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The Names of Loyalist Settlers and Grants of Land
Which They Received from the Bahamian Government:

1778 - 1783

Name - - Acres - - Location

ADDERLEY, Abraham, 720 acres, Long Island

AITKIN, David, 40 acres, near Abaco

ALLEN, Dr. John, 160 acres, Great Exuma

ARMSTRONG, Thomas, 160 acres, Grand Caicos

ARMSTRONG, Wm., 400 acres, Abaco
BARKLY, John Wallace, 140 acres, Powells Cay BARROW, Isabell, 60 acres, Great Exuma BARRY, Hon. Geo., 60 acres, New Provindence BASDEN, Robert, 60 acres, Grand Caicos BLANCHARD, Andrew, 20 acres, near Abaco BONAMY, Bromfield, 420 acres, Long Island BOON, Thomas, 100 acres, New Providence BOYD, Hon. John, 140 acres, New Providence BRICE, John, 80 acres, New Providence BROWN, James, 300 acres, Abaco BROWN, Lieut-Col., 100 acres, Abaco BROWN, Walter Esq., 300 acres, Bills Cay BUCKLEY, John, 220 acres, Long Island BURNET, John, 100 acres, Abaco
CAMERON, Donald, 500 acres, Abaco CAMPBELL, Archibald, 260 acres, Watlings Island CLEMENT, James, 40 acres, Abaco COOKE, John, 100 acres, Abaco CORNISH, John, 500 acres, Cat Island CORREY, Robert, 120 acres, New Providence CUNNINGHAM, Robt., 480 acres, New Providence (6 miles west of)
DAMES, Charles, 2/4 acres, Great Exuma DAMES, Charles, 800 acres, Little Exuma DAMES, Charles, 9 acres, Little Exuma DEAN, Hugh, 400 acres, Long Island DEAN, Peter, 120 acres, Long Island DEAN, Peter, 280 acres, New Providence DELAPORT, George, 500 acres, New Providence DELEVEAUX, Colonel, 700 acres, Acklins DENNISTON, John, 300 acres, Long Island DEVEAUX, Col. Andrew, 1000 acres, Cat Island DEVEAUX, Col. Andrew, 420 acres, New Providence DOUGLAS, John, 50 1/2 acres, Nassau, N. P. DRYSDALE, Alexander, 250 acres, Andros DUBOIS, Isaac, 500 acres, Eleuthera DUNMORE, Right Hon. Earl of, 1500 acres, Long Island DUNMORE, Right Hon. Earl of, 250 acres, New Providence ELLORY, James, 100 acres, Abaco
FERGUSON, John, 40 acres, Abaco FORBES, Dougald, 400 acres, Long Island FORBES, Thomas, 200 acres, Long Island FOX, John, 100 acres, Abaco
GAMBLE, William, 1000 acres, Turks Island GIBSON, Alexander, 80 acres, Long Island GOLDSMITH, Jesse, 180 acres, Long Island GRAHAM, Alexander, 500 acres, Great Exuma GRAY, George, 800 acres, Long Island HALL, Nathaniel, 500 acres, Great Exuma
HAMILTON, Col. John, 140 acres, New Providence HAROLD, Alexander, 200 acres, New Providence HEPBURN, James, 700 acres, Cat Island HODGE, William, 60 acres, Abaco HODGSON, Thos., , Royal Island HOLLAND, John, 100 acres, Long Island HOLLIDAY, Robert, 750 acres, Long Island HOWE, Hon. James, 1200 acres, Cat Island HOWE, Hon. James, 13 ½ acres, New Providence HOWE, James, 600 acres, Long Island HUMES, James, 100 acres, New Providence
JOHNSON, Alexander, 500 acres, Long Island JOHNSON, George, 500 acres, Long Island JOHNSTON, Robt., 190 acres, New Providence KELSALL, Roger, 1100 acres, Great Exuma KENEDY, Williams, William, 140 acres, near Abaco
LEOAMONT, Robert, 133 acres, Long Island LOCKHART, William, 160 acres, Key (Flamingo Cay) near Great Exuma LOVELL, John, 100 acres, Abaco
