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   Selected St. Eustatius Vital Records: Bermudians  1710-1816

St. Eustatius Burials 1794
Sep-30 PACKWOOD John 83? Born Bermuda
St. Eustatius Burials 1795
Sep-23 NORTH Elizabeth 70 born Bermuda
St. Eustatius Burials 1796-7
May-19 GILBERT John Benjamin 35 born Bermuda
St. Eustatius Burials 1798-1802
Jan-27 GILBERT Ann Lyda 25 born Bermuda
St. Eustatius Burials 1805-1806
Aug-16 FLISHMAN Hannah Born 3rd April 1747, Bermuda; died aged 58y 4m 13d
St. Eustatius Burials 1807-8
Jan-24 MITCHELL James 83y 12d born Bermuda
St. Eustatius Burials 1809-10
6 Dec 1810 PRIQUE/
Ann, born Wainwright Born Bermuda April 1771
St. Eustatius Dutch Reformed Church Marriages 1786-1816
Banns read: 25 Oct 1806/26 Nov 1806 John WAINWRIGHT, widower of Frances EDY, born Bermuda, Protestant Mary MITCHELL, widow of Daniel MCKENZIE, born England, Protestant James HILL, Thomas LEVEROCK, Johanna SALTIES and Mary LEVEROCK
St. Eustatius Dutch Reformed Church Marriages 1787-1805
10 Aug 1799 Thomas Wainwright, youngman, born Bermuda aged 30 Judith Mitchell born St. Eustatius aged 35 James Mitchell and his wife, Johanna Gordon
9 Aug 1800 Lucas Wissing aged 25, Reformed Church born Deslenler? Sarah Gillet widow Jan van Rekeng, born Bermuda aged 24 Anthony Pricqner/ Sarah de la Chauv'ad/ Diederick Notleboom
St. Eustatius Marriages 1710-1740
Date Husband Wife Parents
29 June 1740 Joseph Bleek born Ireland Elisabeth Young wid. Elias Moor, born Bermuda
31 May 1728 Jan Stouell born Bermuda Sara Halleman born Saba Joris Halleman and Anna Simons
18 Feb 1729 Thomas Davids born Bermuda Zuzanna Lordijk born Statia
7 March 1734 Jan Weijet born Bermuda Catharina Lordijk born Statia Bartel Lordijk deceased and Maria Pantophlet
16 Feb 1735 Alexander Perkingson born Bermuda Elisabeth Lordijk wid. Matthias Kruijs
2 June 1736 Jan Pikwoed born Bermuda Maria Ratterie born Statia Jan Ratterie
5 Nov 1736 Huw Galler born Ireland sailor Lov Tevis born Bermuda 
15 Oct 1736 Joseph  Tokker born Bermuda Elisabeth Gilbret born Bermuda living Statia Willem Gilbret +wife
26 Nov 1738 Thomas Torner born St. Martin Elisabeth Goor born Bermuda
St. Eustatius Marriages 1741-1755
1 June 1743 Captain Antony Spencer born Bermudas Anna Love born Statia
21 Dec 1743 Daniel Carty born St. Christoffel Elisabeth (Gor) widow of Thomas Turner, born Bermuda?
18 Jan 1744 Abraham Halamon born Saba Anne (Husome) born Bermudas
27 March 1745 Daniel (Arp?) born in Bermudas Anna Halman wid of Matthias Schol, born Saba
Banns 20 March married 19 April - yer is probably 1750 Pieter Gurley, sailor, born St. Christoffel Jane Serogken wid of John Howard, born Bermuda living Statia
Banns 19 July married 14 October 1755 John Lauley born Bermudas living Statia aged 28 Rebekka de Lap born St. Christoffel living Statia aged 24 Jores Jeems and ? Robberson
St. Eustatius Marriages 1756-59
Banns 31 July married 1 August 1756 Nicolaes Spencer widow of Martha Penniston, born Bermudas aged 30(90?!) Maria Runlet aged 20 Abraham Simons and wife Helena Simons
Banns 16 February married 21 February 1757 Thomas Zuis/Kuis born New London in North America aged 21 Maria Braun Peckwood born Bermudas and living Statia aged 17 With consent of her father and mother. Alexander Thomson, Maria Peckwood the mother of the bride, Elisabeth Herbert. Gives more info about Thomas from North America. On following page there are three lines about Marie Braun Peckwood.
