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BIFHS-USA Guide British Isles Research

      Compiled and annotated by Linda Jonas

National inventory of documentary sources

in the United Kingdom and Ireland


West Sussex Record Office.

Microreproduction of typescripts housed at West Sussex Record Office, Chichester.

NIDS FICHE # _______________________________________________FHL FICHE #

0.025.001 Archives of Chichester. Includes -------------------- 6027644 abstracts of records, ca. 1200-1980, with name, locality and subject indexes. (2 fiches)

0.025.002 Hawkins papers. Copy of a published catalog --------- 6027645 of the papers of John Hawkins, 1761- 1841, and his family. (1 fiche)

0.025.003 Additional Hawkins papers. (1 fiche) ---------------- 6027646

0.025.004 The Wilberforce Archives. Copy of a published ------- 6027647 catalog of the Sussex papers of Samuel Wilberforce, 1805-1873. Remainder of his papers at the Bodleian Library, Oxford. References to Sargent and Denham families and to Henry Edward Manning. (1 fiche)

0.025.005 West Sussex parish records. ------------------------- 6027648 An alphabetical listing of all parish records at the county record office. (40 fiches)

0.025.006 West Sussex County Council records, ----------------- 6027649 1889-1974. (3 fiches)

0.025.007 West Sussex Urban and Rural District ---------------- 6027650 Council records, ca. 1848-197-? (7 fiches)

0.025.008 West Sussex School records. ------------------------- 6027651 Alphabetical listing of towns and their schools includes abstracts of wills that specify donations. Some wills date to 1600. (7 fiches)

0.025.009 Additional manuscripts. Abstracts of documents ------ 6027652 ca. 1200 to the present. Many land records and probates. (109 fiches)

0.025.010 Harris manuscripts. Documents relating -------------- 6027653 to the Manor of Donnington, 1653-1875. (7 fiches)

0.025.011 Wakehurst Place Archives. Includes ------------------ 6027654 records of "the main estate", 1616-1905 and the Manor of Wakehurst (in Ardingly), 1633-1881. (1 fiche)

0.025.012 The Shillinglee Archives. "Catalog of --------------- 6027655 letters in the possession of Earl Winterton at Shillinglee Park, 1569-1904". (2 fiches)

0.025.013 Druitt manuscripts, ca. 1689-1900. ------------------ 6027656 Papers include those of Robert Druitt, 1784- 1822; Dr. Robert Druitt, 1814-1883; Druitt family correspondence, 1836-1883. (2 fiches)

0.025.014 The Fuller Collection. Includes court --------------- 6027657 books from the Manor of Thakeham, 1606-1626; records of Edward Fuller, a surveyor and cartographer of Chichester; various deeds and probates dating back to the 1500's. (2 fiches)

0.025.015 Holmes Campbell manuscripts. "Messrs. --------------- 6027658 Holmes, Campbell & Co." were donors of legal documents dating back to ca. 1700. (3 fiches)

0.025.016 Kempe manuscripts. A catalog of the ----------------- 6027659 papers of Sir Alfred Bray Kempe, 1849-1922. (1 fiche)

0.025.017 Sale particulars. Lists properties ------------------ 6027660 sold in county. In no apparent order. (2 fiches)

0.025.018 West Sussex shipping records: ships ----------------- 6027661 registered at the ports of Arundel, 1824-1855; Chichester, 1837-1852; Littlehampton, 1869-1902; Shoreham, 1821-1974. An asterisk by the number of documents for each ship indicates the existence of log books and/or crew lists. Includes and alphabetical listing of all ships registered at the above ports.

0.025.019 Royal West Sussex Hospital records. ----------------- 6027662 Hospital formerly known as the West Sussex, East Hampshire and Chichester Infirmary. Includes records of both in and out patients, filed under the names of their doctors, from ca. 1784-1911. (1 fiche)

0.025.020 Shipping registers (Customs and Excise). ------------ 6027663 Only lists time periods of registration at local ports. (1 fiche)

0.025.021 Harbour records. Lists documents dealing with ------- 6027664 harbour administration during the 20th century. (2 fiches)

0.025.022 Inland navigation records. Includes names of -------- 6027665 toll lessees. Records cover 18th through 20th century.

0.025.023 Inland revenue land valuation records. -------------- 6027666 Domesday books, no dates given.

0.025.024 Probate records. Includes probates granted by ------- 6027667 the Consistory Court for the Archdeaconry of Chichester, the Dean's Peculiar, and the Peculiar of the Archbishop of Canterbury, no dates.

0.025.025 List of WSRO publications. -------------------------- 6027668

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