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BIFHS-USA Guide British Isles Research

      Compiled and annotated by Linda Jonas

National inventory of documentary sources

in the United Kingdom and Ireland


Berkshire Record Office (England).


NIDS FICHE # _______________________________________________FHL FICHE #

0.021.001 Guide [to the holdings of the archive]. ------------- 6027030 Includes index. (3 fiches)

0.021.002 Estate and Family Papers. These include ------------- 6027031 manorial documents, deeds, estates, accounts, family papers, correspondence, legal papers, business records, records arising from holding public office, records of ecclesiastical and charitable corporations, "miscellaneous", and plans and maps. No readily apparent order or method of filing. (234 fiches)

0.021.003 Trumball Mss. Documents date from the --------------- 6027032 early 16th century. (5 fiches)

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