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Programs and speakers are subject to change. Unless otherwise noted, all events are held at:

Los Angeles FamilySearch Library (LAFSL)
(formerly the Los Angeles Farmily History Library (LAFHL),
formerly the Los Angeles Regional Family History Center (LARFHC))
10741 Santa Monica Blvd. (enter from Eastborne at Manning)
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 474-9990

All classes and monthly meetings are offered free of charge. There is plenty of free parking. Everyone is welcome. Members are free to do their own research at any time during BIFHS-USA meetings. For further information, please contact our 1st Vice President (Programs). The Los Angeles Family History Library will be open for research following our meetings.  It will close at 5:00 p.m.

27 July 2014
1:00PM - 3:00PM


Topic: The Vikings Invade

Peggy Wishon will discuss the historical and cultural impact of the Vikings in England, from attacks and invasions to settlement, and the response of local leaders, including King Alfred the Great who ruled from 871 to 899. The Vikings not only influenced culture but also contributed to the English language and affected the legal system of northern England into the 1200s.

Peggy Wishon, the leader of BIFHS-USA’s English Study Group, proudly claims both English and Viking ancestry. She became a part-time professional genealogist in 1994 after beginning her personal genealogy research in 1986.

As usual, after the presentation there will be a snack break followed by research time in the library and consultation with fellow genealogists.  The library will close at 5:00, as long as we have volunteers at the front desk through that time.

The following, originally scheduled program, will be offered at a later date:

Topic: Dudley Castle 1322 - 1643: the Sutton Occupation

Linda Essig has a personal interest in Dudley Castle since it was the home of her Sutton ancestors who occupied the castle for 321 years. She will speak about connections between residents of the castle and historical events and rulers such as the War of the Roses, the English Civil War, King Edward VI, Queen Mary, and Queen Elizabeth I. Linda will talk about the two occupants of the castle who spent time in the Tower of London and who lived to be released. Linda will not forget about the residents who have never left Dudley Castle and occasionally are seen on the castle grounds.

Speaker: When Linda Essig began her genealogy journey, she started with her paternal line, Sutton, and had much research success. She discovered that she is a descendant of the Suttons who lived in Dudley Castle from 1322 to 1643. Linda expanded her genealogy research to include tales of Dudley Castle as she created a lasting family history for her two daughters, six grandchildren and three great grandchildren. She is a retired bookkeeper who has a photography business and has been married to her high school sweetheart for nearly 48 years. She is a member of Sun City Genealogy Club and has been its Trip Coordinator since 2013.

24 August 2014
1:00 PM -
 3:00 PM

Man sitting in a library

Topic: Question & Answer Session with BIFHS-USA Team of Skilled Researchers

Have your research pursuits left you standing in front of a brick wall? Do you need help with a genealogical challenge? Let the BIFHS-USA Team of Skilled Researchers help you. Send your written questions at least one week before the meeting to  Include a detailed description of what you have already done. Your questions will be forwarded to the team members who, at the session, will provide suggestions about what to try next. The rest of the day will be a time for open research when you will be able to use what you learned during the meeting.

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