MACKEY, Daniel, 40 acres, Abaco MACKEY, Samuel, 70 Acres, Bills Cay MALCOLM, Michael, 160 acres, Crooked Isand MARKS, James, 40 acres, Abaco MCALLISTER, Margaret, 60 acres, Watlings Island MCARTHUR, Lieut-Col., 3rd Batt. H.M> Regt., New Providenc MCDONALD, Isabell, 60 acres, Cat Island MCDONALD, John, 60 acres, Cat Island MCINTOSH, John, 160 acres, Abaco MCKENZIE, John, 600 acres, New Providence MCKINNEY, Benjamin, 14 acres, Long Island MCLEAN, Alexander, 100 acres, Grand Caicos MCLEOD, Wm., 300 acres, Exuma MCNEIL, Margaret, 80 acres, Cat Island MICKLEWHITE, Richard, 83 acres, New Providence MILLER, Hon. John, 620, acres, Long Island MOODY, Robert, 100 acres, New Providence MOORE, Joseph Morris, Abaco MOORE, Peter, 1500 acres, MOORE, Peter, 200 acres, Exuma MORELY, John, 200 acres, New Providence MORRIS, John, 350 acres, New Providence MOSS, James, 160 acres, Great Exuma MOSS, Wm., 160 acres, Great Exuma MOULTRIE, John Esq., 1000 acres, Long Island MOULTRIES, James, 140 acres, Great Exuma MUSCDELL, Salvadore, 100 acres, Little Exuma Cay MUSCDELL, Salvadore, 17 acres, at Andros
NEILLY, Major Christopher, 200 acres, Abaco NORTH, Thomas, , North Cay ONEIL, James, 120 acres near Abaco ONIEL, James, 100 acres, Abaco
PANTON, Wm., 500 acres, Exuma PARKS, Geo. Campbell, 160 acres, Eleuthera PEARIS, Margaret, 40 acres, Abaco PEARIS, Richard, 140 acres, Abaco PENNYBAKER, John, 100 acres, Watlings Island PHILLIPS, John, 100 acres, near Abaco PLENIS, Benedict, 40 acres, Abaco PRITCHARD, Wm., 80 acres, Abaco
RAHMING, John, 160 acres, Long Island RAINGER, John, 40 acres, Abaco and Rangers Island ROBINSON, Mary, 80 acres, Great Exuma ROKER, Thomas, 300 acres, Long Island ROLLE, Hon. Davis, 700 acres, Great Exuma ROLLE, Hon. Dennis, , Soldier Cay, Great Exuma ROSS, Alexander, 430 acres, New Providence ROSS, Thos., 150 acres, New Providence RUMER, Robert Esq., 1200 acres, Rum Cay
SIMMERY, William, 120 acres, New Providence SIMPSON, Thomas, 160 acres, New Providence SMITH, Henry, 60 acres, Abaco SMITH, Thomas, 300 acres, Long Island SMITH, Thomas, 40 acres, Abaco SPENCE, Robt., 40 acres, New Providence STAGG, Robt., 160 acres, New Providence STEVENS, James, 1000 acres, Long Island STEVENS, John, 80 acres, Abaco STORR, John, 32 acres, Watlings Island STOUT, Joseph, 80 acres, New Providence
TATNALL, Hon. Josiah, 200 acres, Long Island TATNALL, Hon. Josiah, 430 acres, High Cay TATNALL, Joseph Mulyns, 860 acres, Cat Island TAYLOR, Alexander, 200 acres, Long Island TAYLOR, Charles Fox, 100 acres, Abaco TAYLOR, Lieut-Col. Archibald, 500 acres, Long Island TEIGLER, George,100 acres, Cat Island TELFAIR, Robt., 700 acres, Exuma THOMPSON, Thomas, 80 acres, Long Island TODD, Alexander, 130 acres, New Providence TUBLY, David, 400 acres, Cat Island TUBNER, Rev. Christopher, 80 acres, New Providence TURNBULL, Walter, 500 acres, Long Island TWINING, Rev. Wm., Mission S. P. G., Exuma
UNDERWOOD, Augustus, 31 acres, Abaco WALLACE, James, 500 acres, Cat Island WATERS, Thomas, 160 acres, Abaco WEECH, George, 120 acres, Hog Cay WELLS, John, 549 acres, Long Island WILLIAM, James, 100 acres, Fresh Creek WILLIAMS, Major Henry, 1000 acres, Watlings Island WILSON, William, 40 acres, Watlings Island WILSON, William, 800 acres, Long Island WOOD, John, 450 acres, Exuma

SOURCE: Abstracted from "The Early Settlers of the Bahama Islands with Account of the American Revolution" by A. Talbot Bethell (1930).

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