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Nanoose Bay Settlers 1919

A post settlement on the Alberni stage road, 7 miles north of Nanaimo, the nearest telegraph and express.

Extract from Henderson's 1919 Gazetteer and Directory- published by the Nanaimo Family History Society in Volume 12 - #1 - Spring 1995 of Ancestree

NFHS member Bob Dahling requests that anyone with information on these people to contact him at: 488 Bruce Avenue, Nanaimo, BC  V9R 3J1

Henry Carter - farmer
Robert Carter - farmer
Frederick Claudette - farmer
August Dindoufe - farmer 
August Dinduff - farmer
Joseph Doumont - farmer
Mathew Fletcher - farmer
Percival L. Good - hotel
Richard Grant - labourer
Joachim Gueulet Jr - farmer
Alexander Guilette - farmer
J. Guilette - farmer
J. Harris - farmer
John Heath - labourer
Richard Kellett - farmer
Richard Knaggs - blacksmith
James Knight - farmer
Andrew McNeill - farmer
Henry A. Ohlsen - farmer
J. Puzey - farmer
David Roberts - farmer
James Roberts - farmer
William Roberts - postmaster
Arthur A. Russell - farmer
Charles Sander - farmer
William H. Sanders - farmer
Charles Saunders - farmer
Henry Saunders - farmer
John Schovatts - farmer
David Sim - farmer
John Stewart - farmer
George Thomas - farmer
Roy Thomas - farmer
Charles F. Thick -farmer
David Thick - farmer
John A. Thomson - carpenter
Charles Tippett - farmer
John Tippett - farmer
John Tippett Jr. - farmer
James Turner - farmer
Richard (JP) Wallis - farmer
A.C. White - farmer
T. White - farmer
James Williams - farmer
Edward Wilmarsh - farmer

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