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Barbados: 1679 St. George Inhabitants

Transcribed by Terri England, 2002.

Masters & mistreses names yt are Owners of Land in the Parish of St Georges in ye Island of Barbados taken by the command of his Excellency Sr Jonathan Atkins Kt ye 23th Day of December: 1679

Robert Dauers Esqr
Robert Dauers Junior/Mr
James Robinson Mr
John Robinson Mr
William Dauis Mr
John Koker Mr
Thomas Browne Mr
Sarah Horswood Mrs
Margaret Roe Mrs
Ellinor Bowdler
Job: Lullman Mr
Edward Pye Esqr
Thomas Prothers Mr
William Catline Mr
Henry Euans Mr
Francis Holdip Mrs
John Holdip Mr
Brian Blackman
Fran: Smith Mr
Miles Toppin Mr
Henry Burrell Mr
Michaell Weyly Mr
Fran: Bell Mr
John Jemot Mr
Henry Eastwick Mr
John Goldingham Mr
Richard Eastwick Mr
Marmaduke Nicholes Mr
Fran: Bond Mr
John Gibbons Mr
Edward Cleypole Mr
Richard Sutton Mr
George Briggs Mr
John Battine Mr Senjor
Samuell Webb Mr
Thomas Blackman Mr
Ann Willoughby The Lady
Samuell Coward Mr
Grace Siluester Mrs
Tho: Wilbraham Mr
Henry Harding Mr
Xtopher Line Collo & Sonn
Walter Chamell Mr
Martha Alt Mrs
John Wilkins Mr
Joseph Miles Mr
Joseph Robinson Mr
Paule Lyte Major
John Coussins Capt
John Coussins Mr Senjor
William Snipe Mr

Latymore Richards Mr
Samuell Sedgwick Mr
John Sedgwick Mr
John Lahane Mr
Phillip Fusheir Mr
William Weauer Mr
Mary Ridgway Mrs
Elizabeth Barnes Mrs
Elizabeth Woluerstone Mrs
John Price Mr
Joseph Ridgway Mr
Edward Robert's Mr
William Bradshaw Mr
Robert Custis Mr
Richard Lintott Mr
William Sapster Mr
John Marshall Mr
Henry Gorges Mr
Benja Middleton Mr
John Wiltsheir Mr
Basill Dixwell Mr
William Greene Mr
Robert Hooper Mr
Richard Salter Mr
Samuell Hanson Mr
William Harmer Mr
Samuell Warner Mr
John Battine Mr Jujor
John Tull Mr
Dauid Morgan Mr
Thomas Gunstone Mr
John Renney Mr
William Harris Mr
Gabrill Deane Mr
George Keyser Mr
John Morecott Mr
? Barnes Widdoe(Mr Barnes Widdoe)
Richard Britland Mr
George Willson Mr
James Butler Mr
Thomas Leare Mr
Peter Leare Sr
Thomas Battson Mr
Samuell Palmer Mr
Charles Buttall Mr
George Greene Mr His Planta
Hen: Drax Collonell
William Bulkely Esqr
Samuell Husbants Esqr
Tho: Wiltsheir Mr Deccased
James Butt Mr
Mary Middleton
Sam: Smith Mr
John Wheeler Mr
Robert Rich Mr
Jonathan Andrewes Mr
Peirse Poor Mr
? Applewhite Mrs Widdoe
? Booth Mrs Widdoe
John Renney Mr Jujor
John Robins Mr
John Elliott Mr
Thomas Bendish Sr
John Evans Mr
Darby Mackone Mr
William Clarke Mr
Michaell Poore Mr
Antho: Lord Mr
Robert Dawson Mr
Bitler & Coleton Mr
Jno Coussins Church Warden
Paule Lyte Church Warden