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BIFHS-USA Guide British Isles Research

      Compiled and annotated by Linda Jonas

National Inventory of Documentary Sources

in the United Kingdom and Ireland


University of Strathclyde.

0.038.001 John Anderson (1670-1721). (1 fiche) 6028639
0.038.002 Anderson's University. "Founded under the will of John Anderson, until 1828 this was known as Anderson's Institution. From then it was known as Anderson's University until 1877 when the name was altered to Anderson's College. In 1887 it became the main component of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College." Various 18th and 19th century papers. (1 fiche) 6028640
0.038.003 Glasgow Mechanics Institute. "Founded in 1823 as a breakaway ... [of] Anderson's Institution". (1 fiche) 6028641
0.038.004 Young Chair of Technical Chemistry. Became a part of Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College in 1887. (1 fiche) 6028642
0.038.005 Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College. 19th and 20th century papers. (3 fiches) 6028643

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