Banns 21 May married 27 June 1757 George Parmer born London living Statia aged 22 Maria Plaen born Bermudas living Statia aged 23 William Hohince and Helena Warner
Banns 6 August married 5 May 1758 Pattrick Cosseday born Bermuda, sailor aged 25 Elisabeth Marcouw widow of Thimoteus Conner born Sint Maarten and living Statia aged 37 William Bouers and Prisssilla Watkens
Banns 25 August married 25 September 1758 John Burro--- (page torn) born Bermuda and living Statia aged 25 Elisabeth Packwood born and living Statia aged 20 Jan Packwood the father and Elizabeth Packwood. Abraham Simmons and his wife
Banns 24 November married ? 1758 Henderick Hill born Bermudas, sailor aged 22 Anna Conner born Anguilla living Statia aged 24 Pieter Cossedaey, Catharine Alberson
Banns 15 September married 16 September 1759 William Roth born Kilkenny in Ireland living Statia aged 27 Maria Pinkeston? born Bermudas and living statia aged 17 Her parents, Jeremiah Pinkeston? And Maria Bijeik?; Francis ?
St. Eustatius Marriages 1760-64
Banns 24 July married 11 March 1764 Pieter Gerris born Rotterdam, sailor, aged 22 Maria White born Bermudas living Statia aged 18
Banns 31 July married l August 1764 Thomas Ramsey born Barbados/Bermudas, living Statia aged 31 Elisabeth Jeems born and living Statia aged 29 Boi Pietersen, Maria his wife, widow of Engel Jeems, father and mother of the bride. George Jeems and Elisabeth Taelor
Banns 16 October married 15 May 1763 William Stevenson born London, sailor aged 25 Susannah Scheppelin born Bermudas living Statia aged 24 Nicolaes Warren, Susannah Arnoued
Banns 15 May  married 25 May 1763 James Goode born Bermudas, sailor aged 25 Margarita Catharina Stevens widow of W----- Cannovin born Spanish Town and living Statia. William Stevenson, Thomas Borrois, Mary Louwis, Sary Taelor
Banns ? Married 1 August 1763 Richard Dozang? Jennings born Bermudas living Statia aged 25 Elisabeth Packwood widow of John Burrouws born and living Statia aged 24 Jeremias Jenniston and his wife, Thomas Osborn
St. Eustatius Marriages 1765-1775
Banns Nov 13, 20, 27 probably 1774/1775 ? --sion y.m. born Bermudas (Catharina) Barends born St. Eustatius Pieter Barends, Anna Barends
Reg: Mar 26. Banns April 2,9,16, married 4th of ? Probably 1775 William Bey Bry---- y.m. bornNew Prarden--? Mirriam Hobbert/Holbert Place born Bermudas Torn
1774 Josiah Hill y.m. born Bermudas Catharina Pantophlet born St. Eustatius William Hill, Cornelis Bey, Catharina Pantophlet Bey, Margaretha Hill
Reg: Oct ? Banns Oct 30, Nov 6, 13 probably 1774 Jan Marten y.m. born Curacao free Mulatto Sall- Back born Bermudas free Mulatto Pieter Tilly, Anna Maria Kil---, __Niel Marchene, Catharine Marchene
Reg: Oct 1. Banns Oct 2,9,16 married Oct 27? Probably 1772 Robert White? y.m. born Bermudas Barbara Maheny? last widow of Samuel Wingood 
Reg: Feb 8. Banns Feb 14,21,28. Married 13 March 1773 Jeremia Husen y.m. born Bermudas Elisabeth D ---- born St. Eustatius John Robberts, Elisabeth Channaud
Reg: Nov 10. Banns Nov 11,18,2 probably 1772 John Bun----- born St. ? Ann Penniston widow of Beyenne? born Bermudas George MacFarlane, 
Banns Dec 13,20,27.Married Jan 21, 1773 William ---res y.m. born Bermudas Rachel Miller born Bermudas John Galaloway, Rebecca Galloway, Thomas Wetherel, Mary Crawford
Below 3 entries comes together in record book
Reg: May 2. Banns May 3,10,17. Married 25 May about 1772 Mathias Hendrik Zayen y.m. born Holberg Elisabeth Boon born Bermudas Frederik Thyme, Maria Riorteau
Banns May 3,10,17. Married May 30 about 1772 Joseph Manur born (Bermudas?) Maria Oyen widow of Jan Tr----- born St. Eustatius Cornelis ?, Elisabeth ?
