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(L to R) Carol Clowes; Sally Alshouse; Florence Patton, National Chairman Unit Overseas; Merry Ann Wright, President General;
John Dinkleman, Charge'd Affairs; Victoria Thomas, Regent and Jayne Holland


Welcome to the Bahamas Chapter DAR website.

The first Marine landing of the Revolutionary war was held on March 1, 1776, on the eastern end of the Island of New Providence at Fort Montague. The Flag of the USA actually flew over the Bahamas for a fortnight as the American soldiers searched for gunpowder. That brief conquest happened without a shot being fired and led the way for the next 227 years of Bahamians welcoming Americans to their Island Paradise.

Beginning as a British Colony it gained its independence on July 10, 1973.  Its close proximity to the United States makes it an ideal location for many Americans to establish residence and enjoy the many wonders of this beautiful island.  The presence of American companies in the Bahamas has brought many American businessmen and their families to the islands and has provided the Bahamas with many opportunities for growth and prosperity.  These islands have over 3 million visitors a year with 90% being Americans. It is no surprise our Bahamas DAR chapter was formed, but that it took so long.

The Bahamian people are a warm and wonderful asset to the Bahamas and each of the over 600 islands that comprise the “Islands of The Bahamas” has it’s own unique identity, culture, and history.  The Bahamas Chapter Daughters thank the Bahamian people for allowing us to share all three.

Yours in DAR, Victoria Thomas


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