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will dated 5 March 1678
proved 26 march 1678

In the name of God, Amen, I John Todd Sen'r of Southampton Tribe Bermudas, being weake in bodie of sound memorie and understanding to the measure the last ____ before not __, I doo make this my last will & testament in manner and forme following.

Imprimis: I committ my soul to the hands of Almighty God my maker believing that through the merritts and ___ of Jesus Christ my redeemer I shall partake of a glorious resurrection with the Saviour. And my bodie unto the earth to be buried as neare my deceased wife as may be. And for my mortal goods I give in manner & form f(ollowing). That my just debts and funerall charges be first paid.

2ly. I give unto my daughter Marie my two negroes called by the name of Rasmus and Forlier?.

3ly. My will is that my bedding be divided equally betweene my sonn Amos Todd and my daughter Marie Todd and Marie shall have her choyce of the best bedd and curtaines belonging to it. And Amos is to have the other bedding.

4ly. I give my daughter Marie the best chest I have in my house waht chest she ___ ___.

5ly. And as for all other goods in my house excepting my monie, my will is that my daughter Marie Todd shall have all of it. And also halfe the cattle, and hoggs in the ground; And the other halfe of my goods and chattel _____ sonns and other daughters, to be equally divided according to the discretion of my executors.

6ly. I give unto all my grandchildren ffive shillings apiece that is the children of my sonn John Todd and Joseph Todd and Benjamin Todd and of Amos Todd and the children of Elizabeth Wethersbie and of Sarah ___ to George Palmer ffive shillings.

7ly. I give to my sonn Joseph Todd, and my daughter Sarah _arlson three pounds in monie to each of them.

8ly. My will is that the rest of my monie shall be equally divided betweene all my sonns and daughters to each and ___.

9ly. My will is that after my decease, my daughter Marie Todd shall hold and possess the house and land I am now ___ my sonns John and Henry Todd that land they are possessed of, yearely paying their just dues for the rent to ___.

Lastly. My will is that within ten daies after my decease, that my execut'rs doe take or make to be taken a true inventory of all my goods and chattels and to dispose of them according to this my will. And I doe desire, nominate my trusting, well beloved & Christian friends Capt Thomas Richards and Mr Henry Durham to be my executors that this is my last will and testament I have hereunto sett my hand and seale this ffirst daie of March 1678.

witnessed by
William Keele
Henry ___on

March the 26th 1678
Memorand that the daie and yeare above said the within saide William Keele and Henry ____ ___ oath before S'r John Heydon Knight and Govern'r and Ordinarie, that they did see John Todd Sen'r seale the said will the ffirst daie of this instant month of March.
Henry Tucker Secretie

The attestation of Henry __nson, thirty five yeares of age or thereabouts, taken before S'r John Heydon saith that John Todd Sen'r lately deceased being uppon his death bedd about to die before he died ___ John Todd did order his daughter Marie Todd to deliver unto him this deponent a ____ of monie was therein the said deponent knoweth not. But ___(cut off).. but what ... deliver the said bagg as he received it from the said Marie unto Mr ..... that might that John Todd aforesaid died. And further saith not.

The promises attested as abovesaid.
Henry Tucker Secretie

March the 22th 1677/8.

An inventorie of the estate and goods of John Todd Sen'r deceased..... and Marmaduke Dando apraisers(?) thereof.
(follows is a list of the rooms, goods contained therein, and their value)
to 1 Negro woman called Bess 18 (shillings)
to 1 Negro girle called Sarah 12 (shillings)
... the whole total sume amount to 177 (pounds)

Aprill the ffirst 1678
Memorand that the daie and yeare abovesaid, teh aforesaid William Keele and Marmaduke Dando have appraised the goods contained in the aforesaid inventory according to the best of their knowledge and judgment. And have made oath to the truth thereof as above said beofre S'r John Heydon Knight Govern'r and ordinarie of Sumer Islands.

The promisses attested as above said
Henry Tucker Secretie