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High Court of Admiralty: October - November 1650

The ship Jonathan and Abigail

The ship "Jonathan and Abigail", two years earlier had been freighted for a voyage from Gravesend to Virginia. The condition of the ship was so bad that most of her goods were damaged on the way to Barbados Islands and a great number of passengers and crew died through lack of food. An inspection carried out in Barbados confirmed that the ship was in pitiful condition. The ship however sailed on to Virginia, where no merchant would load cargo into her until repairs had been made. These Thomas Jauncey, an agent, and Captain Page, master of the ship, promised to do. After considerable delays, the ship arived in London, at the end of a voage that had taken 13-14 months. 36 passengers and 12 crew had died.

Among those gining evidence were John Harrison (age40, nauta, of London), John Bladwin (age 33, nauta, of London), John Ley (age 34, of Stepney, nauta), Henry Twisell (age34, of Shadwell, nauta), Phillipp Davies (age 30, Limehouse, naupegus), John Tilley (age30, of Aldgate, London, nauta), Roger Smith (age 28, nauta, of Ratcliff), William Hurler (age 38, of Wapping, caulker), Robert Moyer (age 29, of Leigh, age 29), Robert Trundle (age 32, of Wapping), Thomas Garner (age 41, sailor, of Wapping), Christopher Sedgwick (age 55, clockmaker, of Wapping), Giles Sisson (age 40, calker, of Wapping), William Lovell (age 31, of Wapping), Captain Thomas Willoughby (age 52, of Willoughby's Hope, Norfolk, VA, gentleman), Richard Jennings (age 51, merchant, of Bermuda).

(reference: Virginia Colonial Records Project, PRO class HCA 13/63; Survey Report 4213; High Court of Admiralty. Instance & Prize Court Examinations, March - Nov 1650)