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The Bahamas Chapter became an idea in 2000.  Jayne Holland contacted Washington and asked if there was a DAR chapter in the Bahamas she could join.  She had just completed the research for her application papers.  Carol Rilling, then Vice Chairman Units Overseas, was the first to e-mail with the pages of directions on forming a new chapter and assigned Ann Peavy to assist in preparing application papers.  The problem was nine more Daughters had to be found !

In scouring the community, a definite Daughter, Sue Moore, who had moved from Oklahoma to the Bahamas, made number two. Jayne placed a "anyone interested call," and as quick as the phone could ring, nine more potential members had begun the work of getting applications submitted and approved.  That fall we were honored with a visit by Carol and Anne who instilled in us even more enthusiasm. By December 8, 2001, we had enough members to meet and form the first Bahamas Chapter of the Daughters in a country of English Loyalists.  Several members attended their first national DAR convention in 2002, and we proudly witnessed the Bahamian flag being carried into Constitution Hall for the first time by our member and Page Erin Mytty.

Since that time we have doubled our Chapter size, boasting members from many U.S. states and are proud to say that we have a large number of junior members and generational members from the same families!  We are a young and growing Chapter with lots of ideas, striving to grow even more and become better and better !


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