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The BIBLE database is a compilation of submissions made by the many researchers and other resources available, this is not only research done by Terri and Bridgett, but many others. We have done myour best to record sources found and cited the sources that might have been included with the submitted data.  If no source was cited, we have put the submitter's name as the source.

THIS DATABASE WILL CONTAIN ERRORS, that's inevitable, there's not many genealogies that are perfect.  Given this fact, if you come across an error please feel free to let either Terri Bible Strotman or Bridgett Edwards Smith know what you have different. Please be advised though, that since much of this database is drawn from the information given us without sources cited you could technically call that information "hearsay."  We will gladly change what is already in the work if you cite your sources, it would be senseless to replace one piece of  "hearsay" with another. On the other hand, if there is NO data for a person, we will take those dates/locations but would prefer to have where you obtained your information.

Many of the submitters can be found with their lineages on our Researcher's Page

Now that you know who and what brought you this "labor of love," browse through our family of BIBLE's and enjoy.


The accuracy of this work is limited to the works of others passed along from generation to generation. Genealogy is not an 'exact science' per se. Due to human error, lost family records, unmarked graves, verbal histories, phonetic name spellings, falsification of data, the ravages of war, natural disasters, fires, and simple lack of record keeping, one has to rely on common sense and alternative sources to hopefully fill the voids within the family tree.

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