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Programs and speakers are subject to change. Unless otherwise noted, all events are held at:

Los Angeles FamilySearch Library (LAFSL)
(formerly the Los Angeles Family History Library (LAFHL),
formerly the Los Angeles Regional Family History Center (LARFHC)
10741 Santa Monica Blvd. (enter from Eastborne at Manning)
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 474-9990

All classes and monthly meetings are offered free of charge. There is plenty of free parking. Everyone is welcome. Members are free to do their own research at any time during BIFHS-USA meetings. For further information, please contact our 1st Vice President (Programs). The Los Angeles Family History Library will be open for research following our meetings.  It will close at 5:00 p.m.

24 May 2015



Topic: How to Create a Photo Book

If you would like to learn how to preserve and share family memories in a beautiful, long-lasting photo book, this two-part program is for you. Part I will feature an introduction to photo books in general and in particular: how to get started, upload photos, create a book using the “simple path” (in which Shutterfly designs the book for you) or the “custom path” (in which you take control of the design of your book). There will be handouts containing step-by-step instructions for getting started and for uploading and adding pictures to your book as well as information about online help. Following a short break, Part II will give attendees the opportunity to begin work on their own photo books in a hands-on workshop (see preparation information below). Those who just want to “try it out” can use stock photos that are available on the Shutterfly website.

Speaker: Gail Said Johnson

Gail Said Johnson is a BIFHS–USA life member and former Journal Editor whose interest in family history spans more than thirty years. Her interest in photography and “memory albums” dates back to her teens. In recent years she has been creating Shutterfly photo books and has so far created nearly sixty of them. Gail has a B.A. in Graphic Art and 20 years’ experience as an IT consultant, technical writer, and training instructor.

Workshop Preparation Information

If you would like to start your own book during the workshop portion of the program, bring 5–10 photos on a thumb drive. Following are specifications and recommendations for your photo files.


  • JPEG files only. Shutterfly will not accept any other file type.
  • If your photo files are in a different format, you will have to convert them to JPEG. Most image editing programs can be used to convert file format via the "Save As" command, which allows you to save a copy of an image in a different format.


  • Depending on the size of the book you want to create, Shutterfly makes the following recommendations:
    • 12x12, 11x14, & 10x10 photo book: at least 2000x1600 pixels
    • 8x8, 8x11, & 7x9 photo books: at least 1600x1200 pixels
    • 5x7 photo book: at least 1152x864 pixels
  • If you will be scanning old photos, a resolution of 300 dpi is recommended.
  • If you plan to use photos from a digital camera, the digital camera resolution setting should be at least 3 megapixels.


  • If you use an image editor such as Adobe Photoshop to adjust your images, please confirm the following:
    • The color space is in RGB format (not CMYK)
    • 8-bit color
    • Images are saved in the Baseline Standard JPEG format (images saved using Progressive Scan might not upload correctly)
  • Use as little compression as possible for best results.
28 June 2015



Topic: Teasing Out What DNA Testing May – or May Not – Tell You

Jane Neff Rollins, the presenter, is an epidemiologist and medical writer who actually understands the science behind DNA testing. She has coordinated and paid for DNA testing among a dozen family members and potential cousins since 2004, but she is more interested in the implications that DNA results can have on one’s family history research in real life than in the science itself. This talk includes a brief summary of the types and costs of DNA testing, and a discussion of what different DNA tests (Y-DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and autosomal DNA) can and can’t tell you. Her talk will  include case studies that illustrate the outcomes of actual DNA testing: high hopes initially dashed, high hopes realized, and the joy of reconnecting families long separated by the vicissitudes of history.

Speaker: Jane Neff Rollins

Jane is also a professional genealogist who has conducted research for clients with roots in New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, and Virginia. She has transliterated Russian documents into English for several online databases. Jane has spoken professionally about genealogy at local societies and at the Paris, Boston, and Salt Lake IAJGS conferences.

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