881 C13285
Osoyoos Yale 1891 T6292
Peachland See Yale East 1901 ---
Penticton See Yale East 1901 ---
Princeton Yale 1891 T6292
Princeton See Yale East 1901 ---
Rock Creek See Yale East 1901 ---
Similkameen See Yale East 1901 ---
Spallumcheen Yale 1891 T6292
Spallumcheen See Yale East 1901 ---
Vernon (City) See Yale East 1901 ---
Yale ---- 1881 C13285
Yale ---- 1891 T6292; T6427
Yale and Cariboo ---- 1901 T6430
Yale East Yale and Cariboo 1901 T6431; T6437
Yale West Yale and Cariboo 1901 T6431; T6437


Where to find census records in Canada

Microfilmed census returns are held at the National Archives of Canada on Wellington Street in Ottawa. You can borrow these census reels from the National Archives through their inter-institutional loan service.

You can also find microfilm copies of census returns at the following locations. They might also be found in other locations, such as university libraries or archives and your local Family History Centre. (Please send the name of the organization, the location, and information on what jurisdictions are held to this web site's host.)

Single jurisdiction records held

Institution / Organization Location Jurisdiction
British Columbia Archives and Records Office Victoria B.C.

Multiple jurisdiction records held

Institution / Organization Location Jurisdictions
Surrey Public Library, Cloverdale Branch Cloverdale, B.C. all
Greater Victoria Public Library Victoria, B.C. most

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