Banns June  7,14,21. Married July 5 about 1772 Daniel Davis widow of Mary Charys born Bermudas Frances North born Bermudas John Robberts and Catharine Hill
Married Nov 1772/3? T----- T---- y.m. born Bermudas Nancy/Nanij ---- born Saba William Sandeford, ---as Daves
Reg: March 15. Banns March 22,29, april 5. Married April 12 probably 1771 Thomas Davis widow of Ann Painter born Bermuda Catharina Burchet born St. Eustatius Thomas Davis, Ann Davis, George Burcket, Catherina Cros
Reg: July 18. Banns July 19,26,Aug 2 1771 Charles Walker y.m. born Bermudas Elisabeth Mortimer? born St. Eustatius Robert (Robinson?), Catharina Wijnrint?
Reg: May 25. Banns May 26, June 2, 9. Married June 18th 1771 ? ? y.m. born Bermudas ? Wood born Saba William Wood, Rebecca Bu--ch
Reg: June 1. BannsJune 2,9,16. Married June 29.1771 Nicolas Sp--er born Bermudas Elisabeth Hill Jan Jacob de Windt, Benjamin Hill
Reg: September. Banns Sept 2,9,16. 1770 Robbert Michell born Bermudas Anna G--all (Gravall?) born St. Eustatius Pieter Run(nels)
Reg: January 27. Banns Jan 28, Feb 4, 11. Married April 12, 1770. Samuel (Skinnier/Slimsier?) widow of Wyngord born Bermudas. Elisabeth Wilcoks widow of John Fleming born St. Kitts John Cosgrave, Catharina Cosgrave
Reg: April 21. Banns April 22,29, May 6.1770 Samuel Winfield widow of Catrina Ha--dy(Hardy?) born Bermudas Barbara Ma--- widow of Henry Bennelll born Ireland John Cos(grave)
Reg: August 19. Banns Aug 22,27, Sept 3. Married 4th ? Probably 1770 Thomas Packwood y.m. born Bermudas Elisabeth Barends born St. Eustatius James Mac----, Jan Gorden, Pieter Barends, Anna Barends
Reg: June 3. Banns June 4,11,18. Married November 5th 1769. Henri Jo--- born Carolina Mary With widow of Pieter Gerrit born Bermudas Jan van den Bos, Maria Oyen
Reg: March 19. Banns March 20,27, April 3. 1768 Isaac Morgan y.m. born Bermudas Aagje./Angje Bey born St. Eustatius Jan Bey, Willem Olleman, Elilsabeth Decker, ? Hobbit
Reg: December 6. 1766 or 1777 Benjamin Warner y.m. born St. Marten Susanna Reitl born Bermudas ?
Reg: October. Banns Oct 5,12,19. 1766 Benjamin Gantlet widow of Gerritje Heys born Bermudas Dorraty Steel widow of Peter ?elbruaner born Bermudas Richard M---nis, Elisabeth R--mans
Reg: March 15. Banns March 16,23,30. Married March 31. 1766 Joseph ?---ton widow of Maria Michael  Johanna ?--nders born Bermudas Joseph Bonabon, Maria ?
St. Eustatius Marriages 1790-1791
April 16. Married May 3. 1791 Benjamin Richard Wright born Bermuda aged 26 Martha ? Born St. Eustatius aged 19?  3 names dificult to read